1900 Iowa Census Index

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P?? to PIU - PLA to PUT


Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

PLAGGE, Barney - Nassau, P155, R18, D205, H207
PLAGGE, Mary - Nassau, P155, R19, D205, H207
PLAGGE, Lizzie - Nassau, P155, R20, D205, H207
PLAGGE, John - Nassau, P155, R21, D205, H207
PLAGGE, Joseph - Nassau, P155, R22, D205, H207
PLAGGE, Annie - Nassau, P155, R23, D205, H207
PLAGGE, Francis - Nassau, P155, R24, D205, H207
PLANK, Clarence A. - Buncombe, P3, R86, D75, H75
PLANK, Minnie I. - Buncombe, P3, R87, D75, H75
PLANK, William - Grant, P78, R94, D40, H41
PLATHE, Bernard - East Orange, P45, R16, D70, H72
PLATHE, Josephine - East Orange, P45, R17, D70, H72
PLATHE, Catherine S. - East Orange, P45, R18, D70, H72
PLATHE, Henry J. - East Orange, P45, R19, D70, H72
PLATHE, John R. - East Orange, P45, R20, D70, H72
PLATHE, Anna M. J. - East Orange, P45, R21, D70, H72
PLATHE, Herman E. - East Orange, P49, R24, D126, H128
PLATHE, anna - East Orange, P49, R25, D126, H128
PLATHE, Lily - East Orange, P49, R26, D126, H128
PLATHE, Elizabeth - East Orange, P49, R27, D126, H128
PLATHE, Bernard - East Orange, P49, R28, D126, H128
PLATHE, Catherine - East Orange, P49, R29, D126, H128
PLATHE, Anton J. - East Orange, P49, R30, D126, H128
PLATHE, Lizzie - Nassau, P155, R45, D208, H210
PLATT, Thomas B. - Logan, P126, R63, D35, H39
PLATT, Lillis M. - Logan, P126, R64, D35, H39
PLATT, Louis - Rock, P182, R60, D139, H146
PLATT, Freda - Rock, P182, R61, D139, H146
PLATT, Mamie - Rock, P182, R62, D139, H146
PLATT, Lawrence - Rock, P182, R63, D139, H146
PLATT, Louis - Rock, P182, R64, D139, H146
PLATT, Harry B. - Rock, P182, R65, D139, H146
PLATT, Runetta - Rock, P182, R66, D139, H146
PLATT, Florence - Rock, P182, R67, D139, H146
PLENDER, Lammert - Orange City, P100, R22, D113, H115
PLENDER, Grietje - Orange City, P100, R23, D113, H115
PLENDER, Andrew - Orange City, P100, R24, D113, H115
PLENDER, Maggie - Orange City, P100, R25, D113, H115
PLENDER, Hattie - Orange City, P100, R26, D113, H115
PLETTE, Teunis - Lincoln, P116, R15, D139, H143
PLOOSTER, Leonard - Sheridan, P208, R75, D120, H120
PLOTE, Henry - Rock, P180, R37, D88, H92
PLOTE, Elenore - Rock, P180, R38, D88, H92
PLOTE, Josie - Rock, P180, R39, D88, H92
PLUGMER, John - Welcome, P227, R5, D53, H53
PLUIM, Aart - Nassau, P147, R90, D74, H74
PLUIM, Hendrina - Nassau, P147, R91, D74, H74
PLUIM, Gerrit - Nassau, P147, R92, D74, H74
PLUIM, Maggie - Nassau, P147, R93, D74, H74
PLUIM, Peter - Nassau, P147, R94, D74, H74
PLUIM, Guysbertha - Nassau, P147, R95, D74, H74
PLUIM, Johannes M. - Nassau, P147, R96, D74, H74
PLUIM, Evertje - Nassau, P147, R97, D74, H74
PLUIM, Gertie C. - Nassau, P147, R98, D74, H74
PLUIM, Jan W. - Nassau, P147, R99, D74, H74
PLUMB, Roy B. - Grant, P82, R63, D100, H101
PLUMB, Frstus A. - Grant, P82, R64, D100, H101
PLUMB, Alma L. - Grant, P82, R65, D100, H101
PLUMB, Ed O. - Rock, P178, R51, D53, H56
PLUMB, Martha - Rock, P178, R52, D53, H56
PLUMB, Ed - Rock, P178, R53, D53, H56
PLUMMER, Wan A. - Buncombe, P3, R28, D62, H62
PLUMMER, Lenora V. - Buncombe, P3, R29, D62, H62
PLUMMER, Anna L. - Buncombe, P3, R30, D62, H62
PLUMMER, Ida V. - Buncombe, P3, R31, D62, H62
PLUMMER, John W. - Buncombe, P3, R32, D62, H62
PLUNNIEN, Chas E. - Rock, P180, R5, D83, H86
PLUNNIEN, Grace - Rock, P180, R6, D83, H86
PLUNNIEN, Gladys - Rock, P180, R7, D83, H86
PLUNNIEN, Clarence - Rock, P180, R8, D83, H86
PLYM, Guise - West Branch, P244, R52, D237, H239
PLYMER, Claus - West Branch, P232, R64, D14, H15
PLYMER, Katie - West Branch, P232, R65, D14, H15
POCKLINGTON, Allen - Buncombe, P2, R77, D48, H48
POEL, Jan - Orange City, P104, R4, D190, H193
POEL, Jacoba - Orange City, P104, R5, D190, H193
POEL, Florence - Orange City, P104, R6, D190, H193
POELAKKER, Gerrit J. - Lincoln, P110, R31, D7, H8
POELAKKER, Winnie - Lincoln, P110, R32, D, H
POELAKKER, Gilbert J. - Lincoln, P110, R33, D, H
POELAKKER, Jennete G. - Lincoln, P110, R34, D, H
POHLEN, Wm. - Lynn, P22, R64, D166, H166
POHLEN, ??? - Lynn, P22, R65, D166, H166
POHLEN, ??? - Lynn, P22, R66, D166, H166
POHLEN, William - Lynn, P22, R67, D166, H166
POHLEN, Joseph - Floyd, P59, R4, D133, H135
POHLEN, Margene - Floyd, P59, R5, D133, H135
POHLEN, Joseph - Floyd, P59, R6, D133, H135
POHLEN, Johan - Floyd, P59, R7, D133, H135
POHLEN, Henry - Floyd, P59, R8, D133, H135
POLLEMA, Feite - Plato, P71, R36, D99, H100
POOL, Okke - Nassau, P160, R47, D295, H298
POOL, Tryntje - Nassau, P160, R48, D295, H298
POOL, Annie H. - Nassau, P160, R49, D295, H298
POOL, Hattie - Nassau, P160, R50, D295, H298
POOL, Simon - Nassau, P160, R51, D295, H298
POOL, Mary E. - Nassau, P160, R52, D295, H298
POOL, He?lkje - Nassau, P160, R53, D295, H298
POOL, Wiebe? - Sherman, P217, R1, D71, H71
POOL, Henryetta - Sherman, P217, R2, D71, H71
POOL, Lena - Sherman, P217, R3, D71, H71
POOL, Sephen - Sherman, P217, R4, D71, H71
POOL, Hattije
e - Sherman, P217, R5, D71, H71
POOL, Johanna - Sherman, P217, R6, D71, H71
POOL, Tunis - Sherman, P217, R7, D71, H71
POOL, Anna M.E. - Sherman, P217, R8, D71, H71
POORT, Herman - Grant, P79, R49, D48, H49
POPANAR, Frank - Center, P35, R8, D107, H107
POPANAR, May - Center, P35, R9, D107, H107
POPANAR, Nellie - Center, P35, R10, D107, H107
POPANAR, Albert - Center, P35, R11, D107, H107
POPANAR, Landert - Center, P35, R12, D107, H107
POPANAR, Abel - Center, P35, R13, D107, H107
POPANAR, Dena - Center, P35, R14, D107, H107
POPANAR, Kate - Center, P35, R15, D107, H107
POPANAR, Cornie - Center, P35, R16, D107, H107
POPANAR, Florence - Center, P35, R17, D107, H107
POPANAR, Frances - Center, P35, R18, D107, H107
POPMA, Jan - Floyd, P60, R2, D157, H159
POPMA, Maggie - Floyd, P60, R3, D157, H159
POPMA, Hann - Floyd, P60, R4, D157, H159
POPMA, Johnnie - Floyd, P60, R5, D157, H159
POPMA, Hattie - Floyd, P60, R6, D157, H159
POPMA, Freddie - Floyd, P60, R7, D157, H159
POPMA, Albert - Orange City, P108, R23, D284, H289
POPMA, Henrietta - Orange City, P108, R24, D284, H289
POPMA, Bessie - Orange City, P108, R25, D284, H289
POPMA, John - Orange City, P108, R26, D284, H289
POPMA, Walter - Orange City, P108, R27, D284, H289
POPMA, Frank - Orange City, P108, R28, D284, H289
POPMA, Willie - Orange City, P108, R29, D284, H289
POPMA, Flora - Orange City, P108, R30, D284, H289
POPMA, Gerrit - Orange City, P108, R31, D285, H290
POPMA, Jennie - Orange City, P108, R32, D285, H290
POPMA, Albert - Orange City, P108, R33, D285, H290
POPMA, Nellie - Orange City, P108, R34, D285, H290
POPMA, Kate - Orange City, P108, R35, D285, H290
POPMA, Chris - Orange City, P108, R36, D285, H290
POPMA, Florense - Orange City, P108, R37, D285, H290
POPPE, Anna - Reading, P171, R62, D172, H174
POPPEN, Albert - Center, P37, R8, D145, H145
POPPEN, Katie - Center, P37, R9, D145, H145
POPPEN, Albert - Center, P37, R10, D145, H145
POPPEN, Jane - Center, P37, R11, D145, H145
POPPEN, Annie - Center, P37, R12, D145, H145
POPPEN, John - Center, P37, R13, D145, H145
POPPEN, Henry - Center, P37, R14, D145, H145
POPPEN, Clara - Center, P37, R15, D145, H145
POPPEN, Jacob - Center, P37, R16, D145, H145
POPPEN, Margaret - Center, P37, R17, D145, H145
PORTE, A???? - West Branch, P243, R82, D228, H229
PORTE, Jennie - West Branch, P243, R83, D228, H229
PORTE, Jacob - West Branch, P243, R84, D228, H229
PORTMAN, Wieber - Lynn, P22, R44, D162, H162
PORTMAN, Jennie - Lynn, P22, R45, D162, H162
POST, Watsche - Orange City, P102, R94, D169, H172
POST, Eka - Orange City, P102, R95, D169, H172
POST, Susie - Orange City, P102, R96, D169, H172
POST, Jennie - Orange City, P102, R97, D169, H172
POST, Peter - Orange City, P102, R98, D169, H172
POST, Sarah - Orange City, P102, R99, D169, H172
POST, Sadie - Orange City, P102, R100, D169, H172
POST, Nellie - Orange City, P103, R1, D169, H172
POST, Jamie - Orange City, P103, R2, D169, H172
POST, Jennie - Lincoln, P111, R18, D23, H24
POST, Sadie - Lincoln, P116, R92, D152, H156
POST, T??t - Lincoln, P116, R93, D152, H156
POST, John - Sheridan, P208, R26, D110, H110
POST, Jane - Sheridan, P208, R27, D110, H110
POST, Sadie - Sheridan, P208, R28, D110, H110
POST, Hattie - Sheridan, P208, R29, D110, H110
POST, Oscar - Sheridan, P208, R30, D110, H110
POST, Albert - Sheridan, P208, R31, D110, H110
POST, Oscar - Sheridan, P208, R32, D110, H110
POST, Simon - Sheridan, P209, R26, D131, H131
POST, Nellie - Sheridan, P209, R27, D131, H131
POST, Nevie - Sheridan, P209, R28, D131, H131
POST, Clara - Sheridan, P209, R29, D131, H131
POST, John - Sheridan, P209, R30, D131, H131
POST, Sika - Sheridan, P209, R31, D131, H131
POST, Dick - West Branch, P241, R68, D193, H195
POSTIMINN, Minus - West Branch, P241, R14, D184, H183
POSTMA, Otto - Capel, P13, R74, D15, H15
POSTMA, Charles - Plato, P72, R82, D122, H123
POSTMA, Chas - Rock, P183, R4, D150, H157
POSTMA, George - Rock, P185, R83, D206, H213
POSTMA, Becka - Rock, P185, R84, D206, H213
POSTMA, John - Rock, P185, R85, D206, H213
POSTMA, Harry A. - Sioux, P199, R16, D102, H102
POSTMA, M?? - Sioux, P199, R17, D102, H102
POSTMA, Elva N. - Sioux, P199, R18, D102, H102
POSTMA, Sarah Ettie - Sioux, P199, R19, D102, H102
POSTMA, Richard - Sioux, P199, R21, D102, H102
POSTMA, Garret - Welcome, P231, R26, D119, H119
POSTMA, Martina - Welcome, P231, R27, D119, H119
POSTMA, Girtie - Welcome, P231, R28, D119, H119
POSTMA, Pieter - Welcome, P231, R29, D119, H119
POSTMA, Tittie - Welcome, P231, R30, D119, H119
POSTMA, Richard - Welcome, P231, R31, D119, H119
POSTMA, Marcus - Welcome, P231, R32, D119, H119
POSTMA, Susan - West Branch, P232, R18, D3, H3
POSTMA, Alla - West Branch, P236, R13, D86, H88
POSTMA, Johanna - West Branch, P236, R71, D98, H100
POSTMA, John - West Branch, P236, R72, D98, H100
POSTMA, Reynold - West Branch, P236, R73, D98, H100
POT, G. - Lynn, P22, R36, D159, H159
POT, Mattie - Lynn, P22, R37, D159, H159
POTHAST, Frank - Grant, P78, R29, D25, H25
POTHAST, Augusta - Grant, P78, R30, D25, H25
POTHAST, Dena - Grant, P78, R31, D25, H25
POTHOFF, Barney - Logan, P134, R84, D198, H211
POTHOFF, Elizabeth - Logan, P134, R85, D198, H211
POTHOFF, Tracy K. - Logan, P134, R86, D198, H211
POTHOFF, Kate T. - Logan, P134, R87, D198, H211
POTHOFF, John H. - Logan, P134, R88, D198, H211
POTHOFF, George H. - Logan, P134, R89, D198, H211
POTHOFF, Anson - Logan, P134, R91, D198, H211
POTT, Wilhimena - Lynn, P27, R46, D236, H236
POTTEBAUM, Bernard A. - Nassau, P159, R29, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, Cathrine - Nassau, P159, R30, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, Annie M. - Nassau, P159, R31, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, Frank J. - Nassau, P159, R32, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, John M. - Nassau, P159, R33, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, Tracy C. - Nassau, P159, R34, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, William B. - Nassau, P159, R35, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, Marion J. - Nassau, P159, R36, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, Anthony G. - Nassau, P159, R37, D276, H279
POTTEBAUM, William - Nassau, P161, R27, D308, H311
POTTEBAUM, Lena - Nassau, P161, R28, D308, H311
POTTER, Lewis L. - Sherman, P218, R36, D92, H92
POTTER, Idella J. - Sherman, P218, R37, D92, H92
POVERSTEIN, Peter, Sr. - Holland, P88, R43, D62, H62
POVERSTEIN, Evertje - Holland, P88, R44, D62, H62
POVERSTEIN, Peter, Jr. - Holland, P88, R45, D63, H63
POVERSTEIN, Elizabeth - Holland, P88, R46, D63, H63
POWELL, Louisa P. - Logan, P128, R53, D77, H87
PRATT, Charles - Grant, P82, R23, D92, H93
PRATT, Millie - Grant, P82, R24, D92, H93
PRATT, Willie - Grant, P82, R25, D92, H93
PREBLE, Sarah - Logan, P130, R35, D115, H128
PREBLE, Burr C. - Logan, P130, R36, D115, H128
PREESMAN, Peter - Orange City, P102, R76, D166, H169
PREESMAN, Hanna - Orange City, P102, R77, D166, H169
PREESMAN, Peter - Orange City, P102, R78, D166, H169
PREESMAN, Anna - Orange City, P102, R79, D166, H169
PREESMAN, Jan C. - Orange City, P102, R80, D166, H169
PREESMAN, Herman - Orange City, P102, R81, D166, H169
PREINE, Bouka - West Branch, P245, R55, D252, H254
PRENTICE, Marion - Floyd, P54, R32, D51, H53
PRENTICE, Hosea - Reading, P168, R9, D102, H103
PRESCOTT, Percey E. - Washington, P139, R8, D283, H296
PRESCOTT, Harriet L. - Washington, P139, R9, D283, H296
PRESCOTT, Edward C. - Washington, P139, R10, D283, H296
PRESCOTT, Kathleen R. - Washington, P139, R11, D283, H296
PRESCOTT, Elizabeth H. - Washington, P139, R12, D283, H296
PRESCOTT, Dorothy H. - Washington, P139, R13, D283, H296
PRESTAGE, Thomas - Logan, P136, R28, D224, H237
PRESTON, Mabel R. - Sherman, P216, R9, D55, H55
PRETZEL, Charles - Logan, P135, R71, D213, H226
PRICE, Amos - Logan, P135, R27, D205, H218
PRICE, Minnie B. - Logan, P135, R28, D205, H218
PRICE, Lulu B. - Logan, P135, R29, D205, H218
PRINS, Simon - Holland, P91, R93, D127, H127
PRINS, Antje - Holland, P91, R94, D127, H127
PRINS, Gerrit - Holland, P91, R95, D127, H127
PRINS, Peter - Holland, P91, R96, D127, H127
PRINS, Mary - Holland, P91, R97, D127, H127
PRINS, John - Welcome, P227, R31, D59, H59
PRINS, Grace - Welcome, P227, R32, D59, H59
PRINS, Marenus - Welcome, P227, R33, D59, H59
PRINS, Annie - Welcome, P227, R34, D59, H59
PRINS, Gienie - Welcome, P227, R35, D59, H59
PRINS, John - Welcome, P227, R36, D59, H59
PRINS, Jessie - Welcome, P227, R37, D59, H59
PRINS, Henry - Welcome, P227, R38, D60, H60
PRINS, Annie - Welcome, P227, R39, D60, H60
PRINS, John - Welcome, P227, R40, D60, H60
PRINS, Martin - Welcome, P227, R41, D60, H60
PRINS, Henry - Welcome, P229, R68, D95, H95
PRINS, Annie - Welcome, P229, R69, D95, H95 (married before to Mr. JANSEN)
PRINS, Barta - Welcome, P229, R72, D95, H95
PRINS, Teunis - West Branch, P236, R83, D102, H104
PRINS, Minnie - West Branch, P236, R84, D102, H104
PRINS, Harman - West Branch, P236, R85, D102, H104
PRINS, Grace - West Branch, P236, R86, D102, H104
PRINS, Jennie - West Branch, P236, R87, D102, H104
PRINS, Teunis W. - West Branch, P236, R88, D102, H104
PRINS, Peter N. - West Branch, P236, R89, D102, H104
PRINS, Alida - West Branch, P236, R90, D102, H104
PRINT, John - West Branch, P233, R31, D28, H29
PRINT, Annie - West Branch, P233, R32, D28, H29
PRINT, Peter - West Branch, P233, R33, D28, H29
PRINT, Cornelius - West Branch, P233, R34, D28, H29
PRINT, Cornelius - West Branch, P233, R37, D30, H31
PRINT, Maria A. - West Branch, P233, R38, D30, H31
PRINT, Mary A. - West Branch, P233, R39, D30, H31
PRINT, Martin - West Branch, P244, R78, D241, H243
PRINT, Katahrine - West Branch, P244, R79, D241, H243
PRINT, Mary - West Branch, P244, R80, D241, H243
PRINT, Jennie - West Branch, P244, R81, D241, H243
PRINT, Cora - West Branch, P244, R82, D241, H243
PRINT, Rena - West Branch, P244, R83, D241, H243
PRINT, Cornelius - West Branch, P244, R84, D241, H243
PRIOR, Isabell - Logan, P130, R68, D119, H132
PRITCHARD, C. D. - Buncombe, P3, R76, D73, H73
PRITCHARD, Anastatia M. - Buncombe, P3, R77, D73, H73
PROBST, Nick D. - East Orange, P47, R11, D94, H96
PROBST, Nicholas - East Orange, P48, R94, D122, H124
PROBST, Mary - East Orange, P48, R95, D122, H124
PROBST, Mathias - East Orange, P48, R96, D122, H124
PROBST, Katie - East Orange, P48, R97, D122, H124
PROBST, Otto - East Orange, P48, R98, D122, H124
PROBST, Albert - East Orange, P48, R99, D122, H124
PROBST, Mathias - East Orange, P49, R46, D130, H132
PROBST, Catherine - East Orange, P49, R47, D130, H132
PROBST, John - East Orange, P49, R48, D130, H132
PROBST, Frank - East Orange, P49, R49, D130, H132
PROBST, Richard - East Orange, P49, R50, D130, H132
PROBST, Gerhard - East Orange, P49, R51, D130, H132
PROBST, Clara S. - East Orange, P49, R52, D130, H132
PROBST, Amelia - East Orange, P49, R53, D130, H132
PROBST, Joseph - East Orange, P49, R54, D130, H132
PROBST, Nickolas - Nassau, P154, R9, D192, H194
PROBST, Mary - Nassau, P154, R10, D192, H194
PRONK, Philip - Floyd, P55, R93, D86, H88
PRONK, Gerritje - Floyd, P55, R94, D86, H88
PRONK, Henry - Floyd, P55, R95, D86, H88
PRONK, Titus - Floyd, P55, R96, D86, H88
PRONK, Walter - Floyd, P55, R97, D86, H88
PROPER, Peter - Grant, P80, R61, D65, H66
PROPER, Kate - Grant, P80, R62, D65, H66
PROPER, Gertie - Grant, P80, R63, D65, H66
PROPER, Lucy - Grant, P80, R64, D65, H66
PROTHERS, John H. - Buncombe, P10, R43, D223, H223
PROTHERS, Grace - Buncombe, P10, R44, D223, H223
PROTHERS, Fred A. - Buncombe, P10, R45, D223, H223
PROTHERS, Margaret - Buncombe, P10, R46, D223, H223
PRYDE, John - Sheridan, P204, R88, D40, H40
PRYDE, Clara - Sheridan, P204, R89, D40, H40
PRYDE, Morris - Sheridan, P204, R90, D40, H40
PRYOR, Thomas Henry - Reading, P167, R62, D89, H90
PRYOR, Nellie Francelia - Reading, P167, R63, D89, H90
PRYOR, John Henry - Reading, P168, R10, D103, H104
PRYOR, Lena Mary - Reading, P168, R11, D103, H104
PRYOR, William - Sioux, P194, R68, D29, H29
PRYOR, Ira - Sioux, P194, R69, D29, H29
PUFFET, Willard - Sherman, P217, R65, D81, H81
PUFFET, Julie - Sherman, P217, R66, D81, H81
PUFFET, Clifford - Sherman, P217, R67, D81, H81
PUFFET, Elle B. - Sherman, P217, R68, D81, H81
PUFFET, (no name)
hasn't any name - Sherman, P217, R69, D81, H81
PUND, C., Jr. - Center, P36, R31, D130, H130
PUND, Annie G. - Center, P36, R32, D130, H130
PUND, Cornelius - Center, P36, R33, D130, H130
PUND, William - Center, P36, R34, D130, H130
PUNT, Garret - West Branch, P246, R20, D263, H265
PUNT, Rena - West Branch, P246, R21, D263, H265
PUNT, Cornelius - West Branch, P246, R22, D263, H265
PUNT, Landert - West Branch, P246, R23, D263, H265
PUNT, Arie - West Branch, P246, R24, D263, H265
PUNT, Arie - West Branch, P246, R25, D263, H265
PUNT, Adam - West Branch, P246, R27, D264, H266
PUNT, Henrett? - West Branch, P246, R28, D264, H266
PUNT, Cornelius - West Branch, P246, R29, D264, H266
PUNT, Sanderis - West Branch, P246, R30, D264, H266
PUNT, Mary - West Branch, P246, R31, D264, H266
PUNT, Frank - West Branch, P246, R32, D264, H266
PURDY, Luthur L. - Nassau, P149, R78, D110, H111
PUTENS, Klaas - Holland, P93, R72, D162, H162
PUTENS, Aaltje - Holland, P93, R73, D162, H162
PUTENS, Jessie - Holland, P93, R74, D162, H162
PUTENS, Minnie - Holland, P93, R75, D162, H162
PUTENS, Jennie - Holland, P93, R76, D162, H162
PUTENS, Teunis - Holland, P93, R77, D162, H162
PUTENS, Ettie - Holland, P93, R78, D162, H162
PUTENS, Jan - Holland, P93, R79, D162, H162
PUTMAN, Slella - Sheridan, P205, R65, D59, H59
PUTNAM, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P112, R56, D58, H60
PUTNAM, Margurita - Lincoln, P112, R57, D58, H60
PUTNAM, Alfred - Lincoln, P112, R58, D58, H60
PUTNAM, Luella - Lincoln, P112, R59, D58, H60
PUTNAM, Chas. - Lincoln, P112, R60, D58, H60
PUTNAM, Cecelia - Lincoln, P112, R61, D58, H60
PUTNAUR, Homer - Sheridan, P208, R88, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Mary - Sheridan, P208, R89, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Dennis - Sheridan, P208, R90, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, George - Sheridan, P208, R91, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Mary - Sheridan, P208, R92, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Horace - Sheridan, P208, R93, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Peter - Sheridan, P208, R94, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Laura - Sheridan, P208, R95, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Julia - Sheridan, P208, R96, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Olive - Sheridan, P208, R97, D125, H125
PUTNAUR, Evelyn - Sheridan, P208, R98, D125, H125

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