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Danish Lutheran College Elk Horn

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Photo contributed by Cheryl Siebrass, from the Carl and Christine (Andersen) Petersen collection. It isn't clear if those pictured were the graduating class or just those at the school during 1914-15. Each individual photo has a handwritten name in white ink near the bottom edge.

Thanks to Denise Wurner for taking the time to transcribe names from this photo and also for cross referencing those names with the 1915 Census records.

A1. (illegible) Larson
A2. (illegible) Hansen (possibly Marty for Martin Hansen?)
A3. C. (Christian) Mikkelsen
A4 A. (Anton) Jensen
A5. J. (Jens) C. Mortensen
A6. C. (Christian) Norgaard
A7. R. (illegible)
A8. Jes Thomson
A9. Ch(?) A. Anderson (possibly Christian Andersen?)
A10. (illegible)
A11. Tidemann Frederickson
A12. Paul (illegible)
B1. (illegible) Petersen
B2. (illegible) Petersen (possibly: Jens Petersen? J. Petersen? Thomas Petersen?)
B3. Soren Sorensen
B4. (illegible)
B5. I. (Ingvard) Vester
B6. (illegible)
B7. Rev. C. C. Kloth
B8. (illegible)
B9. Hans Jacobson
B10. (illegible)
B11. P. (illegible)
B12. L. (Lars) Andersen
B13. (illegible)
C1. (illegible)
C2. Thorvald Mark
C3. Alfred Petersen
C4. (illegible)
C5. (illegible) Larsen
C6. A. (illegible)
C7. M. Jacobsen
C8. Irma (Jensen?)
C9. (illegible)
C10. L. (Loren) Laustsen
C11. L. (Lars) Larsen?
C12. (illegible)
D1. (?) Andersen
D2. (illegible)
D3. Hans Freund
D4. (illegible)
D5. (illegible)
D6. M. (Marie) Toval
D7. Alfred Koch
D8. (illegible)
D9. (illegible)
D10. (illegible)
D11. H. (Hans) Jensen
D12. Carl Twenstrup
D13. (illegible)
E1. A. (Alfred) Petersen
E2. (illegible) Madsen (possibly Chris, Harold or Peter?)
E3. Peter (Loe? Toe?)
E4. (illegible) Petersen
E5. Lizzy (Guile? Gude?)
E6. A. (illegible)
E7. (illegible)
E8. (illegible) Petersen (possibly Laurik, J., or Thomas?)
E9. N. (illegible)
E10. C. (Christian) Christensen
F1. (illegible)
F2. (illegible)
F3. (illegible)
F4. (Chris Jensen?)
F5. C. (Christian) Petersen
F6. (Cris Jacobsen?)
F7. Lydia Jensen
F8. C. (Christian) Andersen
F9. (illegible)
F10. H. G. Jepsen
F11. (illegible)
F12. (illegible)
F13. (illegible)
G1. (illegible)
G2. (illegible)
G3. (illegible)
G4. (illegible)
G5. (illegible)
G6. (illegible)
G7. (illegible) Jensen
G8. (illegible)
G9. (illegible)
G10. (illegible)
G11. Termin Terminson
The following names are provided in the 1915 Iowa State Census, which indicates they were attending "Danish Lutheran College," otherwise known as Elk Horn College, at the time of the census, but cannot be identified in the photograph.

Chris M. Albertsen
Wade? Albertson
Anders Andersen
Hans Boirsen
Ole Christensen
Lars Clemmensen
Parul Groveson
Martin Hansen
Nels P. Hansen
Jens Jacobsen
Anton Jensen
Chris Jensen
Jens C. Jensen
Theodor Jensen
Martin Jepsen
Jens C. Larsen
Hans C. Laustsen
Christian Mikkelsen
Geroge Mikkelsen
Anders Nelsen
Anders P. Nelsen
Martin Nelsen
Nels C. Nelsen
Thomas P. Nelsen
Ingeborg Olsen (female)
J. Petersen
Jens Petersen
Laurik M. Petersen
Thomas Petersen
Theodor Worn

Contributed by Cheryl Siebrass, May, 2010.