The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  - 1908 

Prominent Citizens of Lincoln Township
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Drenkow_Fred_MM.jpg (34041 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Drenkow
Drenkow_Wm_MM.jpg (35962 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Drenkow

Kloek_Gerritt_fam.jpg (62529 bytes)
Gerritt Kloek
and Family

VAnDyk_Walter_MM.jpg (37716 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Van Dyk
Brunsting_Evert_MM.jpg (37733 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Evert Brunsting
Lutjens_Carrie_Herman_Willie_Louis.jpg (49849 bytes)
Carrie, Herman, Willie
and Louis Lutjens
Lutjens_JH_MM.jpg (37627 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
J.H. Lutjens
Lutjens_Otto_Arthur.jpg (32474 bytes)
Otto and Arthur
Weber_Ernst_MM.jpg (41691 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Ernst Weber
Beckman_Peter_MM.jpg (41011 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Beckman
Fey_JA_Mrs.jpg (37141 bytes)
Mrs. J. A. Fey
Fey_JA.jpg (36794 bytes)
J. A. Fey
VanDenTop_Henry.jpg (33014 bytes)
Van Den Top
Nettinga_C_MM.jpg (36226 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
C. Nettinga
Winch_Wm_Mrs.jpg (33859 bytes)
Mrs. Wm. Winch
Winch_Wm.jpg (30828 bytes)
Wm. Winch
Bos_Ella_Albert_Lida.jpg (41198 bytes)
Ella, Albert
and Lida Bos
Bos_CC_MM.jpg (37434 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
C.C. Bos
Langhout_Henry_MM.jpg (40244 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
 Henry Langhout
Buckley_MC_MM.jpg (38009 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs.
M. C. Buckley
Boon_Arie_fam.jpg (54329 bytes)
Arie Boon
and Family

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