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World War II
Honor List of Dead and Missing
Army and Air Force Personnel
From the War Department, June 1946

The Honor List of Dead and Missing for the State of Iowa is published by the War Department for the information of public officials, the press, the radio and interested organizations. It contains the latest and most complete data available on all military personnel who were killed or died, or became and remained missing, between the President's declaration of unlimited national emergency on May 27, 1941, and the cut-off date of this report, January 31, 1946, and includes both battle and non-battle dead or missing. The complete work, of which this volume is a part, contains about 300,000 names of men and women who gave their lives while serving in the Army of the United States.


GEN, General (four star)
LT G, Lieutenant General, (three star)
M G, Major General (two star)
B G, Brigadier General (one star)
COL, Colonel
LT C, Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ, Major
CAPT, Captain
1 LT, First Lieutenant
2 LT Second Lieutenant
C WO, Chief Warrant Officer
WOJG, Warrant Officer Junior Grade
FL O, Flight Officer
AV C, Aviation Cadet
M SG, Master Sergeant
1 SG, First Sergeant
T SG, Technical Sergeant
S SG, Staff Sergeant
TECS, Technician Third Grade
SGT, Sergeant
TEC4, Technician Fourth Grade
CPL, Corporal
TEC5, Technician Firth Grade
PFC, Private First Class
PVT, Private.

TYPE OF CASUALTY: This is indicated by the symbol at the far right of each column. An individual who was killed in action, whether at the front or by enemy action in the rear areas, or if a prisoner of war, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or by being shot while escaping, is designated KIA.  Persons who were wounded and later died are marked DOW - died of wounds. Those who suffered fatal battle INJURIES as opposed to WOUNDS, in combat or in combat areas, and died in a line-of-duty status, are designated DOI - died of injuries.  Other line-of-duty deaths, such as from sickness, homicide, suicide or accidents outside combat areas (including training and maneuver deaths) are listed DNB - died, non-battle. Individuals who were determined to be dead under Public Law 490 are designated FOD - finding of death  Missing persons are marked with the single letter M.

Last Name First Name Grade Casualty Type
Adams Waldo E. TEC 5 DNB
Anderson Virgil W. FL O KIA
Anderson William R. PVT DOW
Aultz Dorsey E. PVT KIA
Bach Paul L. CAPT DNB
Ball John J. SGT KIA
Barnett Walter M. PVT KIA
Barrett Henry J., Jr. PVT KIA
Bates Stuart M. PVT KIA
Beach Paul L. CAPT DNB
Bergman George E. PFC KIA
Bird Francis D. PVT KIA
Blaylock John R., Jr MAJ KIA
Bostedt Joe W. CPL DNB
Bostedt John B. CPL DNB
Briggs Earl PVT DNB
Brown Ralph R. PVT DNB
Broz Albert J. PFC KIA
Busey Robert W. SGT DNB
Campbell Wendell M. 2 LT DNB
Card Earl E. PVT KIA
Carter Meredith M. 1 LT KIA
Caster John J. PFC KIA
Cavanagh James D. M SGT DNB
Chancellor Elmer L. 2 LT FOD
Cohen Irving 2 LT KIA
Cohrs William S. PVT KIA
Connelly Robin C. SGT DNB
Copeland Donald W. 2 LT DNB
Cox Lesslie PVT KIA
Crose James M. S SGT KIA
Cutler Donald L. PFC KIA
Dannrow Stanley A. CPL DNB
Davenport W.T., Jr. SGT KIA
Davis August W., Jr. S SGT FOD
Decker Richard C. S SGT FOD
DeLong Lloyd SGT DNB
Downs Thomas G. 1 LT DNB
Duffey Robert E. PVT DNB
Emerson Charles W. S SGT KIA
Evans Robert S. 1 LT DOW
Evers Leland J. 2 LT KIA
Flack David A. 2 LT DNB
Foss Howard E. PFC KIA
Friend James J. 2 LT KIA
Frost Darrrel F. PFC KIA
Gidley Robert A. M SGT KIA
Glaze Keith F. SGT KIA
Green Leo V. PVT DNB
Hansen Robert V. T SGT KIA
Hansman Jack S SGT DOW
Hartmic Harold W. SGT KIA
Henderson Robert W. SGT FOD
Hetrick Jacob A. 2 LT KIA
Hildebrand Gilbert D. TEC 4 KIA
Hiley Dean A. PFC KIA
Holst Oscar CPL KIA
Hoover Everett L. PFC KIA
Howard Charles J. 2 LT KIA
Hutchison Irwin C. S SGT KIA
Ingalls Paul I. T SGT KIA
Iverson Elmer F., Jr. CAPT KIA
Jenson Arthur O. PVT DNB
Jenson Carl C. PFC KIA
Johnson Frank A. PFC KIA
Kadel Lloyd C. S SGT DNB
King Clarence R. PFC KIA
Kreger Lewis E. PFC KIA
Kussman Edward W. SGT KIA
Larsen Lester M. T SGT DNB
Lein Robert E. PVT DNB
Lembke Orlan P. CPL KIA
Lindsey William L. PFC KIA
Linn Charles L. CPL DNB
Logan Robert J. TEC 5 DOW
Luchsinger Stanley D. SGT KIA
Madden Jerry A. 2 LT DOW
Malick William B. CPL DNB
McCauley Donald P. PVT DNB
McCormick Jack A. PFC DNB
McCue Dudley V. M SGT DNB
Melton Derald W. S SGT KIA
Metheny Hershel A. T SGT KIA
Mickey Paul L. TEC 4 DNB
Miller Oliver O. SGT KIA
Miller Raymond D., Jr. PFC KIA
Moore Loyd M. PVT DNB
Moore Walter L. PFC KIA
Moore Walter A. PFC DOW
Morgan Dale L. CPL KIA
Munchrath Francis F. 2 LT DNB
Napier Roy H. 2 LT DNB
Olson Clarence H. FL O DNB
Oltmans Merle H. SGT KIA
Osler Floyd W. PFC KIA
Parks George H. 2 LT FOD
Paulsen Laverne H. PFC KIA
Peterson Harry E. TEC 5 KIA
Petrus Richard H. SGT KIA
Phinney Russell D. TEC 5 FOD
Pierce Robert C. SGT DNB
Plunner Kenneth F. PFC KIA
Pogge George H. 2 LT KIA
Porter John L., Jr. PVT DNB
Pratt Leonard E. PFC KIA
Profeda Louis A. PFC KIA
Puntney Charles E. PFC KIA
Putman Robert E. ! LT DNB
Rauterkus Robert R. PFC KIA
Reestman Milton H. 2 LT FOD
Renteria Martin PFC DOW
Reynolds Elmer D. PFC KIA
Rink Paul L. 2 LT KIA
Roarty Paul T. SGT DNB
Robinson William B. 2 LT KIA
Rockwwell Harold R. 2 LT DNB
Rohrberg Robert G. PFC KIA
Ronnefeldt Roy R. SGT KIA
Schickner Donald PVT KIA
Schneckloth LeRoy W. PFC KIA
Schroder Dean C. PFC DNB
Sharp John C. PVT DNB
Smith Eugene H. PFC KIA
Snyder Kenneth H. PFC KIA
Springer Lynn I. AV C DNB
Stacey Louis C. PVT KIA
Staub Herman E. PFC KIA
Steele Mack D. CPL DOW
Stockman Kenneth H. SGT KIA
Storm Clarence L. SSGT KIA
Storm Donald M. 2 LT DNB
Sturd Clarence V. PFC KIA
Shanson Charles E., Jr. PFC KIA
Sweeney Gordon A. TEC 5 DNB
Sweeny Duane G. H. 1 LT FOD
Thies Melvin C. S SGT KIA
Thomas Marvin L. CAPT DNB
Thompson Harry PVT DNB
Thoreen William F. CPL KIA
Vernon Glenn O. PFC KIA
Viberg Oscar N. TEC 5 DNB
Waage Paul A. PFC FOD
Walling Garrett A. PFC KIA
Walters James M. TEC 5 DNB
Welbourn Eldred O. SGT KIA
Wells Lester E. PFC KIA
Wilcken Ono A. PFC KIA
Williams Dale W., Jr. TEC 5 DNB
Wilson John R. T SGT DNB
Wilson Joseph L. 2 LT KIA
Wood Charles E., Jr. TEC 5 DNB
Wunder Frank G., Jr. 1 LT FOD

Provided by Constance Diamond, Transcribed by Gail Meyer Kilgore, Text extracted by Stephen D. Williams.

Copyright Gail Meyer Kilgore. All rights reserved except permission granted to reproduce or distribute to not-for-profit individuals or organizations.