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Mortality Schedule

Armstrong, Edward 3 yrs. Pennsylvania   May dysentery  
Ashton, Mary 35 yrs. England married August fever  
Boldon, Lymon 3 yrs. Illinois   August fever  
Bowen, Sarah 6 yrs. Illinois   May unknown  
Box, William 2 yrs. Indiana   August flux  
Brown, Elizabeth 23 yrs. England married April cholera  
Butler, Edmond R. 28 yrs. Kentucky married April unknown wagon maker
Campbell, James 6 yrs. Missouri   October diarrhea  
Carter, Wilford 4 mo. Iowa   April unknown  
Chapel, George 33 yrs. England married December unknown coach builder
Cole, Lucy 1 yr. England   March unknown  
Condon, Mary 2 yrs. Scotland   August cholera  
Cora, Elizabeth 10 yrs. Iowa   June unknown  
Cora, Lyman 41 yrs. Vermont married March consumption clothier
Cox, Hannah 1 mo. Iowa   September unknown  
Devol, Charles 1 yr. Iowa   September unknown  
Dickson, Mary 66 yrs. Connecticut married July consumption  
Dunstan, James 30 yrs. England married June dysentery farmer
Dunstan, Thomas 40 yrs. England married January fever farmer
Durphy, Laney 60 yrs. Ohio widow April fever  
Earle, John 1 yr. Kentucky   May cholera  
Edwards, Thomas 2 yrs. Missouri   August cholera  
Edwards, William 40 yrs. England married August cholera chandler/candlemaker
Edwards, William 7 mo. Missouri   August cholera  
Evans, William 7 yrs. England   June cholera  
Ford, William 60 yrs. not recorded married March unknown joiner
Gardner, Amos 13 yrs. Ohio   May smallpox  
Gee, Leonora 4 yrs. Pennsylvania   June unknown  
Gee, Wm. D. 9 yrs. Pennsylvania   June unknown  
Gould, George 14 yrs. N. Carolina   February unknown  
Gould, John 1 yr. Iowa   January unknown  
Griffins, Jane 4 mo. Iowa   July unknown  
Hale, Joseph 7 mo. Iowa   October consumption  
Hardin, Davis 1 mo. Iowa   October unknown  
Heath, Seraph 1 yr. Ohio   September dysentery  
Hunt, Phoebe 3 yrs. Kentucky   July diarrhea  
Johnstone, James 22 yrs. Canada married November consumption farmer
Kelly, Matilda 32 yrs. New York married December consumption  
King, Mary 2 yrs. Iowa   January croup  
Lee, Hannah 30 yrs. Wales married April cholera  
Lee, John 1 mo. Iowa   September unknown  
Mill, Sarah 12 yrs. Missouri   May consumption  
Mills, Elizabeth 2 mo. Pennsylvania   October unknown  
Morgan, Sarah 11 yrs. Wales   May fever  
Mour, William 60 yrs. England married November flux  
Nay, Osmond 6 mo. Iowa   May unknown  
Nelson, Rebecca 35 yrs. Illinois married March unknown  
Owen, Alexander 30 yrs. Wales married October fever  
Parker, Benjamin 5 mo. Missouri   June whooping cough  
Pearce, Lucy 10 mo. Iowa   September unknown  
Pebble, Armelune 1 yr. Iowa   October unknown  
Pendleton, Phoebe 29 yrs. Maryland married October unknown  
Ralphs, Betsey 1 yr. England   April whooping cough  
Redfield, Mary 11 mo. Iowa   November accident  
Robertson, William 12 yrs. England   January unknown  
Rorsland, Rachael 9 yrs. Wales   unknown cholera  
Runnell, William 58 yrs. Virginia married October consumption  
Runnels, Wm. 2 yrs. Tennessee   August liver complaint  
Rushton, John 38 yrs. England married October fever mason
Seed, John 43 yrs. England widower April unknown  
Smith, Betsey 11 mo. Illinois   July cholera  
Smith, Demaris 10 yrs. England   April unknown  
Smith, Enoch 1 yr. Virginia   July congestive chills  
Smith, Polly 28 yrs. Tennessee married not recorded cholera  
Smith, William 50 yrs. England married September cholera shoemaker
Southwick, Joseph 37 yrs. England married May cholera cordwainer
Staker, Nathan 9 yrs. Illinois   March unknown  
Stephens, Stephen 63 yrs. England widower July cholera rope maker
Stubbs, Richard 7 mo. Iowa   September unkown  
Stumps, Benjamin 42 yrs. Virginia widower March smallpox shoemaker
Stumps, Benjamin 6 yrs. Ohio   March fever  
Stumps, James 19 yrs. Virginia   May smallpox  
Stumps, Nancy 3 yrs. Ohio   March fever  
Thorn, Ann 1 yr. Iowa   November flux  
Welcher, William 28 yrs. England married May drowned  
Whitlock, Hannah 41 yrs. Ohio married February unknown  
Wier, Margaret 30 yrs. Virginia married September consumption  
Wier, Margaret 1 mo. Iowa   September unknown  
Worsley, John 37 yrs. England married July cholera blacksmith
Yearsley, David 45 yrs. Pennsylvania married October canker farmer

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