1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

BOUMA, Dena - Floyd, P63, R76, D223, H225
BOUMA, Greetje - Holland, P93, R44, D154, H154
BOUMA, Lou - Holland, P93, R45, D154, H154
BOUMA, Rena - Holland, P93, R46, D154, H154
BOUMA, Ettie - Holland, P93, R47, D154, H154
BOUMA, Dirk - Holland, P93, R48, D154, H154
BOUMA, Yoata - Orange City, P102, R44, D160, H163
BOUMA, Agnes - Orange City, P102, R45, D160, H163
BOUMA, Lou - Orange City, P102, R46, D160, H163
BOUMA, Nick - Orange City, P102, R47, D160, H163
BOUMA, Eda - Orange City, P102, R48, D160, H163
BOUMA, Jacob - Orange City, P102, R49, D160, H163
BOUMA, Otto - Sheridan, P207, R35, D93, H93
BOUMA, Tena - Sheridan, P207, R36, D93, H93
BOUMA, Peter - Sheridan, P207, R37, D93, H93
BOUMA, Louis - Sheridan, P207, R38, D93, H93
BOUMAN, John - Floyd, P63, R15, D212, H214
BOUMAN, Sophia - Floyd, P63, R16, D212, H214
BOUMAN, Mary - Floyd, P63, R17, D212, H214
BOUMAN, George - Floyd, P63, R18, D212, H214
BOUMAN, Mike - Floyd, P63, R19, D212, H214
BOUW, A. - Sheridan, P207, R73, D101, H101
BOUW, Henretta - Sheridan, P207, R74, D101, H101
BOWEN, Leverette - Reading, P171, R90, D176, H178
BOWEN, Henry - Sherman, P214, R67, D19, H19
BOWEN, Minnie - Sherman, P214, R68, D19, H19
BOWEN, Maud - Sherman, P214, R69, D19, H19
BOWEN, Lulu - Sherman, P214, R70, D19, H19
BOWEN, Jane - Sherman, P217, R51, D79, H79
BOWEN, Charles - Sherman, P217, R52, D79, H79
BOWEN, Minnie - Sherman, P217, R53, D79, H79
BOWEN, Sigmund - Sherman, P217, R54, D79, H79
BOWEN, Vern - Sherman, P217, R56, D79, H79
BOWEN, Leslie - Sherman, P217, R57, D79, H79
BOWERS, Rollin L. - Garfield, P65, R76, D16, H16
BOWERS, Bertha A. - Garfield, P65, R77, D16, H16
BOWERS, Jella L. - Garfield, P65, R78, D16, H16
BOWERS, Frederick C. - Garfield, P65, R79, D16, H16
BOWERS, M. Marie - Garfield, P65, R80, D16, H16
BOWERS, William D. - Logan, P125, R60, D14, H16
BOWERS, May B. - Logan, P125, R61, D14, H16
BOWERS, Phillip - Logan, P125, R62, D14, H16
BOWERS, George E. - Nassau, P153, R55, D184, H185
BOWERS, Clara - Nassau, P153, R56, D184, H185
BOWERS, Clement - Nassau, P153, R57, D184, H185
BOWERS, William - Nassau, P153, R58, D184, H185
BOWERS, Mary L. - Nassau, P153, R59, D184, H185
BOWERS, George - Nassau, P153, R60, D184, H185
BOWMAN, Fred - Sioux, P198, R7, D85, H85
BOWMAN, Emma - Sioux, P198, R8, D85, H85
BOYER, Aaron V. H. - Buncombe, P5, R62, D114, H114
BOYER, Mary E. - Buncombe, P5, R63, D114, H114
BOYER, Charles H. L. - Buncombe, P5, R64, D114, H114
BOYER, Benton B. B. - Buncombe, P5, R65, D114, H114
BOYER, William F. D. - Buncombe, P5, R66, D114, H114
BOYER, William R. - Sherman, P214, R92, D24, H24
BOYER, Effie - Sherman, P214, R93, D24, H24
BOYER, Lillian - Sherman, P214, R94, D24, H24
BOYER, Lucile - Sherman, P214, R95, D24, H24
BOYLER, Peter - East Orange, P48, R44, D114, H116
BOYNE, Daniel - Rock, P176, R7, D1, H1
BRAAKS, Habbe Yeards - Reading, P167, R8, D73, H74
BRAAKS, Hinderkije Albers - Reading, P167, R9, D73, H74
BRAAKS, Henry H. - Reading, P167, R10, D73, H74
BRAAKS, Agathe E. - Reading, P167, R11, D73, H74
BRAAKS, Viand Louis - Reading, P167, R12, D73, H74
BRAAKS, Frederick Carl - Reading, P167, R13, D73, H74
BRAAKS, Sophia Amelia - Reading, P167, R14, D73, H74
BRAAKS, Henriette Welhelmina - Reading, P167, R15, D73, H74
BRADFORD, Wesley H. - Logan, P125, R3, D2, H2
BRADFORD, ?orith - Logan, P125, R4, D2, H2
BRADY, Lillian L. - Logan, P126, R94, D45, H49
BRADY, Lucy L. - Logan, P129, R7, D91, H102
BRADY, Edward - Reading, P174, R12, D216, H218
BRAKE, Chas H. - Buncombe, P9, R49, D203, H203
BRAKE, Elva P. - Buncombe, P9, R50, D203, H203
BRAKE, Paul C. - Buncombe, P9, R51, D203, H203
BRAKE, Clarence - Reading, P172, R99, D196, H198
BRANCH, John - Plato, P75, R49, D162, H163
BRANCH, Valentine - Sherman, P217, R99, D86, H86
BRANDES, Herbert - Capel, P20, R25, D122, H122
BRANDLY, Geo - Sheridan, P208, R56, D117, H117
BRANDLY, Anie - Sheridan, P208, R57, D117, H117
BRANDLY, Wm. - Sheridan, P208, R58, D117, H117
BRANDLY, Garrett - Sheridan, P208, R59, D117, H117
BRANDLY, Peter - Sheridan, P208, R60, D117, H117
BRANDLY, Winnie - Sheridan, P208, R61, D117, H117
BRANDLY, Leo - Sheridan, P208, R62, D117, H117
BRANDLY, Baby - Sheridan, P208, R63, D117, H117
BRANDON, Lenz D. - Reading, P169, R40, D135, H136
BRANDON, Martha M. - Reading, P169, R41, D135, H136
BRANDON, Valentine N. - Reading, P169, R42, D135, H136
BRANDON, Lorence E. - Reading, P169, R43, D135, H136
BRANDON, Florence J. - Reading, P169, R44, D135, H136
BRANDSMA, Dirk - Sioux, P193, R1, D1, H1
BRANDSMA, Abe - Settler, P200, R20, D106, H106
BRANDSMA, Jane - Settler, P200, R21, D106, H106
BRANDSMA, Gabe - Settler, P200, R22, D106, H106
BRANDSMA, Mary - Settler, P200, R23, D106, H106
BRANDT, Fred C. - Plato, P70, R55, D8, H9
BRANDT, Charlotte - Plato, P70, R56, D8, H9
BRANDT, Fred - Plato, P70, R57, D8, H9
BRANDT, Edward - Plato, P70, R58, D8, H9
BRANDT, Nellie - Plato, P70, R59, D8, H9
BRANDTS, Reyer - West Branch, P237, R21, D109, H111
BRANDTS, Jane - West Branch, P237, R22, D109, H111
BRANDTS, John - West Branch, P237, R23, D109, H111
BRANDTS, William - West Branch, P237, R24, D109, H111
BRANDTS, Jerry - West Branch, P237, R25, D109, H111
BRANDTS, Seine - West Branch, P237, R26, D109, H111
BRANDTS, Fannie - West Branch, P237, R27, D109, H111
BRANDTS, Percy - West Branch, P237, R28, D109, H111
BRANSMAN, Elizabeth - Nassau, P149, R51, D105, H106
BRANSMAN, Francis - Nassau, P149, R52, D105, H106
BRANSMAN, Lidwina - Nassau, P149, R53, D105, H106
BRANSMAN, Loysius - Nassau, P149, R54, D105, H106
BRANSMAN, Eugene - Nassau, P149, R55, D105, H106
BRANTSEN, John - Welcome, P228, R31, D76, H76
BRANTSEN, Lubertjie - Welcome, P228, R32, D76, H76
BRANTSEN, Annie - Welcome, P228, R33, D76, H76
BRANTSEN, Garretjie - Welcome, P228, R34, D76, H76
BRANTSEN, Fred - Welcome, P228, R35, D76, H76
BRANTSEN, William - Welcome, P228, R36, D76, H76
BRANTSEN, Pietjie H. - Welcome, P228, R37, D76, H76
BRASKAMP, Albert M. - Nassau, P147, R63, D67, H67
BRASKAMP, Gertie - Nassau, P147, R64, D67, H67
BRASKAMP, Bertes - Nassau, P147, R65, D67, H67
BRASKAMP, Crissie J. - Nassau, P147, R66, D67, H67
BRASKAMP, Otto - Nassau, P147, R67, D67, H67
BRASKAMP, Benjamin - Nassau, P147, R68, D67, H67
BRASKAMP, Dirk - Nassau, P147, R69, D67, H67
BRASKAMP, Albert - Nassau, P147, R79, D70, H70
BRASKAMP, Rek - Nassau, P147, R80, D70, H70
BRASKAMP, Clarance - Nassau, P147, R81, D70, H70
BRASKAMP, Sam - Nassau, P151, R98, D154, H155
BRASKAMP, Mable - Nassau, P151, R99, D154, H155
BRASKAMP, Glenwood - Nassau, P151, R100, D154, H155
BRASKAMP, John U. - Nassau, P152, R5, D156, H157
BRASKAMP, Mary E. - Nassau, P152, R6, D156, H157
BRASKAMP, William - Nassau, P152, R7, D156, H157
BRASKAMP, Elizabeth - Nassau, P152, R8, D156, H157
BRAY, John C. - Buncombe, P7, R85, D163, H163
BRAY, Eadissa - Buncombe, P7, R86, D163, H163
BRAY, Blanch - Buncombe, P7, R87, D163, H163
BRAY, William E. - Buncombe, P7, R88, D163, H163
BRAY, Joseph - Buncombe, P11, R19, D229, H229
BRAY, William E. - Logan, P129, R60, D101, H114
BRAY, Anna L. - Logan, P129, R61, D101, H114
BREDEWEG, Steven - Welcome, P231, R24, D118, H118
BREDEWEG, Matjie - Welcome, P231, R25, D118, H118
BREEN, Evert - Orange City, P101, R72, D144, H147
BREEN, Tona - Orange City, P101, R73, D144, H147
BREEN, Nellie - Orange City, P101, R74, D144, H147
BREEN, John - Orange City, P101, R75, D144, H147
BREEN, Striyn - Orange City, P101, R76, D144, H147
BREEN, Adrian - Orange City, P101, R77, D144, H147
BREEN, Johanna - Orange City, P101, R78, D144, H147
BREGMAN, Edward - Lincoln, P110, R18, D4, H4
BREGMAN, Jennie - Lincoln, P110, R19, D4, H4
BREGMAN, Ida - Lincoln, P110, R20, D4, H4
BREGMAN, Tracy - Lincoln, P110, R21, D4, H4
BREIER, Edward J. - Orange City, P97, R48, D49, H50
BREIER, Elzina - Orange City, P97, R49, D49, H50
BREIER, Tetje - Orange City, P97, R50, D49, H50
BREIER, Bennie - Orange City, P97, R51, D49, H50
BREIER, Gertje - Orange City, P97, R52, D49, H50
BREIER, Henry - Orange City, P97, R53, D49, H50
BREKL, Tressie - Grant, P78, R58, D32, H32
BREKL, Harm - Grant, P78, R59, D32, H32
BREKL, Annie - Grant, P78, R60, D32, H32
BRENKMAN, Hartje - West Branch, P239, R5, D148, H150
BRENKMAN, Alberta - West Branch, P239, R6, D148, H150
BRENKMAN, William - West Branch, P239, R7, D148, H150
BRENKMAN, Harriett - West Branch, P239, R8, D148, H150
BRENKMAN, Hendrik - West Branch, P239, R9, D148, H150
BRENKMAN, Heart - West Branch, P239, R10, D148, H150
BRENNEISEN, Henry E. - Washington, P139, R40, D290, H303
BRENNEISEN, Matilda - Washington, P139, R41, D290, H303
BRENNEISEN, Eugenia - Washington, P139, R42, D290, H303
BRENNEISEN, Olga - Washington, P139, R43, D290, H303
BRENNEISEN, Edwinna - Washington, P139, R44, D290, H303
BRENNEISEN, Linda M. - Washington, P139, R45, D290, H303
BRENNEISEN, Orwin J. - Washington, P139, R46, D290, H303
BRENNEISEN, Estella H. - Washington, P139, R47, D290, H303
BRENNER, David T. - Lincoln, P112, R26, D51, H53
BRENNER, Lodenia B. - Lincoln, P112, R27, D51, H53
BRENNER, Iva V. - Lincoln, P112, R28, D51, H53
BRENNER, Oval - Lincoln, P112, R29, D51, H53
BRENNER, Dio - Lincoln, P112, R30, D51, H53
BREUER, August - Sheridan, P212, R37, D185, H185
BREUER, Kate - Sheridan, P212, R38, D185, H185
BREUER, Henry - Sheridan, P212, R39, D185, H185
BREUER, Herman - Sheridan, P212, R40, D185, H185
BREUER, Powel - Sheridan, P212, R41, D185, H185
BREUNNER, David - Settler, P201, R63, D131, H132
BREUNNER, Ennine? - Settler, P201, R64, D131, H132
BREUNNER, Orville R. - Settler, P201, R65, D131, H132
BREUNNER, Ivan Roy - Settler, P201, R66, D131, H132
BREUNNER, George - Settler, P201, R67, D131, H132
BREW, George - Reading, P174, R84, D229, H231
BREWER, Harry - Eagle, P32, R47, D61, H61
BREWER, John W. - Logan, P130, R96, D130, H143
BREWSTER, Lewis - Grant, P84, R10, D125, H128
BREWSTER, Emma - Grant, P84, R11, D125, H128
BREWSTER, George - Grant, P84, R12, D125, H128
BREWSTER, Margaret T. - Grant, P84, R13, D125, H128
BREWSTER, A. E???a - Grant, P84, R14, D125, H128
BREWSTER, Earl L. - Grant, P84, R15, D125, H128
BREWSTER, Ethel G. - Grant, P84, R16, D125, H128
BREWSTER, Archibald L. - Grant, P84, R17, D125, H128
BREWSTER, Elizabath - Grant, P84, R20, D126, H129
BREWSTER, John - Grant, P84, R21, D126, H129
BREWSTER, A. Edith - Grant, P84, R22, D126, H129
BREWSTER, I. Robert - Grant, P84, R23, D126, H129
BREWSTER, William G. - Grant, P84, R24, D126, H129
BREWSTER, L??? - Grant, P84, R25, D126, H129
BREWSTER, Na??? - Grant, P84, R26, D126, H129
BREWSTER, E??? H. - Grant, P84, R27, D126, H129
BREWSTER, V??? T. - Grant, P84, R28, D126, H129
BREWSTER, ??? - Grant, P84, R29, D126, H129
BREWSTER, ??? - Grant, P84, R30, D126, H129
BREWSTER, Henry A. - Grant, P84, R31, D126, H129
BREWSTER, John - Grant, P84, R32, D126, H129
BREWSTER, Walter - Orange City, P101, R24, D133, H136
BRICHER, George - Nassau, P159, R52, D279, H282
BRICHER, Cathrine - Nassau, P159, R53, D279, H282
BRICHER, Ida C. - Nassau, P159, R54, D279, H282
BRICHER, Frank J. - Nassau, P159, R55, D279, H282
BRICHER, Pauline M. - Nassau, P159, R56, D279, H282
BRICHER, Nickolas - Nassau, P159, R57, D279, H282
BRICHER, Annie - Nassau, P159, R58, D279, H282
BRIGG, Fred C. - Logan, P135, R21, D203, H216
BRIGGLE, William E. - Center, P39, R84, D192, H192
BRIGGLE, Anna - Center, P39, R85, D192, H192
BRIGGLE, Leander H. - Center, P39, R86, D192, H192
BRIGGLE, Mary - Center, P39, R87, D192, H192
BRIGGLE, Hazel - Center, P39, R88, D192, H192
BRIGGLE, Charles - Center, P39, R89, D192, H192
BRIGGLE, Lee H. - Center, P40, R7, D196, H196
BRIGGLE, Lettie - Center, P40, R8, D196, H196
BRIGGLE, Lester H. - Center, P40, R9, D196, H196
BRIGGLE, Ladelle H. - Center, P40, R10, D196, H196
BRINK, Sander - Floyd, P52, R15, D6, H6
BRINK, Jane - Floyd, P52, R16, D6, H6
BRINK, Susan - Floyd, P52, R17, D6, H6
BRINK, Nick - Floyd, P52, R18, D6, H6
BRINK, Charles - Floyd, P52, R19, D6, H6
BRINK, Hattie - Floyd, P52, R20, D6, H6
BRINK, Sarah - Floyd, P52, R21, D6, H6
BRINK, Henry - Floyd, P52, R22, D6, H6
BRINK, Sietsie - Floyd, P52, R23, D6, H6
BRINK, Susan - Floyd, P59, R55, D144, H146
BRINK, John - Grant, P77, R7, D1, H1
BRINK, John A. - Orange City, P99, R48, D96, H98
BRINK, Hattie - Orange City, P99, R49, D96, H98
BRINK, John - Orange City, P99, R50, D96, H98
BRINK, Ella - Orange City, P99, R51, D96, H98
BRINK, Willie - Orange City, P99, R52, D96, H98
BRINK, Ebben - Orange City, P99, R53, D96, H98
BRINK, Maria - Orange City, P102, R1, D150, H153
BRINK, M. - Sheridan, P205, R11, D46, H46
BRINK, Nancy - Sheridan, P205, R12, D46, H46
BRINK, Charles - Sheridan, P205, R13, D47, H47
BRINK, Nettie - Sheridan, P205, R14, D47, H47
BRINK, Charles W. - Sheridan, P205, R15, D47, H47
BRINK, Fred - Sheridan, P208, R52, D116, H116
BRINK, Sheka - Sheridan, P208, R53, D116, H116
BRINK, Sheka - Sheridan, P208, R54, D116, H116
BRINK, Juka - Sheridan, P208, R55, D116, H116
BRINK, Gradus - Sherman, P214, R27, D10, H10
BRINK, Gertie - Sherman, P214, R28, D10, H10
BRINK, Gertie - Sherman, P214, R29, D10, H10
BRINK, William - Sherman, P220, R2, D123, H123
BRINK, Berendia - Sherman, P220, R3, D123, H123
BRINK, Minnie - Sherman, P220, R4, D123, H123
BRINK, Gerrit - Sherman, P220, R5, D123, H123
BRINK, Henry - Sherman, P220, R6, D123, H123
BRINK, John - Sherman, P220, R7, D123, H123
BRINK, Henry - Sherman, P220, R71, D132, H132
BRINK, Jessie - Sherman, P220, R72, D132, H132
BRINK, Nellie - Sherman, P220, R73, D132, H132
BRINK, Albert - Sherman, P220, R74, D132, H132
BRINK, Garret - Sherman, P220, R97, D137, H137
BRINK, Johana - Sherman, P220, R98, D137, H137
BRINK, Wilhemenia ??? - Sherman, P220, R99, D137, H137
BRINK, Johanas - Sherman, P220, R100, D137, H137
BRINK, Gerritje - Sherman, P221, R1, D137, H137
BRINK, Henry - Sherman, P221, R2, D137, H137
BRINK, Jennie - West Branch, P232, R16, D3, H3
BRINK, Neal - West Branch, P243, R39, D221, H223
BRINK, William - West Branch, P245, R73, D254, H256
BRINKHUIS, Abraham - Floyd, P59, R68, D148, H150
BRINKHUIS, Marie - Floyd, P59, R69, D148, H150
BRINKHUIS, Grace - Floyd, P59, R70, D148, H150
BRINKHUIS, Joost - Floyd, P59, R71, D148, H150
BRINKHUIS, Abram - Orange City, P96, R82, D35, H36
BRINKMAN, W. - Sheridan, P206, R30, D75, H75
BRINKMAN, Anna - Sheridan, P206, R31, D75, H75
BRINKMAN, R. H. - Sheridan, P213, R2, D199, H199
BRINKMAN, Riemtie - Sheridan, P213, R3, D199, H199
BRINKMAN, Heurig - Sheridan, P213, R4, D199, H199
BRINKMAN, Bertie - Sheridan, P213, R5, D199, H199
BRINKMAN, Gerthie - Sheridan, P213, R6, D199, H199
BRINKMAN, Dora - Sheridan, P213, R7, D199, H199
BRINKMAN, Richard John - Sheridan, P213, R8, D199, H199
BRINKMAN, Rena Ida - Sheridan, P213, R9, D199, H199
BRINKMEYER, Fred - Lincoln, P118, R51, D182, H183
BRINKS, John R. - Holland, P86, R90, D36, H36
BRINKS, Jane - Holland, P86, R91, D36, H36
BRINKS, Annie - Holland, P86, R92, D36, H36
BRINKS, Jaena - Holland, P86, R93, D36, H36
BRINKS, Jan H. - Holland, P92, R55, D137, H137
BRINKS, Wilhemenia - Holland, P92, R56, D137, H137
Broc????, Henry - Sherman, P216, R35, D62, H62
Broc????, Effie - Sherman, P216, R36, D62, H62
Broc????, Hattie - Sherman, P216, R37, D62, H62
Broc????, Frances - Sherman, P216, R38, D62, H62
BROCKE, Charles - West Branch, P234, R100, D62, H63
BROCKWAY, Charles - Grant, P82, R74, D101, H102
BRODIE, Thomas - Eagle, P30, R60, D27, H27
BROEKEMA, John - Capel, P18, R7, D87, H87
BROEKSTRA, Martin - Lincoln, P111, R99, D45, H47
BROEKSTRA, Johanna - Lincoln, P111, R100, D45, H47
BROEKSTRA, Anje - Lincoln, P112, R1, D45, H47
BROERSMA, Peter - Nassau, P158, R53, D261, H264
BROERSMA, Gertie - Nassau, P158, R54, D261, H264
BROLSMA, Gossen - Orange City, P103, R23, D175, H178
BROLSMA, Johanna - Orange City, P103, R24, D175, H178
BROLSMA, Jennie - Orange City, P103, R25, D175, H178
BROLSMA, Winnie - Orange City, P103, R26, D175, H178
BROLSMA, John - Orange City, P103, R27, D175, H178
BROLSMA, George - Orange City, P103, R28, D175, H178
BROLSMA, Annie - Orange City, P103, R29, D175, H178
BROLSMA, Katie - Orange City, P103, R30, D175, H178
BROLSMA, Jacob - Lincoln, P111, R50, D31, H33
BROM, Edwin - Rock, P189, R31, D260, H267
BROM, Julia - Rock, P189, R32, D260, H267
BROM, Arthur - Rock, P189, R33, D260, H267
BROM, Mable - Rock, P189, R34, D260, H267
BROM, Adelaid - Rock, P189, R35, D260, H267
BROM, Wallace - Rock, P189, R36, D260, H267
BROM, Eugene - Rock, P189, R37, D260, H267
BROM, Mary - Rock, P189, R38, D260, H267
BROM, Edna - Rock, P189, R39, D260, H267
BROOKS, Anson - Eagle, P33, R96, D90, H90
BROOKS, Guss - Rock, P189, R51, D262, H269
BROUNER, Arnold - Capel, P19, R69, D112, H112
BROUWER, Anna - Lynn, P27, R89, D242, H242
BROUWER, James - Floyd, P57, R28, D98, H100
BROUWER, Maggie - Floyd, P57, R29, D98, H100
BROUWER, Jante?? - Floyd, P57, R30, D98, H100
BROUWER, Dick - Floyd, P57, R31, D98, H100
BROUWER, Peter - Lincoln, P119, R95, D207, H211
BROUWER, Johanna - Lincoln, P119, R96, D207, H211
BROUWER, Gertie - Lincoln, P119, R97, D207, H211
BROUWER, Jan - Nassau, P162, R96, D334, H337
BROUWER, Gertie - Nassau, P162, R97, D334, H337
BROUWER, Reinder - Nassau, P162, R98, D334, H337
BROUWER, Betty - Nassau, P162, R99, D334, H337
BROUWER, Cornelis - Nassau, P162, R100, D334, H337
BROUWER, Jan - Nassau, P163, R1, D334, H337
BROUWER, Wm. - Welcome, P225, R59, D29, H29
BROUWER, Nellie - Welcome, P225, R60, D29, H29
BROUWER, William - Welcome, P225, R61, D29, H29
BROUWER, Peter - Welcome, P225, R62, D29, H29
BROUWER, Maria K. - Welcome, P225, R63, D29, H29
BROUWER, John - Welcome, P225, R64, D29, H29
BROUWER, Cornelius - Welcome, P225, R65, D29, H29
BROUWER, Henry - Welcome, P225, R66, D29, H29
BROUWER, Fred - Welcome, P225, R67, D29, H29
BROUWER, Kate - Welcome, P225, R68, D29, H29
BROWER, Peter - Holland, P87, R56, D44, H44
BROWER, John H. - Logan, P125, R92, D22, H24
BROWER, Mary E. - Logan, P125, R93, D22, H24
BROWER, John M. - Logan, P125, R94, D22, H24
BROWER, Fred W. - Logan, P125, R95, D22, H24
BROWER, Fappe - Rock, P189, R69, D266, H273
BROWER, Jennie - Rock, P189, R70, D266, H273
BROWER, Henry - Rock, P189, R71, D266, H273
BROWER, James - Rock, P189, R72, D266, H273
BROWER, Annie - Rock, P189, R73, D266, H273
BROWER, Wm. - Sheridan, P212, R44, D187, H187
BROWER, Lena - Sheridan, P212, R45, D187, H187
BROWER, Anna - Sheridan, P212, R46, D187, H187
BROWER, Gertie - Sheridan, P212, R47, D187, H187
BROWN, Sabia E. - Buncombe, P8, R23, D173, H173
BROWN, George S. - Buncombe, P8, R100, D192, H192
BROWN, Harriet J. - Buncombe, P9, R1, D192, H192
BROWN, Frank L. - Buncombe, P9, R2, D192, H192
BROWN, Edith L. - Buncombe, P9, R3, D192, H192
BROWN, James R. - Buncombe, P9, R4, D192, H192
BROWN, Bernice - Buncombe, P9, R5, D192, H192
BROWN, Archie L. - Buncombe, P9, R59, D205, H205
BROWN, Grace G. - Buncombe, P9, R60, D205, H205
BROWN, Nellie G. - Buncombe, P11, R31, D232, H232
BROWN, Harry C. - Buncombe, P11, R32, D232, H232
BROWN, Ethel M. - Buncombe, P11, R33, D232, H232
BROWN, Merton - Buncombe, P11, R34, D232, H232
BROWN, Willard - Buncombe, P11, R35, D232, H232
BROWN, L. H. - Capel, P13, R40, D9, H9
BROWN, J. L. - Eagle, P30, R24, D23, H23
BROWN, M.J. - Eagle, P30, R25, D23, H23
BROWN, Earl - Eagle, P30, R26, D23, H23
BROWN, Carrie - Eagle, P30, R27, D23, H23
BROWN, Ettie Jane - Eagle, P30, R28, D23, H23
BROWN, Harley - Eagle, P30, R29, D23, H23
BROWN, Laura Olivia - Eagle, P30, R30, D23, H23
BROWN, Leshy M. - Eagle, P30, R31, D23, H23
BROWN, George - Center, P34, R97, D106, H106
BROWN, Mary - Center, P34, R98, D106, H106
BROWN, Edward - Center, P34, R99, D106, H106
BROWN, Jennie - Center, P34, R100, D106, H106
BROWN, Harry - Center, P35, R1, D106, H106
BROWN, Stella - Center, P35, R2, D106, H106
BROWN, Selma - Center, P35, R3, D106, H106
BROWN, Grace - Center, P35, R4, D106, H106
BROWN, Ruth - Center, P35, R5, D106, H106
BROWN, (not named) - Center, P35, R6, D106, H106
BROWN, W. Z. - Center, P36, R8, D125, H125
BROWN, Agnes - Center, P36, R9, D125, H125
BROWN, Margaret - Center, P36, R10, D125, H125
BROWN, Edith - Center, P36, R11, D125, H125
BROWN, Lizzie - Center, P36, R12, D125, H125
BROWN, Robert C. - Center, P40, R2, D195, H195
BROWN, Elizabeth - Center, P40, R3, D195, H195
BROWN, John Stuart - Center, P40, R4, D195, H195
BROWN, Helen C. - Center, P40, R5, D195, H195
BROWN, James - Center, P40, R12, D197, H197
BROWN, Mary - Center, P40, R13, D197, H197
BROWN, Clifford - Center, P40, R14, D197, H197
BROWN, William - Center, P40, R15, D197, H197
BROWN, Edna - Center, P40, R16, D197, H197
BROWN, Herbert - Center, P40, R17, D197, H197
BROWN, Edith - Center, P40, R18, D197, H197
BROWN, Eunice M. - Grant, P83, R27, D111, H113
BROWN, Jasper - Holland, P88, R76, D69, H69
BROWN, Janneje - Holland, P88, R77, D69, H69
BROWN, Durkee - Holland, P88, R78, D69, H69
BROWN, Mettje - Holland, P88, R79, D69, H69
BROWN, Greetje - Holland, P88, R80, D69, H69
BROWN, Peter - Holland, P88, R81, D69, H69
BROWN, Cornelia - Holland, P88, R82, D69, H69
BROWN, Arie - Holland, P88, R83, D69, H69
BROWN, Janneje - Holland, P88, R84, D69, H69
BROWN, A??jantje - Holland, P88, R85, D69, H69
BROWN, Edgar D. - Orange City, P105, R4, D213, H216
BROWN, Dora - Orange City, P105, R5, D213, H216
BROWN, George C. - Orange City, P105, R6, D213, H216
BROWN, Alice L. - Orange City, P105, R7, D213, H216
BROWN, Chas R. - Lincoln, P111, R39, D28, H30
BROWN, Margurita C. - Lincoln, P111, R40, D28, H30
BROWN, Anna - Lincoln, P111, R45, D29, H31
BROWN, Ella - Lincoln, P113, R91, D88, H91
BROWN, Lillie - Lincoln, P114, R23, D96, H99
BROWN, Allen R. - Logan, P127, R40, D54, H60
BROWN, Allen R. - Logan, P132, R54, D157, H170
BROWN, Charles W. - Logan, P136, R59, D230, H243
BROWN, Matilda G. - Logan, P136, R60, D230, H243
BROWN, Esther M. - Logan, P136, R61, D230, H243
BROWN, Jim - Nassau, P146, R77, D51, H51
BROWN, Phebe J. - Reading, P164, R64, D15, H15
BROWN, Daniel R. - Reading, P164, R65, D15, H15
BROWN, Archie E. - Reading, P164, R66, D15, H15
BROWN, Ernie F. - Reading, P164, R67, D15, H15
BROWN, Cora E. - Reading, P164, R68, D15, H15
BROWN, John - Reading, P166, R26, D51, H51
BROWN, Evelyn F. - Reading, P166, R27, D51, H51
BROWN, Barbara - Rock, P177, R72, D32, H35
BROWN, Nelson - Rock, P181, R11, D103, H107
BROWN, Olive - Rock, P181, R12, D103, H107
BROWN, Brooks - Rock, P181, R13, D103, H107
BROWN, Margarite - Rock, P181, R14, D103, H107
BROWN, Weber M. - Rock, P190, R65, D281, H288
BROWN, Je?? - Rock, P190, R66, D281, H288
BROWN, Vera - Rock, P190, R67, D281, H288
BROWN, Fappe - Rock, P190, R68, D281, H288
BROWN, Nicholas - Rock, P190, R69, D281, H288
BROWN, Grace - Rock, P190, R70, D281, H288
BROWN, Edward - Sioux, P194, R19, D21, H21
BROWN, Emma - Sioux, P194, R20, D21, H21
BROWN, Cora - Sioux, P194, R21, D21, H21
BROWN, Lila - Sioux, P194, R22, D21, H21
BROWN, Edward - Sioux, P194, R23, D21, H21
BROWN, Fred - Sioux, P194, R26, D21, H21
BROWN, Mabel - Settler, P200, R14, D104, H104
BROWN, Fred - Sheridan, P208, R6, D107, H107
BROWN, Minnie - Sheridan, P208, R7, D107, H107
BROWN, Walter - Sheridan, P208, R8, D107, H107
BROWN, Maggie - Sheridan, P208, R9, D107, H107
BROWN, Ella - Sheridan, P208, R10, D107, H107
BROWN, Emma - Sheridan, P208, R11, D107, H107

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