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Davenport Democrat
Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa
March 16, 1871

KEATING-In this city, on the 16th after a few days illness, of scarlitina,
Frankie, son of John W and Jane KEATING, aged 6 (or 8) years 7 months and 6
days. Funeral Friday (to-morrow) at 2 o'clock PM. at the residence of his
parents, on 7th street, between Scott and Ripley streets. Friends of the
family are invited.

AUSTIN-MEANS. At Pleasant Valley, March 16,1871, by Rev. Geo. H. PACKS, Mr.
John W. AUSTIN to Miss Ella V. MEANS.

Davenport Democrat
Davenport Scott County, Iowa

Saturday, April 8, 1871
Sad case
About two weeks ago a Mrs. HETCHER came from her home in Cascade, Iowa, to
visit her children in the Orphans' Home at this place. The night before she
was to leave, she was taken sick. The disease which had fastened itself upon
her proved fatal, and she died today at the Newcomb House. The members of
the Soldiers' Association in this city ministered to her wants and saw that
she was properly cared for. It was truly a sad case; the three children are
of tender years and are now left fatherless and motherless in the world.

Wednesday, April 19, 1871
STEWART. In this city yesterday afternoon, Aril 18th, at four o'clock. Miss
Mary C, eldest daugher of Chas. and Abbie STEWART.
The funeral will take place at two o'clock tomorrow from the house.

Apr 26, 1871.
Long Grove Plowing Match.
The fourteenth annual meeting of the Long Grove Plowmen took place Tuesday
on the farm of Alexander MURRISON, Esq., at Eldridge Junction, and was
attended by a large number of farmers as well as a goodly number of towns
people and manufacturers. The old pioneer plow manufacturer, thorough and
upright business man, and genial gentleman, John DEERE, presided at the
table, which fairly greased under the weight of good things to tempt the
palate. With such good living as the Long Grove farmers have, we think
almost anybody could do good plowing or almost anything else in pretty good
shape. The contestants for the prizes were in the
Senior Class
Selah CLAPP, Robert JOHNSTON, David HARDIE, Jr. ,Frank DUNCAN, James QUIN,
Junior Class.
John LITTLE, Jr., Thos HARDIE, John NEAL, and Thos. POLLOCK.
The plowing was all done splendidly and it was no small task fo rthe judges
to award the premiums.
At about five o'clock P.M. the committed awarded as follows.
Senior Class-First Premium
A John Deere & Co. Iron Beam Walking Plow, valued at $35 Awarded to David
HARDIE, Jr. with a Cast Steel Plow, sold by McNair & Jordan.
Second Premium-$18 cash.
Awarded to Wm. ROBERTSON with a Cast Steel Plow, sold by McNair & Jordan.
Third Premium -$15 cash
Awarded to Wm. GRIEVE with a Deere & Co Plow, sold by McNair & Jordan.
Fourth Premium
Awarded to Jas. GRIEVE-with a Deere & Co Plow, sold by McNair & Jordan.
Junior Class -1st Premium
Moline plow Co. Plow valued at $24, awarded to John NEAL with a Cast Steel
Plow-Sold by McNair & Jordan.
2nd Premium-$16 cash
Awarded to Thos POLLOCK with a Deere & Co Plow Sold by McNaire & Jordan.
3d premium-$12 cash
Awarded to Thos HARDIE with a Deere & Co plow-Sold by McNair & Jordan.
4th Premium - $8 cash
Awarded to Jas. LITTLE, Jr. with a Moline Plow Co plow-Sold by T.F. Mickle
This was the fourteenth match this society has held, and it was a meeting
that the originators may well be proud of.
The officers are: John POLLOCK, President; John ROBERTSON, Secretary, John
LITTLE, Treasureer; John GRIEVE and David HARDIE, Superintendents of
Grounds, John KELLY, Charles MURRAY, and James ARMSTRONG Judges.
These gentlemen were the originators of the society, and have been the live
and soul of it. It now numbers thirty-six members.
The following donations were made for which the society desire to return
their thanks.
Deere & Co an Iron Beam Walking Plow $35
Deere & Co $30
McNair & Jordan $30
Kehoe & Karhart $5
Raff, Cock & Co. $5
Moline Plow Co $10
T Y Mickle $30
Moline Plow Company, a plow $24
The ladies to whose kind attention we were indebted for our sumptuous dinner
were Mrs. Alex MURRISON; Mrs. James MURRISON, Mrs. Martin KNOUSE, Mrs. John
GRIEVE, Mrs. John QUINN, Mrs. David KNOUSE, Mrs. Chas CLAPP, Misses Dinah
CAPP, Ellen & Nancy MURRISON, Jennie and Lizzie ROBERTSON, Agnes LANG,
Christina and Lizzie NEAL, Christina and Johanne KNOUSE, Jeannette HARDIE,
and the Misses RICHARDSON.

Davenport Democrat
Scott Co, IA
11 Dec 1871

Alex McGREGOR and G.C.R. MELCHETT were the first lawyers in Davenport-1836.

Post office opened here in 1836 . A. LeCLAIRE first postmaster.

In 1837 Robert McIn??? and Duncan C. ELDRIDGE opened the first stores.

The first blacksmith and wagon-shop was built by D.C. ELDRIDGE in
1836.-Nelson SWARTWOUT was the first blacksmith.

The streets of Davenport were originally surveyed by a civil engineer named
GORDON, in 1837.

Geo. L. DAVENPORT opened the first lumber yard in 1838.

The first bricks were made by Harvey LEONARD in 1838 and he was the first
brick layer here.

The first brick house was built in 1838 by D.C. ELDRIDGE, now standing on N.
corner Main and Third streets.

Nathaniel SQUIRES was the first carpenter who put in an appearance here-

Andrew LOGAN issued the first newpaper-the Iowa Sun in 1838.

A.C. DONALDSON was the first doctor 1839.

Seth F. WHITING was the original wagon maker, 1837.

The Rev. M. HUMMER openedthe first school here in '39.

Father PALAMORGUES opened the first Catholic school the same year.

RIDDLE and MORTON opened the first paint shop in 1839.

The first shoemaker working here was David MILLER in 1836.

The first tailor that came along was James O. KELLY, same year.

In 1840 the county seat of Scott county was removed from Rockingham to

LeClaire House (now Newcomb) opened by Mr. HULSE, 1841

White Hall Hotel opened by D.F. ELDRIDGE, in 1840.

R.S. CRAIG opened the first stove and tin ware shop here in 1841; and John
SEAMAN packed the first hogs same year, and Mr. ELDRIDGE informs us that he
sold him 20 fine large dressed hogs that year at $.175 per cwt-the lowest
point ever reached in the Davenport pork market, he verily believes.

In 1841 the citizens built our present Court House, and presented it to the

Same year L.B. COLLAMER, opened the first boot and shoe shop and a Mr.
ARMITAGE opened a butcher shop.

John OWENS made the first shipment of wheat to Cincinnati in '41; price of
wheat 50 to 60 cents.

Jacob SAILOR opened the first harness shop same year; and R.L. LINBAUGH set
up watch repairing.

Steam ferry built by John WILSON in 1842, but didn't pay and was hauled the
same year.

Dan MOORE opened his bakery the same year.

In 1843 DAVENPORT obtained its charter, and John WILSON started a horse
ferry boat.

Stage line from this point to Burlington and Dubuque started in 1844; stage
office opened by BENNETT & LYTER, who had the contract to carry the mails.

First fire in 1845, which burned the store opened in '37 by D.C. ELDRIDGE ,
occupied at the time by several families.

John BECHTEL started the first plow factory in 1846; same year A.C. FULTON
started the Etna Flour Mills.

COOK & SARGENT started the first banking house in 1847 and opened the first
land agency some time previous.

POWERS & JORDAN opened the first clothing store the same year, and Erastus
RIPLEY opened the preparatory department of Iowa College.

A.C. BILLON opened the first jewelry store in 1849.

W.H. HOLMES opned the first exclusive book store in 1850; which year the
first German newspaper was started- Der Demokrat, by Th. GUELICH.

James THORINGTON taught the first district school-having taught private
school five or six years previous.

Population of the city in 1850, 1848.

First foundry and machine shop started in 1851, by LeCLAIRE, DAVENPORT &
Co.-Same year COATES & DAVIES built their steam planing mill. O.L. BURDICK
opned fine daguerrean rooms.

The first wholesale house was opened in 1851 by Samuel HIRSCHL, who likewise
started the first milk wagon some time previous.

Chas. LESLIE opened the first drug store stock in 1839.

In 1853 James BURGE opened the first exclusively tobacco store and cigar
factory, though the first cigars made here were manufactured by H. WAGNER.
First exclusive drug store by STEVENSON & CARANHAN in 1851.

Steam Ferry started again same year, and W.W. KENNEDY opened the first
tombstone and marble working shop.

J.A. CRANDALL opened the first music store in 1853; first railroad company
organized; RENWICK & Sons opened first express  office; first telegraph
office opened.

Population in 1853, 3500.

First tornado went in to business here in 1854, uprooting trees and
demolishing houses-nobody killed.

The same year a "literary hall" was opened in Witherwax Block (now S.E.
corner of Brady & Second); Davis BOYD & Co started a stove and holloware;
line of stages established westward; Gas Company organized; WEBB Bros.
opened first exclusive crockery house; LUCE & COLE the first exclusive book
and job printing house. Population in 1854 was estimated at 5,000.


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