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Council Bluffs High School
Class of 1897

Albright Corrine
Albright Ella
Arnold Bess
Askin Thomas
Baker Byrd
Bolin Wallace A.
Burnham M. Herbert
Carson George
Clark Bertha
Clausen Belle
Damon Gerald A.
Deming Lena
Eidson Harry E.
Frank Iva
Gano ClaudeB.
Goff Harriet
Goss Clyde
Gould Charles
Goulde James G.
Graham Millie
Harle Cora
Harle Olive
Hines Harry
Howard Walter G.
Hutchinson Ed
Joseph Alice
Kemp Margaret
Kendle Maude
Kettring Anna
Kirkland Alta
Laustrup Carlos E.
Linder Jeannette
MacDonald Charles L.
Mayne Ruth
McFadden Laura A.
Merriam Edith A.
Merriam Ottie
Miller Lillie A.
Newton E. Clare
Newton Lottie
Norene Lillie
Olsen Millie
Owen Nellie
Pardey George A.
Peterson Christena
Poole Maude
Robertson Andrew A.
Robinson Agnes
Rosenfeld Julius
Sayles Charles
Smith Grace
Thomas Ethyl
Tulleys Chas.W.
Van DeBogart Bessie
Van Order P. Ingham
Wack Bertha
Walker AnnaM.
Wallace RobertB.
Wind Rose
Zarmuehle Frank S.
Zoller George

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