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Written between 1864 and 1867 by Elizabeth J. "Eliza" Addison to
Esther and Emma Addison in Pennsylvania, who passed the letter on to Addi
family members in Pottawattamie County.

Dear nieces Esther and Emma,

Here I am sitting in the wagon on the shore of the Missouri River waiting to cross.  We came here to the river early this morning, but there were so
many ahead of us that it will be night before we get across.  I went over this morning and bought me a revolver belt, so now I have my revolver on my
side and look quite war like.  I have seen so much since I started which is new to me that I haven't time to get lonesome.  We see all kinds of
people, tough ragged and dirty.  You would think it quite a sight to see from 80 to 100 covered wagons all in a string would you not.  Some wagons
have 4 horses, some the same number of mules, some four yoke of oxen, some 6 and some 5 or 6 yoke of cows_____ when they get strung out one
ahead of the other for two or three miles it is as good as a show.  Last night we camped in timber two miles east of where we now are and after dark
we could look in no direction without seeing camp fires and the white tents and covered wagons.  I expected to get some letters from home at the mouth
of the Platt River but was disappointed and in fact I have received only one letter since I left Pennsylvania.  Now write me a letter as long as your arm
and direct it to Salt Lake City, Utah Territory and I hope I may be lucky enough to get it. I presume that folks at home have written to us for we have
written lots of letters home.  About two weeks ago the mail stage was robbed when passing through Iowa the letters were taken and horses and
everything except the stage and the passengers.  Perhaps the letters for us were on the stage.  The prairie and woods blossoms are just beginning to
bloom.  Yesterday as I was passing through the timber I found trees quite large just hanging full with red flowers.  At a distance of a few rods they
looked almond shrubs, not a green leaf could be seen and the flowers were so thick that the limbs could hardly be seen.  I will send you a cluster then
you will know what they look like. And when I get out of the territory i will send you some handsome ones. I have written to Mother ever so many
times and yesterday I wrote her another.  Give my love to her and all the rest of the folks.  I would write more if I had time, but will write again soon.
Be sure and write me soon all of the news and more too.  Give my love to Miller and I will write to him next time.

Eliza J. Addison

Donated by Lynn Diemer