The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  - 1908 

Prominent Citizens of Welcome, Lincoln, and Sheridan Townships
Section 3 Page 25

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Jantzen_JH_res.jpg (50073 bytes)
Farm Residence 
of J.H. Jantzen
Lutjens_FD_resfam.jpg (63965 bytes)
Residence and Family
of F.D. Lutjens
Rikkers_Rutger_resfam.jpg (52090 bytes)
Residence and Family
of Rutger Rikkers
Lutjens_JH_res.jpg (65659 bytes)
Residence of
J.H. Lutjens
Rouwenhorst_John_MM.jpg (37395 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
John Rowenhorst
DeVries_H_MM.jpg (38961 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
H. De Vries
VanPutten_E_MM.jpg (42730 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
E. Van Putten
Hulstein_G_resfam.jpg (59338 bytes)
Residence and Family
of G. Hulstein
Dykstra_JohnJ.jpg (25155 bytes)
John J. Dykstra
Wynia_D_MM.jpg (35630 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
D. Wynia
Ossenfort_AugustJr_MM.jpg (39051 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
August Ossenfort,  Jr.
Ossenfort_AugustSr_MM.jpg (46382 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
August Ossenfort, Sr.
Tiedeman_Henry_MM.jpg (43610 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Tiedemann
Tiedemann_AlredWillie.jpg (42293 bytes)
Alfred and Willie
Heitritter_Fritz_MM.jpg (42060 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Fritz Heitritter
Heitritter_Olrich_fam.jpg (57751 bytes)
Olrich Heitritter
and Family
Kruse_Frederick_fam.jpg (54451 bytes)
Frederick Kruse
and Family
Cleveringa_HattieRachel.jpg (38469 bytes)
Misses Hattie and
Rachel Cleveringa


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