1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

VAIL, Silas B. - Buncombe, P9, R35, D199, H199
VAIL, Bertha - Buncombe, P9, R36, D199, H199
VAIL, Ruth - Buncombe, P9, R37, D199, H199
VALLEMA, Poppe - Sheridan, P208, R38, D111, H111
VALLENTIEN, Arie - Welcome, P228, R38, D77, H77
VALLENTIEN, Anna - Welcome, P228, R39, D77, H77
VALLENTIEN, Jennie - Welcome, P228, R40, D77, H77
VALLENTINE, John - Center, P37, R33, D148, H148
VALLENTINE, Minnie - Center, P37, R34, D148, H148
VALLENTINE, Annie - Center, P37, R35, D148, H148
VALLINGER, Edward - Capel, P17, R4, D72, H72
VALLINGER, ??? - Capel, P17, R5, D72, H72
VAN HOLT, Catherine - Settler, P201, R85, D133, H134
VANALST, Jennie - Sheridan, P204, R47, D29, H29
VANASSIN, Jacob - Welcome, P226, R97, D51, H51
VANBATAVIA, C. - Welcome, P226, R78, D49, H49
VANBATAVIA, Johanna - Welcome, P226, R79, D49, H49
VANBATAVIA, Lewis - Welcome, P226, R80, D49, H49
VANBATAVIA, Ben - Welcome, P226, R81, D49, H49
VANBATAVIA, Bert - Welcome, P226, R82, D49, H49
VANBEEK, Peter - Center, P37, R32, D147, H147
VANBEEK, Nellie - Plato, P71, R67, D103, H104
VANBEEK, Henry - Nassau, P162, R55, D329, H332
VANBEEK, Janet - Nassau, P162, R56, D329, H332
VANBEEK, William - Nassau, P162, R57, D329, H332
VANBEEK, John - Nassau, P162, R58, D329, H332
VANBEEK, Johannes - Nassau, P162, R59, D329, H332
VANBEEK, Jessie - Nassau, P162, R60, D329, H332
VANBEEK, Derk - Nassau, P162, R61, D329, H332
VANBEEK, William - Nassau, P162, R64, D330, H333
VANBEEK, Dirkie - Nassau, P162, R65, D330, H333
VANBEEK, Cornelius - Welcome, P229, R75, D96, H96
VANBEEK, Jacobjie - Welcome, P229, R76, D96, H96
VANBEEK, Gyis - Welcome, P229, R77, D96, H96
VANBEEK, Girtie - Welcome, P229, R78, D96, H96
VANBEEK, Gypjie - Welcome, P229, R79, D96, H96
VANBEEK, Dries - Welcome, P229, R80, D96, H96
VANBEEK, Jennie - Welcome, P229, R81, D96, H96
VANBEEK, Gilbert - West Branch, P238, R90, D145, H147
VANBEEK, Minnie - West Branch, P238, R91, D145, H147
VANBEEK, Lena - West Branch, P238, R92, D145, H147
VANBENE???BERG, Wm. - Sheridan, P203, R48, D11, H11
VANBENE???BERG, Effie - Sheridan, P203, R49, D11, H11
VANBERGAN, Mary - East Orange, P43, R25, D45, H46
VANBERGAN, John F. - East Orange, P43, R26, D45, H46
VANBERGAN, Minnie C. - East Orange, P43, R27, D45, H46
VANBERGAN, Frank P. - East Orange, P43, R28, D45, H46
VANBERGAN, Nellie P. - East Orange, P43, R29, D45, H46
VANBERGEN, Frank - Floyd, P63, R2, D209, H211
VANBERKEM, Teunis - Lincoln, P120, R97, D229, H233
VANBERKEM, Jennie - Lincoln, P120, R98, D229, H233
VANBERKEM, Grace - Lincoln, P120, R99, D229, H233
VANBERKUM, James - Plato, P70, R67, D10, H11
VANBERKUM, Henrietta - Plato, P70, R68, D10, H11
VANBERKUM, Jennie - Plato, P70, R69, D10, H11
VANBERKUM, John - Plato, P70, R70, D10, H11
VANBERKUM, ?innie - Plato, P70, R71, D10, H11
VANBERKUM, Alice - Rock, P176, R42, D7, H8
VANBERKUM, L. - Welcome, P224, R87, D16, H16
VANBERKUM, Claaskie - Welcome, P224, R88, D16, H16
VANBERKUM, Fannie - Welcome, P224, R89, D16, H16
VANBERKUM, Tillie - Welcome, P224, R90, D16, H16
VANBERKUM, Jennie - Welcome, P224, R91, D16, H16
VANBERKUN, Wm. - Welcome, P224, R93, D17, H17
VANBERKUN, Jentjie - Welcome, P224, R94, D17, H17
VANBERKUN, Jennie - Welcome, P224, R95, D17, H17
VANBEYNUM, William - Sherman, P215, R31, D33, H33
VANBEYNUM, Mina - Sherman, P215, R32, D33, H33
VANBOVEN, Jacobus - Floyd, P59, R79, D151, H153
VANBOVEN, Cornelia - Floyd, P59, R80, D151, H153
VANBRAKE, William - Eagle, P29, R20, D4, H4
VANBRUGGEN, Wm. - Capel, P13, R69, D14, H14
VANBUSKIRK, Elizabeth - Buncombe, P11, R97, D245, H245
VANCE, Blanche - Nassau, P150, R83, D129, H130
VANCITTERS, Casper A. J. - Orange City, P98, R4, D62, H63
VANCITTERS, Francis - Orange City, P98, R5, D62, H63
VANCITTERS, Francis - Orange City, P98, R6, D62, H63
VANCITTERS, Willie - Orange City, P98, R7, D62, H63
VANCITTERS, Margaret - Orange City, P98, R8, D62, H63
VANCITTERS, Charlie - Orange City, P98, R9, D62, H63
VANCITTERS, Johan - Orange City, P98, R10, D62, H63
VANDALLEN, John - Plato, P71, R1, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, Nancy B. - Plato, P71, R2, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, Henry - Plato, P71, R3, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, Samuel - Plato, P71, R4, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, John - Plato, P71, R5, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, Asa - Plato, P71, R6, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, Wesley - Plato, P71, R7, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, Mary - Plato, P71, R8, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, Annie - Plato, P71, R9, D96, H97
VANDALLEN, William - Plato, P71, R10, D96, H97
VANDANELTAR, Peter - Lincoln, P117, R43, D161, H165
VANDANELTAR, Lena - Lincoln, P117, R44, D161, H165
VANDANELTAR, Dick - Lincoln, P117, R45, D161, H165
VANDANELTAR, Lena - Lincoln, P117, R46, D161, H165
VANDANELTAR, Antje - Lincoln, P117, R47, D161, H165
VANDDEBRAKE, John - West Branch, P244, R58, D239, H241
VANDDEBRAKE, Johanna - West Branch, P244, R59, D239, H241
VANDDEBRAKE, George - West Branch, P244, R60, D239, H241
VANDDEBRAKE, Alice - West Branch, P244, R61, D239, H241
VANDDEBRAKE, Jacob - West Branch, P244, R62, D239, H241
VANDDEBRAKE, Bert - West Branch, P244, R63, D239, H241
VANDDEBRAKE, E?ba - West Branch, P244, R64, D239, H241
VANDE????, ??? - Sheridan, P205, R86, D63, H63
VANDE????, Katie - Sheridan, P205, R87, D63, H63
VANDE????, Susie - Sheridan, P205, R88, D63, H63
VANDE????, Jacob - Sheridan, P205, R89, D63, H63
VANDEBERG, Henry - Floyd, P63, R98, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Annie - Floyd, P63, R99, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Ella - Floyd, P63, R100, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Arie - Floyd, P64, R1, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, ??atce - Floyd, P64, R2, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Roelof - Floyd, P64, R3, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Bennie - Floyd, P64, R4, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Annie - Floyd, P64, R5, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Andrew - Floyd, P64, R6, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Jennette - Floyd, P64, R7, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Paul - Floyd, P64, R8, D227, H229
VANDEBERG, Lambert - Holland, P90, R65, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, Dina - Holland, P90, R66, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, Bert - Holland, P90, R67, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, William - Holland, P90, R68, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, Allie - Holland, P90, R69, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, Henry - Holland, P90, R70, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, Gertie - Holland, P90, R71, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, Gerrit - Holland, P90, R72, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, Jennie - Holland, P90, R73, D108, H108
VANDEBERG, Art - Nassau, P156, R35, D222, H224
VANDEBERG, Hannah - Nassau, P156, R36, D222, H224
VANDEBERG, Gossen - Nassau, P156, R37, D222, H224
VANDEBERG, Lydia - Nassau, P156, R38, D222, H224
VANDEBERG, Peter - Nassau, P156, R57, D226, H228
VANDEBOSCH, Gerrit - Floyd, P59, R67, D147, H149
VANDEBRAKE, Garret - West Branch, P245, R4, D245, H247
VANDEBRAKE, Marie - West Branch, P245, R5, D245, H247
VANDEBRAKE, William - West Branch, P245, R6, D245, H247
VANDEBRAKE, Bertha - West Branch, P245, R7, D245, H247
VANDEBRAKE, Eibert - West Branch, P245, R11, D247, H249
VANDEBRAKE, Priscilla M. - West Branch, P245, R12, D247, H249
VANDEBRAKE, Henry - West Branch, P245, R13, D247, H249
VANDEBRAKE, Garret - West Branch, P245, R14, D247, H249
VANDEBRAKE, Winnie - West Branch, P245, R15, D247, H249
VANDEBRAKE, William - West Branch, P245, R16, D247, H249
VANDEBRAKE, Eibert - West Branch, P245, R17, D247, H249
VANDEBRAKE, Johannes - West Branch, P245, R57, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, Maggie - West Branch, P245, R58, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, George M. - West Branch, P245, R59, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, Jane - West Branch, P245, R60, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, Bertha - West Branch, P245, R61, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, Effie - West Branch, P245, R62, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, John R. - West Branch, P245, R63, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, Eddie - West Branch, P245, R64, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, Freddie - West Branch, P245, R65, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, Jacob - West Branch, P245, R66, D253, H255
VANDEBRAKE, Dewey C. - West Branch, P245, R67, D253, H255
VANDEBROCK, Evert - West Branch, P244, R7, D231, H233
VANDEBROCK, Jessie - West Branch, P244, R8, D231, H233
VANDEBROCK, Garret - West Branch, P244, R9, D231, H233
VANDEBROCK, Effie - West Branch, P244, R10, D231, H233
VANDEBROCK, Bertha - West Branch, P244, R11, D231, H233
VANDEBROCK, Leonard - West Branch, P244, R12, D231, H233
VANDEBROCK, Mary - West Branch, P244, R13, D231, H233
VANDEBROCK, Jessie - West Branch, P244, R14, D231, H233
VANDEELEN, Cornelis - Nassau, P147, R71, D69, H69
VANDEELEN, Guysje - Nassau, P147, R72, D69, H69
VANDEELEN, Johannes - Nassau, P147, R73, D69, H69
VANDEELEN, Minke - Nassau, P147, R74, D69, H69
VANDEELEN, Mary - Nassau, P147, R75, D69, H69
VANDEELEN, Mattie - Nassau, P147, R76, D69, H69
VANDEELEN, Leendert - Nassau, P147, R77, D69, H69
VANDEELEN, Baby - Nassau, P147, R78, D69, H69
VANDEHOEF, William - Capel, P17, R93, D86, H86
VANDEHOEF, Annie - Capel, P17, R94, D86, H86
VANDEHOEF, Jane - Capel, P17, R95, D86, H86
VANDEHOEF, Pleun - Capel, P17, R96, D86, H86
VANDEHOEF, Cora - Capel, P17, R97, D86, H86
VANDEHOEF, Jake - Capel, P17, R98, D86, H86
VANDEIST, Joseph - West Branch, P234, R7, D45, H46
VANDEIST, ??? - West Branch, P234, R8, D45, H46
VANDEIST, ??? - West Branch, P234, R9, D45, H46
VANDEIST, ??? - West Branch, P234, R10, D45, H46
VANDENBERG, Andrew - Holland, P89, R45, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Kate - Holland, P89, R46, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Gerrit - Holland, P89, R47, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Charles - Holland, P89, R48, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Bertha - Holland, P89, R49, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Ella - Holland, P89, R50, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Hattie - Holland, P89, R51, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Katie - Holland, P89, R52, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Lily - Holland, P89, R53, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Bennie - Holland, P89, R54, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Henry - Holland, P89, R55, D83, H83
VANDENBERG, Jacob - Reading, P169, R5, D127, H128
VANDENBERG, Garret - Welcome, P225, R5, D20, H20
VANDENBERG, Driesjie - Welcome, P225, R6, D20, H20
VANDENBERG, Willemina - Welcome, P225, R7, D20, H20
VANDENBERG, John - Welcome, P225, R8, D20, H20
VANDENBERG, Aaltjie H. - Welcome, P225, R9, D20, H20
VANDENBERGE, John - Nassau, P161, R53, D313, H316
VANDENBERGE, Christina - Nassau, P161, R54, D313, H316
VANDENBERGE, Dena - Nassau, P161, R55, D313, H316
VANDENBERGE, Christina - Nassau, P161, R56, D313, H316
VANDENBERGE, Peter - Nassau, P161, R57, D313, H316
VANDENBERGE, Mary - Nassau, P161, R58, D313, H316
VANDENBERGE, Elizebeth - Welcome, P230, R12, D101, H101
VANDENBRINK, A. - Sheridan, P205, R17, D49, H49
VANDENBRINK, Nellie - Sheridan, P205, R18, D49, H49
VANDENBRINK, Stephen - Sheridan, P205, R19, D49, H49
VANDENBRINK, Dora - Sheridan, P205, R20, D49, H49
VANDENBROCK, France - Sherman, P220, R75, D133, H133
VANDENBROCK, Mary - Sherman, P220, R76, D133, H133
VANDENBROCK, anna - Sherman, P220, R77, D133, H133
VANDENBROCK, Antonio - Sherman, P220, R78, D133, H133
VANDENBROCK, Frank - Sherman, P220, R79, D133, H133
VANDENBROCK, Mary - Sherman, P220, R80, D133, H133
VANDENBURG, Jan F. - Orange City, P98, R38, D69, H70
VANDENBURG, Antje - Orange City, P98, R39, D69, H70
VANDENBURG, Annie - Orange City, P98, R40, D69, H70
VANDENBURG, Marie - Orange City, P98, R41, D69, H70
VANDENBURG, Alida H. - Orange City, P98, R42, D69, H70
VANDENBURG, Willie L. - Orange City, P98, R43, D69, H70
VANDENBURG, Harry F. - Orange City, P98, R44, D69, H70
VANDENBURG, John E. - Orange City, P98, R45, D69, H70
VANDENBURG, Gerrit - Nassau, P151, R52, D146, H147
VANDENBURG, Johanna - Nassau, P151, R53, D146, H147
VANDENBURG, Gerrit - Nassau, P151, R54, D146, H147
VANDENHEMEL, Theophil - Plato, P72, R91, D123, H124
VANDENHULL, Jake - Capel, P19, R91, D117, H117
VANDENHULL, Hattie - Capel, P19, R92, D117, H117
VANDENHULL, Hattie - Capel, P19, R93, D117, H117
VANDENHULL, John - Capel, P19, R94, D117, H117
VANDENHULL, Rena - Capel, P19, R95, D117, H117
VANDENHULL, Gerrit - Capel, P19, R96, D117, H117
VANDENHULL, John - Capel, P19, R97, D117, H117
VANDENHULL, J. - Sheridan, P213, R31, D206, H206
VANDENHULL, Wilbur - Sheridan, P213, R32, D206, H206
VANDENHULL, Jacob - Sheridan, P213, R33, D206, H206
VANDENHULL, Gertie - Sheridan, P213, R34, D206, H206
VANDENLAAN, Christ - Rock, P182, R73, D142, H149
VANDENLAAN, Gracie - Rock, P182, R74, D142, H149
VANDENOVER, John - Welcome, P227, R20, D56, H56
VANDENOVER, Cynthia - Welcome, P227, R21, D56, H56
VANDENOVER, Peter - Welcome, P227, R22, D56, H56
VANDENOVER, John - Welcome, P227, R23, D56, H56
VANDENOVER, Katie - Welcome, P227, R24, D56, H56
VANDENTOP, H. - Welcome, P224, R24, D8, H8
VANDENTOP, Helena S. - Welcome, P224, R25, D8, H8
VANDENTOP, Henry G. - Welcome, P224, R26, D8, H8
VANDENTOP, Gertie M. - Welcome, P224, R27, D8, H8
VANDENTOP, Albert D. - Welcome, P224, R28, D8, H8
VANDEPOL, Klaas - Floyd, P59, R74, D150, H152
VANDEPOL, Giertje - Floyd, P59, R75, D150, H152
VANDEPOL, David - Floyd, P59, R76, D150, H152
VANDEPOL, Aaltje - Floyd, P59, R77, D150, H152
VANDEPOL, Roelof - Floyd, P59, R78, D150, H152
VANDER???, Mathew J. - Sherman, P221, R14, D139, H139
VANDER???, Maggie - Sherman, P221, R15, D139, H139
VANDER???, Har?? N. - Sherman, P221, R16, D139, H139
VANDER???, Lana - Sherman, P221, R17, D139, H139
VANDER??OSS, Thomas - Sioux, P196, R75, D64, H64
VANDER??OSS, Nellie - Sioux, P196, R76, D64, H64
VANDER??OSS, John - Sioux, P196, R77, D64, H64
VANDER??OSS, Cornelius - Sioux, P196, R78, D64, H64
VANDER??OSS, Leonard - Sioux, P196, R79, D64, H64
VANDER??OSS, Peter - Sioux, P196, R80, D64, H64
VANDER??OSS, Lydia - Sioux, P196, R81, D64, H64
VANDERAARDE, Anna - Grant, P81, R60, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Adrijaantje - Grant, P81, R61, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Agatha - Grant, P81, R62, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Hendrik - Grant, P81, R63, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Cornelia - Grant, P81, R64, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Dirktje - Grant, P81, R65, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Aafie - Grant, P81, R66, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Bastiaan - Grant, P81, R67, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Anne - Grant, P81, R68, D84, H85
VANDERAARDE, Klaas - Orange City, P97, R11, D43, H44
VANDERAARDE, Cornelia - Orange City, P97, R12, D43, H44
VANDERAARDE, Harry H. D. - Orange City, P97, R13, D43, H44
VANDERAARDE, Agnes - Orange City, P97, R14, D43, H44
VANDERAARDE, Hiram B. - Orange City, P97, R15, D43, H44
VANDERAARDE, Dora - Orange City, P97, R16, D43, H44
VANDERAARDE, Cora - Orange City, P97, R17, D43, H44
VANDERAARDE, Bastian - Nassau, P158, R26, D254, H257
VANDERAARDE, Agaitia - Nassau, P158, R27, D254, H257
VANDERAARDE, Elizebeth - Nassau, P158, R28, D254, H257
VANDERAARDE, Gerrit - Nassau, P158, R29, D254, H257
VANDERAARDEN, Peter - Floyd, P55, R59, D81, H83
VANDERAARDEN, Geertje - Floyd, P55, R60, D81, H83
VANDERAARDEN, Sebastian - Floyd, P55, R61, D81, H83
VANDERAARDEN, Johnnie - Floyd, P55, R62, D81, H83
VANDERAARDEN, Dora - Floyd, P55, R63, D81, H83
VANDERAARDEN, Peter - Floyd, P55, R64, D81, H83
VANDERAARDEN, Dena - Floyd, P55, R65, D81, H83
VANDERAARDEN, Charlie - Floyd, P55, R66, D81, H83
VANDERAARDEN, George - Floyd, P55, R67, D81, H83
VANDERBECK, Gerrit - Floyd, P53, R81, D41, H42
VANDERBERG, Wallis - Capel, P17, R42, D79, H79
VANDERBERG, John G. - Orange City, P97, R54, D50, H51
VANDERBERG, Elizabeth C. - Orange City, P97, R55, D50, H51
VANDERBERG, Emma L. - Orange City, P97, R56, D50, H51
VANDERBERG, Ida L. - Orange City, P97, R57, D50, H51
VANDERBERG, Edward R. - Orange City, P97, R58, D50, H51
VANDERBERG, Legina - Orange City, P101, R66, D142, H145
VANDERBERG, Bert - Orange City, P106, R25, D240, H243
VANDERBERG, Geutje - Orange City, P106, R26, D240, H243
VANDERBERG, Benj - Lincoln, P118, R90, D190, H194
VANDERBERG, Alice - Lincoln, P118, R91, D190, H194
VANDERBERG, Peter - Sheridan, P210, R63, D155, H155
VANDERBERG, John - Welcome, P231, R43, D122, H122
VANDERBERG, willemina - Welcome, P231, R44, D122, H122
VANDERBERG, Triesie - Welcome, P231, R45, D122, H122
VANDERBERG, Lizzie - Welcome, P231, R46, D122, H122
VANDERBERG, John - Welcome, P231, R47, D122, H122
VANDERBERG, Garetjie - Welcome, P231, R48, D122, H122
VANDERBERG, Minnie - Welcome, P231, R49, D122, H122
VANDERBERG, Ralph - Welcome, P231, R51, D123, H123
VANDERBERG, Aaltjie - Welcome, P231, R52, D123, H123
VANDERBERG, Dick - West Branch, P237, R76, D120, H122
VANDERBERG, Ruth - West Branch, P237, R77, D120, H122
VANDERBERG, Unis - West Branch, P237, R78, D120, H122
VANDERBERG, Anna - West Branch, P237, R79, D120, H122
VANDERBERG, Garret - West Branch, P247, R62, D285, H288
VANDERBERG, Bernie - West Branch, P247, R63, D285, H288
VANDERBERG, William - West Branch, P247, R64, D285, H288
VANDERBERG, Johannes - West Branch, P247, R65, D285, H288
VANDERBERGE, Peter - Orange City, P109, R24, D306, H311
VANDERBERGE, Gysbertina - Orange City, P109, R25, D306, H311
VANDERBERGE, William - Orange City, P109, R26, D306, H311
VANDERBERGE, Jacob - Orange City, P109, R27, D306, H311
VANDERBERGE, Peter - Orange City, P109, R28, D306, H311
VANDERBOK, Adam - Rock, P183, R37, D157, H164
VANDERBOK, Dina - Rock, P183, R38, D157, H164
VANDERBOK, Henry - Rock, P183, R39, D157, H164
VANDERBOK, Aggie - Rock, P183, R40, D157, H164
VANDERBOK, Aaron - Rock, P183, R41, D157, H164
VANDERBOK, Katie - Rock, P183, R42, D157, H164
VANDERBOSCH, Leonard - Sioux, P198, R28, D88, H88
VANDERBOSCH, Henrietta - Sioux, P198, R29, D88, H88
VANDERBOSCH, Lydia - Sioux, P198, R30, D88, H88
VANDERBOSCH, Cinard - Sioux, P198, R31, D88, H88
VANDERBOSCH, Johannah - Sioux, P198, R32, D88, H88
VANDERBOSCH, Alice - Sioux, P198, R33, D88, H88
VANDERBRENT, Gerrit - Capel, P20, R20, D122, H122
VANDERBRENT, Dora - Capel, P20, R21, D122, H122
VANDERBRENT, Dora - Capel, P20, R22, D122, H122
VANDERBRENT, Gerrit - Capel, P20, R23, D122, H122
VANDERBRENT, Gertie - Capel, P20, R24, D122, H122
VANDERBRINK, John - Orange City, P107, R77, D272, H277
VANDERBRINK, Tryn - Orange City, P107, R78, D272, H277
VANDERBRINK, Evert - Lincoln, P110, R83, D17, H18
VANDERBRINK, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P110, R84, D17, H18
VANDERBRINK, Dena - Lincoln, P110, R85, D17, H18
VANDERBRINK, Gerrit - Lincoln, P110, R86, D17, H18
VANDERBURG, Cornelius - Grant, P80, R57, D64, H65
VANDERBURG, Telje - Grant, P80, R58, D64, H65
VANDERBURG, Hattie - Grant, P80, R59, D64, H65
VANDERBURG, Christian - Grant, P80, R60, D64, H65
VANDERBURG, William - Orange City, P100, R40, D116, H118
VANDERBURG, Dena - Orange City, P100, R41, D116, H118
VANDERBURG, Maria A. - Orange City, P100, R42, D116, H118
VANDERBURG, Dena - Orange City, P100, R43, D116, H118
VANDERBURG, Gertie - Orange City, P100, R44, D116, H118
VANDERBURG, Jan William - Reading, P167, R85, D94, H95
VANDERDAY, Cor - Holland, P89, R9, D73, H73
VANDERGOODE, W. - Sheridan, P209, R49, D136, H136
VANDERGOODE, Cornelia - Sheridan, P209, R50, D136, H136
VANDERGOODE, John - Sheridan, P209, R51, D136, H136
VANDERGOODE, George - Sheridan, P209, R52, D136, H136
VANDERGOODE, Wm. - Sheridan, P209, R53, D136, H136
VANDERGOODE, Simon - Sheridan, P209, R54, D136, H136
VANDERGOODE, Eazeve?ta - Sheridan, P209, R55, D136, H136
VANDERGOOT, G. - Welcome, P225, R22, D22, H22
VANDERGRIEND, Jacob - Holland, P90, R74, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Neltje - Holland, P90, R75, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Herbert - Holland, P90, R76, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Henry - Holland, P90, R77, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Andrien - Holland, P90, R78, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Boyen - Holland, P90, R79, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Marinus - Holland, P90, R80, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Jacob - Holland, P90, R81, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Mary - Holland, P90, R82, D109, H109
VANDERGRIEND, Elizabeth - Holland, P90, R83, D109, H109
VANDERGSIE, George - Rock, P192, R48, D310, H317
VANDERGYP, Jacoba M. - Orange City, P107, R79, D273, H278
VANDERGYP, Jacoba - Orange City, P107, R80, D273, H278
VANDERHAAK, Johanus - Holland, P87, R26, D41, H41
VANDERHAAK, Aaltje - Holland, P87, R27, D41, H41
VANDERHAAK, Johannah - Holland, P87, R28, D41, H41
VANDERHAAK, Richard - Holland, P87, R29, D41, H41
VANDERHAAK, Lily - Holland, P87, R30, D41, H41
VANDERHAAK, John - Holland, P87, R31, D41, H41
VANDERHAAK, Elizabeth - Holland, P87, R32, D41, H41
VANDERHAAR, William - Nassau, P158, R79, D265, H268
VANDERHAAR, Jan - Welcome, P228, R19, D73, H73
VANDERHAM, August - Reading, P171, R45, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Mary - Reading, P171, R46, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Adaline - Reading, P171, R47, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Henry A. - Reading, P171, R48, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Elizabeth M. - Reading, P171, R49, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Amelia Matilda - Reading, P171, R50, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Carl Louis - Reading, P171, R51, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Martha Augusta - Reading, P171, R52, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Robert William - Reading, P171, R53, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Herbert Frederick - Reading, P171, R54, D171, H173
VANDERHAM, Herman L. - Reading, P171, R57, D172, H174
VANDERHAM, Elsie M. - Reading, P171, R58, D172, H174
VANDERHAM, Otto H. - Reading, P171, R59, D172, H174
VANDERHAM, Emil L. - Reading, P171, R60, D172, H174
VANDERHAM, Frederick J. - Reading, P171, R61, D172, H174
VANDERHAM, Louis - Reading, P171, R97, D179, H181
VANDERHAM, Helena Marie - Reading, P171, R98, D179, H181
VANDERHAM, Oscar Henry John - Reading, P171, R99, D179, H181
VANDERHAM, Matilda C. - Reading, P171, R100, D179, H181
VANDERHAM, Lawrence H. - Reading, P172, R1, D179, H181
VANDERHAM, Henry - Reading, P172, R2, D180, H182
VANDERHAM, Christina - Reading, P172, R3, D180, H182
VANDERHAM, William - Reading, P172, R57, D190, H192
VANDERHAM, Adaline - Reading, P172, R58, D190, H192
VANDERHAM, Bertha Jane - Reading, P172, R59, D190, H192
VANDERHAM, Fern Esther - Reading, P172, R60, D190, H192
VANDERHAM, Arthur Turan - Reading, P172, R61, D190, H192
VANDERHAM, John H. - Reading, P173, R28, D201, H203
VANDERHAM, Mary - Reading, P173, R29, D201, H203
VANDERHAM, Christina - Reading, P173, R30, D201, H203
VANDERHAM, Ernest - Reading, P173, R31, D201, H203
VANDERHEIDEN, Albert - West Branch, P245, R52, D252, H254
VANDERHEIDEN, Sarah - West Branch, P245, R53, D252, H254
VANDERHEIDEN, Ella - West Branch, P245, R54, D252, H254
VANDERHOOP, Egbert - West Branch, P235, R73, D76, H78
VANDERHOOP, Minnie - West Branch, P235, R74, D76, H78
VANDERHOOP, Bennie - West Branch, P235, R75, D76, H78
VANDERHOOP, John - West Branch, P235, R76, D76, H78
VANDERKAMP, John - Orange City, P106, R14, D238, H241
VANDERKAMP, Tryntje - Orange City, P106, R15, D238, H241
VANDERKAMP, W??? - Orange City, P106, R16, D238, H241
VANDERKAMP, Stimtje - Orange City, P106, R17, D238, H241
VANDERKAMP, W. - Welcome, P228, R62, D81, H81
VANDERKOOI, Dick - Capel, P13, R75, D16, H16
VANDERKOOI, Gertie - Capel, P13, R76, D16, H16
VANDERKOOI, Annie - Capel, P13, R77, D16, H16
VANDERKOOI, Gertie - Capel, P13, R78, D16, H16
VANDERKOOI, Nick - Capel, P13, R79, D16, H16
VANDERKOOI, F. - Center, P37, R41, D150, H150
VANDERKOOI, Alice - Center, P37, R42, D150, H150
VANDERKOOI, Hattie - Center, P37, R43, D150, H150
VANDERKOOI, Susan - Center, P37, R44, D150, H150
VANDERKOOI, Jetse - Center, P39, R32, D180, H180
VANDERKOOI, Wm. - Welcome, P225, R23, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Diloke - Welcome, P225, R24, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Girtie - Welcome, P225, R25, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, John - Welcome, P225, R26, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Agnes - Welcome, P225, R27, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Nicolas - Welcome, P225, R28, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Winnie - Welcome, P225, R29, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Johanna - Welcome, P225, R30, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Willie - Welcome, P225, R31, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Bennie - Welcome, P225, R32, D23, H23
VANDERKOOI, Susie - West Branch, P241, R33, D188, H190
VANDERKOP, Cornelius - Rock, P184, R68, D183, H190
VANDERLAAN, Maggie - Orange City, P103, R79, D186, H189
VANDERLAAN, Sarah - Orange City, P103, R80, D186, H189
VANDERLAAN, Lou - Orange City, P103, R81, D186, H189
VANDERLAAN, Jan - Orange City, P103, R82, D186, H189
VANDERLAAN, Cora - Nassau, P151, R96, D153, H154
VANDERLAAN, Ben - Rock, P184, R57, D181, H188
VANDERLEJ, Jan - Orange City, P104, R41, D200, H203
VANDERLEJ, Jetske - Orange City, P104, R42, D200, H203
VANDERLEJ, Katie - Orange City, P104, R43, D200, H203
VANDERLEJ, Bertha - Orange City, P104, R44, D200, H203
VANDERLEJ, Reka - Orange City, P104, R45, D200, H203
VANDERLEJ, Renzie - Orange City, P104, R46, D200, H203
VANDERLINDEN, Nick - Nassau, P145, R63, D28, H28
VANDERLINDEN, Minnie - Nassau, P145, R64, D28, H28
VANDERLINDEN, Harry - Nassau, P145, R65, D28, H28
VANDERLINDEN, Guys - Nassau, P146, R46, D46, H46
VANDERLINDEN, H. - Sheridan, P206, R32, D76, H76
VANDERMAATEN, Frank - Holland, P85, R66, D12, H12
VANDERMAATEN, Henrietta - Holland, P85, R67, D12, H12
VANDERMAATEN, Gertie - Holland, P85, R68, D12, H12
VANDERMAATEN, Jacob - Holland, P85, R69, D12, H12
VANDERMAATEN, James E. - Holland, P85, R70, D12, H12
VANDERMAATEN, Andrew - Holland, P85, R71, D12, H12
VANDERMAATEN, Allie - Holland, P85, R72, D12, H12
VANDERMAATEN, Dries - Holland, P85, R90, D16, H16
VANDERMAATEN, Grietje - Holland, P85, R91, D16, H16
VANDERMATEN, J. - Capel, P18, R52, D96, H96
VANDERMATEN, Ella H. - Capel, P18, R53, D96, H96
VANDERMATEN, Henry - Capel, P18, R54, D96, H96
VANDERMATEN, Andrew - Capel, P18, R55, D96, H96
VANDERMATEN, F??y - Capel, P18, R56, D96, H96
VANDERMATEN, Herman - Capel, P18, R58, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Alfred - Capel, P18, R59, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Bert - Capel, P18, R60, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Gerrit - Capel, P18, R61, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Jacob - Capel, P18, R62, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Frank - Capel, P18, R63, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Mary - Capel, P18, R64, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Jennie - Capel, P18, R65, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Stella - Capel, P18, R66, D97, H97
VANDERMATEN, Martinas - Orange City, P98, R71, D75, H76
VANDERMEER, Samuel - Garfield, P67, R1, D37, H37
VANDERMEER, Lone - Garfield, P67, R2, D38, H38
VANDERMEER, Gerben - Holland, P86, R38, D25, H25
VANDERMEER, Arida - Holland, P86, R39, D25, H25
VANDERMEER, Dirk - Holland, P92, R42, D135, H135
VANDERMEER, Jannetje - Holland, P92, R43, D135, H135
VANDERMEER, Mary - Holland, P92, R44, D135, H135
VANDERMEER, Annie - Holland, P92, R45, D135, H135
VANDERMEER, Sara - Holland, P92, R46, D135, H135
VANDERMEER, John - Nassau, P150, R59, D126, H127
VANDERMEER, Allie - Nassau, P150, R60, D126, H127
VANDERMEER, Cornelis - Nassau, P152, R37, D162, H163
VANDERMEER, Anna - Nassau, P152, R38, D162, H163
VANDERMEER, Cornelia C. - Nassau, P152, R39, D162, H163
VANDERMEER, William - Nassau, P152, R40, D162, H163
VANDERMEER, Jacob - Nassau, P152, R48, D164, H165
VANDERMEER, Jennie - Nassau, P152, R49, D164, H165
VANDERMEER, Dick - Nassau, P152, R50, D164, H165
VANDERMEER, Anton - Nassau, P158, R65, D263, H266
VANDERMEER, John - Nassau, P162, R62, D329, H332
VANDERMEER, Dora - Nassau, P162, R63, D329, H332
VANDERMEI, William - Orange City, P109, R8, D301, H306
VANDERMEI, Mary - Orange City, P109, R9, D301, H306
VANDERMEIDE, Arie - Orange City, P104, R75, D207, H210
VANDERMEIDE, Gysbertje - Orange City, P104, R76, D207, H210
VANDERMEIDE, Jacob - Orange City, P104, R77, D207, H210
VANDERMEIDE, Minnie - Orange City, P104, R78, D207, H210
VANDERMEIDE, Hubert J. - Orange City, P104, R79, D207, H210
VANDERMEIDE, Jennie F. - Orange City, P104, R80, D207, H210
VANDERMEULEN, Gerrit - Holland, P93, R11, D147, H147
VANDERMEULEN, Bertha - Holland, P93, R12, D147, H147
VANDERMEULEN, Fred - Holland, P93, R94, D167, H167
VANDERMEULLEN, Charles - West Branch, P232, R41, D8, H8
VANDERMEULLEN, Merilla - West Branch, P232, R42, D8, H8
VANDERMEULLEN, Herman C. - West Branch, P232, R43, D8, H8
VANDERMEULLEN, Reamer - West Branch, P243, R30, D220, H222
VANDERMEULLEN, Berbia - West Branch, P243, R31, D220, H222
VANDERMEULLEN, John - West Branch, P243, R32, D220, H222
VANDERMEULLEN, Edward - West Branch, P243, R33, D220, H222
VANDERMEULLEN, Clara - West Branch, P243, R34, D220, H222
VANDERMEULLEN, Katie - West Branch, P243, R35, D220, H222
VANDERMEULLEN, Claus - West Branch, P243, R81, D227, H229
VANDERMOE, John - Rock, P189, R74, D267, H274
VANDERMOE, N???y - Rock, P189, R75, D267, H274
VANDERMOE, Henry - Rock, P189, R76, D267, H274
VANDERMOE, Eddie - Rock, P189, R77, D267, H274
VANDERMOE, Minnie - Rock, P189, R78, D267, H274
VANDERMOE, Bernice - Rock, P189, R79, D267, H274
VANDERMOE, John - Rock, P189, R80, D267, H274
VANDERMOE, Emma - Rock, P189, R81, D267, H274
VANDERMOE, Maray - Rock, P189, R82, D267, H274
VANDERMOLEN, Antje J. - Orange City, P109, R57, D313, H319
VANDERMULEN, S. - Capel, P16, R94, D70, H70
VANDERNAALD, Bertus - Floyd, P57, R69, D105, H107
VANDERNAALD, Janike - Floyd, P57, R70, D105, H107
VANDERNAALD, Herman - Floyd, P57, R71, D105, H107
VANDERPEN, Jake - Capel, P20, R26, D123, H123
VANDERPEN, Th??? - Capel, P20, R27, D123, H123
VANDERPEN, Seba - Capel, P20, R28, D123, H123
VANDERPEN, Sena - Capel, P20, R29, D123, H123
VANDERPEN, Sep?? - Capel, P20, R30, D123, H123
VANDERPLAAT, Gerrit - Lincoln, P119, R5, D193, H197
VANDERPLAAT, Agnes - Lincoln, P119, R6, D193, H197
VANDERPLAAT, Louis - Lincoln, P119, R7, D193, H197
VANDERPLAAT, Maggie - Lincoln, P119, R8, D193, H197
VANDERPLAAT, Martin - Lincoln, P119, R9, D193, H197
VANDERPLAAT, Peter - Nassau, P160, R77, D300, H303
VANDERPLAAT, Katie - Nassau, P160, R78, D300, H303
VANDERPLAAT, Schord - Nassau, P160, R79, D300, H303
VANDERPLAAT, Johannes - Nassau, P160, R80, D300, H303
VANDERPLAAT, Gerrit - Nassau, P160, R81, D300, H303
VANDERPLAATS, Volkert - Orange City, P107, R33, D264, H268
VANDERPLAATS, Sarah - Orange City, P107, R34, D264, H268
VANDERPLAATS, Folkert - Orange City, P107, R35, D264, H268
VANDERPLAATS, Gertie - Orange City, P107, R36, D264, H268
VANDERPLAATS, Donald - Orange City, P107, R37, D264, H268
VANDERPLAATS, Bertha E. - West Branch, P235, R83, D78, H80
VANDERPLATZ, Levi - Garfield, P65, R41, D9, H9
VANDERPLATZ, Roelvin L. - Garfield, P65, R42, D9, H9
VANDERPLATZ, Charley - Garfield, P65, R49, D10, H10
VANDERPLATZ, Anna K. - Garfield, P65, R50, D10, H10
VANDERPLATZ, Levi - Garfield, P65, R51, D10, H10
VANDERPLATZ, Peter - Plato, P74, R72, D151, H152
VANDERPLOEG, Dick - Lincoln, P113, R93, D89, H92
VANDERPLOEG, Jacob - West Branch, P235, R95, D82, H84
VANDERPLOEG, Gertie - West Branch, P235, R96, D82, H84
VANDERPLOEG, Hattie - West Branch, P235, R97, D82, H84
VANDERPLOEG, Maggie - West Branch, P235, R98, D82, H84
VANDERPLOEG, Teunis - West Branch, P239, R37, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Valk - West Branch, P239, R38, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Cyntha - West Branch, P239, R39, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Allie - West Branch, P239, R40, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Charles - West Branch, P239, R41, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Winnie - West Branch, P239, R42, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Fannie - West Branch, P239, R43, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, John - West Branch, P239, R44, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Lucy - West Branch, P239, R45, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, William - West Branch, P239, R46, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Johanna - West Branch, P239, R47, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Minnie - West Branch, P239, R48, D155, H159
VANDERPLOEG, Nicholas - West Branch, P240, R38, D172, H174
VANDERPOEL, Marinus - Orange City, P97, R3, D41, H42
VANDERPOEL, Hattie D. - Orange City, P97, R4, D41, H42
VANDERPOEL, Annie - Orange City, P97, R5, D41, H42
VANDERPOL, Douwe - Lincoln, P117, R2, D154, H158
VANDERPOL, Owke - Nassau, P145, R91, D36, H36
VANDERPOL, Anna - Nassau, P145, R92, D36, H36
VANDERPOL, Otto - Nassau, P145, R93, D36, H36
VANDERPOL, Harry - Nassau, P145, R94, D36, H36
VANDERPOL, Klaas - Nassau, P145, R95, D36, H36
VANDERPOL, Freddie - Nassau, P145, R96, D36, H36
VANDERPOL, Grace - Nassau, P145, R97, D36, H36
VANDERPOL, Meindert - Nassau, P156, R92, D234, H236
VANDERPOOL, Cornelius - Rock, P188, R17, D242, H249
VANDERPOOL, Jennie - Rock, P188, R18, D242, H249
VANDERPOOL, James - Rock, P188, R19, D242, H249
VANDERPOOL, John - Rock, P188, R20, D242, H249
VANDERPOOL, anne - Rock, P188, R21, D242, H249



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