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 The Sac Sun editor has recently received a letter from W.C. Fertig which is especially interesting and classifies him as one of the long time residents of the county. Here is the letter:

"My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fertig came here in the spring of 1875 from Nendota, Illinois.  They purchased this 160 acre farm in the fall of 1874, then just raw prairie. They built a house and a small barn, the lumber being hauled from Vail, about 20 miles away. That was the only small town here at that time. They set to tilling the soil. They had rauch hardship, as did all the pioneers.

It grew to be a beautiful country and a good community; one to be proud of. Mother planted a half mile of cottonwood trees in 1876.  They were just sticks stuck into the ground, and they grew to be huge trees and have been there ever since until this summer they were sawed down as there was to be a new road graded there. it is now completed.

I was born here Se[t. 29, 1877 and have lived here all my life with the exception of six years when I worked for my brother just a mile away. In 1907 I was married to Anna Bonnichsen and we set up farming here, and later became the owner of the homestead.  We raised eight children and they all went to the same school as I did, Levey No. 4. My wife has also lived most of her life in Sac County, with the exception of two
 years. She was born in 1888. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Hans Bonnichsen and arrived in Odebolt Oct. 21, 1888 and she lived in Levy Township the past 50 years. Her parents came from Germany and pictured here are Mr. & Mrs. Hans Bonnichsen and Anna when she was less than a year old.

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