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The Grand Army Post at Shelby, Iowa was organized October 1, 1884, and was first called Kilpatrick Post, but, as there was another Post in the state by this name, it was afterwards named Dick Yates Post. The first officers were as follows: Commander, S. W. Taylor; Senior Vice Commander, D. C. Cooper; Junior Vice Commander, J. D. Caughran; Officer of the Day, J. S. Dee; Chaplain, Otho Means; Quartermaster, F. M. Keeney; Adjutant, E. C. Anderson; Outside Guard, Thos. Brown; Quartermaster Sergeant, D. E. Morris; Sergeant Major, W. H. Brown.

There have been placed on the descriptive book during the existence of the Post, eighty-three names.

A number were dropped, some were transferred to other posts, the others remained in good standing until they answered the last roll call. The last record of a regular meeting of the Post is on January 12, 1920, at which time election of officers was held.

After that time the remaining members gathered from time to time at their different homes.

The following is recorded in the minute book of the Post, under date of July 1925.

Dick Yates Post 364 Dept. of Iowa, July 1925, Comrade J. L. Buckley will be removed to Beatrice, Nebr. on account of ill health and secure medical treatment and care of children.

Only 3 comrades names are on the Post Roll, Comrade George Ickes and H. H. Buckley.

So I am saying good bye to old home, Post and neighbors with the hope of joining the Grand Army above, with the comrades that have preceded.

J. L. Buckley, Adjutant

List of members of Dick Yates Post No. 364, Department of Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic at Shelby, Iowa from date of organization October 1, 1884, until the muster in of its last member in 1904.

NameRank-Co. & Regt.Enlstd.ServedDate of
muster into Post
S. W. TaylorPvt. Co. B, 13th Pa. Cav.7/13/196324 mo.October 1, 1884
W. F. GreenPvt. Co. G, 6th Ia. Inf.1/1/196242 mo.October 1, 1884
Joseph BoardmanPvt. Co. F, 57th Ill. Inf.10/25/196145 mo.October 1, 1884
C. H. BestPvt. Co. B, 11th Ia. Inf.9/21/196145 mo. October 1, 1884
D. E. MorrisPvt. Co. H, 57th Ill. Inf.10/10/196139 mo. October 1, 1884
F. M. KeeneyPvt. Co. B, 97th Pa. Inf.2/24/19657 mo. October 1, 1884
L. W. OsbornPvt. Co. C, 19th Ia. Inf.7/22/196236 mo. October 1, 1884
R. C. BrownPvt. Co. D, 142 Ill Inf.5/1/19647 mo.October 1, 1884
James HawkinsPvt. Co. C, 1st Marine Ar.11/19/196144 mo.October 1, 1884
W. A. BabbPvt. Co. A, 29th Ia. Inf.8/13/196233 mo.October 1, 1884
W. H. BrownPvt. Co. K, 15th Ill. Inf.4/17/196150 mo.October 1, 1884
E. C. AndersonPvt. Co. B, 3rd Mich. Inf.5/   /618 mo.October 1, 1884
Otho MeansMus. Co. A 74th Ind. Inf.7/20/196235 mo.October 1, 1884
S. C. HendersonSgt. 5th Ohio Cav.   /   /6136 mo.October 1, 1884
Thomas BrownPvt. Co. B, 75th Ill. Inf.8/9/196236 mo.October 1, 1884
Americus GrahamPvt. Co. A, 21st Ill. Inf.2/10/196334 mo.October 1, 1884
J. S. DeeSgt. Co. G, 7th Ind. Cav.10/1/196147 mo.October 1, 1884
M. T. KeeneyPvt. Co. H, 52nd Pa. Inf.3/28/196415 mo.October 1, 1884
T. C. HendricksPvt. Co. K, 13th Ind. Inf.4/22/196154 mo.October 1, 1884
D. C. CooperPvt. Co. E, 65th Ill. Inf.2/1/196254 mo.October 1, 1884
J. D. CaughranPvt. Co. H, 11th Ia. Inf.10/9/196145 mo.October 1, 1884
Frank HubbardPvt. Co. 1, 11th Ill. Inf.8/22/196138 mo.October 1, 1884
George CannadyPvt. Co. G, 2nd Ia. Cav.4/   /6138 mo.October 1, 1884
M. H. SkinnerPvt. 112th Pa. H. A.2/15/196424 mo.October 1, 1884
J. K. SmithPvt. Co. G, 6th Ia. Inf.7/18/196111 mo.October 1, 1884
J. V. WatsonPvt. Co. M, 9th Ia. Cav.10/14/196328 mo.December 16, 1884
C. H. AthertonPvt. Co. C, 65th Ill. Inf.4/7/19653 mo.December 16, 1884
John StuhrPvt. Co. I, 12th Mo. Inf.9/6/196139 mo.December 23, 1884
S. B. FrumPvt. Co. C, 14th W. Wa. Inf.8/14/196234 mo.February 18, 1885
F. S. McCandlessPvt. Co. E, 18th Ill. Inf.3/7/19659 mo.February 24, 1885
George NewmanPvt. Co. D, 97th Ohio Inf.9/16/19649 mo.March 10, 1885
James T. HadleyPvt. Co. D, 52nd Ill. Inf.9/   /6133 mo.March 10, 1885
Alexander AdamsPvt. Co. A, 100th Pa. Inf.1/1/196242 mo.May 8, 1885
N. LawsonPvt. Co. C, 13th U. S. Inf.10/29/196136 mo.May 9, 1885
Geo. F. ColbyPvt. Co. E, 24th Ill. Inf.7/30/196146 mo.May 26, 1885
Robert ShafferPvt. Co. I, 61st Ill. Inf.3/8/19656 mo.May 26, 1885
S. J. BeckPvt. Co. H, Ind. Inf.4/23/196142 mo.May 26, 1885
H. H. BuckleyPvt. Co. M, 22nd Pa. Cav.7/25/196324 mo.May 28, 1885
William BuckleyPvt. Co. H, 93rd Pa. Inf.9/26/19649 mo.May 28, 1885
C. W. DeMottePvt. Co. I, 20th Ind. Inf.6/27/196151 mo.May 28, 1885
J. L. BuckleyPvt. Co. K, 22nd Pa. Cav.2/26/196420 mo.June 27, 1885
J. C. MansfieldPvt. Co. G, 74th Ohio Inf.1/27/196245 mo.June 27, 1885
Henry GertzPvt. Co. E, 20th Ia. Inf.8/7/196235 mo.June 27, 1885
G. W. WintersPvt. Co. H, 142nd O. Inf.5/7/19644 mo.June 27, 1885
Felix HughesPvt. Co. E, 28th Ia. Inf.8/11/196322 mo.June 23, 1885
George M. WilliamsPvt. Co. E, 28th Ia. Inf.9/9/196218 mo.August 15, 1885
S. B. LinnPvt. Co. A, 9th Pa. Cav.8/4/196410 mo.August 25, 1885
Jesse StarkPvt. Co. E, 115th Ill. Inf.8/13/196234 mo.September 22, 1885
Wm. OswoldMus. Co. B, 143rd Ill. Inf.5/16/19644 mo.September 22, 1885
Samuel HendersonPvt. Co. B, 35th Ia. Inf.8/14/196233 mo.September 22, 1885
H. W. GaryPvt. Co. E, 2nd N. Y. Cav.12/21/196323 mo.June 15, 1885
Chas. HowardPvt. Co. K, 138th Ill. Inf.5/   /645 mo.October 12, 1885
Erastus R. HubbardPvt. Co. M, 4th U. S. Cav.9/22/196239 mo.June 18, 1887
Joseph H. ShivelyPvt. Co. H, 10th Ky. Inf.10/11/196139 mo.August 30, 1887
Lucius BenhamA. Surg. 21st Ia. Inf.8/26/196210-1/2 mo.September 17, 1887
Wm. LaughmanPvt. Co. H, 104th Ill. Inf.8/26/196234 mo.June 1, 1888
J. B. LinnCorp. Co. F, 8th Pa. Res.4/23/196137 mo.October 9, 1888
W. E. EdwardsPvt. Co. H, 126th Ill. Inf.9/   /6236 mo.March 12, 1889
Chas. S. OverturfPvt. Co. F, 19th Pa. Cav.8/16/196410 mo.March 12, 1889
Geo. W. IckesPvt. Co. D, 138th Pa. Inf.8/18/196234 mo.April 1, 1890
David W. GreenPvt. Co. G, 47th Ia. Inf.5/7/19644-1/2 mo.September 23, 1890
Joseph WarrenPvt. Co. B, 86th Ill. Inf.8/13/196234 mo.December 25, 1890
Philip BohlanderPvt. Co. I, 153rd Ill. Inf.2/4/19657 mo.March 13, 1892
W. R. C. ReynoldsPvt. Co. D, 140th Ill. Inf.6/1/19645 mo.September 7, 1889
Hiram WatkinsPvt. Co. A, 92nd Ohio Inf.8/6/196235 mo.September 3, 1892
H. C. NicholsLieut. Co. I, 6th Iowa Cav.9/12/196234 mo.September 3, 1892
Hans ReimersPvt. Co. G, 1st Iowa Inf.5/14/19615 mo.April 29, 1893
John McFaddenPvt. Co. H, 100th Pa. Inf.12/8/196136 mo.August 29, 1890
Thomas MortonPvt. Co. A, 1st Iowa Inf.   /   /61mo.1890
Alfred B. CoxPvt. Co. C, 16th Iowa Inf.11/27/196136 mo.November 28, 1895
M. L. McLymanPvt. Co. C, 20th Wis. Inf.8/8/196236 mo.March 28, 1896
Samuel MaxwellPvt. Co. E, 125th Ohio Inf.11/6/196232 mo.March 28, 1896
John MowryPvt. Co. D, 146th Ill. Inf.8/   /6411 mo.April 25, 1896
Wm. H. StevensChaplain, 148th Pa. Inf.8/   /6234 mo.December 19, 1896
Geo. R. FrazierPvt. Co. F, 122nd Ohio Inf.10/15/196232 mo.February 5, 1898
Finley SmithPvt. Co. H, 96th Ill. Inf.8/   /6212 mo.April 30, 1898
Henry W. LindseyPvt. Co. B, 106th Ill. Inf.8/9/196235 mo.April 30, 1898
Lewis F. KelloggPvt. Co. H, 86th Ill. Inf.8/   /6234 mo.January 21, 1899
William SmithPvt. Co. A, 77th Ill. Inf.12/30/196318 mo.July 1, 1899
Truman GoodwaterPvt. Co. F, 46th Iowa Inf.5/30/19643 mo.July 1, 1899
Joseph W. WestPvt. Co. B, 7th Iowa Cav.3/7/196338 mo.March 10, 1900
Walter RoysPvt. Co. G, 98th N. Y. Inf.1/1/196244 mo.March 7, 1903
Matthew QuickPvt. Co. B, 10th W. Va. Inf.6/18/196236 mo.1904

Last Survivors of the Post Residing at Shelby

NameAgePlace of DeathDate of Death
Samuel B. Linn84Shelby, IowaMarch 12, 1920
Hiram Watkins79Shelby, IowaApril 5, 1920
David W. Green84Shelby, IowaJune 28, 1920
John Mowry75Tennant, IowaApril 10, 1921
John S. Dee81Shelby, IowaFebruary 8, 1922
Thomas Brown84Shelby, IowaApril 15, 1923
Samuel J. Beck821923
Thomas Morton87Cresco, Iowa1925
Jacob L. Buckley81Shelby, Iowa1925
George W. Ickes84Shelby, Iowa1927
H. H. Buckley85Shelby, Iowa1927
P. S. McCandless87Omaha, Nebraska1932

Not Members of the Post

Samuel S. Best78Shelby, IowaApril 2, 1923
Samuel McKeighan77Tennant, Iowa1924

Charter Member of the Post, transferred to Harlan, Iowa, Post March 28, 1896, and member there.


Demetrius E. Morris97Harlan, IowaMarch 18, 1935


Dick Yates Post No. 364, Department of Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic, Shelby, Iowa.


KNOW YE, That reposing full trust and confidence in the fidelity and patriotism of COMRADES

D. E. MorrisJ. D. Caughran
D. C. CooperE. C. Anderson
W. H. BrownL. W. Osborn
S. C. HendersonM. H. Skinner
T. C. HendricksOtho Means
F. M. KeeneyJ. K. Smith
George W. CannidyThos. Brown
W. A. BabbF. S. Hubbard
J. S. DeeC. H. Best
S W. TaylorJames Hawkins

Dated at the Headquarters of the Department of Iowa of The Grand Army of the Republic at Waterloo, on the 1st day of October 1884.

Chester B. Stilson,Edward G. Miller
Asst. Adjutant GeneralDepartment Commander

Transcribed by Denise Wurner from "100 Years in Shelby Iowa 1870-1970 Proud of Our Past - Planning Our Future", pp. 158-160.

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