The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  - 1908 

Prominent Citizens Rock Township
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Quinlan_Edward_MMgson.jpg (58191 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Quinlan
and Grandson
Quinlan_Edward_res.jpg (66774 bytes)
Residence of
Edward Quinlan
Grifffin_JamesSr_MM.jpg (39256 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
James Griffin, Sr.
Griffin_JamesJr_MM.jpg (54632 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
James Griffin. Jr.
Haupt_Abraham.jpg (34163 bytes)
Haupt_Abraham_Mrs.jpg (41766 bytes)
Mrs. Abraham
Buck_Elbert_fam.jpg (55348 bytes)
Elbert Buck
and Family
Corwin_Frelon.jpg (33278 bytes)
Ruisch_John_MM.jpg (36002 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
John Ruisch
Dykstra_Mindert_MM.jpg (43834 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Mindert Dykstra
Dyksta_Jacob_fam.jpg (46005 bytes)
Jacob Dykstra
and Family
Klay_Teunis_MM.jpg (36533 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Teunis Klay
VanDeVegte_Henry_wfdau.jpg (43116 bytes)
Henry Van De Vegte,
Wife and Daughter
VanDerHaar_MM.jpg (41436 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
J. Van Der Haar
Thorsen_Charles_MM.jpg (41244 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Thorsen
Zwart_CJ_fam.jpg (57316 bytes)
C. J. Zwart
and Family
Siemonsma_HR_fam.jpg (53229 bytes)
H. R. Siemonsma
and Family
Wyffels_BL_fam.jpg (66753 bytes)
B. L. Wyffels Family
and Mrs. Lens

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