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St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery

St. Peter's Cemetery  Located in Sac County, Iowa in section 11 Coon Valley Township.  Located 4 1/2 miles south and 1 1/2 miles west of Lytton on county road D-46.

Abendroth, William F. October 21,1864-August 26,1898
Abendroth, Johann Willie 1891-1900
Arndt, Adolph 1858-December 17,1921
Arndt, Christ 1805-December 17,1887
Ardnt, Christian F. July 16,1880-November 3,1962
Arndt, Dorothea (nee Wulkow) March 28,1848-December 12,1918
Arndt, Ella D.P. March 31,1881-June 28,1883
Arndt, Fred J. 1871-January 1,1939
Arndt, Gottfried February 1,1848-November 9,1910
Arndt, Heinrich January 20,1886-May 12,1906
Arndt, Herman W.F. November 5,1881-February 9,1951
Arndt, Ida M. November 13,1882-November 26,1971
Arndt, John 1840-January 8,1898
Arndt, Lloyd G. 1911-August 9,1953
Arndt, Marie E. August 3,1885-February 12,1968
Arndt, Mary (nee Brehm) 1809-October 2,1882
Arndt, Mary (Mrs. John) December 19,1849-March 3,1931
Arndt, Mary Dora (nee Gustafson) December 6,1887-September 18,1985
Arndt, Nannie B. (nee Richards) November 19,1880-June 21,1972
Arndt, Theodore 1879-1882
Arndt, Walter Laverne January 27,1912-May 10,1913
Arndt, William H. April 9,1887-October 12,1960
Arndt, Willie 1877-1885
Ausborn, Albertina (nee Kreft) September 10,1890-December 13,1964
Ausborn, August F. October 6,1871-April 10,1935
Ausborn, Fred C. July 10,1888-April 24,1949
Ausborn, Helene C. (nee Zierke) July 10,1875-February 6,1965
Ausborn, Raymond November 2,1924-April 12,1928
Baedke, Susan Selma (nee Hunziker)
Baedke, William H. February 16,1889-December 26,1976
Blair, Lula B. (nee Arndt) January 5,1904-November 1,1997
Blair, Marvin E. July 21,1911-April 15,1975
Blair, Sue Marie February 1-5, 1935
Boerchert, August August 11-13,1879
Boerchert, Hattie August 11-13,1879
Borchert, Elizabeth (nee Arndt) June 1837-May 22,1923
Borchert, Friedrich, W. June 20,1869-August 25,1879
Borchert, Louis S. June 23,1869-August 20,1879
Borchert, Olga K. 1884-1960
Borchert, Peter F. October 3,1834-1921
Borchert, William F. August 19,1883-September 20,1966
Brehm, Clarence A. September 8,1900-November 14,1918
Brehm, Fred September 15,1848-May 15,1925
Brehm, Mary (nee Karges) May 7,1862-December 1,1945
Breon, Bernice L. 1920-February 11,1922
Brobeil, Adam Ludwig June 10,1862-September 21,1942
Brobeil, Arthur E. October 10,1891-February 1,1965
Brobeil, Elizabeth (nee Buth) 1868-1947
Brobeil, Henrietta March 16,1890-January 6,1975
Dettmann, Anna May 1,1879-1887
Dettmann, Donna Louise September 22,1941-March 29,1947
Dettmann, Johann B & D May 13,1881
Fertig, Jimmy Dale June 30-July 1, 1960
Fuk, Maria April 12,1814-June 16,1888
Garnatz, Clarence March 20,1894-November 2,1962
Garnatz, Edna Myrtle (nee Kreft) May 6,1903-August 4,1997
Glassnapp, Richard Dean August 5,1933-1939
Grabow, August February 7,1843-November 12,1927
Grabow, Caroline Christine October 30,1819-February 10, 1883
Grabow, Gertrude October 4,1880-April 9,1900
Grabow, Hedwig Frieda March 30,1887-July 1,1888
Grabow, Hulda April 4,1866-June 19,1932
Grabow, John January 8,1889-March 8,1963
Grabow, Minna (nee Brunschier) January 2,1860-May 10,1933
Hasch, Wanda Mae 1931-July 8,1931
Heim, Melvin March 9,1918-August 26,1981
Hillman, Lena May 14,1878-April 19,1882
Holm, Albert 
Holm, Fred B. August 21,1921-October 18,1934
Holm, Otto George January 11,1897-December 6,1988
Holm, Velma M. (nee Arndt) December 16,1898-June 3,1971
Hucka, Clara October 26,1891-March 16,1979
Hucka, Fred John November 13,1893-October 31,1963
Hucka, Infant Daughter B & D April 24,1923
Hucka, Mary Louise August 30,1931-August 13,1943
Hunziker, Elisabeth 1861-September 9,1908
Hunziker, Elizabeth December 19,1828-February 3,1924
Hunziker, Elmer Julius December 12,1898-April 7,1929
Hunziker, Esther October 29,1900-December 9,1915
Hunziker, Fred March 16,1856-January 24,1932
Hunziker, Friedrich February 14,1830-January 11,1903
Hunziker, Helena (nee Arndt) August 31,1878-August 4,1949
Hunziker, Julius October 24,1869-July 2,1960
Hunziker, Walter 1886-March 20,1974
Konig, Johanna August 10,1830-August 29,1889
Kreft, Adeline June 7-12, 1897
Kreft, Adoph 1858-1921
Kreft, Anna Marie (nee Arndt) July 25,1870-July 19,1951
Kreft, Bertha (nee Lindemann) February 28,1865-July 18,1957
Kreft, Clara Augusta (nee Krueger) April 4,1895-January 2,1969
Kreft, Delbert Blaine May 17,1939-October 11,1961
Kreft, Elmer J. July 6,1906-November 23,1976
Kreft, Eva F.(nee Arndt) July 22,1905-June 22,1987
Kreft, Frank April 3,1900-November 17,1972
Kreft, Fred W. November 12,1868-September 28,1955
Kreft, Henry G. August 9,1886-June 20,1974
Kreft, Herman J.C. October 20,1861-Octobeer 25,1911
Kreft, Infant Son B & D February 19,1903
Kreft, John P. September 19,1864-June 28,1932
Kreft, June E. (nee Flessner) June 12,1926-March 10,1971
Kreft, Louise 1875-November 25,1945
Kreft, Lucille M. (nee Hanke) August 15,1902-May 13,1972
Kreft, Marvin L. May 26,1926-November 10,1980
Kreft, Mary 1865-1944
Kreft, Roberta (nee Ringgenberg) 1912-1992
Kreft, Rosa (nee Hunziker) May 6,1890-May 2,1983
Kreft, Sophia  1876-1945
Kreft, Walter W. 1897-September 21,1992
Kreft, Wilbert 1900-July 5,1938
Kreft, Willian 1870-May 13,1931
Krueger, Herman C. November 22,1891-January 16,1966
Krueger, Louise Ida (nee Reaman) July 11,1894-March 21,1960
Lansmann, Dorothea November 4,1832-November 20,1905
Lansmann, Friedrich July 25,1831-March 11,1890
Leege Herman July 25,1905-January 4,1987
Leege, Infant Daughter B & D August 22,1932
Leege, Kathryn Rose August 22,1932-January 20,1941
Leege, Rosaline (nee Kreft) February 6,1905-December 27,2000
Lietz, Anna (nee Bohlmeyer) September 23,1897-August 28,1972
Lietz, John October 23,1894-April 22,1980
Matthias, Elsie May 5,1896-November 22,1964
Matthias, Rev. Arthur W. June 11,1893-July 5,1963
Meyer, Martha 1890-September 2,1891
Otto, Willie February 8,1893-May 9,1898
Pedersen, Harry E. December 23,1912-November 14,1954
Peterson/Patterson, Friederich November 22,1879-December 23,1880
Reaman, Charlotte September 17,1868-May 11,1924
Reaman, Clarence A. November 22,1902-March 25,1914
Reaman, John Fred November 17,1865-December 6,1943
Reaman, Lydia M. February 15,1896-May 23,1912
Reaman, Mary B & D October 3,1882
Reaman, Norma Aline January 24-March 30, 1905
Rieman, Anna Sophia June 29,1837-October 10,1915
Rieman, Grace Belle (nee Sharp) September 26,1890-November 21,1979
Rieman, Henry John July 6,1881-September 15,1957
Rieman, Infant Daughter B & D September 12,1897
Rieman, Johann Henrich Frederick August 20,1847-December 19,1900
Rieman, Mary September 21,1853-November 13,1925
Rieman, William March 16,1839-December 12,1923
Ringgenberg, Merlin D. August 3,1943-June 3,1944
Robbert, Augusta June 23,1890-December 31,1977
Robbert, Louis July 11,1853-March 29,1897
Robbert, Louise May 7,1860-June 1,1948
Robbert, Paul A. September 1,1887-November 10,1956
Robbert, William June 25,1889-October 17,1946
Robson, Laverne O. December 23,1900-November 3,1968
Roseke, Minna September 2-27, 1881
Ruschke, Albert April 29,1863-May 5,1914
Ruschke, Anna S. May 15,1868-January 26,1920
Scharn, Clara (nee Neuhring) April 29,1892-May 27,1959
Scharn, Fred April 29,1927-April 2,1995
Scharn, Laverne July 21,1930-November 5,1979
Scharn, Reinhard October 1875-February 27,1945
Scharn, Sophie Catherine January 25,1922-January 14,1925
Schmidt, Esther July 26,1916-January 22,2009
Schmidt, Orville December 6,1916-June 23,1979
Schug, Fred 1868-February 29,1936
Schug, Mabel T. (nee Daiker) December 19,1916-August 8,2000
Schug, Minnie (nee Roseke) March 6,1872-January 15,1959
Schug, Otto Herman November 18,1904-February 2,1966
Schultz, Helene A. (nee Rohr) February 3,1902-March 3,2001
Schultz, Victor E. October 29,1899-November 2,1972
Schwartz, Emil November 28,1879-September 17,1881
Stein, Friedrich 1872-May 14,1931
Stein, Herman August 10,1908-October 7,1967
Stein, Herman November 15,1841-December 10,1913
Stein, Infant Daughter B & Died July 15,1901
Stein, Johanna (nee Popp) November 7,1845-June 18,1899
Stein, Martha (nee Schwartz) January 6,1882-April 8,1970
Stein, Minnie October 1875-February 27,1945
Stein, Wilhelmina March 2-May 2, 1904
Stein, William 1874-December 29,1930
Stout, Olga May 11,1898-January 26,1920
Thielhorn, Bertha L. December 10, 1888-November 16,1918
Thielhorn, Friederiche September 24,1847-January 3,1916
Thielhorn, Joachim Christian December 4,1844-July 13,1915
Wiese-Wiley,  Margaret (nee Arndt) March 17,1912-June 28,2001
Wulkow, Arnold January 31,1894-October 3,1911
Wulkow, Augusta February 5,1898-November 29,1967
Wulkow, Barbara (nee Ritzman) July 19,1857-December 28,1903
Wulkow, Carl March 2,1851-February 3,1945
Wulkow, Emil November 20,1887-February 19,1918
Wulkow, Ernest September 9,1885-May 19,1979
Wulkow, Friedrich May 25,1817-November 20,1905
Wulkow, Ilsabe D. December 18,1809-October 17,1894
Wulkow, Martha (nee Schwartz) September 26,1894-November 8,1971
Wulkow, Richard June 22,1883-May 30,1951
Yepsen, Blanchfield July 20,1912-April 1,1994
Yepsen, George Peter June 24,1896-March 3,1898