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Divorce Records

If you have divorces that you would like to post, please email the County Coordinator.

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County Divorce Records 1906-1947 - K's

Miscellaneous Divorces - W's



SURNAME Husband's Name Color Age Nationality Date of Marriage Prior Mar-riages Who filed
File No. Wife's Name Color Age Nationality Date of Divorce Prior Mar-riages Cause of Divorce
KELSAY Harry White 32 American 10-Sep-1901 none Wife
20689 Alice Kelsay White 34 American 2-Sep-15 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment and Habitual Drunkenness
KELLER Knute White 30 Dane 2-Mar-1910 none Wife
20859 Pauline Keller White 52 German 31-Dec-15 once Desertion
KNIGHT Ben F. White 41 American 25-Jan-1905 none Husband
21055 Emma J. Knight White 43 American 8-Mar-16 once Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KUKER George White 33 American 5-Dec-1911 none Wife
21260 Mary Kuker White 28 American 12-Sep-16 once Cruelty
KNOX Joseph A. White 39 American 8-Sep-1898 none Wife
21371 Bessie Knox White 40 American 11-Nov-16   Desertion
KILLIN Wilson P. White 65 American 12-Sep-1914 none Wife
21274 Mary A. Killen White 49 American 4-Jan-17 once Cruelty and Non Support
KELSON George W. White 23 American 1-Dec-1914 none Husband
21356 Edna Kelson White 19 American 21-Feb-17 none Desertion
KIRKLE Edward White         Wife
21567 Martha Kirkle            
KING John White 56 Irish 6-Dec-1916 one Wife
21848 Marie King White 43 German 5-Sep-17 one Habitual Drunkeness and Cruelty
KOPF Henry Ferriman White 26 American 30-Dec-1916 none Wife
21985 Mary Kopf White 25 American 5-Sep-17 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KUHN Harvey White 48 German 13-Dec-1907 none Wife
21955 Sarah Kuhn White 32 American 25-Sep-17 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KINNEY John White 39 German 7-Jul-1902 none Wife
  Gertrude Kinney White 36 American 17-Nov-06 once Felon
KELLEY Bert White 38 American 3-Apr-1915 one Wife
  Marie Kelley White 34 American 12-Nov-06 once Drunkeness and Cruelty
KENDELL George W. White 27 American 19-Dec-1914 none Husband
  Ella Kendall White 23 American 14-Mar-18 none Desertion
KIBBE Oscar Col 31 American 18-Sep-1907 none Wife
22672 Claude Kibbe Col 27 American 21-Jan-19 none Desertion
KEVER Charles A White 46 German 12-Jun-1910 none Wife
22518 Zelma B. Kever Unk 33 American 24-May-19 one Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KEMPSTER Wm. White 26 American 19-Dec-1912 none Husband
23260 Josephine Kempster White 26 American 5-Nov-19 none Adultery
KEELINE Clarence White 30 American 4-Dec-1912 none Wife
23254 Maurine Keeline White 25 American 13-Nov-19 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KINCAID Charles H. White 52 American 20-Jun-1908 one Wife
23501 Zoe [?] Kincaid White 50 Amercian 11-Mar-20 one Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KNIEF Adolph A. White 35 American 8-Feb-1911 none Wife
23896 Anna A. Knief White 32 American 3-Sep-20 none Adultery
KENDALL Ralph J. White 28 American 20-Jun-1912 none Husband
23704 Edna Kendall White 27 American 7-Sep-20 none Adultery
KEGLEY Chas V White 30 American 4-May-1920 one Husband
23793 Kathyrn Kegley White 21 American 7-Jul-20 one Adultery
KESTERSON Donelain White 48 Irish Jan 28, 1891 none Wife
23758 Emma Kesterson White 51 American 14-Jul-20 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KODSHOLM Otto White 54 Dane Feb 20, 1895 none Wife
23873 Sine [?] S. Kodsholm White 48 Dane 4-Nov-20 none Desertion
KESLER Ray White 32 American 16-Aug-1917 none Wife
23543 Martha Kesler White 19 American 4-Nov-20 none Adultery and convicted of felony
KINGOWN Harry M. White 40 American 14-Jan-1920 none Wife
24040 Sadie A. Kingown White 40 American 1-Dec-20 one Drunkeness
KENNEDY Lyman White 37 American 18-Jan-1917 one Wife
24204 Susie Kennedy White 32 American 14-Jan-21 one Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KELLEY Joe M. White 27 American 11-Dec-1919 none Wife
  Marie M. Kelley White 26 American 15-Mar-21 one Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KIENE Charles White 47 Irish 17-Mar-1918 Twice Wife
24605 Jennie Kiene White 35 English 7-Jul-21 Twice Cruelty and desertion
KILGORE Jno Joseph White 52 American 24-Jun-1888 none Wife
24739 Ella Belle Kilgore White 49 American 31-Aug-21 none Drunkeness
KIRKPATRICK Ozias White 52 Irish A good while ago none Wife
24761 Eliza Kirkpatrick White 41 Amercian 19-Sep-21 none Desertion
KRIETZ F.V. White 36 American 7-Oct-1914 one Wife
4010 Avoca Pearle Krietz White 38 American 21-Sep-21 none Adultery
KEMP Louis Black 38 Negro 12-Feb-1918 one Wife
25287 Alberta Calhoun Kemp Black 23 Negro 8-Mar-22 none Desertion
KING Edward White 45 Irish 24-Nov-1910 none Wife
25720 Anna Marie King White 50 Danish 17-Mar-22 one Desertion
KEMP Harry White 28 American 10-May-1920 none Wife
25475 Ella Kemp White 22 American 8-Mar-22 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KAY Walter White 31 American 21-Feb-1917 none Wife
25554 Anna Marie Kay White 27 American 6-Sep-22 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KELLEY James White 52 American 1-Jan-1922 Three Wife
25550 Mary Kelley White 50 American 5-Sep-22 Two Cruel and Inhuman Treatment suffered from
KNOX Cyril White 23 American 2-Oct-1920 none Wife
4178 Avoca Nellie Knox White 20 American 5-Oct-22 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KILEEN William G. White 56 German 30-Sep-1920 none Wife
25777 Minnie Gretchen Kileen White 46 German 1-Nov-22 none Curel and Inhuman Treatment
KELLEY Waverly Ph? Black 44 American 6-Aug-1920 one Wife
25768 ??nie Kelley Black 43 American 6-Nov-22 one Desertion
KATZENSTEIN Peter Q. White 54 American 15-Jan-1908 none Wife
6-308 Ester Katzenstein White 41 American 9-Mar-32 none Cruelty
KEIDERLING Frank White 49 American 11-May-1908 none Wife
6-490 Linnie B. Keiderling White 45 American 26-Jan-32   Desertion
KOWALLICK W. J. White 37 American 23-May-1923 none Husband
6-499 Hattie Kowallick White 39 American 6-Jan-32 Two Desertion
KAUTZKY Joseph White 44 American 26-Jul-1924 none Wife
6-501 Elsie Kautzky White 30 American 13-Jan-32 none Cruelty
KASBON Boyd G. White 23 American 1-Nov-1930 none Wife
7-115 Beatrice J. Kasbon White 22 American 23-Mar-33 none Cruelty
KENEDY Wm. S. White 33 American 20-Nov-1918 none Wife
6-435 Menerva C. Kenedy White 31 American 20-Apr-33 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KERNS Kenneth R. white 24 American 8-Dec-1929 none Wife
7-282 Mary E. Kerns White     2-Dec-33 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KJAR Andsen White 40 American 10-May-1915 none Wife
7-72 Avoca Christina Kjar White 36 American 12-Aug-33 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment and drunkeness
KELLEY Chas P? White 29 American 29-Mar-1931 none Wife
5774 Marjorie L. Kelley White 22 American 14-Jun-33 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KERN Harold Kenneth White 28 American 2-Aug-1924 none Wife
7-375 Hariett Kern White 26 American 16-Mar-34 none Cruelty
KERNS Carrol H. White 24 American 19-May-1928 none Wife
7-392 Jeanette M. Kerns White 28 American 20-Mar-34 none Cruelty
KILGORE Arthur H. White 36 American 21-Jul-1919 none Wife
7-515 Mary E. Kilgore White 36 American 8-Nov-34 none Cruelty
KLINE Glenn A. White 40 American 8-Jun-1921 none Wife
7-308 Edna Kline White 31 American 13-Jan-34 none Cruelty
KEEGAN Leo White 32 American 18-Jun-1927 none Wife
8-27 Myrtle Keegan White 26 American 10-Jan-35 none Desertion
KEMPLIN W.W. White 49 American 9-Aug-1916 none Wife
8-52 Minnie Kemplin White 39 American 14-Mar-35 none Cruelty
KENNEDY Pat White 24 American 15-May-1929 none Wife
8-160 Frances E. Kennedy White 22 American 29-Aug-35 none Cruelty
KOTLENGAR Frank J. White 50 American 7-Jul-1921 one Wife
8-155 Kathyrn Kotlengar White 46 Scotch 29-Aug-35 one Desertion
KUSGEN Harold W. White 28 American 3-Jul-1930 none Wife
8-184 Florence J. Kusgen White 28 American 23-Sep-35 none Cruelty
KURTH George White 33 American 20-Sep-1923 none Husband
8-70 Nina Kurth White 33 American 25-Mar-35 none Desertion
KEANE William A. White 30 Amercian 17-Apr-1928 none Husband
7-544 Ester A. Keane White 28 American 28-Mar-35 none Desertion
KIRKPATRICK Robert White 34 American 20-Aug-1923 none Wife
8-188 Cora M. Kirkpartick White 27 American 31-Aug-35 none Cruelty
KEIDERLING M. T. White 25 American 23-Feb-1931 none Wife
8-40 Phurline E. Keiderling White 23 American 26-Mar-35 none Cruel Treatment
KENNEDY Robert E. L. White 19 Ameican 6-Jun-1932 none Husband
8-63 Sidney Kennedy White 20 American 15-Mar-35 none Desertion
KINSLOW Henagen [?] White 40 American 19-Mar-1917 one Wife
8-318 Cora Kinslow White 38 American 14-Apr-36 none Habitual Drinker
KEMPSTER Arthur White 36 American 17-Jan-1925 none Wife
8-227 Blanche Kempster White 29 American 4-May-36 none Desertion
KELGAR Peter White 64 American 10-Dec-1902 none Wife
8-319 Augusta Kelgar White 56 American 17-Jan-36 one Desertion
KOEBEL Max White 20 American 2-May-1935 none Wife
8-290 Eileen Koebel White 17 American 9-Jan-36 none Cruelty
KNOWLTON Charles A. White 36 American 2-Feb-1936 one Wife
8-375 Cecelia M. Knowlton White 26 American 24-Jun-36 one Cruelty
KAMMERER Ernest D. White 25 American 20-Sep-1932 none Wife
8-476 June E. Kammerer White 23 American 4-Sep-36 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KANN Ed White 46 American 10-Apr-1934 Two Wife
8-477 Rachel Kann White 50 American 2-Oct-36 Two Desertion
KELLER Geo. White 22 American 2-Oct-1934 none Wife
8-507 Gladys Keller White 17 American 2-Oct-36 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KINNAMON Lester White 38 American 18-Jun-1936 none Husband
8-446 Anna Kinnamon White 42 American 3-Sep-36 Four Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KERN George D. White 25 American 14-Nov-1930 none Husband
8-451 Edna Kern White 22 American 1-Oct-36 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KILSON Elmer White 35 American 19-Aug-1924 none Wife
9-165 Ardis A. Kelson White 34 American 10-Nov-37 none Cruelty and Felony
KELLEY Geo. K. White 45 Irish 9-Apr-1913 none Wife
9-134 Ivy M. Kelley White 41 American 9-Apr-37 none Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
KIGER Frank White 64 American 11-Jun-1934 one Wife
9-133 Maude Kiger White 43 American 3-Sep-37 one Cruelty
KRAUSE Adolph White 48 American 14-Jul-1920 none Wife
9-64 Sadie M. Krause White 38 American 12-Jul-37 one Cruelty
KENNEDY Lyman White 50 American 19-Apr-1923 one Husband
9-348 Sylvia Kennedy White 43 American 16-Jul-38 none Desertion
KING Clarence White 28 American 6-May-1937 none Wife
  Rozella King White 18 American 19-Jan-38 none Cruelty
KEAINNES ? W. White 46 American 30-Apr-1926 one Wife
  Ammiletta Keainnes White 34 American M [?] ?0, 1938 one Cruelty
KEY ? White 33 American 25-Sep-1931 one Wife
9-299 Ida Faye Key White 28 American ?, ?8. 1938 none Cruelty
KINSELL Dale [?] White 21 American 24-Dec-1934 none Wife
9-207 Dorothy Kinsell White 23 American ?, 20, 1938 none Cruelty
KRAFT Gustav? White 45 German 26-Nov-1924 none Wife
9-336 Stella Kraft White 35 American ?, 23, 1938 none Cruelty
KEETON Clifford White 20 American An 1, 1938 none Wife
9-? Elyn [?] Keeton White 17 American ?, 2, 1938 none Cruelty
Note: There was tape on the sheets and they copied in solid black, so some dates and names and file numbers could not be read. There was also spilled ink on the sheets.
Copyright Gail Meyer Kilgore 2003-2014. All rights reserved except permission granted to reproduce or distribute to not-for-profit individuals or organizations.

Miscellaneous Divorces - W's

Edw T Wright

Race: White, Age: 52, Nationality: American, Marrige Date: 18 Oct 1893,
Prior Marriage: None, Reason for Divorce: Cruel and Inhuman Treatment,
Elizabeth Wright
Age: 43, Race: White, Nationality: German American,
Divorce Date: 9 May 1919, Prior Marriage: None, filed by Wife.

Source: Divorce Records Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society Library:  22908
Contributed by A Norman Hopkins

Pearl Wright
Race: White, Age: 53, Nationality: American, Marrige Date: 7 Jul 1904,
Prior Marriage: None, Reason for Divorce: Cruel and Inhuman Treatment,
Myrtle C. Wright
Age: 45, Race: White, Nationality: American, Divorce Date: 8 Jul 1933,
Prior Marriage: None, filed by Wife.

Source: Divorce Records Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society Library:  7-219
Contributed by A Norman Hopkins

Judson Wright
Race = White, Age = 23, Nationality = American, Marrige Date = 2 Oct 1924,
Prior Marriage = None, Reason for Divorce = Cruel and Inhuman Treatment, filed by Wife.
Ruth Mae Wright
Age = 18, Nationality = American, Divorce Date = 17 Oct 1924, Prior Marriage = None,

Source: Divorce Records Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society Library:  7-219
Contributed by A Norman Hopkins

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