1915 Iowa state Census, Card No. 330
Florence Morrison-white, single, age 19
Alton, Iowa (town )
Occu: Telephone Operator
Total earnings 1914= $240 (which works out to $20 per month)
Education: Grammar 8
Birth Place: Iowa
Own home or farm: No Roman Catholic
Father's birth place: Iowa
Mother's birth place: South Dakota


Alton, Iowa telephone switchboard

This photo features Alton telephone operator, Florence Morrison. The picture was taken on November 7, 1914. Isn't she lovely? All those cord pair connections that she has up equate to individual telephone conversations. I count 12 cords, which is six pairs--so six conversations taking place.

~Photo submitted by volunteer Larry Lundeen, with added research done by Linda Ziemann, Sioux County Coordinator