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Preserving Our Past, Ensuring Our Future 1872-1997
Westphalia, Iowa

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 Full Page Vintage Photo of ChurchI
 Letter-Diocese of DSM To the Parishioners
St. Boniface Parish, Westphalia
 Letter-Fr. Tom Crowley To Friends of St. BonifaceV
 Letter-Fr. School Sisters of St. Francis To the Parishioners
of St. Boniface Parish
 Table of ContentsVII
 Notes & Memories
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1.The Early History of Westphalia1-20
2.The Early History of St. Boniface Church21-40
3.The Early Town of Westphalia43-58
5.Religious Service91-120
6.The Golden Jubilee of 1922121-128
7.The Era of Rev. Hubert E. Duren129-138
9.Community Businesses Over the Years147-156
11.Music and Entertainment171-180
12.Community and Church Organizations181-192
13.The Changing Faces of St. Boniface Church193-202
14.St. Boniface Cemetery203-232
15.Other Buildings and Edifaces233-236
16.Celebrations Over the Years237-248
18.Family Histories257-350
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Index of Family Histories
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Anastasi,Earl and Lily Willemyns259 
Anastasi,Louis and Elizabeth Rueschenberg259 
Arkfeld,Brian and Mary Schechinger259 
Block,Sister Brendan, SSSF259-260 
Blum,Albert and Mildred Kloewer260 
(Blum) Wingert,Alfred and Antilia260 
(Blum) Clemen,Peter and Barbara260 
(Blum) Malik,Barbara260 
Blum,Benedict & Family261 
Blum,Bernard and Katrina Kaufman261 
Blum,Bernard and Regina Menz261 
Blum,Bernard and Thresia Schechinger262 
(Blum) Reding,Michael and Catherine262 
Blum,Eugene and Jacqueline Ring262 
Blum,Herbert and Marie262 
Blum,John and Gertrude262 
Blum,Joseph and Gertrude Puettgen262-263 
Blum,Joseph and Katrina Kaufman263 
Blum,Joseph and Magdelina Leenan263 
Blum,Les and Janet Funk263 
(Blum) Halferty,Robert and Margaret263 
Blum,Martin and Henrietta Grass263 
(Blum) Newland,Lanny and Monica263 
Blum,Peter and Dora Blum264 
Blum,Peter and Margarita Wick264 
Blum,Robert and Velma Grabner264 
(Blum) May,Nicholas and Shiela264 
Blum,Vincent and Mary Ann Springman265 
Blum,William and Laurina Britten265 
Bock,Florenz and Olga Kronfuse265 
Bock,John Peter and Helena Stracke265 
Brayman,Larry and Betty McCann265 
Brinker,Clarence and Karen Schwarte265-266 
Brinker,Ed and Cleta Hodapp266 
Brinker,Ed and Mary Bock266 
Brinker,Ken and Linda Huebner266 
Bruck,Delbert and Yvonne Book266 
Bruck,William and Clara Windeshausen266 
Buch,Peter Paul and Mary Leuck267 
Cairney,Tony and Bonnie Schechinger267 
Coenen,Clarence and Rose Marie Beran267 
Coenen,Clement and Angela Maiwald267 
Coenen,Dean and Nancy Lapke267-268 
Coenen,Godfrey and Agnes Michalski268 
Coenen,Henry and Agnes Stoll268 
Coenen,John and Clara Treiweiler268 
Coenen,Kenneth and Verena Wilwerding268 
Coenen,Martin and Regina Zimmerman269 
Coenen,Michael and Laura Calufetti269 
Coenen,Norman and Dee Lagenfeld269 
Coenen,Ray and Irene Musich269-270 
Coenen,Raymond and Patricia Renze270 
(Coenen) Corrigan,Timothy and Theresa270 
Coenen,Virgil and Mary Ann Schmitz270 
Coenen,Wilfred and Margaret Schwery270 
Engel,Albert and Mary Schmitz271 
(Engel) Domino,Mathew and Barbara 271 
Engel,John and Kunigunda Duesel271 
(Engel) Mathis,Michael and Karen271 
Engel,Keith and Ann Southwick272 
Engel,Lawrence and Zita Schwery272 
Finken,Mathias and Anna Gans272 
Finken,Michael and Susan Koll273 
Gau,Jerome and Vera Geldis273 
(Gau) Clark,Monica273 
Gessert,Ralph and Mickie Kimball273 
Goeser,Bruce and Julie Heese273 
Goeser,Catherine (Katie)273-274 
(Goeser) McLaughlin,Richard and Colleen274 
(Goeser) Kenkel,Clarence and Della274 
Goeser,Edmund and Sylvia Gubbels274-275 
(Goeser) Schmidt,Gene and Elizabeth (Betty)275 
Goeser,Godfrey and Loretta Herrig275 
Goeser,Jacob and Magdalena Kenkel275 
Goeser,John and Cecilia Kenkel276 
(Goeser) O'Tool,Joseph and Jolene276 
Goeser,Joseph and Olga Zimmerman276-277 
(Goeser) Keitel,Steven and Mary Lou277 
Goeser,Stephan and Catherine Kurt277 
Goetz,Anthony Sr. and Norma Weis277 
Goetz,Anthony, Jr.277 
(Goetz) Graeve,Craig and Lori278 
Goetz,Mike and Elaine Weihs278 
(Goetz) Doran,Richard and Rita278 
Goetzinger,Charles and Jane Goeser278-279 
Goetzinger,Edward and Agnes Wageman279 
Goetzinger,Larry and Julie Weihs279 
Gross,Alban and Lavina Kaufman279 
Gross,Andreas, Sr., Lineage279-280Note pg. 260 re: Adam Gross & sons
Gross,Dale and Anna Mae Goetzinger280 
Gross,Emil and Aquinata Kaufman280-281 
Gross,Jerry and Sue Gaul281 
Gross,Joseph and Mary Engel281-282 
Gross,Leonard and Marie Kaufman282 
Gross,Marcus and Naomi Schmitz282 
Grote,William and Jane Leuschen283 
Gubbels,Alvin and Mabel Weihs283 
Gubbels,Ambrose and Rita Goeser283 
Gubbels,Brian and Pam Heese283 
Gubbels,Gary and Carmen Heese283 
Gubbels,Harry and Lorena Mickels284 
(Gubbels) Schafer,William and Kathleen284 
(Gubbels) Koesters,Francis and Mary Ann284 
Gubbels,Nicholas Sr. and Anna Weihs284-285 
Gubbels,Nicholas Jr. and Marjorie Fahn285 
Gubbels,Peter and Catherine Stinn285 
Gubbels,Peter Hubert and Clara Bock285-286 
(Gubbels) Brincks,John and Theresa286 
Hastert,Jacob and Agnes Freund286 
Hastert,Richard and Deborah Musich286-287 
Hastert,William and June Schafer287 
(Henscheid) Smith,William and Iona287 
Henscheid,Joseph and Marie Mueller287Note pg. 286, re: Marie's uncle Frank Hesse; pg. 289 re: Joseph's parents; pg. 293 re: wedding
(Henscheid) Anderson,Tom and Mary287 
Henscheid,Urban and Therese Lickteig287-288 
Henscheid,Virgil and Theresa Wageman288 
Hermeling,Anton and Margaret Murray288 
Hermeling,James and Mary Heller288 
Hodapp,Alice Marie289 
Hodapp,David and Ann Schwery289 
Hodapp,Sr. Lee Agnes, SSSF289 
Hodapp,Leo and Agnes Leinen289 
Hodapp,Sr. Marie, SSSF289-290 
(Hodapp) Crushshon,Joseph and Mary 290 
Hodapp,Phil and Nancy Bye290 
Hodapp,Ralph and Geraldine Potteiger290 
(Hodapp) Mueller,William and Rita290-291 
Hodapp,Robert and Arlene Schmitz291 
(Hodapp) Binnebose,Marlin and Ruth291 
Kaufman,August and Mary Schneider291-292 
Kaufmann,August II292 
Kaufman,Frederick & Family292 
Kaufman, Gwendolyn A.292-293 
Kaufman,Henry and Cecilia Mueller293 
Kaufman,Jerome and Dolores Blum293 
Kaufman,Marcus and Linda Majerus293 
Kaufman,Robert and Mary Beth Vittetoe294 
Kaufman,Tony and Rosalia Fuhs294 
Kaufmann,George and Marie Stein294 
(Kaufmann) Hahn,David and Irene294 
Kaufmann,Lawrence and Leona Schomer295 
Kaufmann,Leland and Lorene Wolverton295 
Kaufmann,Martin and Anna Greiner295 
Kaufmann,Peter and Frances Schechinger295-296 
Kepford,Donovan and Stella Anastasi296 
Klein,Delbert and Leona Kloewer296 
Kloewer,Anton and Maria Catharina Teipel296 
Kloewer,Duane and Linda Ellis296 
Kloewer,Pfc. Eugene John296-297 
Kloewer,Sr. Frances (Fran), SSSF297 
Kloewer,Frank and Anna Rau297 
Kloewer,John and Veronica Guderjahn297-298 
(Kloewer) Grote,Raphael and Margaret298 
(Kloewer) Eggerling,Marlene298 
Kloewer,Norbert and Patricia Cunningham298 
Kloewer,Richard and Alice Sonderman298 
Kloewer,Tony and Elizabeth Bock298-299 
Kuhl,Joseph and Anna Marie Finken299 
Kuhl,Nicholas and Amelia Schoenen299-300 
(Langenfeld) Pitts,Carl and Cleta300 
Langenfeld,George and Anna Schmitz300 
Langenfeld,Gregory and Theresa Gilles300 
(Langenfeld)(Feser) Siemer,Ben and Helen301 
Langenfeld,Leo and Helen Wordekemper301 
Langenfeld,Linus and Josephine Domino301 
Langenfeld,Ray and Marie Musich302 
(Leuschen) Nielsen,Ken and Amy302 
Leuschen,Joseph and Irene Schneider302 
(Leuschen) Friedrichsen,Don and Ruth302 
Leuschen,William and Mildred Schwery302 
Lickteig,Cletus and Virginia Gubbels302 
Lickteig,Edward and Catherine Hoffmann303 
Lickteig,Michael and Kathy Namanny303 
Lickteig,Ralph and Nancy Scott303 
Lickteig,Raymond and Mary Schechinger303 
(Lickteig) Pauley,Ervin and Thelma303 
Loehr,Frederick and Anna Marie Langenfeld303-304 
Loehr,Jacob and Josephine Petsche304 
Mueller,Anton and Anna Anastasi304 
Mueller,Frank and Katrina Kloewer304 
(Mueller) Koesters,Louis and Josephine Mueller305 
Musich,Dennis and Cheryl Goetzinger305 
Musich,Lavern and Helen Weihs305 
(Mueller) Miller,Gene and Gladys306 
Musich,Marvin and Phyllis Sorensen306Note bottom of pg. 294
Musich,Phillip and Lora Cercavski306 
Musich,Raymond and Viola Weihs306 
Musich,Thomas and Kathleen306 
Paollazzi,Ferdinand and Catherine Alex306 
(Patten) Michalski,Gladys307 
(Patten) Michalski,Alvin and Rosemary307 
Petsche,John Sr. and Elizabeth Jacoby307Note bottom of pg. 340
Petsche,Josef and Josephine Fiefold307 
Petsche,Lawrence and Helen Musich308 
Petsche,Michael Sr. and Mary Appel308 
Posch,Leopold and Anna Tepich308 
(Rau) Kramer,Jerry and Alma308 
Rau,Anton and Maria Eberhard308 
Rau,Frand and Elizabeth Zimmerman309 
Rau,Michael and Mary Lackman309 
Rauterkus,Leonard and Bernice Blum309 
Rauterkus,Walter and Marilyn Coenen310 
(Reid) Whannell,Donald and Yvonne310 
Rosmann,(Family) Lineage310 
Rosmann,George Sr. and Anna Ertmer310 
Rosmann,John Sr. Lineage310 
Rosmann,John Jr. and Elizabeth Miller311 
Rosmann,Joseph and Rose Hodapp311 
Rosmann,Leonard and Agnes Wingert311 
(Rosmann) Brown,Roger and Mary Agnes311 
Rosmann,Michael and Marilyn Sanada311-312 
Rosmann,Raymond and Ellen Mertens312 
Rosmann,Ronald and Maria Vakulskas312 
Rueschenberg,Delbert and Anna Hastert313 
Rueschenberg,Frank and Tami Musich313 
Rueschenberg,Harold and Bernice Kloewer313 
Rueschenberg,Joseph and Josephine Sasse313 
(Rueschenberg) Stessmann,Charles and Viola314 
Schaben,Jeffrey and Joy Schafer314 
Schaben,Ray and Frances Haran314=315 
Schechinger,Elmer and Margaret Stessman315 
(Schechinger) Ragsdale,Michael and Jane 315 
Schechinger,Jim and Kay Stangl315-316Note bottom of pg. 339
(Schechinger) Ulmer,Stanley and Joyce316 
Schechinger,Martin Sr. and Katherine316 
Schechinger,Martin Jr. and Anna Buch316 
Schechinger,Melvin and Rita Langenfeld317 
Schechinger,Mike and Karen Riesenberg317 
Schechinger,Ray and Ann Reischl317 
Schechinger,Ronald and Konnie Foutch317 
Schechinger,Valentine Jr. and Korothy Matthiessen318 
Schechinger,William and Kathryn Henderson318 
Schiltz,John and Mary Mert318 
Schiltz,Michael and Caroline Schechinger318 
Schmieding,Peter and Anna Wirtz319 
Schmitz,Adam and Mariana Zimmerman319 
Schmitz,Adolph and Theresa Muschitz319 
(Schmitz) Kwapiszeski,Edward and Alice319-320 
Schmitz,Alvin and Mathilda (Til) Mumm320 
Schmitz,Anthony and Alice Nix320 
Schmitz,Anthony and Katie Loehr320 
(Schmitz) Conkel,Paul and Bernadette320-321 
Schmitz,Sr. Bernice, SSSF321 
(Schmitz) Obrecht,Jerald and Delores321 
(Schmitz) Schrader,John and Eileen321 
Schmitz,Emil and Mary Von Tersch322 
Schmitz,Gary and Jeanie Schaben322 
Schmitz,John Jacob and Millie Tow323 
Schmitz,Joseph and Anna Reinig323 
(Schmitz) Nichols,Kenneth and Josephine323 
Schmitz,LaVern and Mary Ellen Henkelman323 
Schmitz,Leland and Mary Weihs323-324 
Schmitz,Lenny and Doris Schmitz324 
Schmitz,Leonard and Eileen Coenen324 
Schmitz,Lester and Rita Smith324 
Schmitz,Sr. Lorraine, SSSF324 
(Schmitz) Hull,Luella324 
Schmitz,Lynn and Mary Jo Hoffman324-325Note bottom of pg.313
(Schmitz) Bissen,Francis and Marceline325 
(Schmitz) Loebig,Winifred Jr. and Margaret325 
Schmitz,Mark and Nancy Christiansen325 
(Schmitz) Shaver,Neil and Maxine325 
Schmitz,Nicholas and Marcella Pauley325-326 
Schmitz,Norman and Gloria Coenen326 
Schmitz,Roger and Julia(Judy) Sallaz326 
Schmitz,Romand and Ella Mae Schomers326 
Schmitz,Ronald and Pamela Hupp336 
(Schmitz) Book,Ray and Sidonia327 
Schmitz,Steve and Paula Stephany327 
(Schmitz) Goetz,Gerald and Theresa327 
Schmitz,Valerian and Victoria Coenen327 
(Schmitz) Arkfeld,Bruce and Velma327 
Schmitz,The Family of Verner328 
Schmitz,Virgil and Mary Miick328 
Schmitz,William and Josepha Kirckhoff328 
Schneider,Allen and Susan Schachterle328 
Schneider,Dean and Shari Goetz328-329 
Schneider,Elmer and Edith Finken329 
Schneider,George II and Frances Stolz329 
(Schneider) Foxhoven,Kenneth and Jane329 
Schneider,Michael and Catherine Blum329 
(Schneider) Bruck,Mildred329 
Schneider,Urban and Joan Loehr329-330 
Schneider,Walter Doris Finken330 
Schomer,Jacob and Mary Petsche330 
Schomer,J. Peter and Helena Willems330 
Schomer,Joseph and Bernice Buman331 
Schomer,Nicholas and Ellen Graf331 
Schomers,Alfouse and Alice Schechinger331 
Schomers,Cyril and Verena Henscheid331-332 
Schomers,David and Rose Graeve332 
Schomers,Matta and Margaret Heese332 
Schomers,Michael and Mary Finken332 
(Schulte) Chamberlain,John and Connie332 
Schulte,Gary and Joann Muell333 
Schulte,Harold and Pearl Sonderman333Note bottom of pg. 314
(Schulte) Evans,Dennis and Maria (Mary Agnes)333 
Schulte,Michael and Laura Shestak333 
Schulte,Terry and LaVonne Heller333-334 
Schulte,William and Josephine Rosenthal334 
(Schwarte) Esser,Ivo and Caroline334 
Schwarte,Herman and Magdalena Nolles334 
(Schwarte) Eipperle,Gerald and Margaret334 
Schwarte,Martin and Catherine Kaufman335 
(Schwarte) Booth,Randall and Mary Lea335 
Schwarte,Randall and Mona Koester335 
Schwarte,William and Mary Ann Schiltz335 
Schwery,Allen and Shirley Scott336 
(Schwery) Pauley,Michael and Arlene336 
Schwery,Arthur and Hilda Brinker336 
Schwery,Daniel and Beverly Miller336 
Schwery,Elmer and Arlene Schechinger336-337 
Schwery,Harold and Alice Koesters337 
Schwery,Harold Dean and Joni Obrecht337 
Schwery,Kelly and Sandi Stephany337 
Schwery,LeRoy and Barbara Halliday337 
(Schwery) Blum,Paul and Marietta337-338 
(Schwery) Inskeep,Verdella338 
Stephany,Ed and Mary Musich338 
Stracke,Bernard and Barbara Shields339 
(Stracke) Ausman,Lee and Bernadine339 
Stracke,Henry and Mary Coenen339 
Stracke,Leonard and Bernice Coenen340 
(Stracke) Nufrio,Rocco and Marie340 
Stracke,Roger and Mary Killeen340 
Thraen,Anton and Mary McCabe340 
Wachendorf,Godfred and Mary Kenkel341 
Wageman,Anthony and Rita Gubbels341 
Wageman,Charles and Barbara Schechinger341 
Wageman,Francis and Esther Blum342 
(Wageman)(Broberg) Hansen,Janelle342 
Wageman,John and Margaret Schomers342 
(Wageman) Trueman,Harold and Shirley342 
Wageman,Tim and Jennie Kitchens342 
Wehr,Joe and Agnes Schechinger342-343 
Wehr,Joe E. and Geannie Johnson343 
Weihs,Clarence and Cecilia Wageman343 
(Weihs) Wolken,Nicolas and Hildaan343 
Weihs,Kenneth and Barbara Pirtle343 
Weis,S. H. "Bud" and Mary Ann Pauley343-344 
Windeshausen,John and Theresia Wark344 
(Wendt) Jensen,Neil and Bette344 
Wendt,Charles and Lucille Pauley344 
Wendt,Charles Jr., and Sheryl Hancock345 
Wilwerding,Ivo and Darlene Coenen345 
Wilwerding,Jerold and Margaret Domino345 
Wilwerding,Peter and Clara Wirtz345 
(Zimmerman) Gaul,John and Anna346 
Zimmerman,Rev. Anthony, S. V. D. 346 
Zimmerman,Ben & Family346 
Zimmerman,Bernard and Valerie Gaul346-347 
Zimmerman,Cletus and Anita Hodapp347 
Zimmerman,Emil Sr. and Bertha Heese347 
Zimmerman,Emil Jr. and Josephine Posch347 
Zimmerman,Frank and Theresa Schiltz347 
Zimmerman,Sister Irene, SSSF348 
Zimmerman,Sr. Jodelle, O.S.B.348 
Zimmerman,Johann and Mariana Schnuettgen348 
Zimmerman,John and Bonnie Hollander348 
Zimmerman,Leander and Mary Jean Schechinger348 
Zimmerman,Martin and Rose Schmitz349 
Zimmerman,Paul and Arlene Stava349 
Zimmerman,Philip and Sharyn Hobus349 
(Zimmerman) Macauley,Wilfred and Rita349 
Zimmerman,Ronald and Marilyn Goetzinger349 

**A few pages within the Family Biographies section have small "filler" items inserted at the bottom of pages which contain additional info about individuals whose bio is included elsewhere within the Family Biographies section.

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