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Shelby County

Shelby County Birth Records

July 1904 - June 1906

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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

From July 1904 to June 1906 state law required that birth certificates be filed with the State Department of Health and not with the counties. These original handwritten records have been transcribed by the State Historical Society of Iowa. The index for Shelby County is found below.

Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the official record sometimes made errors. If you identify what you believe to be an error in one of the entries below, please contact the Shelby County Coordinator so a notation can be included with that entry.

NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameNumberBox
Albertsen, Meta Marie06 Oct. 1905ShelbyAndersen104B3610
Albertus, Mabel Alma19 July 1905ShelbyTage156B3610
Allen, May Eugenia06 June 1906ShelbyWillsey310B3610
Alstott, Jennie14 Mar. 1905ShelbyPokett66B3610
Ames, Gretchen13 July 1904ShelbyMcCord76B3610
Ames, Raymond Leo07 Nov. 1905ShelbyStory215B3610
Ames, Violet Merrill06 Nov. 1904ShelbyOverton79B3610
Andersen, Meta24 Dec. 1905ShelbyJohansen110B3610
Anderson (Baby Girl)01 Dec. 1904ShelbyDane40B3610
Anderson (Baby Girl)01 Oct. 1904ShelbyChristensen11B3610
Anderson, Anna Vieta17 July 1905ShelbyPedersen31B3610
Andresen, Leona16 Jan. 1906ShelbyWitt267B3610
Anstine, Iona Fern24 June 1906ShelbyBressler272B3610
Anstine, Leo Gerald24 June 1906ShelbyBressler273B3610
Arenholtz, Adam28 July 1905ShelbyHulsebus172B3610
Armstrong (Baby Boy)06 Jan. 1906ShelbyLine239B3610
Arnold (Baby Girl)13 Dec. 1904ShelbyNewhouse20B3610
Assmann (Baby Boy)30 Oct. 1905ShelbyFahn86B3610
Baber, Delbert Fountain29 Apr. 1905ShelbyBlack78B3610
Baker, Juno Hera06 Sept. 1905ShelbyCoulter36B3610
Baker, Leo Willam08 Aug. 1905ShelbyFeneyck83B3610
Barber, Donald Albert18 Nov. 1904ShelbyCarter80B3610
Barber, Verl Lindon28 Oct. 1905ShelbyWhitted15B3610
Barkman, Eugene04 Dec. 1905ShelbyGraves107B3610
Bartelsen (Baby Boy)02 June 1906ShelbyPetersen274B3610
Bartholomew, Arvilla26 June 1905ShelbyMcKonell154B3610
Bartlett, Helen01 Aug. 1905ShelbyCuppy209B3610
Bauer, Walter14 Oct. 1905ShelbyFehr60B3610
Beems, Irving Elmer22 Dec. 1904ShelbyMitchell74B3610
Bendon, Robert Charles26 Apr. 1906ShelbyHeadlee232B3610
Benjamin, Daniel08 July 1904ShelbyGoodale81B3610
Benning, Francis Marie23 May 1906ShelbyLeytham236B3610
Berg, Harry Kemble11 Dec. 1904ShelbyNorregard23B3610
Berghaus, Arthur Frank05 Aug. 1904ShelbyGreve82B3610
Berntz (Baby Girl)30 Dec. 1905ShelbyMathias90B3610
Best (Baby Boy)10 Dec. 1904ShelbySimpson75B3610
Best (Baby Girl)26 June 1906ShelbyHolloran289B3610
Best (Baby Girl)13 Aug. 1905ShelbyCoker8B3610
Best, Laura Esther24 Mar. 1905ShelbyDavis150B3610
Bill, Edna Ione23 July 1905ShelbyHannon187B3610
Bisgard (Baby Girl)30 Dec. 1905ShelbyJensen213B3610
Black (Baby Girl)02 Nov. 1905ShelbyQuick87B3610
Blain, Vera May03 Dec. 1904ShelbyWatterbury39B3610
Boardman (Baby Boy)04 Feb. 1905ShelbyPoole142B3610
Boardman, George W.11 Apr. 1906ShelbyStewart233B3610
Boerk (Baby Girl)18 Mar. 1905ShelbyVoght123B3610
Bohlander, Clarence William26 May 1905ShelbyWunder152B3610
Bohnsack, Ralph Kruhn13 Sept. 1905ShelbyStuher116B3610
Book, Cecelia Emma15 Jan. 1905ShelbyHeidecker193B3610
Boone (Baby Boy)07 Feb. 1906ShelbyKadel280B3610
Bornholdt, Anne Maria11 Feb. 1906ShelbyKarstens254B3610
Boyd, Glenn26 Sept. 1904ShelbySamms25B3610
Bramer, David Edward26 Oct. 1905ShelbyChristensen105B3610
Brindley, Roberta15 Mar. 1905ShelbyFlemming128B3610
Brown, Paul04 May 1906ShelbySutton286B3610
Broyles, Greydon G.22 Oct. 1904ShelbyHarward77B3610
Brundege, Thomas28 Feb. 1906ShelbyBurwell296B3610
Buckley, George Wallace11 Mar. 1906ShelbyWeaver283B3610
Buckley, Mary Ann11 July 1904ShelbyRatigan60B3610
Bunting, Esther May19 Mar. 1905ShelbyBentshall223B3610
Busso, Alma24 Feb. 1906ShelbyMueller243B3610
Carlsen, Agnete Valborg05 Sept. 1904ShelbyJorgensen17B3610
Carlsen, Edna01 Aug. 1905ShelbyJensen57B3610
Carlsen, Etta Fern01 Nov. 1905ShelbyNelson41B3610
Carmichael, Paul16 Dec. 1905ShelbyGriffith91B3610
Carter, Delles Everett30 June 1906ShelbyKibby311B3610
Chamberlain, Virgil Ellis10 June 1905ShelbyFritz81B3610
Chamberlain,Frederick17 Mar. 1905ShelbyMeinke224B3610
Chase, Mildred Virginia14 Jan. 1905ShelbyLeytham217B3610
Christensen, Chris Maurice14 Mar. 1906ShelbyNelson259B3610
Christensen, Anna04 Dec. 1904ShelbyMadsen41B3610
Christensen, Chris15 Feb. 1905ShelbyChristensen20B3610
Christensen, Edgar Peter04 June 1906ShelbyAndersen266B3610
Christensen, Hazel Emma02 July 1905ShelbyOlsen97B3610
Christensen, Hilda Laurine04 Nov. 1905ShelbyChristensen106B3610
Christensen, Margrethe Cathrine26 Mar. 1905ShelbyJoungstrom198B3610
Christensen, Nels Peter18 Sept. 1905ShelbyHansen37B3610
Christensen, Oscar George08 Aug. 1905ShelbyChristensen100B3610
Christoffersen, Leonard20 Apr. 1906ShelbyMichelsen276B3610
Cleveland, Orvile Frank08 May 1905ShelbyLongnecker183B3610
Cook, Vera Lois02 Nov. 1904ShelbyHein31B3610
Cooper, Ralph Henry22 Jan. 1905ShelbyFoster146B3610
Crist, Eve28 Apr. 1906ShelbyAverill261B3610
Croft, Miles Darell27 Nov. 1905ShelbyMiles75B3610
Culver, Glen Vernard26 May 1906ShelbyRazee264B3610
Cunningham, Ethel Lessie13 Dec. 1904ShelbySmith55B3610
Cunstable, Iona Geneva13 July 1905ShelbyMcConnell114B3610
Cuppey, James07 May 1905ShelbyFerguson47B3610
Curl, Lee Adolph27 Jan. 1906ShelbyGallant315B3610
Davis, Zelma Cozette09 Feb. 1905ShelbyHanna165B3610
Daws, Howard Raymond27 Dec. 1905ShelbyPhilson111B3610
Daws, James Lile14 Nov. 1904ShelbyPhilson38B3610
Dettmann, Heinrich Albert Emil23 Apr. 1906ShelbyUhlmann308B3610
Duke (Baby Girl)21 Feb. 1905ShelbyHamlin194B3610
Duke, Elizabeth Alice10 June 1905ShelbyAllen48B3610
Durr, Frank Jasper25 Oct. 1905ShelbyEvans229B3610
Eiler, Jacob23 Mar. 1905ShelbyHulsebus167B3610
Engel, Elva Maria Cecilie15 Oct. 1905ShelbyHager228B3610
Escher, Walter16 Nov. 1904ShelbyWhite43B3610
Evans, Bessie Mae23 Aug. 1904ShelbyPaul50B3610
Feldman, Marie27 Mar. 1906ShelbyGraeve312B3610
Ferguson, Ruby Irine17 Mar. 1906ShelbyVanarsdal260B3610
Ferry, Wilma May25 Dec. 1904ShelbyDeboard21B3610
Fister, Will Henry30 Oct. 1905ShelbyKuebler74B3610
Foss (Baby Boy)18 Apr. 1905ShelbyJuhl54B3610
Foster, Glenn Marshall01 Oct.1905ShelbyGraybill227B3610
Foye, Grace Margaret09 July 1905ShelbyWallace208B3610
Frazier, Boyd Arnold26 Feb. 1905ShelbyKemp77B3610
Frazier, Ethel Lucille07 Mar. 1906ShelbyZimmerman307B3610
Frederiksen, Almer Antheny25 Nov. 1905ShelbyWright138B3610
Freund, Francis Bernadine28 Dec. 1905ShelbyHuetten89B3610
Gaer, Philip Franklin26 Feb. 1906ShelbySterens301B3610
Gau, Christian Mathias28 Mar. 1905ShelbyLehaen124B3610
Gau, Mary Rosalie27 Feb. 1905ShelbyLeinen1B3610
Gayman, Mary Anna18 Dec. 1905ShelbyTersch13B3610
Gearhart, Owen Kibby25 Dec. 1905ShelbyKibby17B3610
Gish (Baby Boy)16 Feb. 1905ShelbySchaefer195B3610
Gjodesen, Aulsine Marie28 Apr. 1906ShelbyPedersen249B3610
Gordon, Virginia26 Sept. 1905ShelbyWycoff117B3610
Gould, Charlotte Louise07 Nov. 1904ShelbyThomas71B3610
Grabill, Russell Franklin22 Nov. 1905ShelbyBrown16B3610
Grantier (Baby Boy)25 Jan. 1906ShelbyTerrell262B3610
Green (Baby Boy)05 Dec. 1905ShelbyRoss145B3610
Green (Baby Girl)10 Oct. 1905ShelbySimonson144B3610
Green, Elizabeth11 Apr. 1906ShelbyGreen298B3610
Green, Florence Elizabeth04 Aug. 1905ShelbyShaffer225B3610
Green, Mary Margaret25 Oct. 1904ShelbyMay86B3610
Green, Ralph Henry04 July 1905ShelbyGries6B3610
Greenwood, Joseph William27 Apr. 1905ShelbySommerville79B3610
Gregerson (Baby Boy)04 May 1905ShelbyJensen168B3610
Greve (Baby Girl)08 Apr. 1905ShelbyHanson23B3610
Greve, Harry21 June 1906ShelbyHansen252B3610
Greyersen, Asger25 June 1905ShelbyChristensen27B3610
Grund, Mary Englebertha18 June 1906ShelbyLeinen238B3610
Haagensen, Wiole Franse10 Dec. 1905ShelbyHansen109B3610
Hadley, Glenn05 June 1905ShelbyIvey169B3610
Hadsen, Martha Alberta08 June 1905ShelbyGuldayer29B3610
Hainley, Clyde Placid05 Oct. 1905ShelbyGill10B3610
Haley, Daisy May04 Jan. 1906ShelbyAllison277B3610
Hall, Myrl Ree21 Feb. 1906ShelbyScroggin231B3610
Hammes, Leo Peter17 May 1906ShelbyLeinen235B3610
Hanon, Ruth18 Jan. 1905ShelbyBeck191B3610
Hansen (Baby Boy)23 Apr. 1906ShelbyPetersen246B3610
Hansen (Baby Boy)19 Oct. 1904ShelbyFredrickson68B3610
Hansen, Joseph20 Nov. 1904ShelbyUnknown14B3610
Hansen, Marie Christine17 Nov. 1904ShelbyChristensen35B3610
Hansen, Peder15 July 1905ShelbyHansen35B3610
Hansen, Walter29 Sept. 1905ShelbyJensen103B3610
Hanson, Dora12 Dec. 1905ShelbyHanson44B3610
Hanson, Earl Howard02 Nov 1904ShelbyRold48B3610
Hanson, Lucille Bertha29 Mar. 1906ShelbyRold316B3610
Hass, Erma Henrietta12 Dec. 1905ShelbyFrain220B3610
Hedges, Jennie Ann26 July 1904ShelbyGreen62B3610
Henry, Luella Fern19 Dec. 1904ShelbyClark28B3610
Hesse, Marcus Valerius14 Jan. 1906ShelbyGolobith291B3610
Hewson, Margaret Ella10 Aug. 1904ShelbyMonroe83B3610
Higgins, Bonnie Mildred16 Apr. 1905ShelbyKimbough3B3610
Hines, John Peter12 Nov. 1904ShelbyBehrendt5B3610
Hoffmann, Sedona17 Aug. 1904ShelbyWingert64B3610
Holmes, Francis Lee15 Feb.1905ShelbyEdwards112B3610
Holmes, Gladys Leone08 Sept. 1904ShelbyMiller26B3610
Hoover, Clinton Odell26 Jan. 1905ShelbyPoole192B3610
Horn (Baby Boy)28 Oct. 1904ShelbySchumacher78B3610
Howe, Ned Clifford13 Aug. 1904ShelbyLeycham3B3610
Hughes, Alice May02 Dec. 1904ShelbyDelph7B3610
Hulsebus, Albert Jr.05 Nov. 1906ShelbyJanssen258B3610
Hulsebus, Cecil Ione06 June 1905ShelbyGessman170B3610
Ickes (Baby Girl)29 June 1905ShelbyConrad153B3610
Ivey, Opal Valeria12 June 1905ShelbyPrice71B3610
Jabcobsen, Rose Marie09 Feb. 1906ShelbyMortenson265B3610
Jackson, Guy Robert08 Apr. 1906ShelbyTague305B3610
Jacob, L. Edmund14 Mar. 1905ShelbyGross190B3610
Jacobs, Martha Anna Maggie21 Oct. 1904ShelbyPaash47B3610
Jacobsen, Harry E.F.23 Sept. 1905ShelbyKuehl59B3610
Jacobson, Albert Johnson18 Mar. 1906ShelbyAagaard284B3610
Jansen, Chris07 Nov. 1905ShelbyNelson118B3610
Jaques (Baby Girl)04 July 1905ShelbyLyons82B3610
Jave, Ella Pearl23 Jan. 1906ShelbyHennings268B3610
Jensen (Baby Boy)01 Mar. 1905ShelbyFisher200B3610
Jensen, Harold08 July 1905ShelbyHanson186B3610
Jensen, Karen Elisebet30 April 1905ShelbyPetersen96B3610
Jensen, Merle Jensen16 July 1905ShelbySeymour34B3610
Jensen, Nelse Chr07 Nov. 1905ShelbyJensen121B3610
Jensen, Viola21 June 1905ShelbyNelsen25B3610
Jensen, William29 Apr. 1906ShelbyPedersen250B3610
Jersild, Rose Eunice03 Oct. 1905ShelbyBille38B3610
Johansen, Elsie11 July 1905ShelbyJensen33B3610
Johnsen, Everett M.21 Sept. 1905ShelbyBaird134B3610
Johnson (Baby Boy)25 Apr. 1906ShelbyTerkelsen248B3610
Johnson, Lillian Margretha03 Dec. 1904ShelbyPetersen73B3610
Jones, Lola Audrey14 Mar. 1906ShelbyMcCord263B3610
Jones, Sula Audrey14 Mar. 1806ShelbyMcCloud263B3610
Juel, Einer Petersen19 Nov. 1904ShelbyLarsen12B3610
Karstens, Severa Olive07 Mar. 1906ShelbyBaasch270B3610
Karstens, Walter Leroy14 Nov. 1905ShelbyPeterson62B3610
Keairnes, Bessie Grace07 Dec. 1905ShelbyKuykendall181B3610
Kearnes, Margurette04 June 1905ShelbyThomas76B3610
Kemp, Ina G.30 Dec. 1905ShelbySwinehart18B3610
Kenkel (Baby Boy)12 Jan. 1905ShelbyLohneis162B3610
Kenkel, Aloys John15 June 1906ShelbyJacoby318B3610
Kenkle (Baby Boy)21 July 1904ShelbyAltman1B3610
Kenkle, Michael26 Dec. 1904ShelbyJacob58B3610
Kilcain (Baby oy)26 Jan. 1906ShelbyMcCall300B3610
King, Leroy Corliss12 May 1906ShelbyLeonard309B3610
Kite, Alva Howard04 Mar. 1905ShelbyKineos130B3160
Kjoer (Baby Girl)13 Apr. 1906ShelbyStephensen244B3610
Klocke, Ellanora Kathrena06 Nov.1904ShelbyKlocke70B3610
Klyver, Eleanor Petrea05 June 1905ShelbyHougaard30B3610
Knauss, May29 June 1905ShelbyMiles72B3610
Koehrsen (Baby Boy)14 Oct. 1904ShelbyFischer46B3610
Kohl, Leta Marie31 Jan. 1905ShelbyHeilig221B3610
Konkle (Baby Boy)19 May 1905ShelbyJunker184B3610
Kprer (Baby Boy)20 Sept. 1904ShelbyArensen45B3610
Krohn, Emil Henry Jochim24 July 1905ShelbyKrohn58B3610
Krohn, William19 Jan. 1905ShelbyHoltz50B3610
Kuhl, Delphine02 Dec. 1904ShelbySchmitz72B3610
Lacey, Coral Adell16 Jan. 1905ShelbyCole45B3610
Lamberty, Fred William29 Aug. 1904ShelbyKurtz65B3610
Lange, Helena Alfreda02 Jan. 1906ShelbyPetersen241B3610
Lange, Herbert02 Jan. 1906ShelbyPetersen240B3610
Lannigan (Baby Girl)25 Nov. 1905ShelbyWaters39B3610
Larsen (Baby Boy)16 Apr. 1905ShelbyRattenberg24B3610
Larsen, Arnold August22 Feb. 1905ShelbyJohnson94B3610
Larsen, Herman Edgar22 Nov. 1904ShelbyHardesen15B3610
Larsen, Merlyn16 June 1906ShelbyMardesen251B3610
Leinen, Martha Margret02 Dec. 1904ShelbyOlinger6B3610
Leinen, Raymond Constant13 Mar. 1906ShelbyBaxter304B3610
Lewis (Baby Boy)07 Dec. 1904ShelbyCuster19B3610
Line, Mary20 July 1905ShelbyWaters32B3610
Linn (Baby Girl)07 Mar. 1906ShelbyDavis282B3610
Linn, Laura Lavina04 Oct. 1904ShelbyWalker52B3610
Loehr, Eleanor21 Feb. 1906ShelbyPetsche314B3610
Long, Gladys Marie25 Sept. 1905ShelbyOneal212B3610
Lorenz, John18 May 1905ShelbyHoffman69B3610
Lorenzen (Baby Boy)17 Mar. 1906ShelbyScheel255B3610
Loudenslager, Flossie21 Aug. 1905ShelbyKeys173B3610
Loudenslager, John Milo21 Jan. 1906ShelbyDavis295B3610
Loy (Baby Boy)29 Sept. 1905ShelbyVoss157B3610
Lufford, Rachel Fern18 Mar. 1905ShelbyRobinson197B3610
Lusford, Alice May18 Oct. 1905ShelbyNewman189B3610
Luxford, Dora Belle20 Jan. 1906ShelbyPenniston294B3610
Lyons (Baby Boy)14 May 1905ShelbyDean202B3610
Madsen, Bertha Eleanore10 Nov. 1905ShelbyPeiterson43B3610
Malone, John26 Dec. 1905ShelbyMathias179B3610
Manuel (Baby Girl)14 Nov. 1905ShelbyRixen63B3610
Martensen (Baby Boy)04 Feb. 1905ShelbyChristensen51B3610
Mastenbrook, Lawrence Ream05 Feb. 1905ShelbyKohl148B3610
Mayer, Marjorie04 Nov. 1904ShelbyMayer66B3610
McBride (Baby Boy)06 Sept. 1905ShelbyWiggins176B3610
McBride, Alice14 Apr. 1905ShelbyWright68B3610
McCall, Francis Elizabeth26 June 1905ShelbyWaters143B3610
McCarthy, Arleen Rose13 June 1905ShelbyHard206B3610
McConnell, Alfred Wain03 July 1905ShelbyFlaugh113B3610
McCrill (Baby Boy)22 Nov. 1904ShelbyLyman67B3610
McFadden, Bertie Mignonette10 Feb. 1906ShelbyMeink281B3610
McKeighan (Baby Boy)23 Apr. 1905ShelbyBeck125B3610
McKeighan, William13 June 1906ShelbyKuhl237B3610
McKinzie, Martin Otis06 June 1905ShelbyLkowe205B3610
McLaughlin, Veta28 Aug. 1904ShelbyBuckley51B3610
Meink, Edith Irene17 Sept. 1905ShelbyGreen9B3610
Merklenborg, Alma02 Apr. 1906ShelbyBlunk285B3610
Messerschmidt, Bertha Lilly03 Sept. 1904ShelbyKrause85B3160
Meyer, Carl Fredrick Ludvig15 Sept. 1905ShelbySaltwell115B3610
Meyers, Leana15 Apr. 1905ShelbyAsmus67B3610
Miller (Baby Boy)25 Nov. 1904ShelbyYarby37B3610
Miller, Gladys Mae16 Nov. 1904ShelbyRamsey44B3610
Miller, Guy Jr.13 Sept. 1905ShelbyHolmes188B3610
Miller, Noel25 June 1905ShelbyLongnecker70B3610
Miller, Noel25 June 1905ShelbyLongnecker70B3610
Monahan, Pauline Frances06 Dec. 1904ShelbyFoley8B3610
Morgensen, Loren19 Sept. 1904ShelbyHolmgard34B3610
Mueller (Baby Girl)28 Nov. 1905ShelbyCurtis137B3610
Mullen (Baby Boy)18 Aug. 1905ShelbyHederman174B3610
Murphy, Grace Elizabeth14 May 1905ShelbyCampbell127B3610
Myrthu, Agnes Hansen19 Mar. 1905ShelbyJensen21B3610
Namanny, Gail26 Oct. 1905ShelbyJacobs135B3610
Neff, Leona Ruth20 Nov. 1905ShelbyDeen136B3610
Nelsen, Clerane William14 June 1905ShelbyMatsen93B3610
Nelsen, Mathilda26 Oct. 1905ShelbyAndersen42B3610
Nelson, Andrew20 Jan. 1906ShelbyPedersen242B3610
Nelson, Gladys Viola27 May 1905ShelbyLee56B3610
Nelson, Otto Laverne27 Oct. 1905ShelbyPeterson214B3610
Nelson, Violet23 Sept. 1905ShelbyBoysen211B3610
Nessen, Harvey14 Apr. 1906ShelbyHardesen245B3610
Neubauer, Paul16 Mar. 1905ShelbyBenhagel2B3610
Nichelson, Vina05 July 1905ShelbyLongnecker171B3610
Nielsen (Baby Girl)24 Oct. 1905ShelbyKlindt61B3610
Nielsen, Elmer August09 Aug. 1904ShelbyNielsen10B3610
Nielsen, Ralph Karl05 Dec. 1905ShelbyNelson108B3610
Nielsen, Thorvald Georg28 Feb. 1906ShelbyAndersen269B3610
Nissen, Hans Christian22 July 1905ShelbyChristensen98B3610
Nissen, Ollie Helen10 Sept. 1905ShelbyOlsen101B3610
Nissen, Rosie Ella14 Mar. 1906ShelbyKruse317B3610
Norgaard (Baby Girl)03 Mar. 1905ShelbySorensen14B3610
Obel, Mabel07 May 1905ShelbyMattson126B3610
O'Day, Thomas02 Oct. 1904ShelbyJenkins30B3610
Ohms, Emma Alice07 Aug. 1905ShelbyHansen99B3610
Olsen, Christian Peter16 Jan. 1905ShelbyJensen140B3610
Overton (Baby Boy)16 May 1905ShelbyHastie201B3610
Pardee, Ernest Vincent19 Nov. 1904ShelbyMartin42B3610
Parson, Nancy C.04 May 1905ShelbyStephensen26B3610
Pauley, Lenora Susan15 Aug. 1904ShelbyThelen4B3610
Paulsen, Elmer14 June 1905ShelbyAndersen28B3610
Pearman, Eva Marie31 Mar. 1906ShelbyFiscus275B3610
Pedersen (Baby Boy)16 Aug. 1904ShelbyJames9B3610
Pennell, John Elmer29 Oct. 1904ShelbyCrandell29B3610
Penniston, Thelma Irena26 Apr. 1905ShelbyWarnock182B3610
Peters, Mathilda Wilhelmine11 Feb. 1905ShelbyPeterhof147B3610
Petersen (Baby Boy)19 Apr. 1906ShelbyJensen247B3610
Petersen (Baby Girl)14 Dec. 1905ShelbyAnselmeir139B3610
Petersen, Clarence Jacob28 July 1905ShelbyMartin133B3610
Petersen, Event Hansen14 Jan. 1905ShelbyHansen92B3610
Petersen, Leonard Victor11 Sept. 1904ShelbyHess33B3610
Peterson, Elvira29 Apr. 1905Shelby22B3610
Peterson, Harry31 Jan. 1905ShelbyAnderson19B3610
Peterson, Lena Amelia11 Aug. 1905ShelbyBosche73B3610
Peterson, Peter18 Dec. 1904ShelbyCarstens16B3610
Pike, Earnest A.25 Nov. 1905ShelbyKuhn120B3610
Pingel, Elmer J. H.04 Msy 1905ShelbyDau55B3610
Plummer, Dorcey Jane11 Nov. 1904ShelbyMcDowell36B3610
Poole (Baby Boy)13 May 1905ShelbyWright203B3610
Potter, Dorothy Georgia01 Nov. 1905ShelbyBonne159B3610
Potter, Elva May31 May 1905ShelbyStanley204B3610
Preston, Myrtle Winnifred26 Apr. 1906ShelbyGibbs293B3610
Puckett, Harold Orville01 Aug.1905ShelbyLeytham7B3610
Raed (Baby Girl)06 Nov. 1904ShelbyChristensen49B3610
Rank (Baby Boy)14 Nov. 1904ShelbyEdwards27B3610
Rank (Baby Girl)16 Oct. 1904ShelbyJohnson18B3610
Ray, Clyde07 Nov. 1904ShelbyHarness56B3610
Razee, Anna Louisa08 July 1904ShelbyQuick2B3610
Razee, Gladys Marie12 Apr. 1906ShelbyQuick234B3610
Reed, Cecil Adell01 Sept. 1905ShelbyFouts85B3610
Reinig, Alois20 Nov. 1905ShelbyNeubauer11B3610
Reinig, Zeno20 Nov. 1905ShelbyNeubauer12B3610
Reinig,William Ludwig28 July 1906ShelbyLudwig303B3610
Reyalt, Esther Kattye07 Jan. 1905ShelbyHansen49B3610
Reynolds, Vione31 Aug. 1905ShelbyMcBride175B3610
Reynolds, Vione31 May 1805ShelbyMcBride175B3610
Rheinig, Catherin Christena14 Aug. 1904ShelbyNeubauer63B3610
Rink, Elva May04 Jan. 1906ShelbyNewman279B3610
Roberts, Jessie May01 July 1905ShelbyMichelson207B3610
Rockholm, Emma Marie28 Dec. 1904ShelbyRodgers24B3610
Rosenow (Baby Boy)03 June 1905ShelbyGreen80B3610
Ruehr (Baby Girl)30 June 1906ShelbyHass288B3610
Ruehr, Frieda Catharina17 Apr. 1905ShelbyHass151B3610
Scheel, William Herman09 Jan. 1906ShelbyMaassen253B3610
Scheuring, Marie Carmine19 Apr. 1906ShelbyMumm290B3610
Schlensig (Baby Boy)03 Feb. 1905ShelbyBean163B3610
Schlensig, Fred03 Feb. 1905ShelbyBean164b3610
Schuster, Ronald Alfred20 June 1906ShelbyLeslie287B3610
Schwery, Lawrence09 Mar. 1906ShelbyFoxhoven313B3610
Seyer, Ella Margaret27 Feb. 1905ShelbyBlunck149B3610
Shade, Theodore H.25 Mar. 1905ShelbyElroy131B3610
Sharp, Vera Lila24 Feb. 1905ShelbyShaw222B3610
Shella (Baby Girl)16 Feb. 1905ShelbyFiscus141B3610
Sherman, Vernon M.10 Jan. 1906ShelbyEddy299B3610
Sick (Baby Boy)18 May 1906ShelbyPingel257B3610
Simanson (Baby Boy)20 Mar. 1906ShelbySimonson256B3610
Slaughter, Donald Horace13 July 1905ShelbyMiller155B3610
Sondag, Margret Mary01 July 1905ShelbyJacobs5B3610
Sorensen, Grace03 Nov. 1904ShelbyRold22B3610
Sorensen, Helga22 Nov. 1905ShelbyJakobsen40B3610
Sorenson (Baby Girl)29 Nov. 1904ShelbySorensen69B3610
Souter, David Mitchel13 Nov. 1905ShelbyPattulo119B3610
Starner, Viola Esther17 Nov. 1904ShelbyFoster53B3610
Stewart, Walter James08 Apr. 1905ShelbyDoonan95B3610
Stronk, Agnes Anna29 Dec. 1904ShelbySchewring59B3610
Stuart, Earl Robert14 May 1905ShelbyAlwill132B3610
Swanger (Baby Boy)28 Jan. 1905Shelby216B3610
Sykes, Wilson Lovell16 Feb. 1905ShelbyRobinson65B3610
Tague, Juanita Grace17 Sept. 1905ShelbyRainbow210B3610
Tennigkeit, Kathryn Mary30 Aug. 1905ShelbyPries226B3610
Terrell, Gordon09 Dec. 1905ShelbyRose88B3610
Thomason, Asta25 Nov. 1904ShelbyHolt13B3610
Thompson, Clifford20 May 1906ShelbyVinding271B3610
Thomsen, Lester Charles14 Sept. 1905ShelbyJohnson102B3610
Tracy, Harold Raymond28 Sept. 1905ShelbyDunn219B3610
Tryon, Marie Eunice28 Nov. 1904ShelbyStephens57B3610
Turk (Baby Boy)05 Oct. 1905ShelbyTradel158B3619
Van Eschen, Lowel M.24 Jan. 1906ShelbySmith306B3610
Vandemark, Golden30 Aug. 1905ShelbyRoundy84B3610
Vincent (Baby Boy)30 Mar. 1905ShelbySevern199B3610
Vincent, Ray03 Sept. 1904ShelbyPerfect84B3160
Vinding, Milton Arlo29 Mar. 1905ShelbyNelson129B3610
Von Eschen, Marion21 Nov. 1904ShelbyKern54B3610
Waldron, Philip Lamont06 Nov. 1905ShelbySpielman177B3610
Walker, Cyril Vincent20 Feb. 1906ShelbyCoyle302B3610
Walker, Paulina Lenora26 June 1905ShelbyKellehar4B3610
Walters, Elmer Sylvester04 Dec. 1905ShelbyGrev e160B3610
Waltz, Angela22 July 1904ShelbyMichaels61B3610
Waterbury, Anita24 Apr. 1905ShelbyWaterbury53B3610
Watterbury, Everett Cayton10 Mar. 1905ShelbyBook196B3610
Wehr, Vincent Constant24 Sept. 1905ShelbyBaxter218B3610
Weiland, Julius Joseph03 Jan. 1905ShelbyKuhl161B3610
Welch (Baby Girl)05 Mar. 1905ShelbyWelch52B3610
Wieland, Lenore Sylvia13 Nov. 1905ShelbyKuhl178B3610
Wigg, Marney Evalena19 Feb. 1905ShelbyJohnson64B3610
Willey, Dorthea Marie17 Jan. 1906ShelbyHaine278B3610
Wilson, Forst Harned28 Jan. 1905ShelbyFike46B3610
Wilson, James Alex02 July 1905ShelbyPomiler185B3610
Windeshamen, Josefine Antoneta13 Feb. 1906ShelbyWark292B3610
Yackey Grace Luciele31 Mar. 1906ShelbyReams297B3610
Yackey, Charles Raymond02 Dec. 1905ShelbyFlaugher180B3610
Yeaman, Thelma10 Mar. 1905ShelbySmith166B3610
Young, Oliver26 Nov. 1904ShelbyCunningham32B3610

Source: State Birth Records index at https://history.iowa.gov/history/research/collections/vital-records.
(Bottom of the page under "State Records Archives Indexes", select "Shelby County" from the drop down menu).
Downloaded for Shelby IAGenWeb by Nettie Mae Lucas, April, 2017.
Posted October, 2017 with permission granted by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

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