1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

VANDERSCHAAF, Simon - Eagle, P32, R61, D65, H65
VANDERSCHAAF, Tillie - Eagle, P32, R62, D65, H65
VANDERSCHAAF, Arthur - Eagle, P32, R63, D65, H65
VANDERSCHAAF, A. - Center, P36, R50, D135, H135
VANDERSCHAAF, Sarah - Center, P36, R51, D135, H135
VANDERSCHAAF, Ringert - Center, P36, R52, D135, H135
VANDERSCHAAF, Sarah - Center, P36, R53, D135, H135
VANDERSCHAAF, Dora - Center, P36, R54, D135, H135
VANDERSCHAAF, Joe - Holland, P89, R56, D84, H84
VANDERSCHAAF, Gertie - Holland, P89, R57, D84, H84
VANDERSCHAAF, Louis - Holland, P89, R58, D84, H84
VANDERSCHAAF, Gerrit - Holland, P89, R59, D84, H84
VANDERSCHAAF, Willie - Holland, P90, R52, D106, H106
VANDERSCHAAF, Annie - Holland, P90, R53, D106, H106
VANDERSCHAAF, Maggie - Holland, P90, R54, D106, H106
VANDERSCHAAF, Bertha - Holland, P90, R55, D106, H106
VANDERSCHAAF, Louis - Holland, P90, R56, D106, H106
VANDERSCHAAF, Sjoerd - Holland, P90, R57, D106, H106
VANDERSCHAAF, Sadie - Orange City, P103, R36, D176, H179
VANDERSCHAAF, Freedje - Orange City, P109, R56, D313, H319
VANDERSCHAAF, Douwe - Lincoln, P117, R19, D158, H162
VANDERSCHAAF, Clara - Lincoln, P117, R20, D158, H162
VANDERSCHAAF, James - Lincoln, P117, R21, D158, H162
VANDERSCHAAF, Rose - Lincoln, P117, R22, D158, H162
VANDERSCHAAF, Bert - Lincoln, P117, R23, D158, H162
VANDERSCHAAF, Kate - Lincoln, P117, R24, D158, H162
VANDERSCHAAF, Harry - Lincoln, P117, R25, D158, H162
VANDERSCHAAF, Baby - Lincoln, P117, R26, D158, H162
VANDERSCHAAF, John - West Branch, P245, R87, D258, H260
VANDERSCHAAF, Anna - West Branch, P245, R88, D258, H260
VANDERSCHAAF, Isaac - West Branch, P245, R89, D258, H260
VANDERSCHAAF, Ringer - West Branch, P245, R90, D258, H260
VANDERSCHAAF, Mary - West Branch, P245, R91, D258, H260
VANDERSCHAAF, John - West Branch, P245, R92, D258, H260
VANDERSCHAAF, Jacob - West Branch, P245, R93, D258, H260
VANDERSCHAAF, Edward - West Branch, P245, R94, D258, H260
VANDERSCHAAF, Bertha - West Branch, P245, R95, D258, H260
VANDERSCHOOR, Magdelena - Orange City, P98, R90, D81, H82
VANDERSCHOOR, Hendrik - Orange City, P98, R91, D81, H82
VANDERSCHOOR, Gerrit - Orange City, P98, R92, D81, H82
VANDERSKUUR, Katie - Orange City, P96, R22, D23, H23
VANDERSLICE, Cornelis - Sherman, P221, R58, D147, H147
VANDERSLICE, Au?usta - Sherman, P221, R59, D147, H147
VANDERSLICE, Pete - Sherman, P221, R60, D147, H147
VANDERSLOOT, Jacob - Nassau, P147, R8, D57, H57
VANDERSLOOT, Johanna - Nassau, P147, R9, D57, H57
VANDERSLOOT, Jennie - Nassau, P147, R10, D57, H57
VANDERSLOOT, Arie - West Branch, P247, R76, D286, H289
VANDERSLUIS, Nicolas - Plato, P72, R54, D118, H119
VANDERSLUIS, Nettie - Plato, P72, R55, D118, H119
VANDERSLUIS, Albert - Plato, P72, R56, D118, H119
VANDERSLUIS, Ellen - Plato, P72, R57, D118, H119
VANDERSLUIS, Henry - Plato, P72, R58, D118, H119
VANDERSLUIS, Isaac - Orange City, P104, R31, D198, H201
VANDERSLUIS, Jantjen - Orange City, P104, R32, D198, H201
VANDERSLUIS, Cornie - Orange City, P104, R33, D198, H201
VANDERSLUIS, Nettie - Orange City, P104, R34, D198, H201
VANDERSLUIS, Charlie - Orange City, P104, R35, D198, H201
VANDERSLUIS, John - Orange City, P104, R36, D198, H201
VANDERSON, Charles - Washington, P142, R47, D344, H357
VANDERSTEEG, Cornelis - Floyd, P57, R40, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, Maartje - Floyd, P57, R41, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, Jan - Floyd, P57, R42, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, Frank - Floyd, P57, R43, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, Marenis - Floyd, P57, R44, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, Cornelis - Floyd, P57, R45, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, Jakie - Floyd, P57, R46, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, Mary - Floyd, P57, R47, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, William - Floyd, P57, R48, D100, H102
VANDERSTEEG, Gradus L. - Orange City, P99, R27, D90, H92
VANDERSTEEG, Lena - Orange City, P99, R28, D90, H92
VANDERSTEEG, Gerrit - Orange City, P99, R29, D90, H92
VANDERSTEEG, Evelyn - Orange City, P99, R30, D90, H92
VANDERSTEEG, Vera V. - Orange City, P99, R31, D90, H92
VANDERSTOCK, Frank - West Branch, P243, R44, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Mary - West Branch, P243, R45, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Linda - West Branch, P243, R46, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Anna - West Branch, P243, R47, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Andrew - West Branch, P243, R48, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Jane - West Branch, P243, R49, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Floris - West Branch, P243, R50, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Dina - West Branch, P243, R51, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Richard - West Branch, P243, R52, D223, H225
VANDERSTOCK, Katie - West Branch, P243, R53, D223, H225
VANDERSTOEP, James - Holland, P88, R47, D64, H64
VANDERSTOEP, Jannetje - Holland, P88, R48, D64, H64
VANDERSTOEP, Hattie - Holland, P88, R49, D64, H64
VANDERSTOEP, Andries - Holland, P88, R50, D64, H64
VANDERSTOEP, Floris - Holland, P91, R69, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Trintje - Holland, P91, R70, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Evert - Holland, P91, R71, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Johana - Holland, P91, R72, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Jennie - Holland, P91, R73, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Frank - Holland, P91, R74, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Betsey - Holland, P91, R75, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Katie - Holland, P91, R76, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Florie - Holland, P91, R77, D123, H123
VANDERSTOEP, Andries - Orange City, P99, R25, D89, H91
VANDERSTOEP, Johanna - Orange City, P99, R26, D89, H91
VANDERSTOEP, Klaas - Sherman, P222, R37, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Neeltje - Sherman, P222, R38, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Johana - Sherman, P222, R39, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Pieter - Sherman, P222, R40, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Audrie - Sherman, P222, R41, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Maria - Sherman, P222, R42, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Trintje - Sherman, P222, R43, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Allida - Sherman, P222, R44, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Hentje - Sherman, P222, R45, D161, H161
VANDERSTOEP, Eva M. - Sherman, P222, R46, D161, H161
VANDERSTOOP, Andrew - West Branch, P236, R57, D96, H98
VANDERSTOOP, Alida - West Branch, P236, R58, D96, H98
VANDERSTOOP, Richard H. - West Branch, P236, R59, D96, H98
VANDERSTOOP, Johanna - West Branch, P236, R60, D96, H98
VANDERSTOOP, Andrew J. - West Branch, P236, R61, D96, H98
VANDERSTOOP, Cyntha - West Branch, P236, R62, D96, H98
VANDERSTOUW, William - Plato, P75, R26, D158, H159
VANDERSTOUW, G. - Welcome, P228, R63, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, Hattie - Welcome, P228, R64, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, cora - Welcome, P228, R65, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, John - Welcome, P228, R66, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, Mary - Welcome, P228, R67, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, Bert - Welcome, P228, R68, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, Jacob - Welcome, P228, R69, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, Henry - Welcome, P228, R70, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, Alfred - Welcome, P228, R71, D82, H82
VANDERSTOUW, Garret - Welcome, P228, R72, D82, H82
VANDERTOGT, Martin - Sioux, P195, R100, D51, H51
VANDERTUIG, Mike - Sherman, P221, R88, D153, H153
VANDERTUIG, ??? - Sherman, P221, R89, D153, H153
VANDERTUIG, George - Sherman, P221, R90, D153, H153
VANDERTUIG, Gertie - Sherman, P221, R91, D153, H153
VANDERTUIG, Peter - Sherman, P221, R92, D153, H153
VANDERTUIG, Jennie - Sherman, P221, R93, D153, H153
VANDERTUIG, Nic - West Branch, P242, R20, D202, H204
VANDERVELDE, Andrew - Lynn, P26, R49, D223, H223
VANDERVELDE, Hannah - Lynn, P26, R50, D223, H223
VANDERVELDE, Martin - Lynn, P26, R51, D223, H223
VANDERVELDE, John - Lynn, P26, R52, D223, H223
VANDERVELDE, Andrew - Lynn, P26, R53, D223, H223
VANDERVELDE, Lizzie - Lynn, P26, R54, D223, H223
VANDERVELDE, P??ar?? - Lynn, P26, R55, D223, H223
VANDERVELDE, Nickolas - Lynn, P26, R56, D223, H223
VANDERVELDE, M. - Holland, P89, R87, D93, H93
VANDERVELDE, Mary - Holland, P89, R88, D93, H93
VANDERVELDE, Cornelius - Rock, P184, R34, D174, H181
VANDERVELDE, John - Rock, P184, R69, D184, H191
VANDERVELDE, Margaret - Rock, P184, R70, D184, H191
VANDERVELDE, Willie - Rock, P184, R71, D184, H191
VANDERVELDE, Peter - Rock, P184, R72, D184, H191
VANDERVLIET, Henry - West Branch, P240, R53, D175, H177
VANDERVLIET, Tillie - West Branch, P240, R54, D175, H177
VANDERVLIET, Henretta - West Branch, P240, R55, D175, H177
VANDERVLIET, Anna - West Branch, P240, R56, D175, H177
VANDERVLIET, Evert - West Branch, P240, R57, D175, H177
VANDERWAA, Henry J. - Holland, P85, R1, D1, H1
VANDERWAA, Altje - Holland, P85, R2, D1, H1
VANDERWAA, Kate - Holland, P85, R3, D1, H1
VANDERWAA, Gertie - Holland, P85, R4, D1, H1
VANDERWAA, Gerrit - Holland, P85, R5, D1, H1
VANDERWAA, Henrietta - Holland, P85, R6, D1, H1
VANDERWAA, Henry J. - Holland, P85, R7, D1, H1
VANDERWAA, Benjamin - Holland, P85, R8, D1, H1
VANDERWAL, Joe - Welcome, P227, R13, D54, H54
VANDERWALL, Henry - Capel, P18, R42, D93, H93
VANDERWALL, Henrietta - Capel, P18, R43, D93, H93
VANDERWALL, Ed - Lynn, P21, R67, D148, H148
VANDERWALL, Melba - Lynn, P21, R68, D148, H148
VANDERWALL, S???? - Lynn, P21, R69, D148, H148
VANDERWALL, Jennie - Lynn, P21, R70, D148, H148
VANDERWALL, Katie - Lynn, P21, R71, D148, H148
VANDERWEERT, Gerbert - West Branch, P244, R44, D237, H239
VANDERWEERT, Anna - West Branch, P244, R45, D237, H239
VANDERWEERT, Hattie - West Branch, P244, R46, D237, H239
VANDERWEERT, Herman - West Branch, P244, R47, D237, H239
VANDERWEERT, Jennie - West Branch, P244, R48, D237, H239
VANDERWEERT, John - West Branch, P244, R49, D237, H239
VANDERWEERT, Anna - West Branch, P244, R50, D237, H239
VANDERWEERT, Minnie - West Branch, P244, R51, D237, H239
VANDERWELL, Walter - Lincoln, P110, R63, D14, H15
VANDERWELL, Jennie - Lincoln, P110, R64, D14, H15
VANDERWELL, Annie - Lincoln, P110, R65, D14, H15
VANDERWELL, Steve - Lincoln, P110, R66, D14, H15
VANDERWELL, Walter - Lincoln, P110, R67, D14, H15
VANDERWERF, Jan - Floyd, P55, R34, D76, H78
VANDERWERF, Oebele - Nassau, P154, R70, D197, H199
VANDERWERF, Jennie - Nassau, P154, R71, D197, H199
VANDERWERF, Christian - Nassau, P154, R72, D197, H199
VANDERWERF, Daniel - Nassau, P154, R73, D197, H199
VANDERWERF, William - Nassau, P154, R74, D197, H199
VANDERWILT, A. - Capel, P13, R9, D3, H3
VANDERWILT, T. - Capel, P13, R10, D3, H3
VANDERWILT, W. - Capel, P13, R11, D3, H3
VANDERWILT, Dirk - Capel, P13, R14, D4, H4
VANDERWILT, A. - Capel, P13, R32, D8, H8
VANDERWILT, Minnie - Capel, P13, R33, D8, H8
VANDERWILT, Tony - Capel, P13, R34, D8, H8
VANDERWILT, Cynthia - Capel, P13, R35, D8, H8
VANDERWILT, Gerret A. - Capel, P13, R70, D15, H15
VANDERWILT, Martha - Capel, P13, R71, D15, H15
VANDERWILT, Tony - Capel, P13, R72, D15, H15
VANDERWILT, Jennie - Capel, P13, R73, D15, H15
VANDERWILT, Arnold - Capel, P17, R43, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Aartel - Capel, P17, R44, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Henry - Capel, P17, R45, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Ha?neak - Capel, P17, R46, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, John - Capel, P17, R47, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Gerrit - Capel, P17, R48, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Johannes - Capel, P17, R49, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Sopnia - Capel, P17, R50, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Cornelia - Capel, P17, R51, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Arnda? - Capel, P17, R52, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Wm. - Welcome, P225, R37, D25, H25
VANDERWILT, Maggie - Welcome, P225, R38, D25, H25
VANDERWILT, Willie - Welcome, P225, R39, D25, H25
VANDERWILT, Francis - Welcome, P225, R40, D25, H25
VANDERWILT, Walter - Welcome, P225, R41, D25, H25
VANDERWILT, Herman - Welcome, P228, R54, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Annie - Welcome, P228, R55, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Katie - Welcome, P228, R56, D80, H80
VANDERWILT, Jennie - Welcome, P230, R28, D104, H104
VANDERWILT, William - Welcome, P230, R29, D104, H104
VANDERWILT, Katie - Welcome, P230, R30, D104, H104
VANDERWILT, Antonie - Welcome, P230, R31, D104, H104
VANDERWILT, Maggie - Welcome, P230, R32, D104, H104
VANDERWILT, Johanna - Welcome, P230, R33, D104, H104
VANDERWOUDE, Jake - Rock, P188, R12, D241, H248
VANDERWOUDE, Tillie - Rock, P188, R13, D241, H248
VANDERZEE, Jacob - Orange City, P98, R51, D70, H71
VANDERZEE, Eibert - Nassau, P161, R52, D312, H315
VANDERZEE, Bouk - West Branch, P235, R47, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Jennie - West Branch, P235, R48, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Jacob - West Branch, P235, R49, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Nettie - West Branch, P235, R50, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Ella - West Branch, P235, R51, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, John - West Branch, P235, R52, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Anna - West Branch, P235, R53, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Grover - West Branch, P235, R54, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Dena - West Branch, P235, R55, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Hesel - West Branch, P235, R56, D72, H74
VANDERZEE, Susan - West Branch, P235, R57, D72, H74
VANDERZWAAG, B. - Capel, P15, R20, D41, H41
VANDERZWAAG, B. - Capel, P17, R32, D78, H78
VANDERZWAAG, ??? - Capel, P17, R33, D78, H78
VANDERZWAAG, F??? - Capel, P17, R34, D78, H78
VANDERZWAAG, E. - Holland, P91, R49, D119, H119
VANDERZWAAG, Annie - Holland, P91, R50, D119, H119
VANDERZWAAG, Ben - Holland, P91, R51, D119, H119
VANDERZWAAG, Frank - Holland, P91, R52, D119, H119
VANDERZWAAG, Gertie - Holland, P91, R53, D119, H119
VANDERZWAAG, G. - Welcome, P231, R39, D120, H120
VANDERZWAY, Henry - Holland, P90, R84, D110, H110
VANDERZWAY, Clara - Holland, P90, R85, D110, H110
VANDERZWAY, peter - Holland, P90, R86, D110, H110
VANDERZWAY, Effie - Holland, P90, R87, D110, H110
VANDERZWAY, Ben - Holland, P90, R88, D110, H110
VANDERZWAY, Bert - Holland, P90, R89, D110, H110
VANDERZWAY, Jake - Holland, P90, R90, D110, H110
VANDERZWAY, Henry - Holland, P90, R91, D110, H110
VANDERZWAY, Willie - Holland, P90, R92, D110, H110
VANDERZYL, Jennie - Orange City, P101, R91, D147, H150
VANDESLUIS, Henry - Plato, P70, R72, D10, H11
VANDESTEEG, G. Dd, Sr. - Holland, P85, R9, D2, H2
VANDESTEEG, Jantje - Holland, P85, R10, D2, H2
VANDESTEEG, Gerrit - Holland, P86, R84, D35, H35
VANDESTEEG, Dena - Holland, P86, R85, D35, H35
VANDESTEEG, Nora - Holland, P86, R86, D35, H35
VANDESTEEG, Bert - Holland, P86, R87, D35, H35
VANDESTEEG, Pearl - Holland, P86, R88, D35, H35
VANDESTEEG, Harry - Holland, P86, R89, D35, H35
VANDESTEEG, Leendert - Orange City, P99, R9, D84, H86
VANDESTEEG, John - Orange City, P106, R4, D236, H239
VANDESTEEG, Mary - Orange City, P106, R5, D236, H239
VANDESTEEG, George H. - Orange City, P106, R6, D236, H239
VANDESTEEG, May - Orange City, P106, R7, D236, H239
VANDESTEEG, Cobie - Orange City, P106, R8, D236, H239
VANDESTEEG, Florence E. - Orange City, P106, R9, D236, H239
VANDESTEEG, Arthur J. - Orange City, P106, R10, D236, H239
VANDESTEEG, Lu?ile - Orange City, P106, R11, D236, H239
VANDESTEEG, Klaas - Orange City, P106, R49, D247, H251
VANDESTEEG, Antonia - Orange City, P106, R50, D247, H251
VANDESTEEG, Willemina - Orange City, P106, R51, D247, H251
VANDESTEEG, Mirenus - Orange City, P106, R52, D247, H251
VANDESTEEG, Jan - Orange City, P106, R53, D247, H251
VANDESTEEG, Wilhelmina - Orange City, P106, R54, D247, H251
VANDEVEGTE, Henry - Plato, P70, R36, D6, H7
VANDEVEGTE, Annie - Plato, P70, R37, D6, H7
VANDEVEGTE, Peter - Plato, P70, R38, D6, H7
VANDEVEGTE, Nick - Plato, P70, R39, D6, H7
VANDEVEGTE, Albert - Plato, P70, R40, D6, H7
VANDEVEGTE, Richard - Plato, P70, R41, D6, H7
VANDEVEGTE, Annie - Plato, P70, R42, D6, H7
VANDEVEGTE, Henry - Plato, P70, R43, D6, H7
VANDEVEGTE, Mary - Plato, P70, R44, D6, H7
VANDEWEERT, Gerrit - Floyd, P60, R20, D159, H161
VANDIEPEN, Dries - Holland, P92, R78, D141, H141
VANDIEPEN, Huntje - Holland, P92, R79, D141, H141
VANDIEPEN, Gerrit - Holland, P92, R80, D141, H141
VANDIEPEN, Rindert - Holland, P92, R81, D141, H141
VANDIEPEN, Bertha - Holland, P92, R82, D141, H141
VANDIEPEN, Frank - Holland, P92, R83, D141, H141
VANDIEPEN, Otto - Sheridan, P207, R89, D105, H105
VANDIEPEN, M??y - Sheridan, P207, R90, D105, H105
VANDIEPEN, Richard - Sheridan, P207, R91, D105, H105
VANDIEPEN, John - Sheridan, P207, R92, D105, H105
VANDIEST, John G. - Nassau, P158, R30, D254, H257
VANDIS, Leendert - Orange City, P108, R67, D291, H296
VANDIS, Anna - Orange City, P108, R68, D291, H296
VANDOMMELEN, Martin - Orange City, P101, R64, D141, H144
VANDOMMELEN, Adriana - Orange City, P101, R65, D141, H144
VANDONNELAR, Peter - West Branch, P237, R13, D107, H109
VANDONNELAR, Jannetje - West Branch, P237, R14, D107, H109
VANDONNELAR, Margaret - West Branch, P237, R16, D107, H109
VANDOORN, Joseph - Sioux, P198, R96, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Alice - Sioux, P198, R97, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Anna - Sioux, P198, R98, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Joseph - Sioux, P198, R99, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Richard - Sioux, P198, R100, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Thomas - Sioux, P199, R1, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Teunis - Sioux, P199, R2, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Mary - Sioux, P199, R3, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Martin - Sioux, P199, R4, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Cornelius - Sioux, P199, R5, D100, H100
VANDOORN, Bertha - Sioux, P199, R6, D100, H100
VANDOORN, William - Sioux, P199, R7, D100, H100
VANDORN, Emma - Sheridan, P213, R11, D199, H199
VANDORREN, R. - Capel, P17, R6, D72, H72
VANDREYN, Cornelius - Sioux, P198, R1, D83, H83
VANDREYN, Clausina - Sioux, P198, R2, D83, H83
VANDREYN, Leonard - Sioux, P198, R3, D83, H83
VANDRIEL, Peter - Capel, P15, R21, D42, H42
VANDRIEL, Jennie - Capel, P15, R22, D42, H42
VANDRIEL, Mary - Holland, P90, R42, D103, H103
VANDRIEL, William - Orange City, P95, R68, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Alice C. - Orange City, P95, R69, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Cobie A. - Orange City, P95, R70, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Minnie - Orange City, P95, R71, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Janie - Orange City, P95, R72, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Mamie - Orange City, P95, R73, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Ettie - Orange City, P95, R74, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Cornie - Orange City, P95, R75, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Winnie - Orange City, P95, R76, D13, H13
VANDRIEL, Pete - Sherman, P222, R24, D157, H157
VANDRIMMELIN, Robert J. - Orange City, P97, R1, D40, H41
VANDRIMMELIN, Susie B. - Orange City, P97, R2, D40, H41
VANDUIN, Wilhema - Lincoln, P119, R66, D202, H206
VANDUIN, John - Lincoln, P119, R67, D202, H206
VANDUIN, Adriana - Lincoln, P119, R68, D202, H206
VANDUIN, Abraham - Lincoln, P119, R69, D202, H206
VANDUIN, Teunis - Lincoln, P119, R70, D202, H206
VANDUIN, Gerrit - Lincoln, P119, R71, D202, H206
VANDUIN, Neisy E. - Lincoln, P119, R72, D202, H206
VANDYK, Dreas - Lincoln, P122, R84, D266, H271
VANDYK, Dirkje - Lincoln, P122, R85, D266, H271
VANDYK, Walter - Lincoln, P122, R86, D266, H271
VANDYK, Jane - Lincoln, P122, R87, D266, H271
VANDYK, Jennie - Lincoln, P122, R88, D266, H271
VANDYK, Minnie - Lincoln, P122, R89, D266, H271
VANDYK, John - Lincoln, P122, R90, D266, H271
VANDYK, Dick - Lincoln, P122, R91, D266, H271
VANDYK, Grace - Lincoln, P122, R92, D266, H271
VANDYK, John B. - Logan, P125, R6, D3, H3
VANDYK, Hollie M. - Logan, P125, R7, D3, H3
VANDYK, John B., Jr. - Logan, P125, R8, D3, H3
VANDYK, ??? M. - Logan, P125, R9, D3, H3
VANDYKE, Wilbert - Lynn, P22, R20, D157, H157
VANDYKE, Emma - Lynn, P22, R21, D157, H157
VANDYKE, Charline - Lynn, P22, R22, D157, H157
VANDYKE, Jennie - Lynn, P22, R23, D157, H157
VANDYKE, Johnny - Lynn, P22, R24, D157, H157
VANDYKE, E?? - Center, P37, R63, D152, H152
VANDYKE, Tyatye - Floyd, P59, R50, D143, H145
VANDYKE, Adolph - Garfield, P65, R10, D3, H3
VANDYKE, Nellie - Garfield, P65, R11, D3, H3
VANDYKE, Louis - Garfield, P65, R12, D3, H3
VANDYKE, Maggie - Garfield, P65, R13, D3, H3
VANDYKE, Elizabeth - Garfield, P65, R14, D3, H3
VANDYKE, George - Plato, P75, R85, D168, H169
VANDYKE, Joseph - Lincoln, P123, R84, D284, H289
VANDYKE, Peter - Welcome, P227, R44, D62, H62
VANDYKE, Ellie - Welcome, P227, R45, D62, H62
VANDYKE, Henry J. - Welcome, P227, R46, D62, H62
VANDYKE, Rena - Welcome, P227, R47, D62, H62
VANDYKE, Oct - West Branch, P233, R78, D39, H40
VANDYKE, Ryna - West Branch, P233, R79, D39, H40
VANDYKE, Renzo - West Branch, P233, R80, D39, H40
VANDYKE, Rutger - West Branch, P240, R67, D177, H179
VANDYKE, Ahatake - West Branch, P240, R68, D177, H179
VANDYKE, Alt - West Branch, P240, R69, D177, H179
VANE, Cornelius - Holland, P87, R98, D51, H51
VANEATON, Peter - Garfield, P69, R11, D77, H78
VANEK, Amerson - West Branch, P236, R14, D87, H89
VANEK, Catarina - West Branch, P236, R15, D87, H89
VANEK, Katie - West Branch, P236, R16, D87, H89
VANEK, Gertie - West Branch, P236, R17, D87, H89
VANEK, Ida - West Branch, P236, R18, D87, H89
VANEK, Jacob - West Branch, P236, R19, D87, H89
VANEK, Martha - West Branch, P236, R20, D87, H89
VANELDICK, Dick - Rock, P186, R1, D210, H217
VANELDICK, Nellie - Rock, P186, R2, D210, H217
VANELDICK, Jennie - Rock, P186, R3, D210, H217
VANELDICK, Minnie - Rock, P186, R4, D210, H217
VANELDICK, Dick - Rock, P186, R5, D210, H217
VANELDICK, Baby - Rock, P186, R6, D210, H217
VANENGA, Herman - West Branch, P243, R29, D219, H221
VANENGEN, Jan H. - Orange City, P96, R70, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Joukje - Orange City, P96, R71, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Harm - Orange City, P96, R72, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Hindrik - Orange City, P96, R73, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Alice - Orange City, P96, R74, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Nellie - Orange City, P96, R76, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Gearret - Orange City, P96, R77, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Giert - Orange City, P96, R78, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Dirk - Orange City, P96, R79, D34, H35
VANENGEN, Aaltje - Orange City, P104, R97, D211, H214
VANENGEN, Geest - Orange City, P104, R98, D211, H214
VANENGEN, Frederic - Orange City, P105, R18, D217, H220
VANENGEN, Jantje - Orange City, P105, R19, D217, H220
VANENGEN, Aaltje - Orange City, P105, R20, D217, H220
VANENGEN, Hendrikus - Orange City, P105, R21, D217, H220
VANENGEN, Jane - Orange City, P105, R22, D217, H220
VANENGEN, Harm - Orange City, P105, R23, D217, H220
VANENGEN, John - Nassau, P158, R9, D251, H254
VANES, Jan - Floyd, P60, R84, D171, H173
VANES, Annie - Floyd, P60, R85, D171, H173
VANES, Tilly - Floyd, P60, R86, D171, H173
VANES, Gerrit - Floyd, P60, R87, D171, H173
VANES, Dirk - Floyd, P60, R88, D171, H173
VANES, arie - Floyd, P60, R89, D171, H173
VANES, Peter - Holland, P87, R91, D51, H51
VANES, Anna - Holland, P87, R92, D51, H51
VANES, tillie - Holland, P87, R93, D51, H51
VANES, Katie - Holland, P87, R94, D51, H51
VANES, Gertie - Holland, P87, R95, D51, H51
VANES, Jennie - Holland, P87, R96, D51, H51
VANES, Nettie - Holland, P87, R97, D51, H51
VANES, Gerrit - Holland, P89, R4, D73, H73
VANES, Nellie - Holland, P89, R5, D73, H73
VANES, Gerrit - Holland, P89, R6, D73, H73
VANES, Dick - Holland, P89, R7, D73, H73
VANES, Tillie - Holland, P89, R8, D73, H73
VANES, Cornelia S. - Nassau, P162, R50, D327, H330
VANES, Cornelia M. - Nassau, P162, R51, D327, H330
VANEUGEN, Ellen - Orange City, P101, R34, D136, H139
VANGAVEEL, John - Floyd, P53, R1, D23, H24
VANGAVEEL, Peter - Floyd, P53, R2, D23, H24
VANGEEST, Cornelius - Sioux, P193, R63, D10, H10
VANGEEST, J??? - Sioux, P193, R64, D10, H10
VANGEEST, Jennie - Sioux, P193, R65, D10, H10
VANGEEST, John - Sioux, P193, R66, D10, H10
VANGEEST, Gertie - Sioux, P193, R67, D10, H10
VANGEEST, Anna - Sioux, P193, R68, D10, H10
VANGEEST, Joseph - Sioux, P193, R69, D10, H10
VANGEEST, Martin - Sioux, P193, R70, D10, H10
VANGELDEN, Johanes - Holland, P92, R48, D136, H136
VANGELDEN, Willempie - Holland, P92, R49, D136, H136
VANGELDEN, Annie - Holland, P92, R50, D136, H136
VANGELDEN, Eddie - Holland, P92, R51, D136, H136
VANGELDEN, Libbie - Holland, P92, R52, D136, H136
VANGELDEN, Dena - Holland, P92, R53, D136, H136
VANGELDER, Arend - Orange City, P106, R18, D239, H242
VANGELDER, Stimtje - Orange City, P106, R19, D239, H242
VANGELDER, Evert - Orange City, P106, R20, D239, H242
VANGELDER, Jans - Orange City, P106, R21, D239, H242
VANGELDER, Lambattus - Orange City, P106, R22, D239, H242
VANGELDER, Dena - Orange City, P106, R23, D239, H242
VANGELDER, Paul K. - Orange City, P106, R24, D239, H242
VANGELDEREN, Annie - Orange City, P107, R13, D258, H162
VANGOEKEL, Dries - West Branch, P237, R43, D112, H114
VANGONE, Garret - West Branch, P245, R74, D255, H257
VANGONE, Jennie - West Branch, P245, R75, D255, H257
VANGONE, Katie - West Branch, P245, R76, D255, H257
VANGORKUM, Frank - Orange City, P107, R52, D267, H271
VANGORKUM, Cornelius - Sherman, P214, R30, D11, H11
VANGORKUM, Gesiena - Sherman, P214, R31, D11, H11
VANGORKUM, Isac J. - Sherman, P214, R32, D11, H11
VANGORKUM, Gertie - Sherman, P214, R33, D11, H11
VANGORKUM, Marinse - Sherman, P214, R34, D11, H11
VANGORKUM, Jacob - Sherman, P221, R94, D154, H154
VANGORKUM, Ida - Sherman, P221, R95, D154, H154
VANGORKUM, Isac - Sherman, P221, R96, D154, H154
VANGORKUM, Albert - Sherman, P221, R97, D154, H154
VANGORKUM, Mary - Sherman, P221, R98, D154, H154
VANGORKUM, Alice - Sherman, P221, R99, D154, H154
VANGORKUM, Anna - Sherman, P221, R100, D154, H154
VANGORKUM, Ida - Sherman, P222, R1, D154, H154
VANGORP, Peter - Orange City, P98, R11, D63, H64
VANGORP, Dirkie - Orange City, P98, R12, D63, H64
VANGORP, Annie - Orange City, P98, R13, D63, H64
VANGORP, Minnie - Orange City, P98, R14, D63, H64
VANGORP, John - Orange City, P98, R15, D63, H64
VANGORP, Edward - Orange City, P98, R16, D63, H64
VANGORP, James - Orange City, P98, R17, D63, H64
VANGORP, Willie - Orange City, P98, R18, D63, H64
VANGRONINGEN, Cornelius - Floyd, P53, R40, D32, H33
VANGRONINGEN, Minnie - Floyd, P53, R41, D32, H33
VANGRONINGEN, Clara - Floyd, P53, R42, D32, H33
VANGRONINGEN, Annie - Floyd, P53, R43, D32, H33
VANGRONINGEN, Richard - Floyd, P53, R44, D32, H33
VANGRONINGEN, Bertha - Floyd, P53, R45, D32, H33
VANGRONINGEN, Dirk - Floyd, P53, R46, D33, H34
VANGRONINGEN, Gracea M. - Floyd, P53, R47, D33, H34
VANGRONINGEN, Richard - Floyd, P53, R48, D33, H34
VANGRONINGEN, John - Floyd, P53, R49, D33, H34
VANGRONINGEN, Clara - Floyd, P53, R50, D33, H34
VANGRONINGEN, Annie - Floyd, P53, R51, D33, H34
VANGRONINGEN, Peter - Floyd, P55, R53, D80, H82
VANGRONINGEN, Gertie - Floyd, P55, R54, D80, H82
VANGRONINGEN, Richard - Floyd, P55, R55, D80, H82
VANGRONINGEN, Nellie - Floyd, P55, R56, D80, H82
VANGRONINGEN, Clarence - Floyd, P55, R57, D80, H82
VANGRONINGEN, R?? C. - Floyd, P55, R58, D80, H82
VANHALL, Day - Rock, P190, R39, D277, H284
VANHALL, Fannie - Rock, P190, R40, D277, H284
VANHALL, Bert - Rock, P190, R41, D277, H284
VANHALL, William - Rock, P190, R42, D277, H284
VANHALL, John - Rock, P190, R43, D277, H284
VANHALL, Grace - Rock, P190, R44, D277, H284
VANHEEL, Pete - Sherman, P218, R13, D88, H88
VANHEILDOM, John - Plato, P76, R80, D183, H184
VANHEILDOM, Jennie - Plato, P76, R81, D183, H184
VANHEILDOM, Minnie - Plato, P76, R82, D183, H184
VANHEILDOM, Henry - Plato, P76, R83, D183, H184
VANHEILDOM, Gerrit - Plato, P76, R84, D183, H184
VANHEILDOM, Adrian - Plato, P76, R85, D183, H184
VANHELDEN, B. - Capel, P15, R15, D41, H41
VANHELDEN, Aaart - Capel, P15, R16, D41, H41
VANHELDEN, Arie - Capel, P15, R17, D41, H41
VANHELDEN, Hendreka - Capel, P15, R18, D41, H41
VANHELDEN, Mary - Capel, P15, R19, D41, H41
VANHEMERT, William - Center, P35, R46, D112, H112
VANHENKELOM, Tone - West Branch, P236, R74, D99, H101
VANHENKELOM, Anna M. - West Branch, P236, R75, D99, H101
VANHENKELOM, Brand - West Branch, P236, R76, D99, H101
VANHERDER, Gerrit - Center, P37, R54, D152, H152
VANHERDER, Jennie - Center, P37, R55, D152, H152
VANHERDER, Jacob - Center, P37, R56, D152, H152
VANHERDER, Claude - Center, P37, R57, D152, H152
VANHERDER, Annie - Center, P37, R58, D152, H152
VANHERDER, Tillie - Center, P37, R59, D152, H152
VANHERDER, Tunie - Center, P37, R60, D152, H152
VANHERDER, Gerrit John - Center, P37, R61, D152, H152
VANHERDER, Henry - Center, P37, R62, D152, H152
VANHOLDT, Hans - Eagle, P32, R2, D51, H51
VANHOLLAND, E. - Center, P36, R83, D140, H140
VANHOLLAND, G. Van Maunen - Center, P36, R84, D140, H140
VANHOLLAND, John - Center, P36, R85, D140, H140
VANHOLLAND, Dick - Center, P36, R86, D140, H140
VANHOLLAND, Annie - Center, P36, R87, D140, H140
VANHOLLAND, Hattie - Center, P36, R88, D140, H140
VANHORSEN, William - Holland, P92, R74, D139, H139
VANHORSEN, Garret - Sherman, P221, R3, D138, H138
VANHORSEN, Hattie - Sherman, P221, R4, D138, H138
VANHORSEN, William - Sherman, P221, R5, D138, H138
VANHORSEN, Anna - Sherman, P221, R6, D138, H138
VANHORSEN, Lizzie - Sherman, P221, R7, D138, H138
VANHORSEN, Minnie - Sherman, P221, R8, D138, H138
VANHORSEN, Hubert - Sherman, P221, R9, D138, H138
VANHORSEN, Arther - Sherman, P221, R10, D138, H138
VANHORSEN, Nellie - Sherman, P221, R11, D138, H138
VANHORSSEN, Nicolas - Plato, P75, R27, D159, H160
VANHORSSEN, Stoffertje Ber?dina - Plato, P75, R28, D159, H160
VANHORSSEN, Anna - Plato, P75, R29, D159, H160
VANHORSSEN, Kate - Plato, P75, R30, D159, H160
VANHORSSEN, Peter - Plato, P75, R31, D159, H160
VANHORSSEN, Maria W. - Plato, P75, R32, D159, H160
VANHORSSEN, Charley - Plato, P75, R33, D159, H160
VANHULL, Allie - Nassau, P159, R71, D281, H284
VANHULL, John - West Branch, P238, R64, D139, H141
VANHULL, Hendrika - West Branch, P238, R65, D139, H141
VANIPEREN, Peter - Floyd, P52, R64, D15, H15
VANIPEREN, Neeltje - Floyd, P52, R65, D15, H15
VANIPEREN, Nellie - Floyd, P52, R66, D15, H15
VANIPEREN, Janna - Floyd, P59, R91, D154, H156
VANIPEREN, Hilbije - Floyd, P59, R92, D154, H156
VANIPEREN, Bastina - Floyd, P59, R93, D154, H156
VANIPEREN, Schilk - Floyd, P59, R94, D154, H156
VANIPEREN, Hellen - Floyd, P60, R69, D168, H170
VANIPEREN, Nellie - Floyd, P60, R70, D168, H170
VANIPEREN, Bastian - Floyd, P60, R71, D168, H170
VANKALSBEEK, R. - Holland, P85, R73, D12, H12
VANKALSHEEK, Arnie - Holland, P93, R43, D153, H153
VANKAMPEN, Martin - Nassau, P146, R3, D38, H38
VANKAMPEN, Trijnte - Nassau, P146, R4, D38, H38
VANKERKHOFF, Hendrik - Orange City, P106, R43, D245, H249
VANKERKHOFF, Anna - Orange City, P106, R44, D245, H249
VANKERKHOFF, Johanna H. - Orange City, P106, R45, D245, H249
VANKERKHOFF, Gertie - Orange City, P106, R46, D245, H249
VANKERKHOFF, Albert - West Branch, P232, R55, D12, H12
VANKERKHOFF, Petronella - West Branch, P232, R56, D12, H12
VANKERKHOFF, Henry - West Branch, P232, R57, D12, H12
VANKERKHOFF, Anna - West Branch, P232, R58, D12, H12
VANKERKHOFF, Jennette - West Branch, P232, R59, D12, H12
VANKLAY, Teunis - Holland, P89, R60, D84, H84
VANKLEI, Arie - Floyd, P54, R81, D64, H66
VANKLEI, Teirngi - Floyd, P54, R82, D64, H66
VANKLEI, Eli - Floyd, P54, R83, D64, H66
VANKLEI, William - Floyd, P54, R84, D64, H66
VANKLEI, Gertie - Floyd, P54, R85, D64, H66
VANKLEI, Jaantje - Floyd, P54, R86, D64, H66
VANKLEI, Stephen - Floyd, P54, R87, D64, H66
VANKLEI, Bart - Floyd, P58, R35, D120, H122
VANKLEI, Dora - Floyd, P58, R36, D120, H122
VANKLEI, Arie - Floyd, P59, R95, D154, H156
VANKLEY, Floris - West Branch, P240, R44, D174, H176
VANKLEY, Parteje - West Branch, P240, R45, D174, H176
VANKLEY, Aarthur - West Branch, P240, R46, D174, H176
VANKLEY, Mary - West Branch, P240, R47, D174, H176
VANKLEY, Herbert - West Branch, P240, R48, D174, H176
VANKLEY, Andrew - West Branch, P240, R49, D174, H176
VANKLEY, Carrie - West Branch, P240, R50, D174, H176
VANKLEY, Maggie - West Branch, P240, R51, D174, H176
VANKLEY, Willie - West Branch, P240, R52, D174, H176
VANKLOMPENBURG, Jennie - Orange City, P99, R22, D88, H90
VANKLOMPENBURG, Jan - Nassau, P161, R46, D312, H315
VANKLOMPENBURG, Derkje - Nassau, P161, R47, D312, H315
VANKLOMPENBURG, Jan - Nassau, P161, R48, D312, H315
VANKLOMPENBURG, Yga - Nassau, P161, R49, D312, H315
VANKLOMPENBURG, Jacob - Nassau, P161, R50, D312, H315
VANKLOMPENBURG, Gertie - Nassau, P161, R51, D312, H315



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