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Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

The Congregation. Abt. 1880   The Congregation
about 1880

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The Baptist Council Bluffs Church was organized on August 2, 1856, at the school house in Rockford Township, near Loveland, in Pottawattamie County, by seven charter members, viz., Elder John Case, W. A. Reel, Sarah Reel, Sarah Deal, Josiah
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Another photo of the Church and Congregation at Loveland, Iowa.
Skelton, Sintha Mace, and Arnnith Jones. The presbytery appointed Elder John Case, moderator and Brother Hardin Jones, clerk. The name of the church was to be called Council Bluffs Church. The church continued to meet at the school, or in homes, until May 1864, when they built a new church building on ground donated by Brother Hardin Jones. In 1865 the church sent delegates to be admitted into the Western Association of Iowa, and in 1871 the church hosted the association. In 1877 the church entered the Missouri Valley Association, which was formed that year, by churches lettered out of the Western Association. Council Bluffs Church gradually grew in number, and in 1931 reported 112 members in the statistics of the Missouri Valley Association.

Ministers who were ordained by the church include: Elders William L. Jones (1865); Isaac Skelton (1877); Joseph Moss (1889); J. M. Arledge (1898); Edward M. Keeney (1905); William M. Jones (1910); Edgar Carter (1922); William T. Branson; Thomas Pile (1954); and John T. Anderson (1978).

Other ministers who served the Council Bluffs Church include Elders John Case, Tom Jenkins, Preston Doty, H. B. Willoughby, John Q. Jones, Edmon Latham, Mastin Doty, J. W. Syester, B. F. Butler, Leslie Henry, C. V. Smith, John T. Anderson, Kenneth Clevenger, and Kobee Trueblood.


Abbott, Acra, Adams, Aldredge, Alumbaugh, Anderson, Arledge, Bay, Birch, Blakely, Boston, Branson, Brayton, Bridges, Brown, Bunch, Burch, Butler, Cammel, Campbell, Carmichael, Carter, Case, Cerben, Clark, Cobb, Coffman, Combs, Comer, Cox, Crawford, Crogham, Crowder, Curtis, Deal, Denton, Doty, Dulaney, Duncle, Durant, Durman, Earnhardt, Epperson, Fouts, Frazier, Fry, Frye, Gardner, Gilmore, Golden, Goodwin, Green, Hager, Harris, Hatcher, Hathaway, Hazlip, Hendrix, Henry, Hiles, Hill, Hinkle, Homes, Hopper, Horton, Hoy, Hume, Jackson, Jeffery, Jenkins, Jones, Keeney, Lakely, Lamb, Landreth, Latham, Logan, Loyd, Lucas, Mace, Mason, Mattox, McKnight, McMullen, Millard, Morrison, Moss, Motsler, Mullenix, Myers, O'Neal, Owens, Parker, Paulson, Payne, Pew, Pile, Place, Points, Prophet, Ray, Reel, Rhoden, Ridpath, Roberts, Roden, Rodman, Salter, Sarr, Sayles, Selvey, Shoemaker, Showalter, Skelton, Smith, Sorick, Spencer, Stout, Suthers, Sutton, Thomas, Trout, Walker, Watts, White, Williams, Willoby, Wilson, Wingate, Woods, Wright, Wyett.


Manuscript records of the Council Bluffs Church; Minutes of the Missouri Valley Association; Photographs of the Council Bluffs Church; obituaries of members in church periodicals.

NOTE TO RESEARCHERS AT USGENWEB: This information is provided with the permission of Elder Robert Webb of the Primitive Baptist Church Library at Carthage, Illinois, November 2002. Also note that many of the members of the above families are buried at the Jones Cemetery, the Branson Cemetery, and the Crescent Cemetery in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

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