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from Biography & Historical Record of Ringgold County, Iowa

Lewis Publishing Company of Chicago, 1887, Pp. 335-36


Albert F[letcher]. HATHAWAY, a leading farmer of Tingley Township, is a native of Cattaragus County, New York. Born January 30, 1837, a son of David & Sarah (HULL) HATHAWAY, his father a native of Massachusetts and his mother of Connecticut. His father was a farmer in New York State and also a lumberman in the Allegheny pineries. Albert is the fifth of ten children, seven of whom are living. In 1841, the parents moved to Iowa landing in Burlington July 4. They settled on a farm in Henry County near Mount Pleasant, where they made a home and lived there about 30 years and again moved to Canaan Township, near Windfield and there lived until the death of the father in May 1881. The mother is now living in Winfield, IA.

Albert F. was married first to Samantha SMITH, January 1, 1861. In June 1862, he started to the Rocky Mountains, and returned to Afton, Union Co. November 2. In the spring of 1863 his wife died leaving him with one daughter, Samantha.

He was married again December 17, 1863 to Mary E. HESTER, a native of Indiana, who came with her parents to Iowa when a little girl. Albert and family moved to the southwest quarter of section 3, Tingley Township, Ringgold Co. and in the fall of 1870 to the place where they are now living. He has been successful, and now owns 320 acres of improved land.

Mr. & Mrs. HATHAWAY have 10 (sic) children --- Holis B. born 1865; Aurilla E.; Arden E. [Feb 1870]; Albert E.; Mary E.; Sarah E. [1875]; Wilbur F. [Feb 1878]; Ida M.; Helen S.; & Lydia [Apr 1884].

In politics Mr. HATHAWAY is a Greenbacker and was the only man in Tingley Township that voted the anti-monopoly* ticket at the Peter COOPER run for President.

* The Anti-Monopoly Party, also known as Re-form or Independent parties, was a short-lived U.S. political party that was founded as a national political party in 1884 at its convention in Chicago, which took place on May 14 of that year. The party's platforms were similar to those of other parties identified as progressive, as the party advocated such measures as direct election of senators, a graduated income tax, legal rights for labor unions, and antitrust legislation, among others. Many of the Anti-monopoly parties were organized by farmers, many of whom were members of the Grange (Patrons of Husbandry.)

NOTE: Albert Fletcher HATHAWAY died on September 29, 1916. Samantha (SMITH) HATHAWAY was born in 1840, Creston, Union County, Iowa, and died in 1863, Creston, Union County, Iowa. Mary Elizabeth (HESTER) HATHAWAY was born in Indiana on June 4, 1849, and died October 29, 1945. Albert and Mary Elizabeth were interred at Tingley Cemetery, Ringgold County, Iowa. It isn't known where Samantha was interred.

Samantha Jane (HATHAWAY) FRANKLIN was born April 6, 1862, Creston, Union County, Iowa, and died November 7, 1946, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa. She married Benjamin Randolph Jefferson Davis FRANKLIN, who was born July 7, 1861, Burlington, Iowa, the son of John J. and Louisa (ELLER), and died March 4, 1934, Burlington, Iowa. Samantha and Benjamin were interred at Aspen Grove Cemetery, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa.

Holis Benjamin HATHAWAY was born July 25, 1865, and died November 8, 1944. He was married October 19, 1908 to Effie Olie (DICKEY) HATHAWAY, born December 19, 1887, and died April 27, 1926. Holis and Effie were interred at Tingley Cemetery.

Aurilla Ewing (HATHAWAY) WILSON was born December 1, 1867, and died December 20, 1958. She married George B. WILSON, who was born October 9, 1867, and died March 30, 1950. Aurilla and George were interred at Harmony Cemetery, Shannon City, Union County, Iowa.

Arden Ernest HATHAWAY was born February 28, 1870, and died July 18, 1947. He married July 28, 1892 to Elizabeth WILSON, born November 15, 1869, and died March 18, 1926. Their children: Cecil Earl HATHAWAY, born February 22, 1893 and married Lena LEVERSON; and Elmer Arthur HATHAWAY, born April 6, 1896, and married Mamie Sophia FAEHN.

Albert Edwin HATHAWAY was born February 5, 1872, and died at the age of 24 years, 10 months and 22 days on December 26, 1896, with interment at Tingley Cemetery. He married March 8, 1894 Viola Belle JOHNSTON, who was born February 10, 1875, and died February 3, 1954. Their children: Jason Henry Leslie HATHAWAY, born January 7, 1895, married Nellie Watson KIMBLE; and Pansy Merle HATHAWAY, born November 4, 1896, married Craig Larkin DAVIS.

Mary Evelyn HATHAWAY, born May 5, 1874, and died April 12, 1962. She married first Norval G. WHISLER. She married second Dr. McGUIRE.

Sarah Elizabeth (HATHAWAY) JOHNSTON, born March 10, 1875/76, and died October 20, 1961. She married April 2, 1896, Missoula, Montana to William Jasper JOHNSTON, who was born January 13, 1870, and died February 23, 1948. Their children: Claude JOHNSTON and Lee JOHNSTON.

Wilbur Fletcher HATHAWAY, born February 23, 1878, and died May 23, 1955. He married October 1, 1902 to Margaret Catherine DUGAN, born May 11, 1884. Their children: Albert Fletcher, born September 13, 1903, married Ina Viola HUFFMAN; Orland Wilber, born September 22, 1906, died August 11, 1925; Oliver Kenneth married Dempsey HOLMES; Bessie Marguerite married Howard Dalmes SHORES; Eva Louise married Ernest William GRAVES; Hubert Wilber married Cleta Lee MULLINS; Delphia Louise married Floyd Mathew MADDISON; Elsie Marie married William Merle FERGUSON; Norval Ovrille married Helen Louise SALTKILL; and, Rose Mae married Bill Bob HUTTON

Ida May (HATHAWAY) TEMPLE, was born February 22, 1880, and died at the age of 23 years, 6 months and 23 days on September 14, 1903, with interment at Tingley Cemetery. She married March 26, 1902 to Daniel Harlan TEMPLE.

Helen Stella (HATHAWAY) MASON, was born May 3, 1882, and died in 1968. She married December 18, 1902 to Roy Jasper MASON, who was born in 1882, and died in 1946. Helen and Roy were interred at Tingley Cemetery. Their children: Paul Leland MASON, born October 16, 1902, died August 8, 1941, married Genevieve LEYPOLDT; Elsie Fern MASON; and Gerald Roy MASON.

Lydia Leota (HATHAWAY) JOHNSTON, born in April of 1884, and died August 4, 1975. She married at Applegate, Oregon on February 22, 1905 to Samuel LeRoy JOHNSTON.

Maude Freelove (HATHAWAY) BORRUSCH was born March 15, 1887, and died June 13, 1965. She married Clyde William BORRUSCH, who was born May 26, 1890, and died July 30, 1989. Maude and Clyde were interred at Tingley Cemetery.

Gertie Beatrice (HATHAWAY) MARLER was born July 20, 1889, and died March 6, 1978. She married on March 17, 1909, Afton, Iowa, to Joseph Anderson MARLER, who was born March 18, 1879, and died January 24, 1942. Gertie and Joseph were interred at Tingley Cemetery. Eva Marie, daughter of Gertie Beatrice (HATHAWAY) and Joseph Anderson MARLER, was born March 22, 1925, and died October 11, 1925, with interment at Tingley Cemetery. LaVern, son of Gertie Beatrice (HATHAWAY) and Joseph Anderson MARLER, was born August 18, 1922, Tingley, Iowa, and died September 1, 2008, Danville, Iowa, with interment at Graceland Cemetery, Creston, Union County, Iowa. Gertie and Joseph's other children: Beulah (MARLER) PETERSON, Lorene MARLER, Vira (MARLER) WILSON, Thelma (MARLER) WHITSON, and William MARLER.

Chester Artie HATHAWAY was born June 11, 1892, and died February 5, 1910, with interment at Tingley Cemetery, Ringgold County, Iowa.

David HATHAWAY was born September 17, 1798 in Connecticut, the son of Ebenezer HATHAWAY (1757, CT - 1884, NY) and Mehitable Hannah (COWDREY) HATHAWAY (ca. 1765 - ca. 1840), and died at the age of 82 years. May 26, 1881, Henry County, Iowa. David married August 23, 1827, Little Valley, Cattaraugus County, New York, to Sarah HULL, born August 24, 1806, New Hampshire County, Massachusetts, the daughter of Robert and Sarah (SLOCUM) HULL, and died at the age of 84 years on April 1891, Winfield, Henry County, Iowa.

Biography & Historical Record of Ringgold County, Iowa, Pp. 335-36, 1887.

WPA Graves Survey

Transcription and note by Sharon R. Becker, March of 2009

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