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Panama Iowa Centennial 1884-1984

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Railroads, Streets, Roads13
Businesses, Past and Present23
Schools, Alumni List71
Music and Entertainment153
Farming, Century Farms163
Family Biographies197

Family Biographies Index

John Adamson Family198
William G. Adamson Family198
Benedict C. Arkfeld Family198
Clement G. Arkfeld Family198-199
George Arkfeld Family199
Henry Arkfeld Family199-200
Henry J. Arkfeld Family200
John Arkfeld Family200
John J. Arkfeld Family200-201
Joseph Arkfeld Family201
Pete Arkfeld Family201
Richard L. Arkfeld Family202
Thomas E. Arkfeld , Sr. Family202-203
Vince Arkfeld Family203
Anton Assmann Family203
Donald Assmann Family203
Duane N. Assmann Family204
Norbert Assmann Family204
Roger Assmann Family204-205
Andrew Bauer Family205
Joseph Behrendt Family205
Aloysius Blum Family205
Benedict L. Blum Family205-206
Chris Blum, Jr. Family206
Edward M. Blum Family206-207
John J. Blum Family207
John J. Blum Family207
Joseph Blum Family207
LeVerne Blum Family207-208
Martin C. Blum Family208
Michael Blum Sr. Family208
Mike Blum Family209
Michael J. Blum Family209
Ralph Blum Family209
Robert J. Blum Family209-210
Roger and Jane Blum210
Allen Bruck Family210
Joseph N. Bruck Family210-211
Daniel Buckley Family211
Eugene Buckley Family211
Harold Buckley Family211-212
James J. Buckley Family212
John Buckley Family212
John T. Buckley Family212
Patrick Buckley Family212-213
Patrick D. Buckley Family213
Timothy Buckley Family213
Timothy J. Buckley Family213
William P. Buckley Family213-214
Leo Burns Family214
John D. Carey Family214
Joseph A. Carey Family214-215
Philip F. Carey Family215
Emmet Carroll Family215-216
John S. Carroll Family216
Samuel Carroll Family216
Emery F. Chamberlain Family216-217
Emery J. Chamberlain Family217
Irvin Chamberlain Family217
Ronald J. Chamberlain217-218
Samuel S. Chamberlain Family218
Vearl Chamberlain Family218-219
Clement J. Coenen Family219
Emil and Cecelia Coenen Family219
John M. Coenen Family219-220
Robert Cogdill Family220
Benjamin Crandall Family220
George Crandall Family220
John Crandall Family220
Charles Croghan Family221
James Croghan Family221
Owen Croghan Family221
Peter Croghan Family221-222
Peter T. Croghan Family222
William P. Croghan Family223
Charles Dominissee Family223
Conrad Dresel Family223
Henry Ebert Family 223
Joseph Eich224
Michael Engel Family224
Hilda M. Fahn224
Joe Fahn Family224
Joe Fahn Family224-225
Leo Fahn Family225
William U. Fahn Family225-226
Aloysius Feldman Family226
Henry Feldman Family226
Raymond Feldman Family226
Larry Finken Family226-227
Valentine Flittner Family227
Jerome P. Flynn Family227
Herman Freund Family227
Joseph Fromm, Sr. Family227
Peter Gau Family228
Nick Goeser Family118
Alois Goetz Family228-229
William Goetz Family229
Dean and Norma Gubbels229
Nicholas J. Gubbels Family230-231
Phillip and Denise Gubbels Family230
Peter Greiner Family230-231
Wm. Edwin Greiner Family231
David Griffith Family231
John Gruenebaum Family231-232
Charles Hard Family232
Earl F. Hastert Family232
Gus Hastert Family232-233
Hubert Hastert Family233
James Patrick Hawn Family233
William Henry Hawn Family233
Nick Heese Family234
August Hendricks Family234
Louis Hendricks Family234
Daniel J. Herbst Family234-235
Elmer Herbst Family235
Matthias Herbst Family235-236
Victor Herbst Family236
Edward H. Higgins Family236-237
Allen and Gina Hoffmann237
Alphonse Hoffmann Family237
Anton Hoffmann Family237-238
Arthur Hoffmann238
Donald and Janice Hoffmann238
Edward A. Hoffmann Family238-239
Fred Hoffmann Family239
Frederick Hoffmann Family239
Henry F. Hoffmann Family239-240
Herbert W. Hoffmann Family240
John Hoffmann Family240
Lambert Hofmann Family240-241
Leonard Hoffmann Family241
Steven Holzer Family241
Andrew T. Honz Family241
Clem Honz Family242
Frank Huckenstein Family242
Joe Huebert Family242
Henry Huebert, Jr. Family243
Henry Huebert, Sr. Family243
Neil U. Huebert Family243-244
Robert L. Huebert Family244
Vitus Huebert244-245
William Huebner Family245
Albert and Marie Katzer245
Helena Mary Kaufmann246-246
Peter Kaufmann246
Don Keane Family246-247
Eldred M. Keane Family247
Eugene T. Keane Family247
James Keane247
James Thomas Keane Family247
Thomas Keane Family247-248
Thomas J. Keane Family248
Thomas P. Keane Family248
William D. Keane Family248-249
Karl Keehner249
Thomas Earl Kelley Family249
Thomas William Kelley Family249-250
Cecelia Kenkel250
Damian L. Kendel Family250-251
David R. Kenkel Family251
Eugene H. Kendel Family251-252
John P. Kenkel252
Nicholas Kenkel Family252
Sylvan Kenkel Family252-253
William J. Kenkel Family253
Joseph Klein Family253-254
Leonard M. Klein Family254
Otto J. Klein Family254
Gottlieb Kloewer Family254-255
James Kloewer Family255
Roman Kloewer Family255-256
Louis Kobolt Family256
Louis M. Kobolt Family256
Joseph Koch Family256
Leo O. Koch Family256-257
Linus Koch Family257
Delbert Kohles Family257-258
Jerome Kohles Family258
Ronald J. Kohles Family258
Frederick Konz Family258-259
Kasper Konz Family259
Michael Konz Family259
Joseph Krantz Family259
Edward Kwapiszeski Family259-260
Fred W. Kwapiszeski Family260
John Kwapiszeski Family260
Joseph L. Kwapiszeski Family260-261
Leo Kwapiszeski Family261
Martin Kwapiszeski Family261
Neil Kwapiszeski Family261-262
Ray Kwapiszeski Family262
Henry Lahr Family262
Gerald Lapke Family262
Bernard M. Leinen Family262-263
Orville Leinen Family263
Ferd (Fred) Lesch Family263
Ben J. Leuschen263-264
Donald L. Leuschen Family264
Eugene Leuschen Family264
Godfrey Leuschen Family264-265
John Leuschen, Sr. Family265
Joseph B. Leuschen Family265-266
Leonard Leuschen Family266
Nicholas C. Leuschen Family266
Urban Leuschen Family266-267
Walter N. Leuschen Family267
William B. Leuschen Family267-268
Louis Mages Family268
Martin Mages, Sr. Family268
Martin Mages Family268-269
Robert Mages Family269
Leo Mahlberg Family269
Henry Mahlberg, Sr. Family269-270
Henry Mahlberg, Jr. Family270
Joseph Mahlberg Family270
Mike Mahlberg Family270
Ann M. Maiwald270-271
George Maiwald Family271
Joseph M. Maiwald Family271-272
Matthew G. Maiwald Family272
Michael J. Malone Family272
Lawrence Manhart Family272
Michael Manion Family272-273
Nicholas A. May Family273
Bernard McAllister Family273-274
Michael J. McAndrews Family274
George W. McCoid Family274
John C. McCurdy Family274
Albert McGinn Family274
George E. Meisch, Sr. Family274-275
August Mester Family275
John Mickels Family275
John N. Mickels Family275-276
Joseph Mickels Family276
Joseph P. Michels Family276
Mike P. Mickels276-277
Nick Mickels Family277
Peter Mickels Family277-278
Ralph Mickels Family278
Sylvester Michels Family287
Celestine and Geraldine Mischo278
John Mischo Family278-279
Michael Mischo Family279
William Mischo Family279
Joe Morfeld Family279-280
Cornelius Morris Family280
John J. Muell, Jr. Family280
John J. Muell, Sr. Family280
Kenneth P. Muell Family281
Nicholas J. Muell Family281
Peter E. Muell Family281
Mathias Nollen Family282
Duane and Susan Nowatzke Family282
Jacob J. Nowatzke Family282
Jacob P. Nowatzke Family282-283
Joseph A. Nowatzke Family283
James Nutterville Family283
William Nutterville Family283
Mathias Olig Family283-284
Jake Ohlinger Family284
Mike Ohlinger Family284
Casper A. Oppold Family284-285
Casper W. Oppold Family285
Franklin G. Oppold Family285-286
Frank S. Oppold Family286
Frank J. Oppold Family286
John and Marry Oppold286-287
Joseph F. Oppold Family287
Margaret Oppold287
Alfred Pauley Family288
Andrew J. Pauley Family288
Hobert Pauley Family288-289
Kennth R. Pauley Family289
Leo P. Pauley Family289
Melvin Pauley Family289
Peter Pauley Family290
Fred Pimple290
Dewitt C. Potter Family290
Henry M. Potter Family291
LeRoy B. Potter Family291
Eugene Powers Family291
James Queeney Family291-292
John Queeney Family292
William Queeney Family292
John N. Ralston Family292
Carmen Ratigan Family292
Michael Ratigan Family202
Patrick Ratigan Family293
George M. Razee Family293
August F. Reinig Family293-294
Edward Reinig Family294
Gerald J. Reinig Family294
John Reinig, Sr. Family294-295
John Reinig, Jr. Family295
Leonard L. Reinig Family295-296
Matthias J. Reinig Family296
Carl F. Reisz Family296
Eugene Reisz Family296-297
Frank Reisz Family297
John Reisz, Sr. Family297-298
Rodney and Lois Riessen298
Joseph Rosenthal Family298-299
Newton J. Roundy Family299
Washington Roundy Family299
Edwin H. Schaben Family299
Bill and Kathy Schafer299-300
Gerald Schafer Family300
Nick Schafer, Sr. Family300
Martin Schechinger Family300-301
Robert F. Schechinger Family301
Vitus Schiltz Family301
Anthony Schleimer Family301
Raymond A. Schleimer Family301-302
Joseph N. Schmitz Family302
Peter Schmitz Family302
Vincent G. Schmitz Family302-303
William P. Schmitz303
John Ralph Schomer Family303
Michael F. Schomer Family303-304
Peter Schomer Family304
Robert M. Schomer Family304-305
Henry L. Schulte Family305
William H. Schwarte305
Anton Schwery Family305
Don G. Schwery Family305-306
George Schwery Family306
Godfrey Schwery Family306
Isadore M. Schwery Family307
James T. Schwery Family307-308
Joseph E. Schwery Family308
Lawrence J. Schwery Family308
Louis Schwery Family308-309
Melchior J. Schwery Family309
Melvin Schwery Family309-310
Michael A. Schwery Family310
Michael L. Schwery Family310-311
Ralph Schwery Family311
Richard L. Schwery Family311
Robert A. Schwery Family311-312
Romuald Schwery Family312
Theodore Schwery Family312
Leo P. Scollard312
Thomas M. Scollard312
William Scollard Family313
Elmer H. Smith Family313
Francis M. Smith Family313
Francis Smith Jr. Family313
Lynn F. Smith Family314
Ural E. Smith Family314
Bertha Sonntag314
Leo Sonntag Family314-315
Bill Stephany Family315
Joe Stephany Family315
Alfred Stessman Family315-316
Alvin Stessman Family316
Fred W. Stessman Family316-317
Leo Stessman Family317
Theodore Stessman Family317
Alfred J. Stinn Family318
Alois Stolz Family318
Michael Stolz Family318
Romaldus and Mary Stolz318-319
Dennis Sullivan Family319
Elizabeth (Bessie ) Sullivan319-320
Eugene Sullivan, Sr. Family320
John Sullivan Family320
Eugene Sullivan, Jr. Family320-321
John E. "Gene" Sullivan Family321
Robert L. Sullivan321-322
Mary Theisen322
Robert J. Theulen Family322
John Thielen Family322
Chris Thiles Family322-323
Ed Thiles Family323
Balthazar Thillen Family323-324
Charles Thompson Family324
Alphonese F. Tremel Family324
Joseph J. Tremel Family324-325
Kenneth Tremel Family325
Ralph Tremel Family325-326
Terrence and Sandra Tremel326
Dave Velthoff326
Marvin Vogelzang Family326
John G. Walsh, M.D. Family326-327
Leo Waltz Family327
Thomas Weatherill Family327
George Wegner Family327
Herbert Wegner Family327-328
The John Wegner Family328
Paul Wegner Family328
Paul Wegner Family328
Philip Wegner Family328-329
August Weinig329
Charles E. Wendt Family329
John Wendt Family329-330
James and Bridget White330
Patrick White Family330
Peter Willmes Family330-331
Alfred (Fritz) Wingert Family331
Alfred J. Wingert, Jr. Family331
Charles Wingert Family332
Louis Wingert Family332
Peter Wingert Family332-333
Peter Wingert Family333
Ralph A. Wingert Family333
Raymond Wingert Family333
Ronald R. Wingert Family333-334
Bernadette Kirlin Wise334
Johanan Wurdinger Family334-335
Allan and Ann Zimmerman335
Don Zimmerman Family335
Ernest Zimmerman Family335-336
John Zimmerman Family336-337
Joseph Zimmerman Family337
Joseph C. Zimmerman Family337

Transcribed and indexed by Cheryl Siebrass, April 2022.


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