1900 Iowa Census Index

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B??? to BEA

Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

B???, Minnie - Nassau, P151b, R59, D147, H148
B????, Thomas - Sherman, P214a, R50, D16, H16
B?????, Thomas - Sheridan, P204b, R80, D39, H39
B?????, ??? - Sheridan, P204b, R81, D39, H39
B?????, L??n - Sheridan, P204b, R82, D39, H39
B?????, E??? - Sheridan, P204b, R83, D39, H39
BAACK, John J. J. - Plato, P76a, R43, D176, H177
BAACK, Frederick - Reading, P172b, R71, D193, H195
BAACK, Martha - Reading, P172b, R72, D193, H195
BAACK, Charlie - Reading, P172b, R73, D193, H195
BAACK, Lizzie - Reading, P172b, R74, D193, H195
BAACK, Fritz - Reading, P172b, R75, D193, H195
BAACK, Herman - Reading, P172b, R76, D193, H195
BAACK, Henry F. - Reading, P172b, R88, D195, H197
BAACK, Alvina - Reading, P172b, R89, D195, H197
BAACK, Willie F. G. - Reading, P172b, R90, D195, H197
BAACK, Henry W. J. - Reading, P172b, R91, D195, H197
BAACK, Frederick, Sr. - Reading, P172b, R92, D195, H197
BAACK, John - Reading, P173a, R1, D197, H199
BAACK, Wilhelmena - Reading, P173a, R2, D197, H199
BAACK, Charles - Reading, P173a, R3, D197, H199
BAACK, John - Reading, P173a, R4, D197, H199
BAACK, Alvina - Reading, P173a, R5, D197, H199
BAACK, Amelia - Reading, P173a, R6, D197, H199
BAACK, Bertha - Reading, P173a, R7, D197, H199
BAACK, Henry - Reading, P174b, R72, D229, H231
BAACK, Julia Mary - Reading, P174b, R73, D229, H231
BAACK, Ernest John - Reading, P174b, R74, D229, H231
BAACK, Ludwig J. - Reading, P174b, R75, D229, H231
BAACK, Ida S. - Reading, P174b, R76, D229, H231
BAACK, Lena M. - Reading, P174b, R77, D229, H231
BAACK, Emil - Reading, P174b, R78, D229, H231
BAACK, Arthur W. - Reading, P174b, R79, D229, H231
BAACK, Edward L. - Reading, P174b, R80, D229, H231
BAACK, Linda - Reading, P174b, R81, D229, H231
BAACK, Eldo - Reading, P174b, R82, D229, H231
BAACK, Otto L. - Reading, P174b, R83, D229, H231
BAADTE, Peter S. - Grant, P82a, R26, D93, H94
BAADTE, Elnora - Grant, P82a, R27, D93, H94
BAADTE, Addia L. - Grant, P82a, R28, D93, H94
BAADTE, Sabina M. - Grant, P82a, R29, D93, H94
BAADTE, Marjorie E. - Grant, P82a, R30, D93, H94
BAADTE, Colin C. - Grant, P82a, R31, D93, H94
BAADTE, Frank A. - Grant, P82a, R36, D95, H96
BAADTE, Mary E. - Grant, P82a, R37, D95, H96
BAADTE, George C. - Grant, P82a, R38, D95, H96
BAADTE, George W. - Grant, P82a, R39, D95, H96
BAARTMAN, Herman - Holland, P91b, R59, D121, H121
BAARTMAN, Kate - Holland, P91b, R60, D121, H121
BAAS, Nanne - Floyd, P52b, R67, D16, H16
BAAS, Johanna - Floyd, P52b, R68, D16, H16
BAAS, John - Garfield, P65a, R40, D8, H8
BAAS, Jacob - Garfield, P65b, R63, D13, H13
BAAS, Susan - Garfield, P65b, R64, D13, H13
BAAS, Mary - Garfield, P65b, R65, D13, H13
BAAS, John - Garfield, P65b, R66, D13, H13
BAAS, Jessie - Garfield, P65b, R67, D13, H13
BAAS, Jacob - Garfield, P65b, R68, D13, H13
BAAS, Jacob D. - Holland, P90a, R1, D97, H97
BAAS, Gertrude C. - Holland, P90a, R2, D97, H97
BAAS, John - Holland, P90a, R3, D97, H97
BAAS, Jennie - Holland, P90a, R4, D97, H97
BAAS, Albert - Holland, P90a, R5, D97, H97
BAAS, Cornelius - Holland, P90a, R6, D97, H97
BAAS, Richard E. - Holland, P90a, R7, D97, H97
BAAS, Dick - Orange City, P95a, R38, D6, H6
BAAS, Jacob - Nassau, P158a, R43, D257, H260
BAAS/BROUWER, Gertie - Nassau, P163a, R2, D334, H337
BACOTT, Ethel E. - Logan, P136b, R79, D234, H247
BAD, Lena - East Orange, P42a, R35, D29, H29
BAD, Henry - Grant, P77a, R6, D1, H1
BADEN/BADER, Frederick - Eagle, P34a, R33, D96, H96
BADEN/BADER, Sophia - Eagle, P34a, R34, D96, H96
BADEN/BADER, Minnie - Eagle, P34a, R35, D96, H96
BADEN/BADER, George - Eagle, P34a, R36, D96, H96
BADEN/BADER, Christopher - Eagle, P34a, R37, D96, H96
BADER, Samuel R. - Logan, P125a, R30, D8, H8
BADER, Maria J. - Logan, P125a, R31, D8, H8
BADER, Eula B. - Logan, P125a, R32, D8, H8
BADER, Oliver A. - Logan, P126b, R65, D36, H40
BADER, Elizabeth A. - Logan, P126b, R66, D36, H40
BADER, Howard M. - Logan, P128b, R78, D81, H92
BADER, Russell P. - Washington, P138a, R1, D262, H275
BADER, Elsie - Washington, P138a, R2, D262, H275
BADER, S. Ralph, jr. - Washington, P138a, R3, D262, H275
BADER, Harry E. - Washington, P138a, R4, D262, H275
BADER, Pearl L. - Washington, P138a, R5, D262, H275
BAER, Earnest - Orange City, P101a, R27, D135, H138
BAER, Dena M. - Orange City, P101a, R28, D135, H138
BAER, Willie P. - Orange City, P101a, R29, D135, H138
BAER, John Henry - Orange City, P101a, R30, D135, H138
BAER, Freeda H. - Orange City, P101a, R31, D135, H138
BAER, George E. - Orange City, P101a, R32, D135, H138
BAER, Lorenza S. - Orange City, P101a, R33, D135, H138
BAETKE, Wm. - Sheridan, P211a, R38, D168, H168
BAETKE, Tjode - Sheridan, P211a, R39, D168, H168
BAETKE, Elizebeth - Sheridan, P211a, R40, D168, H168
BAETKE, John - Sheridan, P211a, R41, D168, H168
BAETKE, Emma - Sheridan, P211a, R42, D168, H168
BAETKE, Mirea - Sheridan, P211a, R43, D168, H168
BAETKE, August - Sheridan, P211a, R44, D168, H168
BAILEY, Ernest E. - Garfield, P66b, R77, D32, H32
BAILEY, Mary - Garfield, P66b, R78, D32, H32
BAILEY, M. Filmore - Garfield, P68b, R60, D70, H71
BAILEY, Mary - Garfield, P68b, R61, D70, H71
BAILEY, Lewis W. - Garfield, P68b, R62, D70, H71
BAILEY, Joel Stewart - Garfield, P68b, R63, D70, H71
BAILEY, Herbert M. - Plato, P76b, R56, D179, H180
BAILEY, Nettie E. - Plato, P76b, R57, D179, H180
BAILEY, Joyce N. - Plato, P76b, R58, D179, H180
BAILEY, Lincoln - Washington, P139a, R19, D285, H298
BAILEY, Elizabeth A. - Washington, P139a, R20, D285, H298
BAILEY, Albert E. - Washington, P139a, R21, D285, H298
BAILEY, John L. - Washington, P139a, R22, D285, H298
BAILEY, Harold B. - Washington, P139a, R23, D285, H298
BAILEY, Charles Fletcher - Reading, P165b, R97, D46, H46
BAILEY, Elizabeth - Reading, P165b, R98, D46, H46
BAILEY, Elsie Edith - Reading, P165b, R99, D46, H46
BAILEY, Hazel May - Reading, P165b, R100, D46, H46
BAILEY, Cyrus P. - Reading, P166a, R16, D49, H49
BAILEY, Martha Rebecka - Reading, P166a, R17, D49, H49
BAILEY, Glenn Roy Clifford - Reading, P166a, R18, D49, H49
BAILEY, Mary Floy - Reading, P166a, R19, D49, H49
BAIRD, Albert H. - Logan, P130b, R85, D129, H142
BAIRD, Stephen - Sheridan, P203a, R33, D7, H7
BAIRD, Owen - Sheridan, P203a, R44, D10, H10
BAIRD, Mattie (SAEGER) - Sheridan, P203a, R45, D10, H10
BAIRD, Leone - Sheridan, P203a, R46, D10, H10
BAJEMA, Wm. - Welcome, P224b, R92, D16, H16
BAJEMA, Otto - West Branch, P233, R3, D23, H24
BAJEMA, Fa??? - West Branch, P233, R4, D23, H24
BAJEMA, ???? - West Branch, P233, R5, D23, H24
BAJEMA, John - West Branch, P233, R6, D23, H24
BAJEMA, Alice - West Branch, P233, R7, D23, H24
BAJEMA, Jacob - West Branch, P233, R8, D23, H24
BAJEMA, Bennie - West Branch, P233, R9, D23, H24
BAJEMA, Dirk - West Branch, P233, R10, D23, H24
BAJEMA, Agnes - West Branch, P233, R11, D23, H24
BAKER, Bouhtag - Lynn, P27a, R24, D232, H232
BAKER, Pietertje C. - Plato, P72a, R4, D109, H110
BAKER, Pearson - Sherman, P222a, R7, D156, H156
BAKER, Malinda - Sherman, P222a, R8, D156, H156
BAKER, Bessie - Sherman, P222a, R9, D156, H156
BAKER, Effie - Sherman, P222a, R10, D156, H156
BAKER, Francis Edna - Sherman, P222a, R11, D156, H156
BAKKER, Henry - Rock, P185, R91, D208, H215
BAKKER, Anne - Rock, P185, R92, D208, H215
BAKKER, Linnie - Rock, P185, R93, D208, H215
BAKKER, Jacob - Rock, P185, R94, D208, H215
BAKKER, Jennie - Rock, P185, R95, D208, H215
BAKKER, Rowlina - Rock, P185, R96, D208, H215
BAKKER, Ida - Rock, P185, R97, D208, H215
BALANDER, Cart D. - Buncombe, P2a, R45, D37, H37
BALANDER, Emma - Buncombe, P2a, R46, D37, H37
BALANDER, Edna D. - Buncombe, P2a, R47, D37, H37
BALCOM, Walden - Buncombe, P6a, R9, D123, H123
BALCOM, Emma J. - Buncombe, P6a, R10, D123, H123
BALCOM, Maurice E. - Buncombe, P6a, R11, D123, H123
BALKEMA, Peter - Floyd, P59b, R72, D149, H151
BALKEMA, Tryntje - Floyd, P59b, R73, D149, H151
BALKEMA, Albert - Orange City, P104b, R61, D205, H208
BALKEMA, Dena - Orange City, P104b, R62, D205, H208
BALKEMA, Peter - Orange City, P104b, R63, D205, H208
BALKEMA, John B. - Orange City, P104b, R64, D205, H208
BALKEMA, Katie - Orange City, P104b, R65, D205, H208
BALKEMA, Nettie - Orange City, P104b, R66, D205, H208
BALKEMA, Clarence E. - Orange City, P104b, R67, D205, H208
BALKEMA, Evelyn S. - Orange City, P104b, R68, D205, H208
BALKEMA, -- - Orange City, P104b, R69, D205, H208
BALKEMA, Nicholas - West Branch, P234a, R47, D52, H53
BALKEMA, Clara - West Branch, P234a, R48, D52, H53
BALKEMA, Katie - West Branch, P234a, R49, D52, H53
BALKEMA, Walter - West Branch, P234a, R50, D52, H53
BALKEMA, Jennie - West Branch, P234b, R51, D52, H53
BALKEMA, Mabel F. - West Branch, P234b, R52, D52, H53
BALKEMA, James - West Branch, P237b, R72, D119, H121
BALKEMA, Martha - West Branch, P237b, R73, D119, H121
BALKEMA, Tena - West Branch, P237b, R74, D119, H121
BALKEMA, Charles - West Branch, P237b, R75, D119, H121
BALL, Thos - Eagle, P31a, R14, D37, H37
BALL, Emmett R. - Logan, P125a, R33, D9, H9
BALL, Jennie - Logan, P125a, R34, D9, H9
BALL, Verne E. - Logan, P125a, R35, D9, H9
BALL, Lloyd R. - Logan, P125a, R36, D9, H9
BALL, George F. - Logan, P129b , R80, D106, H119
BALL, Minnie K. - Logan, P129b , R81, D106, H119
BALL, Maynard R. - Logan, P129b , R82, D106, H119
BALL, Myrtle M. - Logan, P129b , R83, D106, H119
BALL, Lila - Logan, P129b , R84, D106, H119
BALL, Clyde - Logan, P129b , R85, D106, H119
BALL, Theodore A. - Washington, P140a, R14, D305, H318
BALL, Ida L. E. - Washington, P140a, R15, D305, H318
BALL, Lena W. - Washington, P140a, R16, D305, H318
BALL, Ella E. - Washington, P140a, R17, D305, H318
BALL, Avold A. - Washington, P140a, R18, D305, H318
BALL, Otto B. - Washington, P140a, R19, D305, H318
BALL, Rinehart - Washington, P140a, R20, D305, H318
BALL, Ben? - Sherman, P216, R66, D68, H68
BALL, Martha - Sherman, P216, R67, D68, H68
BALLARD, Chas. C. - Buncombe, P8a, R32, D175, H175
BALLARD, Etna - Buncombe, P11a, R30, D231, H231
BALLARD, Edward - East Orange, P46b , R72, D89, H91
BALLARD, Reuben - Lincoln, P110b , R93, D19, H20
BALLARD, Adelasite - Lincoln, P110b , R94, D19, H20
BALLARD, Ed - Lincoln, P113a, R10, D71, H73
BALLARD, Minnie - Lincoln, P113a, R11, D71, H73
BALLARD, Frank C. - Logan, P125a, R25, D7, H7
BALLARD, Elmira A. (married before to MAXWELLE?) - Logan, P125a, R26, D7, H7
BALLARD, Erma G. - Logan, P125a, R29, D7, H7
BALLER, Fred - Buncombe, P4a, R47, D88, H88
BALLER, Bessie M. - Buncombe, P4a, R48, D88, H88
BALLER, Shirley A. - Buncombe, P4a, R49, D88, H88
BALLIETT, P. J. - Eagle, P31b, R67, D46, H46
BALSTER, Frank - East Orange, P49a, R10, D124, H126
BALSTER, Mary E. - East Orange, P49a, R11, D124, H126
BALSTER, Joseph - East Orange, P49a, R12, D124, H126
BALSTER, Mary M. - East Orange, P49a, R13, D124, H126
BALSTER, Henry H. - East Orange, P49a, R14, D124, H126
BALSTER, Frank J. - East Orange, P49a, R15, D124, H126
BALSTER, August K. - East Orange, P49a, R16, D124, H126
BALSTER, Herman H. - East Orange, P49a, R17, D124, H126
BALSTER, Mary M. - East Orange, P49a, R18, D124, H126
BALSTER, Henry H. - East Orange, P49b, R84, D135, H137
BALSTER, Joseph - Washington, P143b, R54, D359, H373
BALSTER, Anton - Nassau, P148b, R100, D96, H97
BALSTER, Elizabeth - Nassau, P149a, R1, D96, H97
BALSTER, Katie - Nassau, P149b, R2, D96, H97
BALSTER, Frank - Nassau, P149b, R3, D96, H97
BALSTER, Anthony - Nassau, P149b, R4, D96, H97
BALSTER, Legora - Nassau, P149b, R5, D96, H97
BALSTER, Barney - Nassau, P149b, R6, D96, H97
BAMBERG, Peter - Nassau, P148b, R76, D91, H92
BAMBERG, Philomene - Nassau, P148b, R77, D91, H92
BAMBERG, Matt - Nassau, P148b, R79, D92, H93
BAMBERG, Katherine - Nassau, P148b, R80, D92, H93
BAMBERG, Anna - Nassau, P148b, R81, D92, H93
BAMBERG, Laurance - Nassau, P148b, R82, D92, H93
BAMBERG, Julius - Nassau, P148b, R83, D92, H93
BANG, Henry J. - East Orange, P47b, R62, D101, H103
BANGS, Julia A. - Eagle, P33a, R26, D76, H76
BANGS or SIMPKINS, Perry F. - Eagle, P33a, R27, D76, H76
BANKAMP, Wm. - Sheridan, P210a, R13, D146, H146
BANNA, John - Center, P39a, R9, D176, H176
BARDINK, Henry - Floyd, P58a, R9, D114, H116
BARDINK, Henry - Floyd, P58a, R10, D114, H116
BARENWALD, August - Grant, P80b, R87, D70, H71
BARENWALD, Matilda - Grant, P80b, R88, D70, H71
BARENWALD, William - Grant, P80b, R89, D70, H71
BARENWALD, Leo - Grant, P80b, R90, D70, H71
BARENWALD, Dora - Grant, P80b, R91, D70, H71
BARENWALD, Frederick - Grant, P80b, R92, D70, H71
BARENWALD, Rosa - Grant, P80b, R93, D70, H71
BARKER, Geo H. - Buncombe, P5b, R70, D116, H116
BARKER, Annabel A. - Buncombe, P5b, R71, D116, H116
BARKER, Edith A. - Buncombe, P5b, R72, D116, H116
BARKER, John R. - Buncombe, P5b, R73, D116, H116
BARKER, Hugh H. - Buncombe, P5b, R74, D116, H116
BARLES, Annie - Nassau, P144b, R76, D10, H10
BARNES, Daniel B. - Buncombe, P2b, R61, D43, H43
BARNES, James - Reading, P175a, R45, D241, H243
BARNUM, Ell F. - Logan, P132b, R73, D162, H175
BARNUM, Sarah J. - Logan, P132b, R74, D162, H175
BARNUM, Willie F. - Logan, P132b, R75, D162, H175
BARNUM, Ethel M. - Logan, P132b, R76, D162, H175
BARNUM, Ella J. - Logan, P132b, R77, D162, H175
BARNUM, Ada D. - Logan, P132b, R78, D162, H175
BARNUM, Grace E. - Logan, P132b, R79, D162, H175
BARON, William - Rock, P188, R24, D244, H251
BARON, Freda - Rock, P188, R25, D244, H251
BARON, Henry - Rock, P188, R26, D244, H251
BARON, Simon - Rock, P188, R27, D244, H251
BARON, Mary - Rock, P188, R28, D244, H251
BARON, Martha - Rock, P188, R29, D244, H251
BARTELS, Peter - Plato, P74a, R23, D146, H147
BARTELS, Grace - Plato, P74a, R24, D146, H147
BARTELS, Ralf - Plato, P74a, R25, D146, H147
BARTELS, Henry - Plato, P74a, R26, D146, H147
BARTELS, John - Plato, P74a, R27, D146, H147
BARTELS, Nelliie - Plato, P74a, R28, D146, H147
BARTELS, Mary - Plato, P74a, R29, D146, H147
BARTELS, Cynthia (married George MEERDING) - Plato, P74a, R30, D146, H147
BARTELS, Annie - Plato, P74a, R31, D146, H147
BARTH, Geo - Lincoln, P120b, R68, D224, H228
BARTH, Chas L. - Lincoln, P121a, R16, D233, H237
BARTH, Clara - Lincoln, P121a, R17, D233, H237
BARTH, Josephine - Lincoln, P121a, R18, D233, H237
BARTH, John - Lincoln, P121a, R19, D233, H237
BARTH, Louis - Welcome, P227a, R25, D57, H57
BARTH, Jane - Welcome, P227a, R26, D57, H57
BARTHOLOMAUS, Addie - Grant, P82b, R85, D103, H104
BARTLETT, C. N. - Center, P35b, R100, D124, H124
BARTLETT, Lydia - Center, P36a, R1, D124, H124
BARTLETT, Marietta - Center, P36a, R2, D124, H124
BARTLETT, Floyd - Center, P36a, R3, D124, H124
BARTLETT, Lena E. (married Mr, CABLE) - Center, P36a, R4, D124, H124
BARTLETT, Pearl - Center, P36a, R5, D124, H124
BARTLETT, Earl - Center, P36a, R6, D124, H124
BARTLETT, George R. - Plato, P76b, R60, D180, H181
BARTLETT, Anna - Plato, P76b, R61, D180, H181
BARTLETT, Arthur W. - Plato, P76b, R62, D180, H181
BARTLETT, Ruth ?. - Plato, P76b, R63, D180, H181
BARTLETT, Frank - Plato, P76b, R64, D180, H181
BARTLETT, Howard - Washington, P139a, R1, D281, H294
BARTLETT, Hanna Jane - Reading, P164b, R69, D16, H16
BARTLETT, Olive P. - Reading, P164b, R70, D16, H16
BARTLETT, Hattie - Reading, P164b, R71, D16, H16
BARTLETT, Mary Ethel - Reading, P169, R69, D141, H142
BARTLING, Emma D. - Sheridan, P205a, R38, D54, H54
BARTLING, Elizabeth - Sheridan, P205a, R39, D54, H54
BARTMAN, Peter - Capel, P14b, R64, D33, H33
BARTMAN, Elizabeth - Capel, P14b, R65, D33, H33
BARTMAN, Mary - Capel, P14b, R66, D33, H33
BARTMAN, Annie - Capel, P14b, R67, D33, H33
BARTMAN, Peter - Capel, P14b, R68, D33, H33
BARTMAN, Lizzie - Capel, P14b, R69, D33, H33
BARTMAN, Tillie - Capel, P14b, R70, D33, H33
BARTMAN, Barret - West Branch, P240a, R39, D173, H175
BARTMAN, Paulline - West Branch, P240, R40, D173, H175
BARTMAN, Elizabeth B. - West Branch, P240, R41, D173, H175
BARTMAN, Pluyn - West Branch, P240, R42, D173, H175
BARTMAN, Arie - West Branch, P240, R43, D173, H175
BARTON, Sam - Buncombe, P11a, R8, D227, H227
BARTON, Oscar W. - Logan, P135a, R4, D200, H213
BARTON, Bertha K. - West Branch, P235a, R6, D64, H65
BASKELONE, Wm. - Rock, P184, R67, D183, H190
BASS, Edward A. - Buncombe, P6, R24, D126, H126
BASS, Milo D. - Buncombe, P6, R25, D126, H126
BASS, Chester A. - Buncombe, P6, R26, D126, H126
BASS, Ella - Buncombe, P6, R27, D126, H126
BAST, A. P. - Garfield, P66, R32, D24, H24
BATER, William C. - East Orange, P50b, R63, D146, H148
BAUDER, John - Garfield, P66a, R15, D22, H22
BAUDER, Gottlieb - Garfield, P66b, R60, D29, H29
BAUDER, Salma - Garfield, P66b, R61, D29, H29
BAUDER, William - Garfield, P66b, R62, D29, H29
BAUDER, George - Garfield, P66b, R63, D29, H29
BAUDER, Emma E. - Garfield, P66b, R64, D29, H29
BAUDER, Fred - Garfield, P66b, R65, D29, H29
BAUER, Henry - Plato, P73b, R78, D139, H140
BAUER, Dora - Plato, P73b, R79, D139, H140
BAUER, Elizabeth - Plato, P73b, R80, D139, H140
BAUER, Martha - Plato, P73b, R81, D139, H140
BAUER, Rudolph - Plato, P73b, R82, D139, H140
BAUER, Minnie - Plato, P73b, R83, D139, H140
BAUER, He??y - Plato, P73b, R84, D139, H140
BAUER, Albert - Plato, P73b, R85, D139, H140
BAUER, Clara - Plato, P73b, R86, D139, H140
BAUER, Gustav - Plato, P73b, R87, D139, H140
BAUER, Emil - Plato, P73b, R88, D139, H140
BAUER, Martha - Plato, P75b, R61, D164, H165
BAUMA, Bert - Lincoln, P124a, R34, D294, H299
BAUMA, Mary - Lincoln, P124a, R35, D294, H299
BAUMA, Delia - Lincoln, P124a, R36, D294, H299
BAUMA, Peter - Sheridan, P210b, R77, D159, H159
BAUMA, Berta - Sheridan, P210b, R78, D159, H159
BAUMA, Niel - Sheridan, P210b, R79, D159, H159
BAUMA, Dick - Sheridan, P210b, R80, D159, H159
BAUMA, Gerber - Sheridan, P210b, R81, D159, H159
BAUMAN, Henry C. - Rock, P179b, R54, D75, H78
BAUMAN, Gertrude - Rock, P179b, R55, D75, H78
BAUMAN, Josie - Rock, P179b, R56, D75, H78
BAUMAN, Tom - Rock, P179b, R57, D75, H78
BAUMAN, Willie - Rock, P179b, R58, D75, H78
BAUMAN, Tillie - Rock, P179b, R59, D75, H78
BAUMGARTNER, John - Garfield, P66, R59, D28, H28
BAUMLER?, Annie - Nassau, P145a, R20, D19, H19
BAUNE, Charles - Nassau, P155b, R86, D214, H216
BAUNE, Annie - Nassau, P155b, R87, D214, H216
BAUNE, Joseph - Nassau, P155b, R88, D214, H216
BAUNE, Henry - Nassau, P155b, R89, D214, H216
BEACH, Isack W. - Lincoln, P115a, R14, D119, H123
BEACH, Emily - Lincoln, P115a, R15, D119, H123
BEACH, Gertrude E. - Lincoln, P115a, R16, D119, H123
BEACH, Clayton L. - Lincoln, P115a, R17, D119, H123
BEACH, Adelade M. - Lincoln, P115a, R18, D119, H123
BEACH, Muriel - Lincoln, P115a, R19, D119, H123
BEACH, Shirley L. - Lincoln, P115b, R89, D135, H139
BEACH, Stella C. - Lincoln, P115b, R90, D135, H139
BEADLE, John - Garfield, P68b, R56, D70, H70
BEADLE, June - Garfield, P68b, R57, D70, H70
BEADLE, William T. - Garfield, P68b, R58, D70, H70
BEADLE, George E. - Garfield, P68b, R59, D70, H70
BEADLE, William H. - Garfield, P68b, R64, D71, H72
BEADLE, Rebecca - Garfield, P68b, R65, D71, H72
BEADLE, Jennie E. C. - Garfield, P68b, R66, D71, H72
BEADLE, Joseph T. - Garfield, P68b, R67, D71, H72
BEALS, Anson - Logan, P134b, R68, D194, H207
BEALS, Eve M. (WESTFALL) - Logan, P134b, R69, D194, H207
BEALS, Grace M. - Logan, P134b, R70, D194, H207
BEALS, Margurete D. - Logan, P134b, R71, D194, H207
BEALS, Francis L. - Logan, P134b, R72, D194, H207
BEALS, Charles - Logan, P135a, R30, D205, H218
BEAMAN, William E. - Nassau, P152b, R87, D171, H172
BEAMAN, Anna - Nassau, P152b, R88, D171, H172
BEAMAN, Buddlouis - Nassau, P152b, R89, D171, H172
BEAMAN, Levanghu - Nassau, P152b, R90, D171, H172
BEATTY, William - Logan, P125a, R19, D5, H5
BEAUMONT, Louisa E. - Logan, P126b, R67, D36, H40

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