1900 Iowa Census Index

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P?? to PIU - PLA to PUT

P?? to PIU

Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

P???, ??? - Floyd, P52, R78, D19, H19
P???, Mary - Floyd, P52, R79, D19, H19
P???, Henry - Floyd, P52, R80, D19, H19
P???, FranKie - Floyd, P52, R81, D19, H19
P???, Katie - Floyd, P52, R82, D19, H19
PAGE, Lee L. - Logan, P136, R77, D234, H247
PAGE, William - Reading, P172, R5, D181, H183
PAGE, Mamie - Reading, P172, R6, D181, H183
PAGE, Maude Myrtle - Reading, P172, R7, D181, H183
PALS, A. - Capel, P13, R30, D7, H7
PALS, Helen - Capel, P13, R31, D7, H7
PALS, Cornelius - Holland, P87, R11, D39, H39
PALS, Effie - Holland, P87, R12, D39, H39
PALS, I?nke - Holland, P87, R13, D39, H39
PALS, Hentje - Holland, P87, R14, D39, H39
PANBERSLINS, Ellen - Sheridan, P203, R43, D9, H9
PAP, Dries - Welcome, P225, R99, D35, H35
PAP, Nellie - Welcome, P225, R100, D35, H35
PARAMORE, John H. - Logan, P126, R91, D44, H48
PARAMORE, Eva G. - Logan, P126, R92, D44, H48
PARAMORE, Robert G. G. - Logan, P126, R93, D44, H48
PARDEN, Dora - Rock, P177, R80, D34, H37
PARE, Charles - Rock, P189, R20, D257, H264
PAREGORE, George - Rock, P185, R77, D205, H212
PAREGORE, Emily - Rock, P185, R78, D205, H212
PAREGORE, Harry - Rock, P185, R79, D205, H212
PAREGORE, Herbert - Rock, P185, R80, D205, H212
PARETH, Homer V - Nassau, P144, R18, D2, H2
PARKER, Ella - Floyd, P63, R6, D210, H212
PARKER, John L. - Grant, P81, R37, D78, H79
PARKER, Ernest Ralph - Reading, P168, R35, D111, H112
PARKER, Stella Viola - Reading, P168, R36, D111, H112
PARKER, Traverse Cavalier - Reading, P168, R43, D114, H115
PARKER, Mary Amelia - Reading, P168, R44, D114, H115
PARKER, Hazel Marie - Reading, P168, R45, D114, H115
PARKER, Ralph Freman - Reading, P168, R46, D114, H115
PARKER, Violet Madge - Reading, P168, R47, D114, H115
PARKER, Frederick Orlando - Reading, P168, R91, D125, H126
PARKER, Sarah Elizabeth - Reading, P168, R92, D125, H126
PARKER, Fred O., Jr. - Reading, P168, R93, D125, H126
PARKINSON, John - Rock, P179, R91, D79, H82
PARKINSON, Mary - Rock, P179, R92, D79, H82
PARKINSON, James - Settler, P200, R99, D121, H121
PARKINSON, Elizabeth - Settler, P200, R100, D121, H121
PARKINSON, James - Settler, P201, R1, D121, H121
PARKINSON, Agnes - Settler, P201, R2, D121, H121
PARKINSON, Henry - Settler, P201, R3, D121, H121
PARKINSON, Elizabeth - Settler, P201, R4, D121, H121
PARKINSON, John - Settler, P201, R5, D121, H121
PARKINSON, Martha E. - Settler, P201, R6, D121, H121
PARKS, Jas S. - Buncombe, P2, R62, D44, H44
PARKS, Sarah J. - Buncombe, P2, R63, D44, H44
PARKS, Martha E. - Grant, P77, R9, D2, H2
PARKS, Walter ?. - Grant, P77, R10, D2, H2
PARKS, Adam B. - Grant, P77, R8, D2, H2
PARROTT, F. J. - Eagle, P29, R77, D13, H13
PARROTT, Della M. - Eagle, P29, R78, D13, H13
PARRY, E. A. - Center, P37, R99, D158, H158
PARRY, Ruth - Center, P37, R100, D158, H158
PARRY, Mertle - Center, P38, R1, D158, H158
PARRY, William - Center, P38, R2, D158, H158
PARRY, Floyd - Center, P38, R3, D158, H158
PARRY, Charles - Center, P38, R4, D158, H158
PARRY, Ray - Center, P38, R5, D158, H158
PARRY, Merl - Center, P38, R6, D158, H158
PARRY, Harold - Center, P38, R7, D158, H158
PARSON, Nelson - Lynn, P24, R13, D190, H190
PARSON, Julia - Lynn, P24, R14, D190, H190
PARSON, Cora - Lynn, P24, R15, D190, H190
PARSON, Eric - Lynn, P24, R17, D190, H190
PARSONS, Roy Aldin - Reading, P167, R34, D79, H80
PARSONS, Alfred W. - Reading, P167, R48, D86, H87
PARSONS, Sarah J. - Reading, P167, R49, D86, H87
PARSONS, Carrie R. - Reading, P167, R50, D86, H87
PARSONS, Albert Henry - Reading, P167, R77, D92, H93
PARSONS, Lotta C. - Reading, P167, R78, D92, H93
PARSONS, Arthur DuBois - Reading, P167, R79, D92, H93
PARSONS, Mabel Anna - Reading, P167, R80, D92, H93
PARSONS, Harold Web - Reading, P167, R81, D92, H93
PAS, George C. - Orange City, P100, R70, D122, H124
PAS, Hattie - Orange City, P100, R71, D122, H124
PAS, ??? J. - Orange City, P100, R72, D122, H124
PAS, Annetta M. - Orange City, P100, R73, D122, H124
PAS, John A. - Orange City, P100, R74, D122, H124
PAS, George W. - Orange City, P100, R75, D122, H124
PAS, Annie - Orange City, P104, R81, D207, H210
PATRICK, William - Logan, P136, R44, D227, H240
PATRICK, Laura A. - Logan, P136, R45, D227, H240
PATRICK, Charles W. - Logan, P136, R46, D227, H240
PATRICK, George L. - Logan, P136, R47, D227, H240
PATRICK, Minnie D. - Logan, P136, R48, D227, H240
PATRICK, Ida Ellen - Logan, P136, R49, D227, H240
PATRICK, Violet M. - Logan, P136, R50, D227, H240
PATRICK, Roy F. - Logan, P136, R51, D227, H240
PATRICK, Hazel H. - Logan, P136, R52, D227, H240
PATRICK, Lawrence J. - Logan, P136, R53, D227, H240
PATRICK, not named yet - Washington, P138, R9, D263, H273
PATRICK, John A. - Washington, P138, R7, D263, H273
PATRICK, Ima H. - Washington, P138, R8, D263, H273
PATRICK, Della - Nassau, P161, R79, D316, H319
PATTERSON, Francis M. - Buncombe, P4, R16, D83, H83
PATTERSON, Clara A. - Buncombe, P4, R17, D83, H83
PATTERSON, Ella F. - Buncombe, P4, R18, D83, H83
PATTERSON, Rosa - Buncombe, P4, R19, D83, H83
PATTERSON, John S. - Lynn, P25, R43, D209, H209
PATTERSON, Ida M. - Lynn, P25, R44, D209, H209
PATTERSON, Irene - Lynn, P25, R45, D209, H209
PATTERSON, Elizabeth - Lynn, P25, R46, D209, H209
PATTERSON, Felan - Grant, P83, R73, D119, H122
PATTERSON, Elizabeth - Grant, P83, R74, D119, H122
PATTHOFF, Henry - Logan, P136, R70, D234, H247
PATTHOFF, Hattie M. - Logan, P136, R71, D234, H247
PATTHOFF, Henry J., Jr. - Logan, P136, R72, D234, H247
PATTHOFF, C. Theodore - Logan, P136, R73, D234, H247
PATTHOFF, Ella M. - Logan, P136, R74, D234, H247
PATTHOFF, Mellissa A. - Logan, P136, R75, D234, H247
PAULSON, Christian - Nassau, P159, R62, D281, H284
PAULSON, Emma L. - Nassau, P159, R63, D281, H284
PAULSON, George L. - Nassau, P159, R64, D281, H284
PAULSON, Clarance - Nassau, P159, R65, D281, H284
PAULSON, Claude - Nassau, P159, R66, D281, H284
PAULSON, Franklin A. - Nassau, P159, R67, D281, H284
PAULSON, Nellie P. - Nassau, P159, R68, D281, H284
PAULSON, Mabel A. - Nassau, P159, R69, D281, H284
PAULSON, Andrew H. - Nassau, P159, R70, D281, H284
PAULSON, William - Settler, P201, R86, D134, H135
PAULSON, t?l??a - Settler, P201, R87, D134, H135
PAULSON, Silvia - Settler, P201, R88, D134, H135
PAYNE, William L. - Logan, P125, R64, D15, H17
PAYNE, Phenia A. - Logan, P125, R65, D15, H17
PAYNE, William R. - Logan, P125, R66, D15, H17
PAYNE, Andrew - Logan, P132, R19, D149, H162
PAYNE, Louisa - Sherman, P216, R68, D68, H68
PAYNE?, Eliza - Buncombe, P1, R42, D11, H11
PEAR, Thomas - Sioux, P194, R57, D26, H26
PECKELDER, Barrent - Grant, P81, R69, D84, H85
PEDEN, James - Lynn, P20, R51, D127, H127
PEDEN, Wliza - Lynn, P20, R52, D127, H127
PEDEN, Joseph - Lynn, P20, R53, D127, H127
PEEBLES, George - Eagle, P33, R29, D77, H77
PEEBLES, Augustus P. - Washington, P141, R41, D323, H336
PEEBLES, Martha J. - Washington, P141, R42, D323, H336
PEEBLES, Ralph D. - Washington, P141, R43, D323, H336
PEEBLES, Byron - Reading, P164, R33, D9, H9
PEEBLES, Livona - Reading, P164, R34, D9, H9
PEEBLES, Eva Pearl - Reading, P164, R35, D9, H9
PEEBLES, Jesse - Reading, P164, R36, D9, H9
PEEBLES, Alma - Reading, P164, R37, D9, H9
PEEBLES, Ellen - Reading, P164, R38, D9, H9
PEEBLES, Nelson - Reading, P167, R1, D71, H72
PEEBLES, Leon R. - Reading, P167, R2, D71, H72
PEEBLES, Arthur - Reading, P168, R48, D115, H116
PEEBLES, Helena Alice - Reading, P168, R49, D115, H116
PEEBLES, Nellie Irene - Reading, P168, R50, D115, H116
PEEBLES, Hannah Rose - Reading, P168, R51, D115, H116
PEEBLES, Philander - Reading, P168, R57, D117, H118
PEEBLES, Hannah - Reading, P168, R58, D117, H118
PEEBLES, Anna - Reading, P168, R59, D117, H118
PEEBLES, George - Reading, P168, R60, D117, H118
PEEBLES, Hiram - Reading, P172, R63, D191, H193
PEEBLES, Eliza - Reading, P172, R64, D191, H193
PEEBLES, Cora E. - Reading, P172, R65, D191, H193
PEEBLES, Sanford S. - Reading, P172, R66, D191, H193
PEEBLES, Jay A. - Reading, P173, R56, D205, H207
PEEBLES, Mary E. - Reading, P173, R57, D205, H207
PEEK, Frederick - West Branch, P232, R84, D19, H20
PEEK, Korthals - West Branch, P232, R85, D19, H20
PEELEN, Harry - Plato, P74, R83, D154, H155
PEELEN, Lena - Plato, P74, R84, D154, H155
PEELEN, Aarent - Welcome, P227, R2, D53, H53
PEELEN, Minnie - Welcome, P227, R3, D53, H53
PEELEN, Jacob - Welcome, P227, R4, D53, H53
PEELEN, Garret - Welcome, P228, R80, D84, H84
PEELEN, Saatjie - Welcome, P228, R81, D84, H84
PEELEN, Mattie - Welcome, P228, R82, D84, H84
PEELEN, Jacob - West Branch, P236, R67, D98, H100
PEELEN, Hattie - West Branch, P236, R68, D98, H100
PEELEN, Hattie - West Branch, P236, R69, D98, H100
PEELEN, John - West Branch, P236, R70, D98, H100
PEERBALTE, Henry - West Branch, P236, R1, D84, H86
PEERBALTE, Henrietta - West Branch, P236, R2, D84, H86
PEERBALTE, Hattie - West Branch, P236, R3, D84, H86
PEFFERLING, Kate - Rock, P188, R66, D250, H257
PEITEN, George - West Branch, P244, R85, D241, H243
PEKELD, John - West Branch, P234, R77, D57, H58
PEKELD, Zwaaantje - West Branch, P234, R78, D57, H58
PEKELDER, Otto - Lynn, P24, R98, D203, H203
PEKELDER, Alcha - Lynn, P24, R99, D203, H203
PEKELDER, Bert - Lynn, P24, R100, D203, H203
PEKELDER, Henry - Lynn, P25, R1, D203, H203
PEKELDER, D??a - Lynn, P25, R2, D203, H203
PEKELDER, ??? - Lynn, P25, R3, D203, H203
PEKELDER, ??? - Lynn, P25, R4, D203, H203
PEKELDER, Otto - Lynn, P25, R5, D203, H203
PEKELDER, Gerrit - Lynn, P25, R6, D203, H203
PEKELDER, Robert - Lynn, P25, R7, D203, H203
PEKELDER, C???? - Lynn, P25, R8, D203, H203
PELLENSON, Annasnota - Logan, P133, R24, D170, H183
PELMUDER, Jelle - Orange City, P97, R72, D54, H55
PELMUDER, Mary M. - Orange City, P97, R73, D54, H55
PELSMA, Lon - Lynn, P25, R9, D204, H204
PELSMA, Helen - Lynn, P25, R10, D204, H204
PELSMA, H??? - Lynn, P25, R11, D204, H204
PELSMA, ??? - Lynn, P25, R12, D204, H204
PELSMA, Peter - Lynn, P25, R13, D204, H204
PEMBER, Hale H. - Rock, P176, R1, D1, H1
PEMBER, Stalira - Rock, P176, R2, D1, H1
PEMBER, Huber - Rock, P176, R3, D1, H1
PEMBER, Knight - Rock, P176, R4, D1, H1
PEMBER, Marie - Rock, P176, R5, D1, H1
PEMBER, Paul - Rock, P176, R6, D1, H1
PENMAN, Charles - Sheridan, P211, R76, D175, H175
PENNANT, Frank - Lynn, P24, R34, D194, H194
PENNANT, Susan - Lynn, P24, R35, D194, H194
PENNANT, Annie - Lynn, P24, R36, D194, H194
PENNANT, Johnny - Lynn, P24, R37, D194, H194
PENNEY, Walter - Sioux, P196, R1, D52, H52
PENNEY, Jennie - Sioux, P196, R2, D52, H52
PENNING, Nick - Floyd, P64, R9, D228, H230
PENNING, Maggie - Floyd, P64, R10, D228, H230
PENNING, Kate - Floyd, P64, R11, D228, H230
PENNING, John - Floyd, P64, R12, D228, H230
PENNING, Dominic - Floyd, P64, R13, D228, H230
PENNING, Susan - Floyd, P64, R14, D228, H230
PENNING, Ca?tanian - Floyd, P64, R15, D228, H230
PENNINGS, Gepna W. - Orange City, P100, R17, D111, H113
PENNINGS, Willie - Orange City, P100, R18, D111, H113
PENNINGS, Arent J. - Nassau, P160, R15, D290, H293
PENNINGS, Ad?iana H. - Nassau, P160, R16, D290, H293
PENNINGS, Gerrit J. - Nassau, P160, R17, D290, H293
PENNINGS, Henry G. - Nassau, P160, R18, D290, H293
PENNINGS, Gertie - Nassau, P160, R20, D290, H293
PENNINGS, William - Nassau, P160, R21, D290, H293
PENNINGS, Johannes H. - Nassau, P160, R22, D290, H293
PENNINGS, Wilhelmina - Nassau, P160, R23, D290, H293
PENNINGS, Geziena - Nassau, P160, R24, D290, H293
PENNINGS, Berthes H. - Nassau, P160, R25, D290, H293
PERAN, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P110, R35, D8, H9
PERAN, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P110, R36, D, H
PERAN, August - Rock, P190, R8, D272, H279
PERAN, Mamie - Rock, P190, R9, D272, H279
PERAN, Olive - Rock, P190, R10, D272, H279
PERAN, Maud - Rock, P190, R11, D272, H279
PERAN, Mamie - Rock, P190, R12, D272, H279
PERAN, Delias - Rock, P190, R13, D272, H279
PERAN, John - Rock, P190, R14, D272, H279
PERAN, Libby - Rock, P190, R15, D272, H279
PERCEY, John W. - Washington, P141, R3, D318, H331
PERCEY, Mae - Washington, P141, R4, D318, H331
PERCEY, Edgar A. - Washington, P141, R5, D318, H331
PERCEY, Stella E. - Washington, P141, R6, D318, H331
PERCEY, Birdie C. - Washington, P141, R7, D318, H331
PERCEY, Chester C. - Washington, P141, R8, D318, H331
PERCEY, Clara L. - Washington, P141, R9, D318, H331
PERDU, Olive - Sioux, P195, R67, D47, H47
PERDUE, Cathrine - Rock, P176, R43, D8, H9
PERDUE, Eva - Rock, P176, R45, D8, H9
PEREBOOM, John - Eagle, P32, R6, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Dretje - Eagle, P32, R7, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, William - Eagle, P32, R8, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Heyl - Eagle, P32, R9, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Dora - Eagle, P32, R10, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Gary - Eagle, P32, R11, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Herman - Eagle, P32, R12, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Annie - Eagle, P32, R13, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Margaret - Eagle, P32, R14, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Theodore - Eagle, P32, R15, D53, H53
PEREBOOM, Fred - Eagle, P33, R52, D83, H83
PEREBOOM, Emma - Eagle, P33, R53, D83, H83
PEREBOOM, Russell - Eagle, P33, R54, D83, H83
PEREBOOM, Birdie - Eagle, P33, R55, D83, H83
PEREBOOM, William - Reading, P165, R8, D26, H26
PEREBOOM, Minnie - Reading, P165, R9, D26, H26
PEREBOOM, Clarence Alfred - Reading, P165, R10, D26, H26
PEREBOOM, Andrew Clinton - Reading, P165, R11, D26, H26
PEREBOOM, Minnie Margaret - Reading, P165, R12, D26, H26
PEREBOON, Henry J. - Reading, P174, R34, D219, H221
PEREBOON, Mary H. - Reading, P174, R35, D219, H221
PEREBOON, Rosie L. - Reading, P174, R36, D219, H221
PEREBOON, Tillie T. - Reading, P174, R37, D219, H221
PEREBOON, William - Reading, P174, R43, D221, H223
PEREBOON, Trientje - Reading, P174, R44, D221, H223
PEREBOON, Theodore - Reading, P174, R45, D221, H223
PERKUSON, Edward - Settler, P201, R43, D127, H128
PERLOT, Micheal H. - East Orange, P47, R89, D106, H108
PERLOT, Mary - East Orange, P47, R90, D106, H108
PERLOT, Mat - Floyd, P63, R54, D219, H221
PERLOT, Elizabeth - Floyd, P63, R55, D219, H221
PERLOT, Olive - Floyd, P63, R56, D219, H221
PERNE, George - Rock, P187, R78, D234, H241
PERRY, Emma - Logan, P130, R95, D130, H143
PERRY, Frank - Logan, P135, R11, D202, H215
PERRY, Alice C. - Logan, P135, R12, D202, H215
PERRY, Leland ?. - Logan, P135, R13, D202, H215
PERRY, Myrtie A. - Logan, P135, R14, D202, H215
PERRY, Hol??s W. - Logan, P135, R16, D202, H215
PERRY, Blanch - Washington, P142, R48, D344, H357
PERTHA, George - Lynn, P28, R3, D245, H245
PERTHA, ??? - Lynn, P28, R4, D245, H245
PETERS, Anna - Lynn, P20, R99, D134, H134
PETERS, F. W. - Lynn, P20, R98, D134, H134
PETERS, Klaas - Holland, P87, R16, D40, H40
PETERS, Jurgen - East Orange, P49, R55, D131, H133
PETERS, Henry - Logan, P125, R55, D13, H14
PETER, Harvey - Nassau, P144, R61, D8, H8
PETERS, Mary - Holland, P87, R17, D40, H40
PETERS, Elizabeth - East Orange, P49, R56, D131, H133
PETERS, Emma M. - Logan, P125, R56, D13, H14
PETERS, Bess E. - Buncombe, P6, R71, D135, H135
PETERS, John - East Orange, P49, R57, D131, H133
PETERS, John H. - Buncombe, P6, R70, D135, H135
PETERS, Dina - Holland, P87, R18, D40, H40
PETERS, Lena - East Orange, P49, R58, D131, H133
PETERS, Nick - East Orange, P51, R16, D153, H155
PETERS, Harry - Logan, P131, R47, D136, H149
PETERS, Herman - East Orange, P49, R59, D131, H133
PETERS, Mary - Holland, P87, R19, D40, H40
PETERS, Harry C. - Logan, P125, R57, D13, H14
PETERS, Oces - Holland, P87, R20, D40, H40
PETERS, Maartje - Holland, P87, R21, D40, H40
PETERS, Gerrit - Holland, P87, R22, D40, H40
PETERS, Bennie - Holland, P87, R23, D40, H40
PETERS, Jake - Holland, P87, R24, D40, H40
PETERS, Harjnins - Holland, P87, R25, D40, H40
PETERS, George - Buncombe, P6, R72, D135, H135
PETERSON, Anna - Buncombe, P5, R47, D110, H110
PETERSON, Oscar W. - Buncombe, P5, R48, D110, H110
PETERSON, Lars A. - Buncombe, P7, R28, D151, H151
PETERSON, Emma O. - Buncombe, P7, R29, D151, H151
PETERSON, Ada B. - Buncombe, P7, R30, D151, H151
PETERSON, Herbert S. - Buncombe, P7, R31, D151, H151
PETERSON, Florence - Buncombe, P7, R32, D151, H151
PETERSON, Pauline - Buncombe, P7, R33, D151, H151
PETERSON, Kanudt - Garfield, P67, R72, D52, H52
PETERSON, Chastie - Garfield, P67, R73, D52, H52
PETERSON, Henry - Garfield, P67, R74, D52, H52
PETERSON, Anna C. - Garfield, P67, R75, D52, H52
PETERSON, Hans C. - Garfield, P67, R85, D55, H55
PETERSON, W. Dorthea - Garfield, P67, R86, D55, H55
PETERSON, Ada M. - Garfield, P67, R87, D55, H55
PETERSON, Mary A. - Garfield, P67, R88, D55, H55
PETERSON, A. Dorthea - Garfield, P67, R89, D55, H55
PETERSON, Nicolas - Plato, P75, R94, D169, H170
PETERSON, Chas - Lincoln, P118, R54, D183, H187
PETERSON, Christian - Lincoln, P119, R46, D200, H204
PETERSON, Lena - Lincoln, P119, R47, D200, H204
PETERSON, Elsie M. - Lincoln, P119, R48, D200, H204
PETERSON, Sigvardt - Lincoln, P119, R49, D200, H204
PETERSON, Clara - Lincoln, P119, R50, D200, H204
PETERSON, Mary - Logan, P130, R31, D113, H126
PETERSON, Gilbert J. - Logan, P130, R32, D113, H126
PETERSON, Wm. - Rock, P180, R64, D95, H99
PETERSON, Katie - Rock, P180, R65, D95, H99
PETERSON, Fred - Rock, P180, R66, D95, H99
PETERSON, Dora - Rock, P180, R67, D95, H99
PETERSON, Nelson - Rock, P187, R1, D224, H231
PETERSON, Myra - Rock, P187, R2, D224, H231
PETERSON, Edith - Rock, P187, R3, D224, H231
PETERSON, Herold - Rock, P187, R4, D224, H231
PETERSON, James - Rock, P187, R5, D224, H231
PETERSON, Peter - Rock, P190, R98, D285, H292
PETERSON, Dena - Settler, P200, R3, D103, H103
PETERSON, Louisa - Settler, P202, R12, D137, H138
PETESH, August - East Orange, P47, R43, D99, H101
PETRICH, Emil R. - Grant, P81, R7, D73, H74
PETRICH, Carrie - Grant, P81, R8, D73, H74
PETRICH, Rudolph - Grant, P81, R9, D73, H74
PETRICH, Tena - Grant, P81, R10, D73, H74
PETRICH, Frederick - Grant, P81, R11, D73, H74
PETRICH, Edward - Grant, P81, R12, D73, H74
PETRICH, John - Grant, P81, R13, D73, H74
PETRICH, Adolph - Grant, P81, R14, D73, H74
PETRICH, Alma - Grant, P81, R15, D73, H74
PEUSE, William - Sherman, P214, R35, D12, H12
PEUSE, Sarah - Sherman, P214, R36, D12, H12
PEUSE, John - Sherman, P221, R61, D148, H148
PEXA, Mike - Center, P34, R63, D98, H98
PFARRER, Sottfried - Garfield, P66, R80, D33, H33
PFARRER, Elizabeth - Garfield, P66, R81, D33, H33
PFARRER, Louisa - Garfield, P66, R82, D33, H33
PFARRER, William - Garfield, P66, R83, D33, H33
PFARRER, Fred N. - Garfield, P66, R84, D33, H33
PFEFFER, John W. - Nassau, P157, R49, D243, H246
PFEFFER, Kathrine - Nassau, P157, R50, D243, H246
PFEFFER, Alo??oes - Nassau, P157, R51, D243, H246
PFEFFER, Felix J. M. - Nassau, P157, R52, D243, H246
PFEFFER, Lily E. - Nassau, P157, R53, D243, H246
PFEFFER, Theodore - Nassau, P157, R54, D243, H246
PFFERLING, Jacob - Rock, P190, R3, D271, H278
PFFERLING, Rachel - Rock, P190, R4, D271, H278
PFFERLING, William - Rock, P190, R5, D271, H278
PFFERLING, Emma - Rock, P190, R6, D271, H278
PFFERLING, Kate - Rock, P190, R7, D271, H278
PFLUGER, Charley - Plato, P73, R76, D138, H139
PFLUGER, Adolph - Plato, P73, R77, D138, H139
PHALEN, Harry - Nassau, P144, R17, D2, H2
PHELAN, John - Rock, P182, R54, D137, H144
PHELAN, Mike - Rock, P191, R16, D289, H296
PHELAN, ???e J. - Rock, P191, R17, D289, H296
PHELAN, Mary J. - Rock, P191, R18, D289, H296
PHELAN, John P. - Rock, P191, R19, D289, H296
PHELAN, Dennis - Rock, P191, R20, D289, H296
PHELPS, Lewis A. - Logan, P136, R69, D233, H246
PHILIP, - Settler, P200, R91, D119, H119
PHILIP, Virginia - Settler, P200, R92, D119, H119
PHILIP, Harry - Settler, P200, R93, D119, H119
PHILIP, Elizabeth - Settler, P200, R94, D119, H119
PHILIP, Wilimena - Settler, P200, R95, D119, H119
PHILIPS, George Nathan - Reading, P166, R1, D47, H47
PHILIPS, Jennie - Reading, P166, R2, D47, H47
PHILIPS, Etta Emma - Reading, P166, R3, D47, H47
PHILIPS, Clarence Nathan - Reading, P166, R4, D47, H47
PHILIPS, Maudie Dot - Reading, P166, R5, D47, H47
PHILIPS, Ray Elmer - Reading, P166, R6, D47, H47
PHILIPS, Ralph Alvin - Reading, P166, R7, D47, H47
PHILIPS, Hazel Del - Reading, P166, R8, D47, H47
PHILIPS, Fred - Sioux, P194, R16, D20, H20
PICK, Adam - Nassau, P155, R32, D207, H209
PICK, Mary - Nassau, P155, R33, D207, H209
PICK, Frank - Nassau, P155, R34, D207, H209
PICK, Henry - Nassau, P155, R35, D207, H209
PICK, Anna - Nassau, P155, R36, D207, H209
PICKEN, Frederick H. - Floyd, P55, R7, D69, H71
PICKEN, Ida - Floyd, P55, R8, D69, H71
PICKEN, Earl I. - Floyd, P55, R9, D69, H71
PICKEN, archie L. - Floyd, P55, R10, D69, H71
PIEBELING, Henry - Sheridan, P210, R35, D151, H151
PIELSTICKER, Joseph W. - East Orange, P41, R12, D3, H3
PIERRE, Anton - Washington, P138, R32, D268, H281
PIERRE, Kate - Washington, P138, R33, D268, H281
PIERRE, John - Washington, P138, R34, D268, H281
PIERRE, Oliva J. M. - Washington, P138, R35, D268, H281
PIERSON, Frank H. - Buncombe, P9, R7, D194, H194
PIERSON, Hannah E. - Buncombe, P9, R8, D194, H194
PIERSON, Earl F. - Buncombe, P9, R9, D194, H194
PIERSON, Neil B. - Buncombe, P9, R10, D194, H194
PIERSON, Grace L. - Buncombe, P9, R11, D194, H194
PIERSON, Sterling H. - Buncombe, P9, R12, D194, H194
PIERSON, F???le J. - Buncombe, P9, R13, D194, H194
PIERSON, Sherman - Buncombe, P9, R14, D194, H194
PIETENPOL, Henry W. - Nassau, P158, R31, D254, H257
PIETENPOL, Lambertus - West Branch, P241, R56, D192, H194
PIETENPOL, Skstje - West Branch, P241, R57, D192, H194
PIETENPOL, Annie - West Branch, P241, R58, D192, H194
PIK, John - Rock, P191, R32, D292, H299
PILLA, August H. - Logan, P136, R38, D226, H239
PILLA, Sophia M. - Logan, P136, R39, D226, H239
PILLA, Frank A. - Logan, P136, R40, D226, H239
PILLA, Clara E. - Logan, P136, R41, D226, H239
PILLA, Frank H. - Logan, P136, R43, D226, H239
PILLA, Frank - Logan, P137, R19, D245, H258
PILLEN, Nick - Lynn, P26, R17, D219, H219
PILLEN, Maryh - Lynn, P26, R18, D219, H219
PILLEN, Johannes - Lynn, P26, R19, D219, H219
PILLEN, Peter - Lynn, P26, R20, D219, H219
PILLEN, ??? - Lynn, P26, R21, D219, H219
PILLEN, Aloisias - Lynn, P26, R22, D219, H219
PILLEN, Alexander - Lynn, P26, R23, D219, H219
PILLEN, Dominick - Lynn, P26, R24, D219, H219
PILLEN, Susan - Lynn, P26, R25, D219, H219
PILLEN, Joseph - Lynn, P26, R26, D219, H219
PINNEY, Frank L. - Washington, P138, R12, D265, H278
PINNEY, Minnie J. - Washington, P138, R13, D265, H278
PINNEY, Vere W. - Washington, P138, R14, D265, H278
PINNEY, Vivian L. - Washington, P138, R15, D265, H278
PINNEY, Dale B. - Washington, P138, R16, D265, H278
PINNEY, Charlotte E. - Washington, P138, R17, D265, H278
PINS, Henry - Nassau, P153, R20, D177, H178
PINS, Cathrine - Nassau, P153, R21, D177, H178
PINS, John Milton - Nassau, P153, R22, D177, H178
PISSON, A. C. - Sheridan, P204, R57, D32, H32
PISSON, Annie - Sheridan, P204, R58, D32, H32
PISSON, Oth??? - Sheridan, P204, R59, D32, H32
PISSON, Dev?? A. - Sheridan, P204, R60, D32, H32
PITTS, Gideon N. - Nassau, P153, R61, D185, H186
PITTS, Elizabeth - Nassau, P153, R62, D185, H186
PITTS, Gideon - Nassau, P153, R63, D185, H186
PITTS, Chauncey - Nassau, P153, R64, D185, H186
PITTS, Clara - Nassau, P153, R65, D185, H186
PITTS, Eva - Nassau, P153, R66, D185, H186
PITTS, Elizebeth - Nassau, P153, R67, D185, H186
PIUS, John A. - Nassau, P151, R22, D139, H140
PIUS, Appolina - Nassau, P151, R23, D139, H140
PIUS, Hilda C. - Nassau, P151, R24, D139, H140
PIUS, Alek T. - Nassau, P151, R25, D139, H140
PIUS, Edmond H. - Nassau, P151, R26, D139, H140

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