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In 1859, Luke SHAY and his family moved into a newly constructed frame home. They donated their log cabin to the district for use as a school for the children of Maloy.

The first school in the township was known as Buffalo Ridge and was located on mile west of the Chester WALLACE farm. Bozaris, Lone Star, Highland View and probably some other schools were also operating in the 1860's.

The Bozaris School also served as a post office. When Delphi became the post office, the Bozaris School was moved one mile east and one-half mile north and was renamed the Shay School.

According to the 1894 plat map, the schools of this time were Buffalo Ridge, Shiloh, Highland View, Shay, Maloy, Dryden, Forest Home (Rooster Bend), Side Hill Lone Star and Platte River School.

Some early teachers were as follows:

  • Rachel BARCHUS taught at Lone Star in 1872.
  • Jim LEMLEY, one of the first teachers in the school on the river, also taught at various other schools
  • John REYNARD
  • John BELLAMY
  • Benjamin WARING
  • Laura BELLAMY
  • Florence SHEIL
  • Anna FROST
  • Minnie LEE
  • Winnie FOGLEMAN
  • Mollie SKINNER
  • Laura MOFFETT

    Orr CAMPBELL came to Maloy in March of 1881 to teach at the Maloy School.In 1899, J. W. LONG was the school's principal and Miss Ellen O'CONNOR was the teacher. In 1900, Mrs. J. KOUSTON was the principal, Mrs. BRIGGS and Miss Ethel BLUNK were the teachers.

    Others who taught at this schoolhouse were Zita ROONEY, Vera MACKEY, Euphan STEPHENS, Frank SANDEFER, Layton ROWE, Mayme ANGLUM, and Emma LEPLEY.

    MALOY SCHOOL, circa 1903

    Back Row, Left to Right: Josephine LAMBERT, Mary LEPLEY, Pearl SCONCE, Dennis SHAY, Iola HARTLEY, Fern CARTER, Charles HIGGINS, Verda ROONEY, Effie CROY, Sadie SCONCE, Bernice HARTLEY, Elton BEAMAN

    Third Row, Left to Right: Gladys THARP, Leo WOODSIDE, Melvin CATHY, Fannie CORBETT, Mary CATHY

    Second Row, Left to Right: Luther WEININGER, Leslie HARTLEY, Mike HART, Mabel WARING, Georgia HARTLEY, Bernice SHAY, Ethel WEININGER, Olin HARDEE, Rinda WEININGER, Ada HUFF, Herbert HART

    Front Row (seated), Left to Right: Opal JENNINGS, Pearly WEININGER, Elmer THARP, Lillian JENNINGS, Cora THARP, Oke HART, Jim LAMBERT, Fern CORBETT, Sarah HUFF

    During the second decade of the 1900's, several school districts in Ringgold County considered consolidation. Although the citizens of Redding School District voted in favor of consolidation in 1913, the vote was cast out on a technicality. The following year, a new school was erected in Redding. In 1915, another election was held in Redding and the citizens again voted to consolidate. In 1917, a large addition was constructed to accomondate an increase in pupils attending the Redding School. In 1915, the residents of Delphos voted to consolidate; Maloy residents voted for consolidation in 1917 (1916?); and the Beaconsfield residents cast their vote for consolidation in 1920. Although the residents of Ellston voted to consolidate, it was annulled on a technicality when the bonding company realized that the election notice had been advertised solely by public notices and not published in the newspaper. A second vote was called which resulted in a vote against consolidation.

    With the exception of Lone Star School and Highland View School, all of the other area rural schools joined the Maloy School, becoming Maloy Consolidated School District.

    Mount Ayr Record-News
    Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
    August 09, 1916

    MALOY - The teachers have been hired for the Maloy school. Minnie Peterson, of Des Moines, will have charge of the advanced grades, and Mrs. John D. O'Connor of the primary. Extra grades will be added this year due to the consolidation.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Mount Ayr Record-News
    Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
    September 06, 1916

    MALOY - The school board has hired James Worthington to drive the school wagon for the north route. No driver was secured for the other route.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Mount Ayr Record-News
    Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
    September 20, 1916

    MALOY - The school board met last week and engaged H. E. Worthington to drive the school wagon on the east route.

    1916 Transcriptions by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2016

    Mount Ayr Record-News
    Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
    Thursday, February 28, 1917

    MALOY - At the special election held Saturday for the purpose of voting on the schoolhouse bond proposition, the votes were as follows: Women, 39 for and 27 against; Men, 56 for and 27 against, making a total of 95 for and 32 against.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    The two-story brick Maloy High School was built in 1917 with what was at the time considered to be an excellent gymnasium at a cost of $20,000. The school was equipped with "Manual Traning" and "Domestic Science" facilities. Board members were J. L. SHAY, D. R. SHAY, T. S. SHAY Sr., Harry WORTHINGTON, and R. B. STEELE.

    During the fall term of 1917, students attended classes in the hall located above Hartley's Store, awaiting the completion of the new school building. It was dedicated in December of 1917 and classes filled the building in February of 1918.

    The first graduate of Maloy High School was Grace WORTHINGTON [Mrs. William SCHOENMANN] in 1918. In 1919, the graduate class consisted of one student, Marie STEELE [Mrs. Maynard SWANSON].

    Maloy had its largest enrollment in the 1920's when at one time each of the elementary teachers taught three grades with approximately 35 students.

    Maloy High School gained acclaim when three basketball teams competed in the Iowa State Tournament - the 1930 team coached by C. T. MURPHY, and the 1936 and 1937 teams, both coached by Maurice CARR.

    Maloy's teachers instilled quality education and inspiration in their students. During some years, 75% of Maloy's graduates pursued a higher education.



    Mount Ayr Record-News
    Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
    Thursday, February 15, 1940

    The Maloy Irish won the Ringgold county basketball championship Saturday night by defeating Mount Ayr, 32 to 26. Members of the championship team are WYMAN and MOBLEY, forwards; CULVER, center; and LYNCH and SHAY, guards.

    Mount Ayr Record-News
    Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
    Thursday, May 15, 1941

    One hundred and sixty-three students will be graduated this month from the ten town high schools of the county, an increase of 20 over last year.

    The class of Maloy is double that of last year. It is easy to account for that fact, since there were only three in the class of 1940, but this year's class is different for another reason - all six members are boys, Burl Mobley, Clarence Culver, Billy Wyman, Duane Webb, Max Haidsiak and James Sheil.

    Extra-curricular activites included Declamatory contests, often in competition successfully against students from much larger schools. Each year, two plays were presented along with vocal music concerts.

    After 1952, only elementary pupils attended school at Maloy. The high school was closed and students attended classes at either Redding or Mount Ayr. The district became a part of the Mount Ayr Community School District in 1958. Maloy's school, however, continued as an elementary attendance center through the 1971-72 school year.

    In 1973, the school building was sold to Ringgold County Farms, Inc. who owned the surrounding land. The school building was later demolished in 1987.



    Maloy was never blessed with large numbers of skilled players, but they never lacked the intense desire to succeed. Just turn on the lights in the gymnasium, and every eligible youngster showed up for practice whether practice was called or not. They were also fortunate to have coaches who brought out the best in each individual.

    The first Ringgold County Boys' Basketball Tournament was held February 28 - March 1st, 1919, at the Mount Ayr high school gymnasium. At the 1921 tournament, Maloy's Irish suffered a devastating defeat from Diagonal, 110-4.

    Maloy won the championship game over Benton, 22-12, in 1929. Maloy received a silver loving cup and a chance of retaining ownership of the 3-year cup if they could hold the championship title for three consecutive years.

    The Maloy team entered into the 1930 Ringgold County Basketball Tournament with great power under the leadership of Coach C. T. MURPHY. Maloy's Maurice CARR and Joe O'CONNOR would enjoy great success as coaches later on in their lives. The Irish defeated Diagonal 37-27 to win the championship. It would be another seven years before Maloy's Irish would win another Ringgold County Tournament, but the team enjoyed success in sectional, district and state tournaments. Maloy's J. O'CONNOR, M. CARR, and guard JARVIS were named to the all-county first team in 1930.

    Although Maloy's school enrollment was the smallest in the state tournament in 1930, the team held second-place winner Newton for over a half to only two points - no field goals and only two free-throws.

    Maloy's JENNINGS was named to the all-tournament first team at the 1934 Ringgold County Tournament. Maloy placed third at the 1935 tournament, losing to Diagonal 29-27.

    During the 1934 Ringgold County Tournament, Referee BOYER named Maloy's CARR and JENNINGS to the all-tournament first team.

    Maloy placed third at the 1935 Ringgold County Tournament, losing to Diagonal 29-27.

    1936 -- Maloy, the little Class B school with an enrollment of 13 boys, will make its second bid for state high school title honors here [Des Moines] this week in the annual boys' cage classic [state tournament]. The "giant killers" of the southwest seen in the above picture will test out the championship floor in the Drake house today. The starting members of the team [under Coach Maurice CARR], which has won 28 games without a setback this season are seen left to right: Vic MENDENHALL, Cleo LYNCH, James CARR, Ivor MENDENHALL and John HIGGINS. Maloy's record included four victories over Diagonal's colorful quintet this year.

    Unfortunately for Maloy, the team went into play without the services of their leading scorer, Cleo Lynch, who had been injured.

    Under the guidance of former basketball star, Coach Maurice CARR, Maloy entered the 1937 tournament with a record of 17-0. They remained undefeated by ousting Diagonal, reigning champions, 40-17. During the championship game, a blizzard blew in, forcing the teams and spectators to find refuge in Mount Ayr's town hall, the courthouse, the school, cafes and private homes until Sunday.

    In both the 1936 and 1937 state tournaments, Maloy played two much larger schools, Ottumwa and Marshalltown.

    So formidable was Maloy's team that in one year, after the school had been classified A and B, with the B schools having the option of transferring to Class A, all the B schools assigned with Maloy to the sectional at Bedford did just that. Maloy advanced to the district meet without playing a game.

    Maloy returned to the 1938 tournament, led by MOBLEY and LYNCH, to claim the championship, defeating Mount Ayr 39-21.

    Maloy lost the 1939 championship title to Diagonal's Maroons, 40-24. Maloy's SHAY and MENDENHALL were selected to the all-tournament first team.

    Pictured at right, Burl MOBLEY and Bob LYNCH rebound behind a Mount Ayr player in a 1940 game. During the 1940 Ringgold County Tournament, Maloy won the first-round game 40-38 during overtime play with Benton. Maloy's team, forwards WYMAN and MOBLEY, center CULVER, and guards SHAY and LYNCH, went on to claim the championship title by defeating Mount Ayr, 32-26 42-39 in Maloy's Centennial Book. Under Coach CARR, Maloy had won three titles of the last four years, but this would be their last county title.

    Coach Richard CULVER brought Maloy's Irish to the 1946 Ringgold County Tournament. They lost 40-26 to Diagonal's Maroons.

    Maloy suffered a 55-18 defeat, losing to Mount Ayr on January 38, 1950 at Mount Ayr.

    Maloy lost the 1951 championship title to Diagonal, 39-32. From 1929 to 1951, Maloy had won 5 county championship titles and finished 5 times in second place. Maloy entered into the county tournament for the last time in 1954.

    Many local Maloy players went on to play college basketball, namely: Leo and Emmett WARIN at Creighton University; Maurice CARR, Edward O'CONNOR, and Richard CULVER at Iowa State Teacher's College (UNI) in Cedar Falls; Joe O'CONNOR, Clarence CULVER and Edwin POLLEY at Northwest Missouri State in Maryville; and N. H. (Nate) JENNINGS at Graceland and at UNI. One year when Nate was at Graceland, he was chosen player of the year for the State in their division.

    Many of the Maloy athletes also went on to coaching careers of their own. Among them were Maurice CARR, Joe O'CONNOR, Edward O'CONNOR, Clarence CULVER, Eugene HANNON, John SHAY, Wade MOTSINGER and Kenneth LEPLEY.

    Click on thumbnail photo or the link to see an enlarged view of the photograph.
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    1928 Basketball Team

    1929 Basketball Team

    1935 Basketball Team

    1940 Basketball Team

    1943 Basketball Team
    1948 Invitational
    Richard Culver

      Mount Ayr Record-News
    Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, Thursday, March 20, 1941

    Maloy, always a strong contender in the basketball meets of the southwest Iowa district, again claimed honors when they succeeded in defeating Randolph, 39 to 22, in the final rounds of the district tournament at Shenandoah to go into sub-state contest this weekend. Members of Coach Maurice Carr's squad are Duane Webb, Bob Lynch, Billy Wyman, Clarence Culbert, Gene Hannon and Marion Bowman.

    The Des Moines Register, 1940-41

    Dismal Eh? -
    Maloy Wins Eight
    * * *   * * *
    And One of Its Stars Sits on Bench
    Awaiting Eligibility.

    MALOY, IA. -- After a dismal season - if 10 defeats in 30 starts is dismal, Maloy appears headed back into the limelight where it rested several seasons ago.

    Maurice CARR, coach, sent his outfit to eight consecutive victories as a starter with Frank HIGDON, a 6 foot, 3 inch transfer from McFall, MO., on the bench.

    HIDGON will be available the second semester just when the campaign begins to get warm and there's every reason to believe that Maloy will be one of the standouts in Class B competition.

    * * *

    Burl MOBLEY and Bill WYMAN, a pair of small junior sharpshooters, hold down the front line with Clarence CULVER, a 5 foot, 10 inch junor.

    * * *

    In the backcourt, Dennis SHAY, only senior of the club, and Bob LYNCH, sophomore brother of the famous Cleo, handle the defensive assignments.

    Eve if CARR'S crew misses this year, they'll be back next season for another try.


    The first Maloy High School girls' basketball team of record seems to be the 1917-18 team.

    Over the years, Maloy has had many players of exceptional ability. The first Hall of Fame inductee from Ringgold County was the former Monica WARD of Maloy. Both Monica and her sister Anna were All-State AAU in 1941.

    No records are available to wins and losses through the years, but it is reported that the win-loss ratio was very favorable.

    Girls' basketball has changed considerably since its conception.

    Initially the floor was divided into three sections and, under certain circumstances, players had to put one arm behind their back while guarding an opponent.

    And who will forget those first uniforms?

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    1926 Basketball Team

    1928 Basketball Team

    1929 Basketball Team


    Although Maloy did not have a wrestling program, it produced a champion in that field. After school reorganization with Mount Ayr, several from Maloy performed admirably for the team there. Curt BRABY, 6-foot, 5-inch, 255-pound heavyweight wrestler from rural Maloy won the State Championship his senior year in 1976 following a 29-0 season record. Curt also placed 5th in the State tournament his junior year. He was also a letterman in football and track, and was a State qualifier in the discus. Curt is the son of Chuch and Jane BRABY.

    Honor Curt Braby at Maloy Friday

    The individual who lays claim to being one of the very first to "pin" Curtis Scott BRABY is his mother, Jane I. BRABY.

    This was revealed as the drams of "Curt BRABY, This Is Your Life" began to unfold Friday evening at the Community get-together in Maloy.

    Following the program, homemade ice cream and cake, pie and cookies were served to the more than 90 friends who had assembled.

    A plaque inscribed to tell of Curt's accomplishment as state champion heavyweight wrestler in Class A division for 1977 and given by friends in the Maloy community was presented to Curtis by Mayor John WARIN. Mr. WARIN also made a short talk reminiscing of other athletes from our community who had made a name for themselves.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    During the 1983-84 school year MACHS sophomore Roby C. SHAY, son of Bob and Kathi SHAY of Maloy, qualified for the State wrestling tournament in the 98-pound weight class.

    Joe WARIN, son of Mike and Dee WARIN of Maloy, made it to the State tournament in 1985 wrestling in the 145-pound class.

    Another Maloy athlete who took up wrestling in college and made the Iowa State Teachers Squad was Floyd LINK.

    Records show that a student with the last name of SHAY was in attendance at the Maloy school from the time it opened to the time it closed.


    Maloy High School prior to its demolition

    Mount Ayr Record-News
    Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa
    Thursday, April 23, 1987

    Another county landmark disappeared this week when the Maloy school was demolished. The brick building was built in 1917 at the cost of $20,000 and was equipped with "manual training" and "domestic science" facilities, as well as what was then an excellent gymnasium. The building was built when rural schools in the area joined to become the Maloy Consolidated School District.

    Mount Ayr Record-News, Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, February 10, 2007

    Ringgold County History Compiled and written by the Iowa Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Iowa, Sponsored by Ringgold County Superintendent of Schools, Mount Ayr, Iowa. 1942.

    AVITT, Mike. Pages and Pictures from the Past. . .Ringgold County, Iowa 1855-2005 Pp. 60-4. Paragon Publications, Inc. Mount Ayr. 2009.,_Iowa

    Maloy Centennial Book, p. 28

    Compilation by Sharon R. Becker, June of 2009; undated April of 2010; updated April of 2012

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