1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

VARNUM, Roy - Floyd, P54, R58, D58, H60
VARNUM, Pearl - Floyd, P54, R59, D58, H60
VAUGHN, Arthur - Sioux, P193, R80, D13, H13
VAUGHN, Ellen - Sioux, P193, R81, D13, H13
VAUGHN, Grace - Sioux, P193, R82, D13, H13
VAUGHN, Carl - Sioux, P193, R83, D13, H13
VAUGHN, Clyde - Sioux, P193, R84, D13, H13
VAUGHN, Gertrude - Sioux, P193, R85, D13, H13
VEALL, Ernest R. - Buncombe, P2, R52, D40, H40
VEALL, Casa??? - Buncombe, P2, R53, D40, H40
VEALL, Florence - Buncombe, P2, R54, D40, H40
VEARRIER, Wm. H. - Buncombe, P2, R55, D41, H41
VEARRIER, Addie - Buncombe, P2, R56, D41, H41
VEARRIER, Earl - Buncombe, P2, R57, D41, H41
VEARRIER, Lewis - Buncombe, P2, R58, D41, H41
VEARRIER, William - Buncombe, P2, R59, D41, H41
VEARRIER, Geo - Buncombe, P7, R96, D167, H167
VEARRIER, Clara - Buncombe, P7, R97, D167, H167
VEARRIER, Jesse E. - Buncombe, P7, R98, D167, H167
VEDEMA, Emma - Nassau, P145, R46, D25, H25
VEEI, Dirk - Lynn, P26, R57, D224, H224
VEEI, Katie - Lynn, P26, R58, D224, H224
VEEI, ???? - Lynn, P26, R59, D224, H224
VEEI, Jennie - Lynn, P26, R60, D224, H224
VEEI, ???? - Lynn, P26, R61, D224, H224
VEEI, C??? - Lynn, P26, R62, D224, H224
VEEI, William - Lynn, P26, R63, D224, H224
VEEI, ?ne - Lynn, P26, R64, D224, H224
VEEN, William - Floyd, P62, R18, D186, H198
VEENCAMP, John - West Branch, P238, R53, D137, H139
VEENCAMP, Katie - West Branch, P238, R54, D137, H139
VEENCAMP, Annie - West Branch, P238, R55, D137, H139
VEENCAMP, Teinen - West Branch, P238, R56, D137, H139
VEENCAMP, S?? - West Branch, P238, R57, D137, H139
VEENEMAN, Aeltjie - Welcome, P226, R99, D52, H52
VEENEMAN, Aantjie - Welcome, P226, R100, D52, H52
VEENSCHOTEN, Tunis - Welcome, P230, R98, D113, H113
VEENSTRA, Jetsche - Holland, P87, R89, D50, H50
VEENSTRA, Hettje - Holland, P87, R90, D50, H50
VEENSTRA, Jelle - Holland, P90, R43, D104, H104
VEENSTRA, Ren???je - Holland, P90, R44, D104, H104
VEENSTRA, Pertje - Holland, P90, R45, D104, H104
VEENSTRA, Elizabeth - Holland, P90, R46, D104, H104
VEENSTRA, Mike - Sherman, P215, R21, D29, H29
VEENSTRA, Anna - West Branch, P239, R74, D164, H166
VELDBOOM, Gerret - Rock, P185, R71, D204, H211
VELDBOOM, Kobie - Rock, P185, R72, D204, H211
VELDBOOM, Alice - Rock, P185, R73, D204, H211
VELDBOOM, Albert - Rock, P185, R74, D204, H211
VELDBOOM, Gerret - Rock, P185, R75, D204, H211
VELDBOOM, Dora B. - Rock, P185, R76, D204, H211
VELDBOON, John - Rock, P185, R12, D193, H200
VELDBOON, Gertrude - Rock, P185, R13, D193, H200
VELDHUIZEN, John - Sherman, P219, R3, D107, H107
VELDHUIZEN, Effe - Sherman, P219, R4, D107, H107
VELDHUIZEN, Della - Sherman, P219, R5, D107, H107
VELDHUIZEN, Tunis - Sherman, P219, R6, D107, H107
VELDHUIZEN, James - Sherman, P219, R7, D107, H107
VELDKAMP, Roelf - Rock, P183, R76, D163, H170
VELDKAMP, Lammert - Rock, P183, R77, D163, H170
VELLINGA, William - Orange City, P95, R46, D9, H9
VELLINGA, Kate - Orange City, P95, R47, D9, H9
VELLINGA, Annie - Orange City, P95, R48, D9, H9
VELLINGA, Katie - Orange City, P95, R49, D9, H9
VELLINGA, Gertie - Orange City, P95, R50, D9, H9
VELLINGA, Minnie - Orange City, P95, R51, D9, H9
VELVOORN, Sara-Mrs. - Sherman, P223, R58, D180, H180
VELVOORN, Mellia - Sherman, P223, R59, D180, H180
VEMSALEN, Henry - Rock, P185, R39, D199, H206
VEMSALEN, Georgia - Rock, P185, R40, D199, H206
VEMSALEN, Gerret - Rock, P185, R41, D199, H206
VEMSALEN, John - Rock, P185, R42, D199, H206
VEMSALEN, Dick - Rock, P185, R43, D199, H206
VEMSALEN, Jessie - Rock, P185, R44, D199, H206
VEMSALEN, Jennie - Rock, P185, R45, D199, H206
VENDER???, ??? - Lynn, P27, R13, D231, H231
VENDER???, ??? - Lynn, P27, R14, D231, H231
VENDYK, Ale?? - Lynn, P27, R31, D234, H234
VENDYK, Jennie - Lynn, P27, R32, D234, H234
VENDYK, John - Lynn, P27, R33, D234, H234
VENDYK, ???g - Lynn, P27, R34, D234, H234
VENDYK, Stella - Lynn, P27, R35, D234, H234
VENDYK, T?llie - Lynn, P27, R36, D234, H234
VENENIE, Cornelius - Rock, P180, R43, D90, H94
VENENIE, Minnie G. - Rock, P180, R44, D90, H94
VENON, Bowdy - Lincoln, P114, R93, D113, H117
VERBERG, A. - Center, P37, R2, D144, H144
VERBERG, Nellie - Center, P37, R3, D144, H144
VERBERG, Edith - Center, P37, R4, D144, H144
VERBERG, Peter - Center, P37, R5, D144, H144
VERBERG, Mary - Center, P37, R6, D144, H144
VERBERG, Bert - Center, P37, R7, D144, H144
VERDOOREN, Joost - Lincoln, P124, R52, D297, H302
VERDOOREN, Trintje - Lincoln, P124, R53, D297, H302
VERDOOREN, Jennie - Lincoln, P124, R54, D297, H302
VERDOOREN, Henry - Lincoln, P124, R55, D297, H302
VERDOOREN, Emma - Lincoln, P124, R56, D297, H302
VERDOOREN, Artie - Lincoln, P124, R57, D297, H302
VERDOOREN, John - Lincoln, P124, R58, D297, H302
VERDOOREN, Dick - Lincoln, P124, R59, D297, H302
VERDOORN, Lena - Nassau, P145, R80, D31, H31
VERDOORN, William - West Branch, P241, R41, D189, H191
VERDOREN, Wm. - Capel, P17, R72, D83, H83
VERDOREN, Gertie - Capel, P17, R73, D83, H83
VERDOREN, Dick - Capel, P17, R74, D83, H83
VERDOREN, Jake - Capel, P17, R75, D83, H83
VERDOREN, Joe - Capel, P17, R76, D83, H83
VERDOREN, Henry - Capel, P17, R77, D83, H83
VERDOREN, Annie - Capel, P17, R78, D83, H83
VERDOREN, Benjamin - Capel, P17, R79, D83, H83
VERDOREN, Dick - Capel, P17, R80, D83, H83
VERDORN, Hendrik - Holland, P90, R93, D111, H111
VERDORN, Emma - Holland, P90, R94, D111, H111
VERDORN, Maria - Holland, P90, R95, D111, H111
VERDORN, Antonie - Holland, P90, R96, D111, H111
VERGTEVEEN, Garret H. - Sioux, P196, R83, D65, H65
VERGTEVEEN, Gertie - Sioux, P196, R84, D65, H65
VERGTEVEEN, William - Sioux, P196, R85, D65, H65
VERGTEVEEN, Edward - Sioux, P196, R86, D65, H65
VERGTEVEEN, Dina - Sioux, P196, R87, D65, H65
VERGTEVEEN, Fanny - Sioux, P196, R88, D65, H65
VERGTEVEEN, Jiena - Sioux, P196, R89, D65, H65
VERGTEVEEN, Christina - Sioux, P196, R90, D65, H65
VERGTEVEEN, Garret - Sioux, P196, R91, D65, H65
head - Sherman, P217, R21, D74, H74
VERHEUL, Gysje - Sherman, P217, R22, D74, H74
VERHOEF, Herman - Grant, P77, R38, D8, H8
VERHOEF, Nancy - Grant, P77, R39, D8, H8
VERHOEF, Walter - Grant, P77, R40, D8, H8
VERHOEF, Annie - Grant, P77, R41, D8, H8
VERHOEF, John - Grant, P77, R42, D8, H8
VERHOEF, Joe - Grant, P77, R43, D8, H8
VERHOEF, William - Grant, P77, R44, D8, H8
VERHOEF, Edward K. - Grant, P77, R45, D8, H8
VERHOEF, Tracey - Grant, P77, R46, D8, H8
VERHOEF, Ne;llie - Grant, P77, R47, D8, H8
VERHOEF, Govert - Nassau, P151, R44, D145, H146
VERHOEF, Jane - Nassau, P151, R45, D145, H146
VERHOEF, Agnes - Nassau, P151, R46, D145, H146
VERHOEF, Maggie - Nassau, P151, R47, D145, H146
VERHOEF, Herman - Nassau, P151, R48, D145, H146
VERHOEF, Edward - Nassau, P151, R49, D145, H146
VERHOEF, Adrian - Nassau, P151, R50, D145, H146
VERHOEF, Harry - Nassau, P151, R51, D145, H146
VERHOEF, John - Sheridan, P204, R32, D28, H28
VERHOEF, Cornelia - Sheridan, P204, R33, D28, H28
VERHOEF, Walter - Sheridan, P204, R34, D28, H28
VERHOEF, Wm. - Sheridan, P204, R35, D28, H28
VERHOEF, Benjamin - Sheridan, P204, R36, D28, H28
VERHOEF, James - Sheridan, P208, R69, D119, H119
VERHOEF, Lida - Sheridan, P208, R70, D119, H119
VERHOEF, Walter - Sheridan, P208, R71, D119, H119
VERHOEREN, ???er - Capel, P14, R40, D29, H29
VERHOEREN, ?illy - Capel, P14, R41, D29, H29
VERHOEREN, John C. - Capel, P14, R42, D29, H29
VERHOEREN, Jacob - Capel, P14, R43, D29, H29
VERHOEREN, Gertie - Capel, P14, R44, D29, H29
VERHOEREN, Andrew - Capel, P14, R45, D29, H29
VERHOOF, Tillie P. - Capel, P16, R24, D61, H61
VERHOOF, ??? - Capel, P16, R25, D61, H61
VERHOOF, ??? - Capel, P16, R26, D61, H61
VERHOVEN, Tony - Capel, P13, R83, D17, H17
VERIPPS, Gerrit - Capel, P15, R54, D50, H50
VERIPPS, Nellie - Capel, P15, R55, D50, H50
VERIPPS, Jacob - Capel, P15, R56, D50, H50
VERIPPS, Nellie - Capel, P15, R57, D50, H50
VERIPPS, Cornie - Capel, P15, R58, D50, H50
VERIPPS, Peter - Capel, P15, R59, D50, H50
VERMANN, B. - Center, P37, R45, D151, H151
VERMANN, Mary - Center, P37, R46, D151, H151
VERMANN, Annie - Center, P37, R47, D151, H151
VERMANN, Jennie - Center, P37, R48, D151, H151
VERMANN, Hattie - Center, P37, R49, D151, H151
VERMANN, Edward - Center, P37, R50, D151, H151
VERMANN, Grace - Center, P37, R51, D151, H151
VERMANN, Minnie - Center, P37, R52, D151, H151
VERMANN, Winnie - Center, P37, R53, D151, H151
VERMEER, Jeanette - Floyd, P62, R4, D182, H194
VERMEER, Evert D. - Welcome, P228, R73, D83, H83
VERMEER, Johanna - Welcome, P228, R74, D83, H83
VERMEER, Evert - Welcome, P228, R75, D83, H83
VERMEER, Girtie - Welcome, P228, R76, D83, H83
VERMEER, Jennie - Welcome, P228, R77, D83, H83
VERMEER, Jennie - West Branch, P238, R73, D141, H143
VERMEER, Jennie - West Branch, P240, R93, D181, H183
VERMEER, Henry - West Branch, P241, R77, D195, H197
VERMEER, Hattie - West Branch, P241, R78, D195, H197
VERMEER, Jennie - West Branch, P241, R79, D195, H197
VERMEER, Dena - West Branch, P241, R80, D195, H197
VERMEER, Jacob - West Branch, P241, R81, D195, H197
VERMEER, Henry - West Branch, P241, R82, D195, H197
VERMEER, Peter - West Branch, P241, R83, D195, H197
VERMEER, Johannes - West Branch, P241, R84, D195, H197
VERMEER, Jacob - West Branch, P241, R85, D195, H197
VERMEER, Garret - West Branch, P241, R86, D196, H198
VERMEER, Perscilla - West Branch, P241, R87, D196, H198
VERMEER, Evert - West Branch, P241, R88, D196, H198
VERMEER, Jacob - West Branch, P241, R89, D196, H198
VERMEER, Jennie - West Branch, P241, R90, D196, H198
VERMEER, Mary - West Branch, P241, R91, D196, H198
VERMEER, Garret - West Branch, P241, R92, D196, H198
VERMEER, Even - West Branch, P243, R85, D229, H231
VERMEER, Heintje - West Branch, P243, R86, D229, H231
VERMEER, Ryk - West Branch, P243, R87, D229, H231
VERMEER, Jacob - West Branch, P243, R88, D229, H231
VERMEER, Garret - West Branch, P243, R89, D229, H231
VERMEER, Peter - West Branch, P243, R90, D229, H231
VERMEER, Maggie - West Branch, P243, R91, D229, H231
VERMEER, Grace - West Branch, P243, R92, D229, H231
VERMEER, Evert - West Branch, P243, R93, D229, H231
VERMEER, Hattie - West Branch, P243, R94, D229, H231
VERMEER, Peetje - West Branch, P243, R95, D229, H231
VERMONTS, R. - Capel, P15, R50, D48, H48
VERMONTS, Jennie - Capel, P15, R51, D48, H48
VERMULEN, Jennie - Rock, P176, R57, D10, H11
VERMULEN, Gerrett - Rock, P190, R85, D283, H290
VERMULEN, William - Rock, P192, R54, D312, H319
VERMULEN, Jessie - Rock, P192, R55, D312, H319
VERMULEN, Fappe - Rock, P192, R56, D312, H319
VERMULM, Herbert - Plato, P73, R43, D132, H133
VERMULM, Lydia - Plato, P73, R44, D132, H133
VERMULM, Henry - Plato, P73, R45, D132, H133
VERMULM, Jennie - Plato, P73, R46, D132, H133
VERMULM, Cornelius - Plato, P73, R47, D132, H133
VERMULM, Lizzy - Plato, P73, R48, D132, H133
VERMULM, Mary - Plato, P73, R49, D132, H133
VERMULM, Albert - Plato, P73, R50, D132, H133
VERMULM, Cornelia M. - Plato, P73, R51, D132, H133
VERMULM, Minnie C. - Plato, P73, R52, D132, H133
VERRIPS, Aard - Garfield, P66, R87, D34, H34
VERRIPS, Huibert - Garfield, P66, R88, D34, H34
VERRIPS, Merinus - Grant, P79, R56, D50, H51
VERRIPS, Maggie - Grant, P79, R57, D50, H51
VERRIPS, Everene - Grant, P79, R58, D50, H51
VERRIPS, Gertrude - Grant, P79, R59, D50, H51
VERRIPS, Lena - Grant, P79, R60, D50, H51
VERRIPS, Lida - Grant, P79, R61, D50, H51
VERRIPS, Cora - Grant, P79, R62, D50, H51
VERRIPS, Antonie - Grant, P79, R64, D51, H52
VERRIPS, Jennie - Grant, P79, R65, D51, H52
VERRIPS, Arthur - Grant, P79, R66, D51, H52
VERRIPS, Minnie - Grant, P79, R67, D51, H52
VERRIPS, Everene - Grant, P79, R68, D51, H52
VERRIPS, Cornelius - Grant, P79, R69, D51, H52
VERRIPS, Dillie - Grant, P79, R70, D51, H52
VERRIPS, J. Antonette - Grant, P79, R71, D51, H52
VERSCHORR, Peter - Floyd, P54, R12, D48, H49
VERSCHORR, Maria - Floyd, P54, R13, D48, H49
VERSCHORR, Peter - Floyd, P54, R14, D48, H49
VERSCHORR, Minnie - Floyd, P54, R15, D48, H49
VERSCHORR, Johnnie - Floyd, P54, R16, D48, H49
VERSCHORR, Frieda - Floyd, P54, R17, D48, H49
VERSCHORR, Freddie - Floyd, P54, R18, D48, H49
VERSCHORR, Marsila - Floyd, P54, R19, D48, H49
VERSHOOR, Mary - Floyd, P53, R94, D44, H45
VERSTEEG, Gysbert - Holland, P85, R34, D7, H7
VERSTEEG, Johanna - Holland, P85, R35, D7, H7
VERSTEEG, Henry - Holland, P85, R36, D7, H7
VERSTEEG, Albert - Holland, P85, R37, D7, H7
VERSTEEG, Lambert - Holland, P85, R38, D7, H7
VERSTEEG, Jane - Holland, P85, R39, D7, H7
VERSTEEG, Jan A. - Holland, P85, R86, D15, H15
VERSTEEG, Nick - Holland, P91, R82, D125, H125
VERSTEEG, Jane - Holland, P91, R83, D125, H125
VERSTEEG, Nettie - Holland, P91, R84, D125, H125
VERSTEEG, Francis - Holland, P91, R85, D125, H125
VERSTEEG, Clara - Holland, P91, R86, D125, H125
VERSTEEG, Laurina - Holland, P91, R87, D125, H125
VERSTEEG, Sara - Holland, P91, R88, D125, H125
VERSTEEG, Ben - Holland, P92, R8, D129, H129
VERSTEEG, Coba - Holland, P92, R9, D129, H129
VERSTEEG, Cornelus - Orange City, P103, R72, D184, H187
VERSTEEG, Dora - Orange City, P103, R73, D184, H187
VERSTEEG, Mary - Orange City, P103, R74, D184, H187
VERSTEEG, Gysbert - Orange City, P103, R75, D184, H187
VERSTEEG, Jacob - Orange City, P109, R10, D302, H307
VERSTEEG, Henrietta M. - Orange City, P109, R11, D302, H307
VERSTEEG, Jacoba P. - Orange City, P109, R12, D302, H307
VERSTEEG, A. - Sheridan, P206, R90, D87, H87
VERSTEEG, Margeret - Sheridan, P206, R91, D87, H87
VERSTEEG, Nicholas - Sheridan, P206, R92, D87, H87
VERSTEEG, Dena - Sheridan, P206, R93, D87, H87
VERSTEEG, Maggie - Sheridan, P206, R94, D87, H87
VERSTEEG, John - Sheridan, P206, R95, D87, H87
VERSTEEG, Tillie - Sheridan, P206, R96, D87, H87
VERSTEEG, Jennie - Sheridan, P206, R97, D87, H87
VERSTEEG, Nicholas - Sheridan, P208, R72, D119, H119
VERSTEEG, Herman - West Branch, P234, R94, D61, H62
VERSTEEG, Mary - West Branch, P234, R95, D61, H62
VERSTEEG, Margarite H. - West Branch, P234, R96, D61, H62
VERSTEEG, Cobe M. - West Branch, P234, R97, D61, H62
VERSTEEG, Dena - West Branch, P235, R15, D66, H68
VERSTEEG, Maggie - West Branch, P235, R16, D66, H68
VERSTEEG, Klaas - West Branch, P241, R49, D191, H193
VERSTEEG, Nellie - West Branch, P241, R50, D191, H193
VERSTEEG, Dirk - West Branch, P241, R51, D191, H193
VERSTEEG, Ida - West Branch, P241, R52, D191, H193
VERSTEEG, John - West Branch, P241, R53, D191, H193
VERSTEEG, Dingeman - West Branch, P241, R54, D191, H193
VERSTEEG, Nellie - West Branch, P241, R55, D191, H193
VERTZ, James E. - Nassau, P153, R40, D181, H182
VERTZ, Leila - Nassau, P153, R41, D181, H182
VERTZ, Madeline - Nassau, P153, R42, D181, H182
VERWAY, Jacob - Rock, P187, R26, D227, H234
VERWEY, Gerret - Rock, P185, R46, D199, H206
VERWEY, Thomas - Rock, P185, R47, D199, H206
VERWEY, Jessie - Rock, P185, R48, D199, H206
VICKERS, James - Lincoln, P113, R88, D88, H91
VICKERS, Christina - Lincoln, P113, R89, D88, H91
VICKERS, Joseph C. - Lincoln, P113, R90, D88, H91
VICTORIA, Anna - Lincoln, P112, R7, D46, H48
VICTORIA, John - Lincoln, P118, R72, D187, H191
VICTORIA, Dena - Lincoln, P118, R73, D187, H191
VICTORIA, Allie - Lincoln, P118, R74, D187, H191
VICTORIA, Korte - Lincoln, P118, R75, D187, H191
VICTORIA, Henry - Lincoln, P118, R76, D187, H191
VICTORIA, Dena - Lincoln, P118, R77, D187, H191
VICTORIA, John - Lincoln, P118, R78, D187, H191
VIENA, Peter - Plato, P73, R58, D135, H136
VIENA, Mary C. - Plato, P73, R59, D135, H136
VIETMEIER, Herman - Grant, P77, R95, D16, H16
VINCENT, Jennie - Rock, P176, R93, D17, H20
VIS, John - Center, P37, R31, D147, H147
VIS, Peter - Welcome, P226, R88, D51, H51
VIS, Carretjie - Welcome, P226, R89, D51, H51
VIS, Katie - Welcome, P226, R90, D51, H51
VIS, William - Welcome, P226, R91, D51, H51
VIS, John - Welcome, P226, R92, D51, H51
VIS, Henry - Welcome, P226, R93, D51, H51
VIS, Henretta - Welcome, P226, R94, D51, H51
VIS, Jannetjie - Welcome, P226, R95, D51, H51
VIS, John - Welcome, P226, R96, D51, H51
VISSER, Peter - Floyd, P64, R75, D237, H239
VISSER, Adrian - Plato, P70, R60, D8, H9
VISSER, Diouwe - Orange City, P103, R31, D176, H179
VISSER, Gertie - Orange City, P103, R32, D176, H179
VISSER, Stella H. - Orange City, P103, R33, D176, H179
VISSER, Sadie A. - Orange City, P103, R34, D176, H179
VISSER, Bessie A. - Orange City, P103, R35, D176, H179
VISSER, Cornelus - Orange City, P105, R57, D225, H228
VISSER, Maria - Orange City, P105, R58, D225, H228
VISSER, Hendrik - Orange City, P108, R12, D280, H285
VISSER, Stientje - Orange City, P108, R13, D280, H285
VISSER, Peter - Orange City, P108, R14, D280, H285
VISSER, Fannie - Nassau, P158, R44, D258, H261
VISSER, Annie - Nassau, P158, R45, D258, H261
VISSER, John - Nassau, P158, R46, D258, H261
VISSER, John - Welcome, P229, R31, D91, H91
VISSER, Anna - Welcome, P229, R32, D91, H91
VISSER, Annie - Welcome, P229, R39, D91, H91
VITZTHUM, John C. - Rock, P186, R27, D215, H222
VITZTHUM, Maud - Rock, P186, R28, D215, H222
VITZTHUM, Dorethey - Rock, P186, R29, D215, H222
VITZTHUM, Baby - Rock, P186, R30, D215, H222
VLEGER, A. - Plato, P74, R33, D147, H148
VLEGER, Henrietta - Plato, P74, R34, D147, H148
VLEGER, Henry - Plato, P74, R35, D147, H148
VLEGER, Dick - Plato, P74, R36, D147, H148
VLEGER, Gerrit - Plato, P74, R37, D147, H148
VLEGER, Ton - Plato, P74, R38, D147, H148
VLIEGER, Jacob - Lynn, P22, R50, D164, H164
VLIEGER, Gertie - Lynn, P22, R51, D164, H164
VLIEGER, Katie - Lynn, P22, R52, D164, H164
VLIEGER, Johnny - Lynn, P22, R53, D164, H164
VLIEGER, Tillie - Lynn, P22, R54, D164, H164
VLIEGER, Henry - Lynn, P22, R55, D164, H164
VLIEGER, Thomas - Lynn, P22, R56, D164, H164
VLIEGER, Mary - Lynn, P22, R57, D164, H164
VLIEGER, Jacob - Floyd, P60, R15, D158, H160
VLIET, Siebrand - West Branch, P233, R55, D35, H36
VLIET, Sukie - West Branch, P233, R56, D35, H36
VLIET, Lena - West Branch, P233, R57, D35, H36
VLIET, Tony - West Branch, P233, R58, D35, H36
VLOTHE, Henry John - Reading, P174, R14, D217, H219
VLOTHE, Christina Amelia - Reading, P174, R15, D217, H219
VLOTHE, Clara Mary - Reading, P174, R16, D217, H219
VLOTHE, John Gustave - Reading, P174, R17, D217, H219
VLOTHE, Charles Henry - Reading, P174, R18, D217, H219
VLOTHE, Fredericke Matilda - Reading, P174, R19, D217, H219
VLOTHE, John Raymond - Reading, P174, R20, D217, H219
VLOTHO, Charles Henry - Reading, P164, R83, D20, H20
VLOTHO, Fred - Reading, P168, R62, D118, H119
VLOTHO, Margaret - Reading, P168, R63, D118, H119
VOGELAAR, William - Holland, P85, R46, D9, H9
VOGELAAR, Jane - Holland, P85, R47, D9, H9
VOGELAAR, Gaurt - Holland, P85, R48, D9, H9
VOGELAAR, Gertie - Holland, P85, R49, D9, H9
VOGELAAR, Winnie - Holland, P85, R50, D9, H9
VOGELAAR, Cornelis - Nassau, P162, R8, D321, H324
VOGELAAR, Martha M. - Nassau, P162, R9, D321, H324
VOGELAAR, William - Nassau, P162, R10, D321, H324
VOGELAAR, Peter - Nassau, P162, R11, D321, H324
VOGELAAR, Cornelia - Nassau, P162, R12, D321, H324
VOGELAAR, Gyzberdena - Nassau, P162, R13, D321, H324
VOGELAAR, Cornelis - Nassau, P162, R14, D321, H324
VOGELAAR, Mary - Rock, P178, R14, D43, H46
VOGELAAR, Lender - Rock, P191, R33, D293, H300
VOGELAAR, Richie - Rock, P191, R34, D293, H300
VOGELAAR, Katie - Rock, P191, R35, D293, H300
VOGELAAR, Lender - Rock, P191, R36, D293, H300
VOGELAAR, Gerrett - Rock, P191, R37, D293, H300
VOGELAAR, Bessie - Rock, P191, R38, D293, H300
VOGELAAR, Foenie - Rock, P191, R39, D293, H300
VOGELAAR, Minnie - Rock, P191, R40, D293, H300
VOGEZANG, Frank - Garfield, P65, R87, D18, H18
VOGEZANG, Anna Baas - Garfield, P65, R88, D18, H18
VOGEZANG, Fred - Garfield, P65, R89, D19, H19
VOGEZANG, Gertrude - Garfield, P65, R90, D19, H19
VOGEZANG, Simon - Garfield, P65, R91, D19, H19
VOGEZANG, Anna - Garfield, P65, R92, D19, H19
VOGEZANG, Peter C. - Garfield, P65, R93, D19, H19
VOGEZANG, John - Garfield, P65, R94, D19, H19
VOINCH, Wm. - Sheridan, P207, R39, D94, H94
VOINCH, Katherine - Sheridan, P207, R40, D94, H94
VOINCH, Clara - Sheridan, P207, R41, D94, H94
VOINCH, Charles - Sheridan, P207, R42, D94, H94
VOINCH, Edith - Sheridan, P207, R43, D94, H94
VOINCH, Georgie - Sheridan, P207, R44, D94, H94
VOINCH, Cristin - Sheridan, P207, R45, D94, H94
VOLTHO, John - Reading, P175, R37, D241, H243
VOLTHO, Augusta - Reading, P175, R38, D241, H243
VOLTHO, William - Reading, P175, R39, D241, H243
VOLTHO, Emery John - Reading, P175, R40, D241, H243
VOLTHO, Leonora - Reading, P175, R41, D241, H243
VONDERHAAR, Henry - East Orange, P46, R52, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Susanna - East Orange, P46, R53, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Joseph - East Orange, P46, R54, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Clem - East Orange, P46, R55, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Ben - East Orange, P46, R56, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Frank - East Orange, P46, R57, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Anna M. E. - East Orange, P46, R58, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Francis - East Orange, P46, R59, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Rose - East Orange, P46, R60, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Franz H. - East Orange, P46, R61, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Clara M. - East Orange, P46, R62, D88, H90
VONDERHAAR, Anton J. - East Orange, P46, R63, D88, H90
VONDERHARR, John H. - East Orange, P47, R86, D105, H107
VONDERHARR, Annie - East Orange, P47, R87, D105, H107
VONDERHARR, Iatilda - East Orange, P47, R88, D105, H107
VOORTMAN, John - Center, P39, R43, D184, H184
VOORTMAN, Garetjie - Welcome, P231, R55, D124, H124
VOORTMAN, Evert J. - Welcome, P231, R56, D124, H124
VOORTMAN, Marenus - Welcome, P231, R57, D124, H124
VOORTMAN, Fredrika - Welcome, P231, R58, D124, H124
VOORTMAN, Dena - Welcome, P231, R64, D125, H125
VORHEES, Henry M. - Reading, P175, R62, D243, H245
VOS, Peter - Lynn, P22, R6, D155, H155
VOS, Maggie - Lynn, P22, R7, D155, H155
VOS, Johnny - Lynn, P22, R8, D155, H155
VOS, Martin - Lynn, P22, R9, D155, H155
VOS, Minnie - Lynn, P22, R10, D155, H155
VOS, Harry - Lynn, P22, R11, D155, H155
VOS, Mattie - Lynn, P22, R12, D155, H155
VOS, Peter - Lynn, P22, R13, D155, H155
VOS, Annie - Lynn, P22, R14, D155, H155
VOS, Joseph - Orange City, P95, R12, D3, H3
VOS, Maria - Orange City, P95, R13, D3, H3
VOS, Isaac O. - Orange City, P95, R14, D3, H3
VOS, Kathryn - Orange City, P95, R15, D3, H3
VOS, John - Orange City, P95, R16, D3, H3
VOS, Arta H. - Orange City, P95, R17, D3, H3
VOS, Hendrina - Orange City, P95, R18, D3, H3
VOS, Josephine M. - Orange City, P95, R19, D3, H3
VOS, Bert - Lincoln, P113, R51, D80, H82
VOS, Testje - Lincoln, P113, R52, D80, H82
VOS, Pete N. - Sherman, P215, R79, D45, H45
VOSBURG, Paul B. - East Orange, P41, R14, D4, H4
VOSBURG, Stella - East Orange, P41, R15, D4, H4
VOSBURG, John S. - East Orange, P41, R16, D4, H4
VOSBURG, Bruce P. - East Orange, P41, R17, D4, H4
VOSBURG, Edward - East Orange, P41, R18, D4, H4
VOSBURG, Edward - East Orange, P47, R64, D102, H104
VOSKAM, Gerrit - Capel, P19, R22, D106, H106
VOVERKA, Frank - Washington, P138, R19, D266, H279
VOVERKA, Nancy B. - Washington, P138, R20, D266, H279
VOVERKA, Gertie - Washington, P138, R21, D266, H279
VOVERKA, Annie - Washington, P138, R22, D266, H279
VOVERKA, Addie - Washington, P138, R23, D266, H279
VOVERKA, Maud - Washington, P138, R24, D266, H279
VREDEVELD, Ella - Lincoln, P114, R92, D113, H117
VREDEVELD, Benj - Lincoln, P119, R79, D204, H208
VREDEVELD, Sena - Lincoln, P119, R80, D204, H208
VREDEVELD, Albert - Lincoln, P119, R81, D204, H208
VREDEVELT, Albert - Welcome, P224, R72, D13, H13
VREELAND, William H. - West Branch, P232, R1, D1, H1
VREELAND, Mary R. - West Branch, P232, R2, D1, H1
VREEMAN, William - Plato, P70, R18, D2, H3
VREEMAN, Garret Jr. - West Branch, P247, R32, D279, H282
VREEMAN, Garret - West Branch, P247, R33, D280, H283
VRIEZA, William - Nassau, P160, R14, D289, H292
VRIEZE, Dora - Nassau, P156, R98, D235, H238
VRIEZE, John - Nassau, P156, R99, D235, H238
VRIEZE, Dena - Nassau, P156, R100, D235, H238
VRIEZE, Benjamin - Nassau, P157, R1, D235, H238
VRIEZE, Gerrit - Nassau, P157, R2, D235, H238
VRIEZE, Grace - Nassau, P157, R3, D235, H238
VRYMOED, Jan S. - Nassau, P156, R32, D221, H223
VRYMOED, Gertie - Nassau, P156, R33, D221, H223
VRYMOED, Dena A. - Nassau, P156, R34, D221, H223
VRYMOET, William K. - Holland, P86, R76, D33, H33
VRYMOET, Jennie - Holland, P86, R77, D33, H33
VRYMOET, Minnie - Holland, P86, R78, D33, H33
VRYMOET, Ben - Holland, P86, R79, D33, H33
VRYMOET, Josie - Holland, P86, R80, D33, H33
VRYMOET, Hattie - Holland, P86, R81, D33, H33



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