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of Tingley, Iowa

Tingley Vindicator
Tingley, Iowa
March 2, 1944

News From Our Men in the Service

Clell Blunck, Seaman 2c wrote his folks from Newport, R.I. where he is in Quarter Master's School, that he has passed the Brinker tests at the head of his class with the only perfect paper.

Tingley Vindicator
Tingley, Iowa
March 2, 1944

News From Our Men in the Service

U.S.N. Training Station
Newport, R.I.

Dear Mrs. SENEY, Editor of Tingley Vindicator, Our company has its second week of mess duty this week and no worry about school so I have time to write my thanks for the Vindicator. The old home town paper is really swell to get. It comes to me almost as regular as letters from home and you know how those are appreciated. I always look at the service column first.

We graduate the 22nd of April. About 90 percent of the Quartermasters are now going into the amphibious forces. Just a few go to submarine or torpedo school.

In the "amphibious" the Quartermaster is second in command to the commanding officer. He rates above other enlisted personnel. In school we do no practical work, just a fund of basic knowledge, from signaling, rules of the road, honors to Naval officers to navigation. It is a standing joke around here that if anything isn't known by someone else aboard ship that the Quartermaster will know it. "Just ask the Quartermaster."

Thanks again for the paper.

Sincerely, Clell BLUNCK

Tingley Vindicator
Tingley, Iowa
April 27, 1944

News From Our Men in the Service

Clell BLUNCK returned to his post at Newport, R.I. Tuesday after a day leave spent with his parents. Clell graduated from Quarter Masters School and will be assigned to a ship soon. He has a petty officer's rating.

Tingley Vindicator
Tingley, Iowa
May 4, 1944

News From Our Men in the Service

Mrs. Louvisa BLUNCK
Tingley, Iowa

Dear Mrs. BLUNCK,

I am pleased to be able to advise you that your son, Clell BLUNCK has completed the course of training the Quarter Master's School and is graduating in the top ten percent of his class. In recognition of his good work, he is being advanced to the rating of Quarter Master Third Class.

Yours Very Truly,

Commander, USNR
Service Schools Officer

Tingley Vindicator
Tingley, Iowa
August 10, 1944

News From Our Men in the Service

A letter from Clell BLUNCK QM 3-c to his parents was received this week saying he is somewhere in the Pacific. This was the first word the BLUNCKs have had from Clell in four weeks.

Tingley Vindicator
Tingley, Iowa
December 7, 1944

News From Our Men in the Service

The George D. BLUNCKs have received word from Clell after 13 weeks that he is now in port and was permitted to tell that he has been in the Philippines area.

NOTE: Clell was serving aboard U.S.S. Mount Olympus.

USS Mt Olympus
U.S.S. Mount Olympus (AGC-8)

amphibious force flagship commission at Boston May 24, 1944, Capt. J. H. SCHULTZ in command
two battle stars (Manila, Philippines) for her World War II service

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