The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  - 1908 

Prominent Citizens of Sioux Center and West Branch Township
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Bolks_S_Mr.jpg (33725 bytes)
Mr. S. Bolks
Bolks_S_Mrs.jpg (35912 bytes)
Mrs. S. Bolks
DeVries_Gerben_fam.jpg (50378 bytes)
Gerben De Vries
and Family
DeVries_GA_res.jpg (59138 bytes)
Residence of
G. A. De Vries
Schut_PeterS_fam.jpg (53447 bytes)
Peter S. Schut
and Family
VerMeer_Everet_fam.jpg (37671 bytes)
Evert Ver Meer
and Family 
Remerde_JW_fam.jpg (54209 bytes)
J.W. Remerde
and Family
VanDerMeulen_CH_fam.jpg (46573 bytes)
C.H. Van Der Meulen
and Family
VerMeer_Gerrit_fam.jpg (56104 bytes)
Gerrit Ver Meer
and Family
VerMeer_Jacob_MM.jpg (39491 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Jacob Ver Meer
Rensink_GH_fam.jpg (57061 bytes)
G, H, Rensink
and Family
Punt_Maarten_fam.jpg (52956 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Maarten Punt
Jansen_Fred_MM.jpg (38979 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Jansen
Beernink_HW_res.jpg (47759 bytes)
Farm Residence
of H. W. Beernink
VerMeer_Henry_fam.jpg (62545 bytes)
Henry Ver Meer
and Family
Jongwaard_RC_res.jpg (56067 bytes)
Residence of
R.C. Jongwaard

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