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(By J. H. Smith)

In August 1888 the Dutch Reformed Congregation was founded in Boyden with 16 members in full membership. In December we started building a small church of 20 x 30 ft., which was convocated by the Rev. J. W. Warnshuis.

July 3, 1889 , Boyden united with Hull in order to call a pastor. They choose the Rev. Lammers, and he accepted the call.

The congregation grew, mainly by people from other areas. The congregation requested the Classis for separation from Hull in order to call our own pastor.

This happened in the Spring of 1891. The Rev. Van der Kam temporarily took the position of the pastor. But soon afterwards he accepted a call from the congregation at Hospers and he settled there.

In 1892 the Rev. Hogeboom was called and then the candidate W. Stegeman. Both declined the invitation.

Then the candidate Muilenburg accepted the calling.

In Dec. 1892, one decided to build a new church of 37x72 ft. Mr. Mooyer was the contractor, for $4035. Sept. 15, 1893 the building was invocated by the Rev. Muilenburg. Many people joined, especially young people.

In 1894 the Rev. Muilenburg accepted a call from the 7 th Reformed congregation in Grand Rapids , after having worked amongst us with blessing from 2 years.

Aug. 5, 1894 the congregation called the Rev. Bouma of the 4 th Ref. Congregation in Grand Rapids . He accepted it. The confirmation took place Oct 4, 1894 . The Rev. Kolijn delivered the sermon. The Rev. Lumkes did the speech to the minister and the Rev. Duiker delivered the speech to the audience. Also other pastors were present. The Rev. Bouma held his invocation speech on Oct. 7.

In the same fall a new parsonage was approved to be built, size 32x48 ft. Mr. Mooyer was the contractor.

When we look back on the past, the Lord has done great things for us beyond praying and thinking. Our congregation is still growing. The Lord alone deserves the honor for this.

Considering our small town, Boyden is situated along the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad; it has, besides our church, a








United Presbyterian and a Free Methodist Church; further, a good hotel, a bank, a physician, dentist, drug store, lumber market, 2 dry goods and grocery stores, 2 hardware stores, meat market, furniture store, harness store, printing shop, post office, blacksmith, cart maker and barber.


Boyden Reformed Church and Parsonage.

















































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