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Round Township & Vic'ty Bowman's GrovePage 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10
Simoda (Town), Round Twp.Page 11
Harlan (Town), Round Twp.Page 12, Page 13 (Top of Page)
Leland Settlement in Southwest Corner of the CountyPage 13 (Lower Part of Pg.)
The Vicinity of Galland's GrovePage 14, Page 15, Page 16, Page 17, Page 18, Page 19, Page 20, Page 21 (Top of Page)
MantenoPage 21 (Lower Part of Pg.), Page 22, Page 23 (Top of Page)
ShelbyvillePage 23 (Lower Part of Pg.)

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NameTownship, vicinityAgeBirthplaceGender
Henry M SnyderRound, Bowman's Grove30PennsylvaniaMale
Elizabeth SnyderRound, Bowman's Grove27OhioFemale
Mary J SnyderRound, Bowman's Grove9OhioFemale
William M SnyderRound, Bowman's Grove5IndianaMale
Alonzo SnyderRound, Bowman's Grove1IowaMale
Stanton S SpringerRound, Bowman's Grove29KentuckyMale
Martha J SpringerRound, Bowman's Grove24KentuckyFemale
Eldora SpringerRound, Bowman's Grove2IowaFemale
James W SpringerRound, Bowman's Grove3/12IowaMale
Joseph I AllenRound, Bowman's Grove14KentuckyMale
William DaltonRound, Bowman's Grove68VirginiaMale
Martha DaltonRound, Bowman's Grove64VirginiaFemale
James R DaltonRound, Bowman's Grove28KentuckyMale
Harvey F DaltonRound, Bowman's Grove36KentuckyMale
Maria DaltonRound, Bowman's Grove30OhioFemale
Martha A DaltonRound, Bowman's Grove6IowaFemale
George W DaltonRound, Bowman's Grove4IowaMale
James R DaltonRound, Bowman's Grove1IowaMale
George W MerrillRound, Bowman's Grove56ConnecticutMale
Edward WhiteRound, Bowman's Grove63IrelandMale
Marion CarltonRound, Bowman's Grove38OhioMale
Angeline R CarltonRound, Bowman's Grove16OhioFemale
Cora B CarltonRound, Bowman's Grove9OhioFemale
Harley H CarltonRound, Bowman's Grove4IowaMale
Henry WylandRound, Bowman's Grove28OhioMale
Elizabeth WylandRound, Bowman's Grove24OhioFemale
David S WylandRound, Bowman's Grove6IndianaMale
Jacob J WylandRound, Bowman's Grove4IndianaMale
Winfield WylandRound, Bowman's Grove2IowaMale
Levi WylandRound, Bowman's Grove8/12IowaMale
James H AdamsRound, Bowman's Grove29CanadaMale
Eleanor AdamsRound, Bowman's Grove30KentuckyFemale
Eurania AdamsRound, Bowman's Grove5IowaFemale
Edward BartonRound, Bowman's Grove38CanadaMale
Ann Jane BartonRound, Bowman's Grove36PennsylvaniaFemale
Bedy Ann BartonRound, Bowman's Grove13PennsylvaniaFemale
Warren C BartonRound, Bowman's Grove6VirginiaMale
Isabell S BartonRound, Bowman's Grove4IowaFemale
Perry H BartonRound, Bowman's Grove1IowaMale
Adam BrandtRound, Bowman's Grove39PennsylvaniaMale
Sarah BrandtRound, Bowman's Grove28OhioFemale
William W BrandtRound, Bowman's Grove9IndianaMale
Josephine A BrandtRound, Bowman's Grove6IndianaFemale
Catharine L BrandtRound, Bowman's Grove3IowaFemale
Christian J BrandtRound, Bowman's Grove3IowaMale
Lysander SweatRound, Bowman's Grove33OhioMale
Caroline E SweatRound, Bowman's Grove30OhioFemale
Charles N SweatRound, Bowman's Grove8CaliforniaMale
Rosalfeha m SweatRound, Bowman's Grove6CaliforniaFemale
Annice C SweatRound, Bowman's Grove2IowaFemale
Alanson SweatRound, Bowman's Grove29OhioMale
Nancy J SweatRound, Bowman's Grove28KentuckyFemale
Mary T SweatRound, Bowman's Grove5IowaFemale
Henry J SweatRound, Bowman's Grove3IowaMale
Eleanor L SweatRound, Bowman's Grove1IowaFemale
David DucketRound, Bowman's Grove24IndianaMale
Rachael DucketRound, Bowman's Grove22OhioFemale
Margaret E DucketRound, Bowman's Grove1IowaFemale
Granville DucketRound, Bowman's Grove2/12IowaMale
Thomas CasteelRound, Bowman's Grove32OhioMale
Mary Jane CasteelRound, Bowman's Grove25OhioFemale
Francis B CasteelRound, Bowman's Grove7IowaMale
Albert F CasteelRound, Bowman's Grove5IowaMale
Alice J CasteelRound, Bowman's Grove4IowaFemale
Mary E CasteelRound, Bowman's Grove2IowaFemale
William T McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove32VirginiaMale
Martha M McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove25OhioFemale
James W S McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove7IndianaMale
July Ann McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove5IndianaFemale
Mary E McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove3IowaFemale
Cloey E McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove5/12IowaFemale
James B McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove59VirginiaMale
Mary B McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove53VirginiaFemale
Henry Clay McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove17OhioMale
James D McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove12MichiganMale
Sarah E McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove9IndianaFemale
Ethel S BrownRound, Bowman's Grove32New YorkMale
Mary A BrownRound, Bowman's Grove21IndianaFemale
Warren A BrownRound, Bowman's Grove4IllinoisMale
Sarah A BrownRound, Bowman's Grove2IowaFemale
Dwight TerrillRound, Bowman's Grove29OhioMale
Catherine TerrillRound, Bowman's Grove23IndianaFemale
Asa TerrillRound, Bowman's Grove4IowaMale
Minerva TerrillRound, Bowman's Grove6/12IowaFemale
George W TaqueRound, Bowman's Grove50KentuckyMale
Indiana W TaqueRound, Bowman's Grove36IndianaFemale
Ephraim C TaqueRound, Bowman's Grove20IndianaMale
George W TaqueRound, Bowman's Grove18IndianaMale
Robert I TaqueRound, Bowman's Grove5IowaMale
Allen M TaqueRound, Bowman's Grove3IowaMale
Samuel ThacherRound, Bowman's Grove10IndianaMale
Peter H LongcorRound, Bowman's Grove46OhioMale
Elizabeth LongcorRound, Bowman's Grove36OhioFemale
Priscilla I LongcorRound, Bowman's Grove17IndianaFemale
Jasper N LongcorRound, Bowman's Grove15IndianaMale
William M LongcorRound, Bowman's Grove13IndianaMale
Daniel BowmanRound, Bowman's Grove28OhioMale
Elizabeth BowmanRound, Bowman's Grove24OhioFemale
John R McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove26OhioMale
Catharine M McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove20IndianaFemale
Charles J McConnellRound, Bowman's Grove2IowaMale
Leonard BowmanRound, Bowman's Grove65PennsylvaniaMale
Jacob J MillerRound, Bowman's Grove33FranceMale
Nancy J MillerRound, Bowman's Grove26OhioFemale
Mary C MillerRound, Bowman's Grove8IndianaFemale
Charles M MillerRound, Bowman's Grove6IndianaMale
Susannah S MillerRound, Bowman's Grove4IndianaFemale
George H MillerRound, Bowman's Grove1IowaMale
Washington WylandRound, Bowman's Grove33OhioMale
Rebecca WylandRound, Bowman's Grove29OhioFemale
John F WylandRound, Bowman's Grove7IndianaMale
George W WylandRound, Bowman's Grove5IndianaMale
Jonathan R WylandRound, Bowman's Grove1IowaMale
Samuel BlakeRound, Bowman's Grove28CanadaMale
Mariett BlakeRound, Bowman's Grove21New YorkFemale
Alvaretta BlakeRound, Bowman's Grove3IowaFemale
Anetta BlakeRound, Bowman's Grove2IowaFemale
Samuel BlakeRound, Bowman's Grove3/12IowaMale
Theophilus BlakeRound, Bowman's Grove23OhioMale
Margaret BlakeRound, Bowman's Grove22IndianaFemale
Clara BlakeRound, Bowman's Grove2/12IowaFemale
Isaac S WylandRound, Bowman's Grove26IndianaMale
Julia WylandRound, Bowman's Grove29PennsylvaniaFemale
William W WylandRound, Bowman's Grove8IndianaMale
Omapacha WylandRound, Bowman's Grove4IndianaMale
Jonathan M WylandRound, Bowman's Grove2IowaMale
Abraham ReubendallRound, Cuppy's Grove44PennsylvaniaMale
Eliza ReubendallRound, Cuppy's Grove41PennsylvaniaFemale
Henry C ReedRound, Cuppy's Grove14PennsylvaniaMale
James PlucknuttRound, Cuppy's Grove24EnglandMale
Daniel ConnersRound, Cuppy's Grove26IrelandMale
Catharine ConnersRound, Cuppy's Grove26IrelandFemale
James ConnersRound, Cuppy's Grove3ConnecticutMale
Anna ConnersRound, Cuppy's Grove1ConnecticutFemale
Michael CacyRound, Cuppy's Grove13IrelandMale
Isaac CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove39OhioMale
Mary CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove33OhioFemale
William CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove17MissouriMale
Hariet CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove10IowaFemale
Celestia CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove7IowaFemale
Mansel CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove7IowaMale
James B CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove4IowaMale
Macus M CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove1IowaMale
Eliza A CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove15IowaFemale
Martin O'BrechtRound, Cuppy's Grove24FranceMale
Mary O'BrechtRound, Cuppy's Grove20Hesse-KasselFemale
William B CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove22IllinoisMale
Susan A CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove16IndianaFemale
Adam CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove47OhioMale
Christena CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove45OhioFemale
Malissa J CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove20IllinoisFemale
Emily M CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove15IowaFemale
Charley Z T CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove11IowaMale
Granville M CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove7IowaMale
Eliza J YeomanRound, Cuppy's Grove7IowaFemale
Francis M CuppyRound, Cuppy's Grove18IndianaMale
Washington JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove61PennsylvaniaMale
Mary A JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove41OhioFemale
John JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove22OhioMale
Brafford JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove20OhioMale
Sarah Jane JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove17OhioFemale
Mary Ann JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove14OhioFemale
Witherington JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove11OhioMale
James E JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove7IowaMale
Lucinda JohnstonRound, Cuppy's Grove4IowaFemale
William PlucknuttRound, Cuppy's Grove31EnglandMale
Caroline PlucknuttRound, Cuppy's Grove24EnglandFemale
John W PlucknuttRound, Cuppy's Grove1IllinoisMale
William HowlettRound, Cuppy's Grove14EnglandMale
Jacob ShaferRound, Cuppy's Grove48PennsylvaniaMale
Mary ShaferRound, Cuppy's Grove47PennsylvaniaFemale
Lewis K ShaferRound, Cuppy's Grove17PennsylvaniaMale
Benjamin PiferRound, Cuppy's Grove36PennsylvaniaMale
Elmina PiferRound, Cuppy's Grove35PennsylvaniaFemale
Hariet PiferRound, Cuppy's Grove8PennsylvaniaFemale
Benjamin F PiferRound, Cuppy's Grove4PennsylvaniaMale
Joseph M PiferRound, Cuppy's Grove1IowaMale
Henry LeeRound, Cuppy's Grove38TennesseeMale
Mary C LeeRound, Cuppy's Grove34VirginiaFemale
James M LeeRound, Cuppy's Grove10MichiganMale
Marietta LeeRound, Cuppy's Grove9MichiganFemale
Martha J LeeRound, Cuppy's Grove7IndianaFemale
Sarah A LeeRound, Cuppy's Grove6IndianaFemale
Hiram P LeeRound, Cuppy's Grove4IndianaMale
Julia A LeeRound, Cuppy's Grove2IowaFemale
William FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove47PennsylvaniaMale
Susan FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove41PennsylvaniaFemale
William FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove21PennsylvaniaMale
Angeline FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove17PennsylvaniaFemale
Henry FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove16PennsylvaniaMale
Eliza FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove13PennsylvaniaFemale
Benjamin F FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove12PennsylvaniaMale
Elias FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove8PennsylvaniaMale
Daniel FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove6OhioMale
Joseph FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove3OhioMale
Maryann FranceRound, Cuppy's Grove8/12IowaFemale
Joseph BunnellRound, Cuppy's Grove23OhioMale
Sarah J BunnellRound, Cuppy's Grove22IndianaFemale
Amanda J BunnellRound, Cuppy's Grove2NebraskaFemale
Joseph C BunnellRound, Cuppy's Grove3/12IowaMale
Charles KiddRound, Cuppy's Grove44OhioMale
Constantine WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove27OhioMale
Margaret J WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove22IndianaFemale
William WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove3IowaMale
Abraham WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove41OhioMale
Elizabeth WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove38KentuckyFemale
Rachael S WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove18IndianaFemale
Jonathan V WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove17IndianaMale
Matilda J WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove15IndianaFemale
Ritty Ann WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove12IndianaFemale
Lavina WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove9IllinoisFemale
David H WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove7IowaMale
James C WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove4IowaMale
Nancy WatsonRound, Cuppy's Grove1IowaFemale
Edwar B PrestonRound, Cuppy's Grove47New YorkMale
Clarissa M PrestonRound, Cuppy's Grove42OhioFemale
Marietta PrestonRound, Cuppy's Grove15IllinoisFemale
Daniel E PrestonRound, Cuppy's Grove13IllinoisMale
Almyra J PrestonRound, Cuppy's Grove9IllinoisFemale
Othnel S PrestonRound, Cuppy's Grove7IowaMale
Clarina N PrestonRound, Cuppy's Grove5IowaFemale
George W PrestonRound, Cuppy's Grove3IowaMale
Rebecca A RossRound, Cuppy's Grove30OhioFemale
Stephen WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda46New YorkMale
Elizabeth WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda44New YorkFemale
Lewis WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda21New YorkMale
Daniel WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda18New YorkMale
Francis WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda14IllinoisMale
Edwin WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda7IowaMale
Mary WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda4IowaFemale
Amy WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda2IowaFemale
Stephen WaterberryRound, Harlan & Simoda2/12IowaMale
William HackRound, Harlan & Simoda59VirginiaMale
Malinda HackRound, Harlan & Simoda44IndianaFemale
John DoddsRound, Harlan & Simoda14MissouriMale
William DoddsRound, Harlan & Simoda11MissouriMale
Loarn HackRound, Harlan & Simoda28IndianaMale
Letty J HackRound, Harlan & Simoda17IllinoisFemale
Simon B HackRound, Harlan & Simoda6/12IowaMale
Christian HackRound, Harlan & Simoda25IndianaMale
Litha Ann HackRound, Harlan & Simoda19IndianaFemale
William HackRound, Harlan & Simoda9/12IowaMale
Aaron F ThorntonRound, Harlan & Simoda28KentuckyMale
Lavina ThorntonRound, Harlan & Simoda20IndianaFemale
William ThorntonRound, Harlan & Simoda3IowaMale
Susan ThorntonRound, Harlan & Simoda2IowaFemale
John N McKegRound, Harlan & Simoda37IndianaMale
Selena McKegRound, Harlan & Simoda29IndianaFemale
Semantha McKegRound, Harlan & Simoda8IndianaFemale
Hannah McKegRound, Harlan & Simoda7IndianaFemale
Mary E McKegRound, Harlan & Simoda4IowaFemale
Richard K McKegRound, Harlan & Simoda1IndianaMale
James HowellRound, Harlan & Simoda21IndianaMale
Mary HackRound, Harlan & Simoda33IndianaFemale
Hiram P HackRound, Harlan & Simoda6IndianaMale
Margaret S HackRound, Harlan & Simoda4IowaFemale
Hannah M HackRound, Harlan & Simoda2IowaFemale
Creighton KellerRound, Harlan & Simoda28IndianaMale
Jane KellerRound, Harlan & Simoda24IndianaFemale
James E KellerRound, Harlan & Simoda4IndianaMale
Susan K KellerRound, Harlan & Simoda2IndianaFemale
Leander HackRound, Harlan & Simoda30KentuckyMale
Elizabeth HackRound, Harlan & Simoda24IndianaFemale
William H HackRound, Harlan & Simoda8IowaMale
Lydia HackRound, Harlan & Simoda6IowaFemale
Lewis A HackRound, Harlan & Simoda2IowaMale
Nevada HackRound, Harlan & Simoda1/12IowaFemale
Henry CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda53North CarolinaMale
Elizabeth CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda52North CarolinaFemale
Jonathan CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda20IndianaMale
Abram CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda18IndianaMale
Henry CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda16IndianaMale
Catharine CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda13IndianaFemale
Caroline CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda11IndianaFemale
Benton C CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda8IndianaMale
Benjamin CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda22IndianaMale
Sarah CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda17IndianaFemale
George W CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda1IowaMale
Rudy CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda28IndianaMale
Jane CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda19IndianaFemale
Arthur CusterRound, Harlan & Simoda1/12IowaMale
Ellen AbberthyRound, Harlan & Simoda3MissouriFemale
James M LongRound, Harlan & Simoda40KentuckyMale
Sarah G LongRound, Harlan & Simoda16IndianaFemale
Mary F LongRound, Harlan & Simoda8IndianaFemale
Mahala J LongRound, Harlan & Simoda6IndianaFemale
Horace RogersRound, Harlan & Simoda19OhioMale
William H RichardsRound, Harlan & Simoda37EnglandMale
Fidelia A RichardsRound, Harlan & Simoda33OhioFemale
Catharine M RichardsRound, Harlan & Simoda14OhioFemale
William H RichardsRound, Harlan & Simoda10OhioMale
Hannah A RichardsRound, Harlan & Simoda5IowaFemale
Cordelia A RichardsRound, Harlan & Simoda3IowaFemale
Elizabeth A RichardsRound, Harlan & Simoda9/12IowaFemale
Felix G ClarkeRound, Harlan & Simoda41KentuckyMale
Jemsha n ClarkeRound, Harlan & Simoda36IndianaFemale
Franklin ClarkeRound, Harlan & Simoda12IllinoisMale
Lewis F ClarkeRound, Harlan & Simoda4IllinoisMale
Henry LyonsRound, Harlan & Simoda53KentuckyMale
Eliza A LyonsRound, Harlan & Simoda35IllinoisFemale
Samuel LyonsRound, Harlan & Simoda23IllinoisMale
Thomas LyonsRound, Harlan & Simoda22MissouriMale
Nancy LyonsRound, Harlan & Simoda16IllinoisFemale
Clarissa LyonsRound, Harlan & Simoda8IowaFemale
Skippy Ann LyonsRound, Harlan & Simoda11/12MissouriFemale
Angeline RobertsRound, Harlan & Simoda13MissouriFemale
John RobertsRound, Harlan & Simoda10MissouriMale
Charles RobertsRound, Harlan & Simoda8MissouriMale
Henry RobertsRound, Harlan & Simoda6MissouriMale
Stephen RobertsRound, Harlan & Simoda5MissouriFemale
Nelson WardRound, Harlan & Simoda37New YorkMale
Minerva WardRound, Harlan & Simoda31IndianaFemale
Phebe J WardRound, Harlan & Simoda14IndianaFemale
Matilda A WardRound, Harlan & Simoda11IndianaFemale
Margaret M WardRound, Harlan & Simoda7IowaFemale
Daniel H WardRound, Harlan & Simoda6IowaMale
Charlottee C WardRound, Harlan & Simoda1IowaFemale
William C HayRound, Harlan & Simoda17IndianaMale
Harry WickettRound, Harlan & Simoda22EnglandMale
Lorenzo D SunderlandRound, Harlan & Simoda33OhioMale
Mary E SunderlandRound, Harlan & Simoda26OhioFemale
Nevada SunderlandRound, Harlan & Simoda8IllinoisFemale
Leora SunderlandRound, Harlan & Simoda4IowaFemale
Nancy J SunderlandRound, Harlan & Simoda3IowaFemale
Juliett SunderlandRound, Harlan & Simoda1IowaFemale
William J DavisRound, Harlan & Simoda22OhioMale
Milton H StantonRound, Harlan & Simoda33New YorkMale
Fanny StantonRound, Harlan & Simoda18New YorkFemale
Frank StantonRound, Harlan & Simoda8OhioMale
Charles StantonRound, Harlan & Simoda5OhioMale
Alice G DavisRound, Harlan & Simoda5IllinoisFemale
Charles H DavisRound, Harlan & Simoda3IllinoisMale
Edward A SweenyRound, Harlan & Simoda26CanadaMale
Martha A SweenyRound, Harlan & Simoda24New YorkFemale
Henrietta SweenyRound, Harlan & Simoda1IllinoisFemale
William McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove47KentuckyMale
Mary M McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove42VirginiaFemale
Mary T McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove18IowaFemale
Matilda E McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove16IowaFemale
Sarah K McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove14IowaFemale
Henry M McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove11IowaMale
John A McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove9IowaMale
Martha E McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove6IowaFemale
Hariet E McGinnisRound, Wick's Grove4IowaFemale
Mansel WicksRound, Wick's Grove39New YorkMale
Celestia WicksRound, Wick's Grove36ConnecticutFemale
Warren O WicksRound, Wick's Grove16OhioMale
Ida WicksRound, Wick's Grove14OhioFemale
Peter H WicksRound, Wick's Grove6IowaMale
Nora WicksRound, Wick's Grove4IowaFemale
Norris WicksRound, Wick's Grove2IowaMale
Isaac PlumRound, Wick's Grove36OhioMale
Nancy J PlumRound, Wick's Grove24IndianaFemale
Oran M PlumRound, Wick's Grove2IowaMale
Penthus BillaterRound, Wick's Grove39KentuckyMale
Susannah BillaterRound, Wick's Grove40IndianaFemale
Sarah A BillaterRound, Wick's Grove18IndianaFemale
Mary BillaterRound, Wick's Grove16IndianaFemale
Jackson P BillaterRound, Wick's Grove9IndianaMale
Levi BillaterRound, Wick's Grove3IowaMale
Penthus BillaterRound, Wick's Grove1IowaMale
Harrison BillaterRound, Wick's Grove22IndianaMale
John E KnottRound, Wick's Grove23OhioMale
Luther T InglesbyRound, Wick's Grove20New YorkMale
NameTownship, vicinityAgeBirthplaceGender
Milton HeathRound, Simoda39OhioMale
Elizabeth HeathRound, Simoda35OhioFemale
Hiram HeathRound, Simoda14IndianaMale
Josiah HeathRound, Simoda12IndianaMale
Wilford HeathRound, Simoda10IndianaMale
Albert HeathRound, Simoda5IowaMale
Arthur HeathRound, Simoda1IowaMale
Kirtland CardRound, Simoda31OhioMale
Mary CardRound, Simoda32OhioFemale
Alice CardRound, Simoda11OhioFemale
John B CardRound, Simoda10OhioMale
Amelia G CardRound, Simoda3IowaFemale
Sylvester K CardRound, Simoda2IowaMale
Mich WhiteRound, Simoda21CanadaMale
Margaret R WhiteRound, Simoda18New YorkFemale
Emma J WhiteRound, Simoda1IllinoisFemale
Samuel DewellRound, Simoda41OhioMale
Hariet DewellRound, Simoda36New YorkFemale
Asbariner DewellRound, Simoda9IowaFemale
Hatty DewellRound, Simoda4IowaFemale
Seba DewellRound, Simoda2IowaFemale
Alice D EarllRound, Simoda7WisconsinFemale
John DewellRound, Simoda22IndianaMale
David BaughmanRound, Simoda57PennsylvaniaMale
Elizabeth BaughmanRound, Simoda51OhioFemale
Hezekiah N BaughmanRound, Simoda20IndianaMale
Silas M BaughmanRound, Simoda13IndianaMale
Emely A BaughmanRound, Simoda10IndianaFemale
Aaron LemoreauttRound, Simoda45New YorkMale
Amelia LemoreauttRound, Simoda38PennsylvaniaFemale
Lucy LemoreauttRound, Simoda15IllinoisFemale
Ella LemoreauttRound, Simoda13IllinoisFemale
Frederick LemoreauttRound, Simoda11IllinoisMale
Lizzie LemoreauttRound, Simoda8IllinoisFemale
Franklin LemoreauttRound, Simoda5IllinoisMale
Saml LimenstallRound, Simoda17OhioMale
David H RandallRound, town of Harlan50PennsylvaniaMale
Achsah RandallRound, town of Harlan49PennsylvaniaFemale
Achsah A RandallRound, town of Harlan20OhioFemale
Hannah J RandallRound, town of Harlan17OhioFemale
Charles F H ForbesRound, town of Harlan40ItalyMale
Hariet ForbesRound, town of Harlan33New YorkFemale
Charles A ForbesRound, town of Harlan2IowaMale
Joseph G McCordRound, town of Harlan30New YorkMale
William B NewtonRound, town of Harlan37OhioMale
Hannah NewtonRound, town of Harlan35OhioFemale
Rebecca J NewtonRound, town of Harlan16OhioFemale
Henry G NewtonRound, town of Harlan13OhioMale
Wallace NewtonRound, town of Harlan9OhioMale
Andrew J NewtonRound, town of Harlan6IowaMale
William O NewtonRound, town of Harlan4IowaMale
James H NewtonRound, town of Harlan1IowaMale
Silas NewtonRound, town of Harlan27OhioMale
Harmon C HolcombRound, town of Harlan33New YorkMale
William WylandRound, town of Harlan29OhioMale
Helen M WylandRound, town of Harlan29IndianaFemale
William HendersonRound, town of Harlan32PennsylvaniaMale
Hariet HendersonRound, town of Harlan33OhioFemale
Thomas C HendersonRound, town of Harlan2IowaMale
Charles W OdenRound, town of Harlan30OhioMale
Lyman J ThorstonRound, town of Harlan22IllinoisMale
Frances ThorstonRound, town of Harlan27OhioFemale
Elias MonroeRound, town of Harlan27OhioMale
Samantha R MonroeRound, town of Harlan17OhioFemale
Charles E MonroeRound, town of Harlan1IowaMale
David EvansRound, town of Harlan25OhioMale
Martha E EvansRound, town of Harlan23KentuckyFemale
John FritzRound, town of Harlan31PennsylvaniaMale
Eliza A FritzRound, town of Harlan25KentuckyFemale
Francis F FritzRound, town of Harlan4IndianaMale
William D FritzRound, town of Harlan1IowaMale
Nancy M GrayRound, town of Harlan29OhioFemale
Lewis T GrayRound, town of Harlan5OhioMale
William W GrayRound, town of Harlan4IowaMale
Alpha C GrayRound, town of Harlan1IowaFemale
Adam T AultRound, town of Harlan38OhioMale
Mary A AultRound, town of Harlan28IndianaFemale
Mary C AultRound, town of Harlan10IowaFemale
Lily Dale AultRound, town of Harlan5IowaFemale
Harvey J AultRound, town of Harlan2IowaMale
Frank A AultRound, town of Harlan7/12IowaMale
James DunningtonRound, town of Harlan19IndianaMale
George BenjaminRound, town of Harlan25IllinoisMale
Benjamin L LelandRound, town of Harlan38PennsylvaniaMale
Elizabeth LelandRound, town of Harlan27IllinoisFemale
John C LelandRound, town of Harlan10IllinoisMale
Deborah M LelandRound, town of Harlan8IllinoisFemale
Mariett LelandRound, town of Harlan6IllinoisFemale
Emaline LelandRound, town of Harlan4IowaFemale
Charles T J LelandRound, town of Harlan2IowaMale
Rachael M CramRound, town of Harlan46New HampshireFemale
Josephine CramRound, town of Harlan5MissouriFemale
John GallupRound, town of Harlan49New YorkMale
Marietta GallupRound, town of Harlan42New YorkFemale
Isaac N GallupRound, town of Harlan21New YorkMale
George W GallupRound, town of Harlan15New YorkMale
Elijah GallupRound, town of Harlan13New YorkMale
David JonesRound, town of Harlan60PennsylvaniaMale
Mercy JonesRound, town of Harlan54MarylandFemale
Aaron M JonesRound, town of Harlan15OhioMale
James H JonesRound, town of Harlan10IowaMale
Lorenzo McCrackenRound, town of Harlan42IndianaMale
Delorius McCrackenRound, town of Harlan38IndianaFemale
George McCrackenRound, town of Harlan19IllinoisMale
Asa McCrackenRound, town of Harlan10IowaMale
NameTownship, vicinityAgeBirthplaceGender
Bernard HinsdaleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.38New YorkMale
Mary HinsdaleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.28IrelandFemale
Barney HinsdaleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.2IowaMale
Elizabeth HinsdaleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10/12IowaFemale
Hardin A TarkingtonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.57TennesseeMale
Mary E TarkingtonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.60New YorkFemale
Joseph E TarkingtonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.12IndianaMale
Martin B TarkingtonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7IndianaMale
Elizabeth A CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.21IllinoisFemale
John VanosdallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.23OhioMale
Lucinda VanosdallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.24IndianaFemale
John W VanosdallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3IowaMale
Sarah E A VanosdallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.2IowaFemale
Anderson AndersonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.45DenmarkMale
Jane AndersonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.25VirginiaFemale
Lucinda AndersonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4IowaFemale
Robinson KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.39VirginiaMale
Melissa KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.41TennesseeFemale
Cornelius KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.8IowaMale
Sarah E KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7IowaFemale
Charles W KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4IowaMale
William D KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.1IowaMale
Ellen KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.27VirginiaFemale
Wilson KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.36VirginiaMale
Sarah KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.28LouisianaFemale
Elizabeth A KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.12MissouriFemale
Orpha J KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.11IowaFemale
Julia E KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.9IowaFemale
Sarah E KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7IowaFemale
William H KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.6IowaMale
Harvey R KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4IowaMale
Synthia J KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3IowaFemale
Minerd W KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.1IowaMale
Edwin W KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3/12IowaMale
Elizabeth KernsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.64VirginiaFemale
Simon SidenerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.36OhioMale
Synthia J SidenerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.29New YorkFemale
Rosetta DavisGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.1IowaFemale
John KineGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.19OhioMale
Thomas W BinnallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.33EnglandMale
Susan BinnallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.34EnglandFemale
George T BinnallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10MissouriMale
Hariet A BinnallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7IowaFemale
Albert E BinnallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.5IowaMale
Julia A BinnallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.11/12IowaFemale
James NickersonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.21MichiganMale
Michael DoyleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.46IrelandMale
Catharine DoyleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.46IrelandFemale
George DoyleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.23CanadaMale
Edward DoyleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.18New YorkMale
Mary A DoyleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.14IllinoisFemale
Catharine DoyleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10IowaFemale
Sarah DoyleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7IowaFemale
Bridget DoyleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4IowaFemale
Asahel RoundyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.31New YorkMale
Sarah RoundyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.28OhioFemale
Mary RoundyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.6IowaFemale
Anna J RoundyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4IowaFemale
Martha A RoundyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.2IowaFemale
Irene MillerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.11IllinoisFemale
William VanausdallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.72VirginiaMale
Alexander BarrGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.24PennsylvaniaMale
Eliza J BarrGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.25OhioFemale
Horace BarrGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.1IowaMale
Martin WilliamsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.29IllinoisMale
Amy J WilliamsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.17IndianaFemale
Sarah J WilliamsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.1IowaFemale
Jacob HincleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.52PennsylvaniaMale
Elizabeth HincleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.47New JerseyFemale
Joseph HincleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.23PennsylvaniaMale
Joseph HincleGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.47PennsylvaniaMale
Alexander HuntGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.68North CarolinaMale
Mary HuntGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.65North CarolinaFemale
John B HuntGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.27KentuckyMale
Pressella E ThomasGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.11IowaFemale
Alexander W C BlackGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10IowaMale
Margaret HawkinsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.56OhioFemale
William HawkinsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.35IndianaMale
Luke HawkinsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.24IllinoisMale
Zoraster b HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.26New YorkMale
Eunice E HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.19MissouriFemale
William F H HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7/12IowaMale
Margaret McCollGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.51ScotlandFemale
William McCollGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.19CanadaMale
Joseph McCollGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.16IllinoisMale
Hiram McCollGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.14IllinoisMale
Martha McCollGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10IowaFemale
Ellen E BellGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.18IowaFemale
Lewis JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.52OhioMale
Eliza JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.32KentuckyFemale
Alfred JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.18IowaMale
Lafaett JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.16IowaMale
Mary J JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.14IowaFemale
Ann JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.12IowaFemale
Andrew JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.9IowaMale
Lewis N JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.2IowaMale
Louisa JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.2IowaFemale
James W JacksonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3/12IowaMale
John McIntoshGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.54KentuckyMale
Malinda McIntoshGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.30KentuckyFemale
Sarah E McIntoshGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.14IllinoisFemale
John M McIntoshGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7IowaMale
William C McIntoshGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.5IowaMale
Malinda J McIntoshGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3IowaFemale
David C McIntoshGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.1IowaMale
Charles WilsonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.44North CarolinaMale
Daniel CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.49New YorkMale
Parintha CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.43MassachusettsFemale
David C CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.25MissouriMale
Lyman CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.19IllinoisMale
Margaret CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.17IllinoisFemale
Ruth CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.13IllinoisFemale
Artensa CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10IowaFemale
Thomas CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.8IowaMale
Albert CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.5IowaMale
Sophrona CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3IowaFemale
Lucius BallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.54OhioMale
Susan BallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.41OhioFemale
Henry C BallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.15OhioMale
Angeline BallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.14IndianaFemale
William C BallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.12IndianaMale
Comfort C BallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.9IndianaFemale
Thomas C BallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3IowaMale
John A BallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.2IowaMale
George HeringtonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.30New YorkMale
Elizabeth HeringtonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.17OhioFemale
Susan E HeringtonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.1IowaFemale
Benj F HomerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.34New YorkMale
Patience HomerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.24MissouriFemale
Elenor HomerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.5IowaFemale
Alma HomerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3IowaFemale
Julia HomerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.1IowaFemale
Uriah RoundyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.62VermontMale
Rena RoundyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.49CanadaFemale
Martha J RoundyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.9IowaFemale
Chancy F PrenticeGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.13IllinoisMale
Emeline MillerGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.6IllinoisFemale
Daniel HoworthGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.30EnglandMale
Mary KennedyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.26EnglandFemale
Mary E KennedyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4IowaFemale
Ida A KennedyGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.2IowaFemale
Lama WestGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.27OhioFemale
Mary A WestGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7IllinoisFemale
Jonathan WestGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4IllinoisMale
John CollinsGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.31OhioMale
August KloppingGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.25PrussiaMale
Hanna KloppingGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.22PrussiaFemale
Sophia C KloppingGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7/12IowaFemale
Chancy WilliamsonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.37New YorkMale
Elizabeth J WilliamsonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.31OhioFemale
George WilliamsonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.8IowaMale
John WilliamsonGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3IowaMale
Oliver E HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.51New YorkMale
Sarah HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.51New HampshireFemale
Harmon C HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.21OhioMale
Oliver E HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.19OhioMale
Mary C HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.17OhioFemale
Chancy S HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.15OhioMale
Martha M HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10OhioFemale
Bertha A HolcombGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.8OhioFemale
Patrick CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.49New YorkMale
Delila CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.48New YorkFemale
Ann G CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.16IowaFemale
Mary E CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.13IowaFemale
Almeta SmithGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.44New YorkFemale
Ozender CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.23MissouriMale
Ellen CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.23IllinoisFemale
Delila A CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.3IowaFemale
Henry CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.2IowaMale
Joseph CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4/12IowaMale
Alexander McCordGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.49New YorkMale
Sybil McCordGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.43New YorkFemale
William McCordGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.17IllinoisMale
Luther McCordGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10IowaMale
Bradley McCordGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.7IowaMale
Ichabod McCordGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.5IowaMale
Platt SturgesGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.37VermontMale
Milton LynchGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.31IllinoisMale
Elizabeth LynchGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.24CanadaFemale
Jacob L PrenticeGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.12IowaMale
Benj CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.54New YorkMale
Rebecca CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.48TennesseeFemale
George CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.16IllinoisMale
Daniel CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.13IowaMale
Prescilla CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.10IowaFemale
John CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.8MissouriMale
Ozender CrandallGallands Grove, Shelbyville P.O.4IowaMale
Saml BlankinshipGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.28IllinoisMale
Mary BlankinshipGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.24IllinoisFemale
John B SwainGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.35IndianaMale
Irena SwainGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.28IndianaFemale
Elza C SwainGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.11IndianaMale
Albert S SwainGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.9IndianaMale
Henry D SwainGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.7IndianaMale
Sarah E SwainGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.5IowaFemale
Florence E SwainGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.3IowaFemale
Mary O SwainGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.1IowaFemale
Saml RickmanGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.29OhioMale
Mary RickmanGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.24TennesseeFemale
John W RickmanGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.8IllinoisMale
Leander RickmanGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.6IllinoisMale
Lavina RickmanGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.4IowaFemale
Matilda J RickmanGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.1IowaFemale
Edwin PrichardGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.37OhioMale
Abby PrichardGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.26OhioFemale
Catherine PrichardGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.11IowaFemale
Jane PrichardGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.9IowaFemale
Jared PrichardGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.8IowaMale
John PrichardGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.6IowaMale
Jacob PrichardGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.4/12IowaMale
Elizabeth TaylorGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.79VermontFemale
Reuben StrongGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.40CanadaMale
Hannah StrongGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.32New YorkFemale
Joseph StrongGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.12IowaMale
Hiram StrongGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.10IowaMale
Alice StrongGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.6IllinoisFemale
Rosetta StrongGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.4IowaFemale
Samuel StrongGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.1IowaMale
George RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.33OhioMale
Charity RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.35IndianaFemale
William RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.10IllinoisMale
Malinda RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.8IowaFemale
Catherine RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.6IowaFemale
Jacob RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.4IowaMale
Delila RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.3IowaFemale
Abby RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.2IowaFemale
Martha RoundsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.2/12IowaFemale
Charles AlfredGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.15IllinoisMale
Daniel McDowellGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.29MissouriMale
Barbary McDowellGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.25PennsylvaniaFemale
William R McDowellGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.6IowaMale
Angeline McDowellGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.3IowaFemale
David McDowellGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.2OhioMale
Noel FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.74North CarolinaMale
Jane FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.74North CarolinaFemale
Eli FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.29IndianaMale
Emeline FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.26IndianaFemale
Lemuel S FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.6IowaMale
Andrew J FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.4IowaMale
James N FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.2IowaMale
Noel FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.34IndianaMale
Martha FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.30North CarolinaFemale
Synthia J FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.10IndianaFemale
Mary C FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.8IowaFemale
Sarah E FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.5IowaFemale
William F FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.3IowaMale
Martha E FoutsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.1IowaFemale
Nancy McIntoshGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.40IndianaFemale
George McIntoshGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.23IndianaMale
William S McIntoshGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.19IndianaMale
Peter McIntoshGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.10IndianaMale
John G McIntoshGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.6IndianaMale
Jacob KineGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.25IndianaMale
Indiana KineGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.16IndianaFemale
Thomas M Cord [McCoid]Gallands Grove, Manteno P.O.37OhioMale
Lomida J Cord [Lorinda McCoid]Gallands Grove, Manteno P.O.22IndianaFemale
Mary A Cord [McCoid]Gallands Grove, Manteno P.O.7IowaFemale
Minor ButtonGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.27New YorkMale
Washington RoundyGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.34New YorkMale
Alvira RoundyGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.26IllinoisFemale
Newton J RoundyGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.10IllinoisMale
Polly A RoundyGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.8IowaFemale
Sarah J RoundyGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.5IowaFemale
Adeline RoundyGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.4IowaFemale
Julia RoundyGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.1IowaFemale
Joseph WheelerGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.27EnglandMale
John A BenjaminGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.29IndianaMale
Margaret BenjaminGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.25IndianaFemale
Willson BenjaminGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.6IllinoisMale
Alice BenjaminGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.3IllinoisFemale
Isabell BenjaminGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.1IllinoisFemale
James BillingsGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.24IllinoisMale
Albert CrandallGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.26MissouriMale
Ellen A CrandallGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.23OhioFemale
Harvey C CrandallGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.4IowaMale
Ida M CrandallGallands Grove, Manteno P.O.3IowaFemale
Wm H RinehartGallands Grove, town of Manteno33New YorkMale
Elizabeth RinehartGallands Grove, town of Manteno31EnglandFemale
George J RinehartGallands Grove, town of Manteno8IllinoisMale
Henry RinehartGallands Grove, town of Manteno6IllinoisMale
Lydia J RinehartGallands Grove, town of Manteno4IllinoisFemale
Almeta L RinehartGallands Grove, town of Manteno2IllinoisFemale
Henry J ReynoldsGallands Grove, town of Manteno34New HampshireMale
Martha ReynoldsGallands Grove, town of Manteno32IndianaFemale
Synthia P ReynoldsGallands Grove, town of Manteno14IllinoisFemale
George E ReynoldsGallands Grove, town of Manteno11IllinoisMale
Henry S ReynoldsGallands Grove, town of Manteno7IowaMale
Florence M ReynoldsGallands Grove, town of Manteno2IowaFemale
Joshua ButlerGallands Grove, town of Manteno39VirginiaMale
Saml I M ParkingtonGallands Grove, town of Manteno25IndianaMale
Mary A ParkingtonGallands Grove, town of Manteno22OhioFemale
Alice M ParkingtonGallands Grove, town of Manteno4IowaFemale
George R ParkingtonGallands Grove, town of Manteno2IowaMale
Wm F BenjaminGallands Grove, town of Manteno33OhioMale
Ruth M BenjaminGallands Grove, town of Manteno27New YorkFemale
Charles Y BenjaminGallands Grove, town of Manteno8IllinoisMale
Daniel L BenjaminGallands Grove, town of Manteno6IllinoisMale
Daniel BenjaminGallands Grove, town of Manteno27IndianaMale
John RoundsGallands Grove, town of Manteno14Rhode IslandMale
Catharine RoundsGallands Grove, town of Manteno64VirginiaFemale
John RoundsGallands Grove, town of Manteno22OhioMale
Thomas GraffordGallands Grove, town of Manteno28MissouriMale
Elizabeth GraffordGallands Grove, town of Manteno26OhioFemale
John W GraffordGallands Grove, town of Manteno6IowaMale
Henry GraffordGallands Grove, town of Manteno4IowaMale
Eveline GraffordGallands Grove, town of Manteno2IowaFemale
Sophia RudeGallands Grove, town of Manteno63ConnecticutFemale
Warren L BrownGallands Grove, town of Manteno36New YorkMale
Gemble RosenbaumGallands Grove, town of Manteno38Berlin, StadtMale
Christopher C CulverGallands Grove, town of Manteno39ConnecticutMale
Frances CulverGallands Grove, town of Manteno36South WalesFemale
Stewart C CulverGallands Grove, town of Manteno15ConnecticutMale
Frances A CulverGallands Grove, town of Manteno13ConnecticutFemale
Sarah E CulverGallands Grove, town of Manteno7ConnecticutFemale
Mary A CulverGallands Grove, town of Manteno4ConnecticutFemale
Lewella W CulverGallands Grove, town of Manteno2IowaFemale
Anson SmithGallands Grove, town of Manteno24ConnecticutMale
William PanoeGallands Grove, town of Manteno25MaineMale
Samuel KempGallands Grove, town of Manteno64EnglandMale
Sophronia KempGallands Grove, town of Manteno54New HampshireFemale
Lawrence G TubbsGallands Grove, town of Manteno33PennsylvaniaMale
Martha M TubbsGallands Grove, town of Manteno22IndianaFemale
William W ReedGallands Grove, town of Manteno43New HampshireMale
Elenor ReedGallands Grove, town of Manteno44New YorkFemale
Jonas H ReedGallands Grove, town of Manteno21IllinoisMale
Hannah R ReedGallands Grove, town of Manteno18IllinoisFemale
Rosalph s ReedGallands Grove, town of Manteno16IllinoisFemale
John W ReedGallands Grove, town of Manteno13IllinoisMale
George R ReedGallands Grove, town of Manteno8IllinoisMale
Charles A ReedGallands Grove, town of Manteno4IllinoisFemale
Neoma KernsGallands Grove, town of Manteno7IllinoisFemale
Saml DearduffGallands Grove, town of Manteno30OhioMale
Jane DearduffGallands Grove, town of Manteno32IndianaFemale
Albert W DearduffGallands Grove, town of Manteno4OhioMale
Charles F DearduffGallands Grove, town of Manteno2MissouriMale
Sarah ScantonGallands Grove, town of Manteno44ConnecticutFemale
William SailsGallands Grove, town of Manteno24IndianaMale
Elizabeth SailsGallands Grove, town of Manteno23IndianaFemale
Charles F SailsGallands Grove, town of Manteno6IndianaMale
Melvina SailsGallands Grove, town of Manteno3IndianaFemale
William E SailsGallands Grove, town of Manteno1IowaMale
William HincleGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville40PennsylvaniaMale
Elizabeth HincleGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville38PennsylvaniaFemale
Savannah HincleGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville14PennsylvaniaFemale
John D HincleGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville11PennsylvaniaMale
Henry S HincleGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville8PennsylvaniaMale
Cyrus J HincleGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville6IndianaMale
Mary A HincleGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville3PennsylvaniaFemale
Ira V HincleGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville6/12IowaMale
Vacant House - W RoundyGallands Grove, town of Shelbyville   

1860 Shelby County Census index transcribed by Dennis Walsh