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By S. J. Menning

The first settlers in and around Hospers found that all new settlements had problems, difficulties and privations. There was no fuel. And if one wanted charcoal and flour, they had to be purchased in Le Mars, 28 miles away. In 1871 a change came for the good, when the St. Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad was laid. The railway station there was called Hospers in honor of the founder of our settlement. But as in almost all our new settlements, the first few years were difficult. Had we only had the several prosperous years, as long ago in Egypt , and later the seven lean years, then it would have been encouraging. But we had first the lean years and then the prosperous years and in the latter we were blessed abundantly, so that Hospers is now a prosperous little town, with a good future with much trade and industry. The population of Hospers consists now of more than 500 people, divided among 4 churches.

The Reformed Congregation has lost members because a number of people left for Arkansas . The position for a minister is still vacant, but we hope to have a minister soon. In the Presbyterian Congregation the Rev. Mouw is minister. Both these congregations have a church and a parsonage. Recently a Dutch Christian Reformed Congregation has been founded, but it does not have a church and parsonage yet. There is a Catholic Congregation here too.

Hospers has two Physicians, who are not too busy, because there are not many people. Two butchers, who have a good business at this time of the year. A big hotel. Two hardware stores. Three grocery stores. A drug store. A bakery. A lumber yard. Grain elevators where much grain is brought in and sold.

It's true, the town is much smaller than Chicago , but the people are hopeful and they try to make the town expand. They are thankful that they have found their place in destination under God's guidance in Sioux County .

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Reformed Church of Hospers


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