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The description of the Reformed Community was sent to us by Mr. W. Mooyer and that of the Dutch Christian Reformed Church was sent to us by Rev. J. Gulker. We asked the Rev. Gulker for pictures of his church and parsonage, but we did not receive those yet regrettably. It maybe mentioned, however, that the Dutch Christian Reformed Congregation in Hull has a nice church and an appropriate parsonage, that show the sacrifice of the community. (Red.)

Editor Mrs. Mooyer writes:

The Reformed Congregation of Hull was organized Sept. 29, 1885 under the name of the Reformed Congregation of Pattersonville, later called Hull .

In March 1886 a request was made to the Classis to have the Rev. Weiland move to this place, which was approved.

In 1889 the Rev. Lammers was called to serve the congregation of Hull and Boyden. He accepted the call and came to us in August.

Three lots were purchased and steps were made to build a church in that very year. In the following year the building was completed and dedicated in June. In 1891 a parsonage was built. Also in that year two more lots were bought, and two large stables were built.

In 1892 our pastor received a call and accepted it.

In 1893 the Rev. C. Kriekard was called and he was installed.

This congregation, which started with 17 members, now totaled 96 members in full membership. By mediation of the Board of Domestic Mission it does not have much debt any more, and it hopes to clean up the remainder soon.

Rev. Gulker writes:

The Dutch Christian Reformed Congregation was founded March 21, 1894 with 23 members in full membership and 14 children were baptized altogether 63 people.

April 25 the congregation called us and we accepted.

Since then the congregation has grown to 36 families, 74 members in full membership, 116 children were baptized, altogether 191 people.

The congregation has a church and parsonage. The church is 36 x 48 with a tower 70 feet tall.

The following announcements were added:

Hull has 7 churches. One Academy under the auspices of the Congregational Church. Two









banks. Two hotels. Two grain elevators. Water works. A newspaper. Possibly soon an English newspaper published by the Populist Party. Four public stores. Two hardware stores, one for farm tools. One harness shop. Two black smith shops. Two livery stables. Two lumber yards. Two meat markets. A grain store. A railway. A barbershop. A food store. A jewelry store. Three physicians. A veterinarian. Two photographers. Two drug stores. A restaurant. A creamery.


Parsonage of the Reformed Church

Church of the Reformed Congregation Hull














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