Sioux County, Iowa






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For Governor – Francis M. Drake,

From Appanoose County

For Lieutenant Governor, - Matt Parrott,

From Blackhawk County

For Judge of Supreme Court, Josiah Given

From Polk County

For Superintendent of Instruction p

Henry Sabin from Clinton County

For Railroad Commissioner, George W. Perkins

From Clinton County



For Senator – 49th District, Henry Hospers,

From Sioux County



We, the representatives of the Republican Party of Iowa, confirm again our loyalty to the great principles which our National Party has proclaimed steadfastly since its origin to an opponent who always changes his point of view. We congratulated the people of this country with the evidently returning prosperity and we rejoice over each case in which a laborer gets a job, where wages go up and where industry is restored prosperously. From the establishment. of our institutions under a Republican government, its paralysis under Democratic government and its revival after the defeat of the Democratic Party and the dissolution of the Democratic House or Representatives, followed by the election of another to the platform of the Republican party, it appears that the policy of protection has proven to be worth its fame. The Democratic Party is found to be guilty, where it obtained the power under false pretences in 1892. In its platform it declared that the principle of protection was not constitutional and in its election contest it stigmatized this principle as robbery.

But when it possessed the power its legislators were deficient in observing the promises that the party had made. It is ridiculous pretence of the Democratic Party to credit itself with a measure of which the President did not approve, 9 months ago and which he rejected as a humiliating farewell to the Democratic principle. The senate bill, which replaced the Wilson Bill, is not one of which the Republican Party approves. This bill decreases the luxury tax, a tax, which is far higher than any income tax; it taxes again such an article used in every house. It decreases the day labor in businesses where the main expenses







are wages, but it preserves in many respects the principle which the Democratic Party itself declared unconstitutional.

To claim this would be to claim the neglect of its own policy and the accepting of a principle which the party had branded as highly damaging.

We regret the fact, that the Democratic Party, though it pretends to be interested in increasing our foreign trade, destroyed the reciprocity settlement instituted by Republican government. Its concern for foreign trade is only shown in the toleration of foreign products on our markets, without obtaining reciprocal favors from foreign nations. We believe in reciprocal trade policies. And if merchants of foreign countries are allowed to bring their goods to the rich markets of the U. S. , our people should have the same opportunity on the foreign markets.

We believe that remuneration for labor is the standard of civilization, and the prosperity of the laborers has been the constant concern of the Republican Party. We declare ourselves invariably against the decrease of wages of the American laborer, so that he has to compete on our own markets with the poorly paid laborer of the Old World . We disapprove of the rate imposed in view of income alone, and we confirm again the position which has caused a development in the field of trade and handling bigger than the world ever saw: the theory of protection for domestic interests.

We believe in the continuance not only of the highest daily wages, of the laborer but also in the soundness of the money he gets paid.

We confirm the declarations of the Republican National Platform of 1892, accepted in Minneapolis, that “the American nation is by tradition and interest, inclined to bimetallism and the Republican Party demands the use of gold and silver as standard money, with such limitations and under such provisions” (to be determined by law), which will maintain the value of both metals, so that the dollar, in silver, gold or paper, will be of the same value at all times. The interest of the producers of the land, the farmers and laborers requires that each dollar in paper or coin issued by the government, will be of equal value.

We insist that the U.S. Government use it's influence to enter into such an international agreement with the important trade-nations, so that our nation will be able to remove the restriction on minting so there would be free and unlimited minting of coins of both metals, without any chance for devaluation of our money.

We decided that any honest and industrious immigrant who comes here to become a good American citizen, is always welcome. No one else should be admitted. We favor good amendments to the emigration laws in order that criminals, paupers and other undesirables classes are locked out, whose presence undermines the American labor and brings about disturbances.

The Republican Party, which always remembers the patriotic deeds and sacrifices of the previous fighters for the Republic confirms again its position in favor of liberality towards the defenders of the nation. We are in favor of giving retirement pay to all Union Soldiers who are discharged with honor because they are unable to do their work, or because they are needy.

We congratulate the nation on the fact that the state of Iowa will be represented in the 54th Congress by 2 senators and 11 representatives who are dedicated Republicans and who have our full approval. We are very proud of our oldest senator who deserves our confidence and esteem as a servant of the State. It is a pleasure for us to observe the desire among the Republicans of the State that he stays in his present position, until he is called for a higher position in the Nation.





























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