The Sioux County Capital, October 13, 1938

Sioux County School Notes

Under section 4253 of the School Laws of Iowa we find this section. Heading
"Display of United States Flag". The board of directors of each public
school corporation and the authorities in charge of each private school
shall provide and maintain a suitable flagstaff on each school site under
its control and a suitable United States flag there for which shall be
raised on all school days when weather conditions are suitable.

The County Superintendent’s office will be closed all day Friday Oct. 14
during the Northwest State Teachers meeting in Sioux City. All town schools
and most of the rural schools will be closed for this meeting.

The Sunnyside News, a school paper put out by the pupils in No. 8 Sherman
reached the office and carries with it some very interesting items showing
these children are on their toes reading the daily news, one item refers to
the report given out by Miss Agnes Samuelson, State Superintendent of Public
Instruction in which she states that Sioux county has 98 Standard school and
leads the state with Pottawattamie second with 78. The Science and
Agriculture class is studying the June Beetle and the Frogs for the
September project. The new equipment in this school is listed on the from
page and includes new shades, a flag, volley ball, water pail, dipper,
construction paper and paste. There are several good citizenship thoughts
incorporated in this issue. Among which are monitors to check the halls
after each intermission to see that they are neat and orderly, others
studying about proper clothing for various seasons, painting houses in art
classes and studying interesting portraits.

Other items include playground news, social news, and is concluded with a
very interesting report of a trip to Hawarden to witness the performance of
the Mounted Shrine Patrol. The paper also has some interesting facts about
Iowa. This is a very fine piece of work and we congratulate the pupils and
Miss Elizabeth Schlesser, the teacher for her interest and patient in
directing this project. It shows the many and varied interests of the
children and they are better boys and girls for having had a part in making
the paper attractive and complete.

The Reading tests are coming in and should be completed within the next few
days this will be followed by a grading be and luncheon sone Saturday before
long. Volunteers will be called for, and we hope many rural teachers may be
able to respond to the call. It will be fun checking the reports and
preparing them for the eagle eye of the State Teachers College Critics,
Cedar Falls, IA. It will be interesting to note how well our boys and girls
rate with the rest of the counties.
~Charles H. Tye


[Submitted for posting by Gerald Wissink & Minevera Van Peursem]