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1875 View of Council Bluffs
(From North)

Shows Court House, schools, depots, residences, opera house, Missouri river, printing houses, etc.

Council Bluffs Panoramic View. A. T. Andreas' illustrated historical atlas of the State of Iowa. 1875.
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1875 View of Council Bluffs. Click to enlarge.

1. Court House
2. Fire Engine House
3. High School
4. Third Ward School
5. Second Ward School
6. Fourth Ward School
7. Public School
8. Catholic School
9. C. B. & Q. R. R. Depot
10. K. C., St. Jo. & C. B. R. R. Depot
11. C., R. I. & P. R. R. Depot
12. U. P. R. R. Depot
13. Transfer House of U. P. R. R.
14. C. & N.-W. R. R. Depot.
15. Missouri River
16. U. P. R. R. Bridge
17. Omaha
18. Trotting Park
19. Ogden House
20. Residence of B. F. Montgomery, Esq.
21. Residence of C. R. Scott, Esq.
22. Dohany's Opera House
23. Public Square
24. Residence of W. C. James, Esq.
25. Residence of Peter Bechtele, Esq.
26. Nonpareil Printing House (Daily Paper)
27. Globe Printing House (Daily Evening Paper)
28. Residence of Marshall Key, Esq.
29. Residence of W. H. M. Pusey, Esq.
30. Residence of Thomas Officer, Esq.
31. Banking House of Officer & Pusey
32. Residence of L(?) Oberfelder, Esq.

(top panels)
- Residence of Wesley Redhead, Esq.
  Corner Brooks & 22nd Sts East Des Moines, Iowa
- Residence of B. F. Montgomery, Esq.
  Council Bluffs, Iowa

Contributed by and copyright Stephen D. Williams. All rights reserved