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Daily Gazette
Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa
Thursday, Jan. 5, 1860
Local Matters

Thanks.-We beg to tender our grateful thanks to the patrons of the Daily Gazette, for the many smiles and rich gifts showered upon us while making our customary calls on New Year's Day. Our receipts far exceeded our expectation.


Republican County Convention

The Republicans of Scott county, will assemble in mass Convention, at the Court House, in Davenport on

Tuesday, the 3d day of January next, at 2 o'clock P. M. for the purpose of selecting 11 delegates to attend the State convention.


The malt house of Mr. Wm. H. DECKER, corner of Scott and Fourth streets, has been for some weeks in full operation.

Assault and Battery.-Frank E. COON accused Frank KESLER of being drunk, which insulting remark was answered by his being knocked down by KESLER. Yesterday the parties appeared before H. R. CLAUSSEN, Esq., when KESLER proved he was not "even tight". He was let off with a fine of five dollars and costs.

Fire.-Last Tuesday night about 11 o'clock, a fire broke out in the dwelling of Mr. BEUSHWOF, three quarters of a mile Northwest of Blue Grass, in this county, and the house, a small frame, was very soon consumed. Mr. B. saved nearly all the contents. The fire was undoubtedly accidental, occurring perhaps from a stove pipe.

Large Hogs.-Yesterday Mr. V. R. ROWE purchased of Mr. Kinsel READING, of this township, two hogs, one of which weighed 559 and the other 317 pounds. We think Mr. READING can certainly take the "hat" as having raised the largest hog ever raised in the county.

Council Proceedings

Regular Meeting, Jan 4, 1860.

Council called to order by Ald. MORLEY, Mayor pro tem.


On motion, the rules were suspended, and Hiram PRICE, Mayor elect, came forward and was duly sworn in as Mayor of the city of Davenport.

Petition of Heinrich UHTORF, for reduction of assessment, referred to Equalization Committee.

Petition of R. CHRISTIE granted.

Treasurers Report

The following bills were ordered paid:

P. MCGUIRE, removing nuisance.....$25

Geo. M. SCHRICKER, Fire Dept. ... $6.70

J. C. WASHBURN, sundries....... $28.33

Bill of F. JACOBY, amount $2.40, was referred to Committee on claims.

Petition of H. H. HOWARD was taken from the table.

On motion Council proceeded to ballot for Assessor, resulting in the re-election of Strong BURNELL.


In this city, on the 2d inst., Albert REID, only son of Mark and Anna L. FULLER, aged 5 months and 6 days.

On the 4th inst., Nelly, daughter of George C. and Dolly DAVIS. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at 2 o'clock on the 5th inst. From the Pennsylvania House.

The Daily Gazette
Saturday, January 7, 1860


Architect and Superintendent of Buildings-Office in Metropolitan Hall, Second street, Davenport, Iowa.


Carpenter and Builder-Will contract for and superintend the construction of buildings of every description. Shop and office corner of Third and Rock Island streets. Davenport, Iowa


Carpenter and Builder-Shop on alley rear of Postoffice and LeClaire House.


Carpenter and Builder. Shop on Sixteenth street between Main and Brady streets.


Contractor and Builder,--Shop-On alley between Fifth and Sixth streets, rear of Congregational and West of Methodist Church.


Forwarding and Commission Merchants, Produce Dealers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Dry goods, Queensware, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Clothing, Salt, &c. Cash paid at all times for produce. The Davenport Steam Flouring Mills will be kept in constant operation and Farmers are informed that we pay at all times, in cash, the highest price for wheat.


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Furniture, Carpets, Oils, Nails &c. Also, in patent Medicines.

Daniel GOULD

Wholesale and retail Dealer in Furniture, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mats, Rugs, Window Shades &c.


No. 6 West Second St. LeClaire Row, Davenport, Iowa. Wholesale and retail dealers in Drugs, Medicines

Chemicals, Paints &c.


Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Havana and Domestic cigars, Virginia Plug, Cut, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco. Corner Brady and Front streets.


Manufacturer, Wholesale and Retail dealer in furniture, chairs, &c. Furniture made to order. Also school furniture and chairs.

Local Matters

Effects of New Year's Calls.-A party of three young men from the country, who started out to have a "good time" last Monday, were complained of to H. R. CLAUSSEN, Esq., day before yesterday, by Frederick NIELS, for assaulting him at the saloon of Caspar WAGER, in East Davenport. Thos. HARVEY, the only one arrested, was, after a hearing yesterday, acquitted. The other "fellers" left for a new country.

Anyone in Scott county desiring to qualify for the business of Teacher, and to have the recommendation of the County Superintendent can apply for the position to Dr. T. J. SAUNDERS of this city.

Course of Lectures

To Be Delivered to the

Young Men's Association


Chairman Lecturing Committee.

Tickets for the Course-For Gentleman and Lady, $3, single Tickets $2. Tickets can be had of the President and Chairman of the Lecture Committee, or of Wm. REMINGTON, C. Stewart ELLS, P. MERWIN, Ira M. GIFFORD.

The Daily Gazette
January 12, 1860

John BOWMAN, the young man who hired a horse and cutter last week from THOMPSON & BROWN'S stable, and forgot to return it was yesterday taken before D. P. MCKNOWN, Esq., when his case was continued for a few days, by request of his attorneys, Messrs. HUBBELL & JOHNS.

The Hop at the BURTIS House comes off this evening. The young gentlemen of the Artillery deserve great credit for their gallant efforts to have some gaiety in town this winter, and we hope the ladies will encourage them.

Cruel Treatment-A few weeks ago a little German girl named Mary RUCH (who has been in this country but a few months), being out of a place went to live with a married sister who resides down in Black Hawk. Her sister getting tired of keeping her, procured a situation in town with a family she had previously lived with, and on one of the coldest days this season she started the girl to town on foot. Owing to the house being closed when she came, the child supposed the family were absent, and went back to her sister's, who started her back again, although the weather was intensely cold. The distance walked, in all, was about nine miles. The result was, that her feet were so badly frozen that Dr. LANGER, who was called to see her, has fears that he will have to amputate a part of them. Dr. WUNDERLICH, one of the Township Trustees, has taken charge of the poor girl and has removed her to comfortable quarters.

A Hard Set-The citizens in the vicinity of the O. K. Saloon, (a one horse whiskey mill) on Front between Brady and main streets, have been frequently annoyed by "musses" among the loafers who frequent the aforesaid institution, the proprietors of which are Bill Jones, an overgrown African specimen formerly the property of Judge Weisell, of Hagerstown, Md., and "anoder white gemmen" as a silent partner. Night before last, about 10 o'clock, a rough and tumble fight took place at this establishment, in which about half a dozen "roughs" took part, which resulted in some of the party getting badly beaten. Warrants have been issued for four of the party.

Prairie chickens are selling at 25 cents per pair from stores, and quails 75 cents per dozen. Some fine venison is offered for sale.

Dissolution Notice

The Co-Partnership Heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the style of WUPPERMANN and HALL, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. H.A. WUPPERMANN, Wm. P. HALL.

Dissolution. The law partnership heretofore existing between COOK, LINDLEY & CLARK, has this day expired by limitation.

General Notice

Lost-On Friday last between Davenport and Dixon, on Hickory Grove road, a memorandum book with the subscribers names on the outside, containing several valuable notes, among which are one each on John HAIGHT, David FALE, Moses V. BUTLER, Jas. L. HICKSON, &c. A liberal reward will be given on returning same to No. 5 Burrows' block. GRAHAM & KEPNER

The Daily Gazette
Wednesday, January 18, 1860

Local Items

Mr. C. G. PLUMMER, No 10, LeClaire Row, has just received "Christian Believing and Living"-"Sermons b F. D. HUNTINGTON, D. D."; "American Almanac," &c.

Alleged Larceny.-James FLANAGAN was put on trial yesterday morning in the Police Court, charged with the larceny of five dollars from James PETERS. After a full hearing of the testimony, and it appearing that PETERS had been very drunk on the occasion and was not capable of knowing who took his money, Justice JOHNS discharged the prisoner.

New Appointment.-The Board of the Branch of the Iowa State Bank, in this city, have increased their force, by appointing Mr. Jas. S. MACKENZIE to the position of Paying and Receiving Teller.

A Serious Charge.-Yesterday Stephen ROLLINS was brought before the Police Court charged with an indecent exposure of his person to some females in East Davenport. After hearing the testimony, he was bound over in the sum of one hundred dollars

The new division of the Sons of Temperance have named the following gentlemen for the present term of office: Geo. G. CUSTER, F. H. IMPEY, J. J. SEVERANCE, J. A. MAY, F. WOOD, Chas. H. ADAMS, John ADAMS, John SHANNON, J. S. ALTMAN, J. ACKLEY.

Acquitted.-Yesterday Mrs. CARVILL or CARROLL, appeared before C. G. BLOOD, Esq., to answer the charge of firing a loaded pistol at the children of Mrs. ROLLINS. The evidence elicited the fact that the ladies are neighbors and reside in East Davenport, where they occasionally indulge in the most unlordly disputations tot he edification of the gossips of their locality. This trial was merely a "turning the tables," as sometime last November Mrs. R. was fined $6.75 for an assault upon Mrs. C., which disagreeable fact was retained in Mrs. R.'s memory, and she had Mrs. C. arrested on a charge that she feared Mrs. C. would shoot the brains off her boy. The court not being of similar opinion, discharged Mrs. Carroll. FLETCHER for prosecution, HUBBELL & JOHNS for defendant.

Jewelry at Cost. A. C. BILLON, No 10 LeClaire Row, Jewelry at cost for the next 60 days.

The Daily Gazette
Thursday Morning, January 19, 1860

Business Cards


Real Estate and Collecting Agents, Davenport, Iowa.


Manufacturer and dealer in Hats, Caps, Gloves and Fur Goods of every description.

Local Matters.

Recovering.-The friends of Mr. J. E. DOUGLASS, will be pleased to learn that their young friends, who for several days has been dangerously ill, is now much better.

At the last regular meeting of Scott Division no. 1, Sons of Temperance, the following named gentlemen were installed officers: John EVANS, J. B. RICHES, S. R. JONES, C. N. SHIPMAN, John COLLINS, J. R. JOHNSON, R. P. MOORE, E. MILLER, W. WASHBURN, Wm. BURRIS, chaplain.

Drunk Again.-Patrick MURPHY was yesterday brought before the police court for about the twentieth time, charged with having been beastly drunk on the street the day previous. The magistrate fined him one dollar and costs, and in default of payment, and for fear Pat would if let go take some of the "hair of the dog to cure the bite," and again give a public exhibition of the effects of "tangle foot" and "forty rod" whisky, sent him to board at the "ACKLEY House", where all communications for Pat MURPHY during that time should be addressed.

Prompt Payment.-On the night of the 31st of December, one of the farm houses on the farm of Mr. Wm. PLATTS, about a mile below town, was destroyed by fire. The fire was the result of accident, and occasioned a loss of some $700. The property was insured by the Atlantic Fire Insurance Company of New York City, for $400, through John L. SWITS, Esq., the Agent of said company. The loss was proved, adjusted and the money placed subject to MR. PLATTS' order, in twelve days after the loss occurred.

A Wife Trapping Her Husband into the Penitentiary-Yesterday morning we visited the Court now in session in Rock Island and were much surprised to see rather a good looking man plead guilty to the charge of larceny. A casual observer would have supposed him one of the attorneys, rather than a criminal. The prisoner, Mr. Richard KERNS, was some six years ago married to an Irish lady, and now has three children, the eldest aged five years. During the past year, owing to financial reverses, the husband has been unable to provide for his wife and family in the style to which they had been accustomed, which led to a separation, the mother retaining the children. Some weeks ago, he tried to induce his wife to return to him which she consented to do, provided he would raise some money for the purchase of new furniture, &c., and actually suggested the theft of five dry hides, as the means for raising it. The prisoner informed the court that, just previous to the hard times, at his wi!
fe's request, he loaned her cousin $1,500 in cash, not one cent of which as he ever got back. From the evidence adduced it appeared that the wife and husband entertained different religious views, and the wife had actually set the trap to get her husband and the father of her children into the penitentiary

Mr. KERNS was formerly a resident of Princeton in this county, and bore a good character. The whole case is one of the most remarkable on record, in this part of the country at least.

Wife Beating.-We do not know what has gotten into the men, but it seems this cold weather some of them are amusing their minds and exercising their muscle by practicing pugilism. Some are evidently afraid of getting "hurted" in a contest with the sterner sex, so prefer to give their muscles play by pummeling their dear spouses. Yesterday morning Jeremiah HARRINGTON, usually a very steady, orderly citizen, and who has lived here eight years without breaking the laws, was hauled up before the Police Magistrate for being drunk and beating his wife. The magistrate fined him one dollar and costs, and in default of payment sent him to the ACKLEY (late GRAHAM) House for a week to meditate over his sins. Shortly after Jerry's departure for jail, his maltreated spouse appeared before the Police magistrate and with tears begged his release. But woman's tears had no influence on the stony hearted Judge, he evidently does not believe in them, so Jerry was left to his fate.

Death of Theodore M. BROWN, Esq.-We are pained to hear of the death of this gentleman, well recollected by many of our readers as a former contributor to the Gazette chess column. He was probably the best Problem composer in the country. We have received from him and published many problems, over which some of our readers have reflected for hours. He was for a long time engaged in a chess contest with Dr. LANGER, of this city, Mr. BROWN representing St. Louis. But he not only excelled in chess, but was one of the most elegant pianists in the West. During a visit here several months ago, some of his friends had an opportunity of witnessing his skill on the piano at a private soiree. He had promised us a visit during the winter with the design of giving a concert. He made many friends here during his brief visit, who will sincerely mourn his early death. His age was about twenty-three years. He died at St. Louis last month, of disease of the heart.

The Daily Gazette
Friday Morning, January 20, 1860

On the 11th inst. Of Scarlatina, Emma, Youngest daughter of H. G. and H. NEAL, aged one year four months and seven days.

A Serious Charge.-The trial of Dr. TOMPSON, Adam REULING, and John PATTERSON and wife, for murder, is now going on in Rock Island, before the District Court of that county. The case was commenced day before yesterday, and will in all probability occupy the attention of the Court the balance of this week. The two first named defendants are citizens of Muscatine and occupy respectable positions. The two last named reside upon the Illinois side of the river, opposite Muscatine. These parties were arrested some weeks ago and brought to Rock Island, and after remaining in jail several days, they were released on a "habeas corpus", giving bonds for their appearance in the sum of $3,000 each.

The trial attracts much attention, the Court Room being crowded most of the time. The principal witness for the prosecution is Wilhelmina FINKE, a rather pretty looking German girl about nineteen years of age. Her parents reside at Muscatine, and were formerly from the Province of Westphalia, in the Kingdom of Prussia. They have been in this country some ten years. She has been on the stand nearly the entire time since the case came up. She is quite intelligent, and apparently tells a plain, straight story. From her evidence it appears, that some two years ago she was employed as a servant, in the family of RUELING, who seduced her, and to avoid public exposure, placed her to board in the family of Mr. PATTERSON, where she gave birth to a son, which she says the defendants killed and made way with. After her recovery she was sent to Chicago, and required to remain away for nearly a year, her parents, in the mean time, believing her to be dead. Upon her return to Muscatine, s!
he acknowledged her indiscretion to them, when steps were taken to bring the parties to trial. There are a number of citizens of Muscatine present as witnesses. The prosecution is conducted by Mr. J. B. HAWLEY, District Attorney, assisted by E. T. ELLS, Esq. The defence present a strong array of legal talent, consisting of Messrs. WILKINSON & PLEASANT, REED & WEBSTER, and Joe KNOX, Esq., of Rock Island, and Messrs. SCOTT, RICHMAN AND Mr. BRENNAN, of Muscatine.

Meeting of the Young Settlers Association.

Wednesday Evening, Jan. 18th, '60.-Meeting called to order by Vice President b. W. CLARK, in the chair, who stated the object of the meeting to be to devise ways and means for the next annual festival, and then read the statement to the Society left by E. E. COOK, President, in which he briefly viewed the course of the society.

On motion of Douglass EVANS

Resolved, That the chair now appoint Committees in different parts of the county to ascertain the names of those who are entitled to membership. Also to ascertain the feelings of the Old Settlers in regard to the getting up of a contributed supper for the Young Settlers Festival, and to report at the next meeting.

The chair appointed the following persons: Alonzo RAMBO, D. N. LECLAIRE, R. P. MOORE, W. E. COOK for Davenport. William FOSTER, Henry CATLIN, Culver CAMPBELL, for Blue Grass. H. MOREHEAD, Buffalo. V. R. HYDE, O. M. EVANS, Pleasant Valley.

The Society then adjourned to meet in the Stone School House, on Perry street, Wednesday evening next, at 7 o'clock, at which time it is requested all the members will be present. B. W. CLARK, Vice President

Davenport Daily Gazette
Saturday Morning January 21, 1860

Local Matters

Hon. James W. GRIMES has our thanks for some really valuable public documents. We also thank Hon. Wm. VANDEVER for documents of especial interest at this time.

Accident.-Last Thursday morning Mr. Matthias SUTTLE , in the employ of Mr. John PORTER, of Hickory Grove, had his left leg broken below the knee by the upsetting of a load of baled hay. The accident occurred near Maysville, and was caused by the wagon "slewing" on the icy road.

Alleged Larceny.-Yesterday the case of State vs. Detlef ARP, attracted quite an audience to Justice McKown's court. The defendant was charged with larceny in having stolen from Mr. Herman WILHELMI a large quantity of oats, wheat, barley and corn, which it was alleged came into his hands as a servant or Mr. WILHELMI. It appeared that formerly ARP was the owner of a farm, which, as it was encumbered, he conveyed to Mr. WILHELMI, who agreed to take the farm, and after paying off the encumbrances, to re-convey it to ARP. ARP was retained on the farm as managing man-the grain alleged to have been stolen was the product of the farm. A few days ago the greater part of the grain was taken away without the knowledge or consent of WILHELMI. ARP, on being asked what had become of the grain, answered that he had sold it, and intended to retain the proceeds to pay his debts with. WILHELMI then procured his arrest. In defence it appeared that ARP had applied all the money he had received !
to the payment of the threshers, the interest due upon a mortgage, and various other small creditors. The Court said the felonious intent necessary to constitute larceny was wanting, and discharged the prisoner. For State CORBIN & DOW; for defence PLUMER & VAN HOSEN.

Our thanks are due our contemporary of the Der Demokrat, Mr. H. LISCHER, for his politeness in handing us "late News" last evening, from our special correspondent at Des Moines, which place Mr. L. left on last Thursday morning.


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