The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part IV Section 3 Index
Part IV Section 3 is an index of the photo album in the back of the Atlas.
Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society.

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Haas, Chas. Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p15
Hammond, David Stock Farm, sec3,p7
Hammond, S. A., sec3,p6
Hansen, Franz Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p38
Hansen, Peter Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p38
Harens, Matthew family, sec3,p35
Harmelink, G. J. Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p34
Harmelink, H. family, sec3,p34
Harmelink, John family, sec3,p32
Harmelink, John residence, sec3,p32
Haupt, Abraham Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p31
Hawkins, A. J. residence, sec3,p12
Hazlitt, Alfred Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p15
Hazlitt, Hobart, sec3,p15
Heald, Samuel Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p39
Heemstra, A. family, sec3,p36
Heemstra, John family, sec3,p28
Heemstra, Tjeerd, sec3,p36
Heidbrink, Casper residence, sec3,p7
Heideman, G. H. residence, sec3,p16
Heikens, Abbe Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p40
Heisig, F. J. Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p15,
Heitritter, Fritz Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p25
Heitritter, Olrich family, sec3,p25
Hemmingson, J. J. Farm, sec3,p10
Hemmingson, K. J. residence, sec3,p14
Hemmingson, Oliver, sec3,p10
Henkels, Paul, sec3,p36
Hentges, Chas Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p17
Hentges, John family, sec3,p17
Heynen, H. J. Rev. & Mrs., sec3,p30
Heynen, W. J. , sec3,p27
Higgins, T. F. Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p15
Hoeve, Dries Mrs., sec3,p34
Hoeven, Jacob, sec3,p5
Hoffs, Hendrikus Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p17
Hoffs, J. H. family, sec3,p17
Hollander, Teunis family, sec3,p27
Horn, J. W. Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p35
Horn, M. L. familly, sec3,p35
Hospers, J. W., sec3,p1
Hubers, A. J. family, sec3,p21
Hubers, John family, sec3,p27
Huisman, Herber Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p21
Huizinga, John Rev., sec3,p21
Hulstein, Cornelius Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p27
Hulstein , G. family, sec3,p25
Hulstein, G. Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p27
Hulstein, Stephen Mr. & Mrs., sec3,p35
Hundling, George P., sec3,p22
Hyink, James family, sec3,p35
Hyink, Joseph, sec3,p37


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