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Article in part taken from Early Centennial Edition, June 24,1882

Early, Iowa

May 15,1856, a bill was approved by President Franklin Pierce which provided grants of land for four railroads to build across the state of Iowa. Six sections of land were to be given for every mile constructed, with the exception that they were completed within ten years.

The Iowa Land Company, which was organized September 1869, advertised in newspapers for people to come, selling land for $4-5 an acre...

One of those first people to heed the call was Eli Haradon. He was a blacksmith by trade.  Judge D. Carr Early of Sac City suggested Eli start a settlement of 40 acres of land that the Judge owned 2 1/2 miles south of the present town of Early.  Judge Early donated ten acres of land for the beginning of the new town, 50 cents an acre was paid for the remainder of the land.  The plat was recorded January 11,1878.  The name of the town was given the name of Early, in honor of the Judge.

In 1874, Old Early had six places of business and three or four houses.   Later, when the survey route came to survey for the NorthWestern Railway, farmers protested having their farms cut up by the railroad, so the rails were laid 2 1/2 miles to the north of town.  Knowing that there would never be a thrifty town that far from the rails, the few citizens decided to move Old Early to the present location.  Some of the buildings were moved to the new town site. (site plotted October 1882).


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