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Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Jan 2, 1896


For the second time within the past week death has again entered the FISHER
home, 708 Harrison street, the last member of the family claimed being
Joseph FISHER, whose death occurred at an early hour yesterday morning after
a week's illness. The deceased was born in this city and made his home here
all his life. He was also unmarried and thirty-two years of age.
The funeral will be held from the late residence, 708 Harrison street,
tomorrow afternoon with interment in Oakdale.

At the family residence 1406 Bowditch street occurredthe death of the infant
son of Mr and Mrs. J.M. MOODY aged four days. The funeral was held from the
late residence today with interment in City cemetery.

The death of Claus SCHWARZ, a well-known resident of Mt Joy, occurred
Tuesday from cancer of the stomach with which he had been a great sufferer
for some time. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his death. The
funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence in
Mt Joy with interment in Pine Hill cemetery.

Mrs. Carrie SHEETS died this morning at her home, 909 Gaines street. The
deceased was born at Blue Grass and was twenty-four years of age. The
remains will be sent to Blue Grass tomorrow where the funeral will be held
Saturday afternoon with interment in Blue Grass cemetery.

The Davenport Daily Times
Thursday Evening, January 9, 1896

Lively Meeting

Central Republican Flambeau Club Members Turn Out in Force and Elect Officers

The Davenport Central Republican Flambeau Club held its annual meeting last evening at the rooms of the Scott County Central Republican League. The meeting was decidedly enthusiastic and steps were taken to strengthen the club so that its organization will be even more help to the cause of Republicanism than in the past. New uniforms will be purchased and drill attended to regularly. Social features will also be introduced which will make membership in the club decidedly productive of enjoyment.

Officers for 1896 were elected as follows:

President W. E. HENDER; Vice President, W. J. HEARN; Treasurer, B. H. ELDRIDGE, Secretary, William SENN.

The following special committees were chosen:

Entertainment-C. A. SPOONER, W. A. THOMAS, J. M. THOMAS.

Membership-J. M. THOMAS, W. A. THOMAS, C. A. SPOONER, J. C. CHAMBERS, William SENN and B. H. ELDRIDGE.

Moderate Price Furs

For general wear, utility, service and splendid appearance, no moderate priced fur excels Astrakhan. It is wonderfully popular this year and will be more so next season. Electric or French seal still continues in favor in cloaks, capes and jackets. The best grades cannot be distinguished from Alaska seal, except by expert furriers and are often sold for Alaska by others. Wool seal makes a very fine showy garment and wears exceedingly well. The main point is to be sure you get what you pay for and you can do this at T. RICHTER & Sons, 219, 221 west Second street.Only one small profit between manufacturers and wearer.


Profitable Meeting of the Society Last Evening.

The annual meeting of the Academy of Science society held last evening at the Academy building proved to have many interesting features. The meeting was called by President E. S. HAMMATT and after listening to the minutes of last year's annual meeting reports were called for, the first being that of the Curator Dr. W. H. BARRIS.

In January last Dr. John E. STEVENSON presented to the academy specimens of pottery, several species of flint implements and a piece of a tree from the celebrated cemetery at Garden Hutton.

In February, Capt. HALL, the life-long friend of the academy, donated three stone axes and over two hundred flint instruments and also one very large axe and a small collection of arrows.

In March, Mrs. William C. WADSWORTH presented a collection of aboriginal relics from Florida but in May the most important and comprehensive of all additions made for years came from Dr. S. C. BOWMAN of Andalusia. To give a detailed account of this would be impossible but a brief summary will be interesting.

Prof. Jerome MCNEIL has presented a collection of arthoptua.

The report of Dr. EIMER, secretary of the association, showed the membership to consist of 72 regular and 54 life members.

C. H. HARRISON reported the receipt of 129 bound volumes.

The report of Mrs. M. L. D. Putnam, chairman of the publishing committee, stated that two

hundred copies of Vol. V had been bound in cloth.

Officers for the ensuing year will be as follows:

President-E. S. HAMMATT.

Vice President-Dr. A. W. EIMER.

Recording Secretary-E. BORCHERDT.

Corresponding Secretary-Dr. W. H. BARRIS.

Treasurer-Frank NADLER.

Curator-Dr. W. H. BARRIS.

Librarian-C. E. HARRISON.

Trustees for Three Years-Mrs. M. L. D. PUTNAM, George P. MCCLELLAND, Rev. A. M. JUDY, W. C. PUTNAM.

The name of C. N. NEWCOMB was presented for membership, action to be taken next month, and that of Prof. Frederick STARR of the Chicago university as an honorary member. The latter was unanimously elected at once. Prof. MCBRIDE or the Iowa state university and Mr. A. TREDICK were also elected to membership.

Daily Times
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Jan 25, 1896

Happenings in and About the County Building.

Clerk of the district court August A BALLUFF has issued a notice requesting
that all attorneys be present at court next Monday morning at 9 o'clock when
the court will determine what further business there is for trial to the
petit jury this term.

LISCHER & BAWDEN, attorneys for the defendants in the case of HILL Bros. and
WALTERS company against Henry ABEL, Jr., and Henry BREMER, have filed a
motion on behalf of Mr. BREMER asking that a new trial be granted. The
grounds taken are that the verdict is not sustained by the evidence and is
contrary to law.

The will of Nicolaus KAHLER of Liberty township was filed for probate today.
Messrs. Peter and Adolph STOLTENBURG are appointed joint administrators of
teh estate and joint guardians for the minor children of the deceased. They
are commissioned with disposing of all real and personal property and with
investing the balance which remains after payments of all just debts. This
sum is to be held in trust for the minor children and to be apportioned
among them share and share alike with the exception of the two younger ones,
Agnes, aged seven and George, aged five, who are to receive each $100 extra
and above their share. The other children are Kate aged fifteen, Laura aged
fourteen, and Annie aged twelve. The interest from each child's share is to
be used in that child's support or turned over when the child becomes of
age. The instrument is dated Nov. 21, 1895, and is witnessed by Henry RUSER
and John BANNICK.

The will of Ernst RATHMANN was filed at the court house today. It directs
that $3,000 be given to each, Waltamar, Robert, and Albert RATHAMNN,
children of the deceased and that the mount shall be paid them within one
year from his death. Teh remainder of the estate which amounts to nearly
$45,000 is left to Caroline RATHMANN, wife of the deceased. Mrs. RATHMANN is
also appointed sole executrix without being required to give bonds. The
instrument is dated July 9, 1887 and is witnessed by Louis SCHWARM and T.B.

Ed BETTING was arrested on charge of vagrancy yesterday afternoon by
Detective WICHELMAN and discharged this morning under a promise to skip out
of town. He too the hint and departed.

The police raided the residence of Mrs. Mary BERGER near Fourth and Warren
last night and arrested a woman and a man named Thomas PETTIFORE on the
charge of leading immoral lives. The pair were given a hearing before
Magistrate LeCLAIRE this morning. Mrs. BERGER was sent to jail for
twenty-two days while PETTIFORE received fifteen days. The two children of
Mrs. BERGER were placed in the charge of Mrs. HOWARD who will keep them for
the present.


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