Sioux County Civil War Veterans

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Name of Veteran Dates Place of Burial
Abbey, Gottlieb 1837-1924 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Akin, Jesse 1829-1921 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Allen, Charles A.    
Allen, Seth 1833-1921 buried likely Janesville, IA, with his wife who died 1911
Aurner, Jacob 1839-1917  
Bailey, Charles Fletcher 1842-1925  
Baker, Pearson 1844-1931 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Bancroft, Thomas Marsden 1840-1896 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Barth, Louis/Lewis d. 23 Apr 1914  
Bellesfield, David 1836-1896 Valley View, Rock Valley
Bellesfield, Samuel 1846-1917 Valley View, Rock Valley
Bennett, Rufus H. 1840-1908 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Black, Levi M. 1842-1924 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Booth, Edwin b. abt 1830  
Brown, John 1827-1910 Buried Tama County
Buck, Abraham 1847-1923  
Burket, Marquis D. "Mark"    
Burright, Wesley B.   Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Bushby, William J. 1834-1914 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Callan, Michael 1819-1891 St. Mary's Hawarden
Canfield, Luther H.    
Carder, Horton 1840-1924  
Cassidy, Henry G. 1828-1910 Hull, Iowa
Chadwick, Martin J. 1847-1928 Hope Cemetery, Hull
Chatterton, Samuel F. 1841-1898 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Cole, Jesse 1840-1913 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Cook, William 1835-1915 Grace Hill, Hawarden (??)
Cottrill, James    
Covvey, Eugene D. 1844-1918 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Crosser, William A. 1842-1917 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Darling, Gilbert    
Davidson, Charles L. 1846-1898 Hope Cemetery, Hull
Davidson, Hugh 1843-1909 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Dean, Albert S. 1844-1926 Boyden Cemetery, Boyden
Dean, Sidney abt 1841-1883 Harwood Cemetery
Doherty, James 1824-1901 St. Mary's, Rock Valley
Durham, Thomas N. 1845-1904 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Eastman, Albert C. 1845-1935 Oregon
Eastman, John W. 1843-1931 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Edes, Augustus 1843-1891 Hope Cemetery, Hull
Eernisse, Matthew 1832-1920 Valley View, Rock Valley
Elder, Charles M. 1847-1919 Valley View, Rock Valley
Ellis, Helon B. 1831-1910 Jackson, Minnesota
Emery, Ira C. 1839-1922  
Emery, John Cutler 1844-1924 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Estes, Elijah Andrew Jackson 1835-?? Pleasant Valley Cem, Union Co. S.D.
Everhart, James 1822-1895 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Everhart, John 1825-1914 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Finch, Irvin 1842-1919 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Fobes, William H. 1835-1917 Hope Cemetery, Hull
Follett, Charles J. 1840-?? Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Fosburg, B. O. 1843-1922 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Fosburg, Porter 1838-1914 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Fowler, George 1828-1917 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Franke, Fred    
French, Ephraim 1844-1908 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
French, Jim    
Fritz, Michael R.    
Gardner, Daniel O. 1833-1898  
Garrett, Richard 1834-1905 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Gillen, John 1832-1917 St. Mary's, Alton
Gilmore, William L. abt 1822-1896 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Gleason, Levi N. 1840-1900 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Gosting, George G. 1837-1914 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Granger, Frank    
Granger, Philander Eugene 1844-1920 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Granger, Trumbull P. 1849-1908 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Greattrax, John H. 1837-1905  
Groen, John 1827-1897 Valley View, Rock Valley
Haag, Adam 1826-1906 St. Anthony's, Hospers
Hackett, Patrick 1840-1917 St. Mary/Calvary/Grace Hill, Hawarden
Hamilton, Ezra 1825-1902 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Harrington, Henry 1837-1918 Hope Cemetery, Hull
Harvey, William H. 1838-1894 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Hennrich, Cecil W. 1844-1937 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Hilton, Henry 1845-1929 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Hodgin, Elisha abt 1839-?? Grace Hill, Hawarden
Hollenbeck, Zeph D. 1840-1919 Valley View, Rock Valley
Holmes, Jessie H 1826-1886  
Huizenga, John Sr. 1839-1916 Valley View, Rock Valley
Huyck, John 1846-1942 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Hyde, LeGrande D. 1828-1905 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Ingold, Lauiston B. 1836-1908 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Jones, Henry    
Kellogg, Edward    
Kennedy, James 1835-1925 Calvary/Grace Hill, Hawarden
Kidson, Francis 1843-1922 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Kimball, Joseph E. 1845-1910 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Klein, Augustus 1841-1895 Valley View, Rock Valley
Klinefelter, Isaac E. 1842-1904 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Knewel, John 1835-1904  
Knowlton, Jefferson   Forest Hill, Canton, S.D.
Knowlton, W. Irving 1839-1911 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Lang, Arthur L. 1845-1900  
Lantz, Henry W. (Henry H.) 1840-1880 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Lee, John Warren 1844-1913 Westlawn, Orange City
Leonard, Orange D. 1838-1923  
Leonard, Volney C. abt 1832-1904 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Logan, E. J.    
Lohr, Jacob C. 1832-1918 Westlawn, Orange City
Long, Jonathan D. 1842-1924 Valley View, Rock Valley
Luchsinger, Casper 1846-1920  
Lundy, James D. 1839-1922  
Macomber, Alonzo 1839-1914 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Maynard, Proctor Edwards 1841-1909 Grace Hill, Hawarden
McAninch, George 1843-1928 Grace Hill, Hawarden
McAninch, Peter 1841-1922 Grace Hill, Hawarden
McKee, Samuel 1840-1897 Valley View, Rock Valley
Merrill, James M. 1844-1904  
Miller, Nathan abt 1845-1892 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Mitchell, George W.   Valley View, Rock Valley
Moore, William V. 1846-1930 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Morey, Julius 1841-1927 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Morgan, William A. 1842-1915 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Morian, Barzilla   Grace Hill, Hawarden
Morrison, Alexander 1838-1917 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Mount, Elijah Clayton 1845-1927  
Murphy, Jeremiah   St. Mary's, Alton
Newton, Allen d. 1904 Elmwood Cem, Waterloo
Oakes, Henry A. 1838-1925 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Okey, Wilson Shannon 1825-1901  
O'Meara, James 1844-1928 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Parker, Frederick O. Sr. 1841-1917 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Powell, John C. 1821-1893 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Putnam, Henry P. 1832-1893  
Reed, Levi 1827-1889 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Rhynsburger, Marinus 1843-1934 Westlawn, Orange City
Rombough, Nelson 1829-1904  
Root, George R. 1838-1877 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Ross, Claudius B. 1840-1909 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Satterlee, John Wesley 1840-1925 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Sawyer, Charles C. 1831-1898  
Seguin, Peter 1843-1887 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Settle, John M. 1841-1904 Hope Cemetery, Hull
Sherman, Alanson 1829-1914 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Shoemaker, Gilbert Joseph 1849-1931 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Sipma, Sjoird R. 1842-1932 Nassau Twp, Alton
Smith, George E. 1835-1926 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Smith, Ira H. abt 1832-1887  
Smith, William H. d. 1938 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Squier, James Monroe 1841-1922 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Stein, Philip J. 1838-1896 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Stewart, John    
Stickney, John Maurice 1845-1904  
Suter, Martin 1820-1917 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Swift, Edgar 1825-1899 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Tamplin, Benjamin H. 1840-1911  
Tarbox, Charles P. 1846-1882 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Taylor, James J. 1824-1899 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Thomas, James 1830-1894 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Thornton, Serrill 1806-1894 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Trump, Henry Isaac 1847-1935 Grace Hill, Hawarden
VaDeWaa, Henry J. 1840-1928 Westlawn, Orange City
VanMarel, Arie 1844-1928 Westlawn, Orange City
VanSickle, Selah 1845-1913 Grace Hill, Hawarden
VanSickle, Thomas Harlock 1843-1926 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Versteeg, Gysbert 1840-1909 Westlawn, Orange City
Vickers, James 1829-1907  
Vos, Joseph 1838-1903 Westlawn, Orange City
Wade, William Frank 1839-1893 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Wallace, James 1828-1893 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Warfield, Philo B. d. 1920 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Waterbury, Squire A. 1832-1896 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Watkins, Milo D. 1830-1911 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Webb, Thomas J. 1846-1919 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Welch, Henry J. 1841-1925 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Wells, Simon 1835-1900 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
West, Gordon 1840-1932  
West, William E. 1847-1924 Grace Hill, Hawarden
White, George 1836-1924 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Williams, John L. 1823-1887 Grace Hill, Hawarden
Wilson, Henry 1842-1914 Valley View, Rock Valley
Wilson, Ira Simeon   Valley View, Rock Valley
Wing, David E. 1839-1901 Pleasant Hill, Ireton
Wolf, John 1826-1890 St. Mary's, Alton
Wood, Anderson 1823-1900  
Woodford, Deforest Samuel 1835-1913 Pleasant Hill, Ireton

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