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Civil War Pensions


The following list is of people collecting Civil War and War of 1812 
pensions. If they are a veteran or widow of 1812 it is noted. 
In some cases there are dates as to when they first received their pension. 
Also listed is the town in Shelby Co. the check was mailed to.
**Widow of War 1812
***Dependant Mother or Father
****Survivor of War of 1812

Name of Pensioner         Post Office Address     Date of Original Pension

Anderson, Elliott C.      Shelby                  Nov 1880
Anderson, John B.         Portsmouth              Jun 1864
Bean, Nathaniel           Portsmouth              Jul 1868
Blain, Lewis              Harlan                  Dec 1882
Blair, Pheba**            Harlan                  Sep 1879
Brayer, Frederick A.      Harlan			  
Brown, Thomas             Shelby                  Jul 1880
Carter, David             Harlan			  
Chamberlain, Edwin        Harlan                  Jun 1882
Chrisman, Thirza Ann**    Harlan                  Mar 1879
Crawford, Priscilla*      Defiance                Feb 1868
Cunningham, John           Irwin			  
Dalton, Martha**          Harlan                  May 1881
DeWolf, Andrew J.         Panama                  Mar 1881
Edwards, David E.         Shelby                  Dec 1882
Ehlers, William           Harlan			  
Fisher, Roswell           Harlan			  
Frum, Samuel B.           Shelby                  Mar 1881
Gates, Henry              Shelby                  Jan 1881
Gilmore, James P.         Harlan			  
Green, Wm. F.             Shelby                  Jul 1880
Griswold, Ellen*          Harlan                  Jul 1863
Hendricks, Margaret***    Shelby                  Jun 1879
Hubbard, Francis          Shelby                  Oct 1880
Humphreys, John           Harlan			  
Jarvis, Levi              Harlan                  Aug 1882
Jensen, Kristina***       Harlan                  Oct 1867
Jorgenson, Kristian P.    Harlan			  
Keyes, Charles H.         Defiance                Jun 1882
Kinsey, Benj. T.          Harlan                  Jul 1880
Koolback, John            Harlan			  
Leicy, Edward             Harlan                  Jul 1880
Louis, John H.            Harlan                  Dec 1882
Lyons, Rachel             Shelby                  Nov 1867
Maxwell, Jackson          Corley                  Dec 1881
McElrary, Franklin        Harlan			  
McNall, Polly**           Harlan                  Jul 1880
McQueen, Geo.             Harlan			  
Mills, Francis C.         Harlan                  Apr 1879
Milm, Selina*             Harlan                  Nov 1880
Mowrey, Lydia*            Shelby			  
Obrecht, Martin           Harlan                  Jan 1881
Piper, Henry J            Corley                  Jun 1880
Porter, James H.          Defiance			  
Potter, Lewis S.          Harlan			  
Powell, Gideon            Shelby                  Mar 1882
Ream, Samuel              Defiance                Mar 1881
Reynolds, Wm. W.          Harlan			  
Riley, David S.           Panama                  Jul 1877
Rogers, John M.           Harlan                  Jul 1879
Ross, Geo. D.             Harlan			  
Sedam, Abram              Harlan                  Dec 1882
Stamm, Andrew N.          Harlan                  Jan 1881
Warn, Wm. H.              Defiance			  
Watkins, Wm.              Harlan			  
Williams, John            Shelby			  
Willis, Lake              Defiance                Oct 1880

Special thanks to Darleen Berens for contributing this material.
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