Alton Democrat of Nov 7, 1903

Supt . Chase's regular examination for teachers' certificates last Friday
and Saturday was well patronized. The following were present: Nellie
O'Neill of Hawarden, Ralph Hahm of Orange City, May Mulvey of Rock
Valley, Edith Mulvey of RockVallev, Flora D. Gosline of Calliope, Emily
G. Gosline of Calliope, Mary Kraai of Orange City, Ella E. Mufhern of
Sheldon, E P. Hogan of Hull , John R. Campbell of Ireton, Martha
Lenderink of Orange City, Jennie S. Hanley of Chicago, Myrtle Robinson
of Mapleton, Sadie Hardacre of Ireton, Pearl Smith of Rock Valley.

[Submitted for posting by Minevera Van Peursem]