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Miscellaneous Physicians of
Pottawattamie County, Iowa

If you have Pottawattamie county physicians and surgeons to add to the list, please contact the county coordinator.

Anderson, James Chester 02 Jun 1888 KS     Ruth M. Gray Anderson Son of John Thomas Anderson and Mary Etta Edwards
Augustine, Grant 07 Dec 1873 IA     Idabelle Gates Augustine Son of Peter Augustine and Jennie Bubb
Barstow, James Mason 10 Sep 1854 IL 19 May 1919 Council Bluffs Caroline M. Shepard Barstow Son of Samuel Barstow and Eleanor Coulson
Barstow, Ruth xx xxx 1885 IA 24 Jun 1909 Council Bluffs   Daughter of Dr. James M. Barstow
Beaumont, Fred Higgins 03 Nov 1904 IN     Margaret Virginia Kiddoo Beaumont Son of Bryan C. Beaumont and Carrie Blanche Higgins
Bellinger, Frank Earl 10 Jun 1877 NY     Edna Anna Hunt Bellinger Son of Thaddeus Bellinger and Catherine Ricer
Bellinger, Melvin J. 29 Feb 1864 NY 24 Jun 1919 Council Bluffs Cora B. Bellinger Son of J. H. Bellinger and Molly Smith
Bellinger, Smith W. 09 Aug 1877 NY 15 Mar 1915 Council Bluffs Edith Bellinger Son of J. H. Bellinger and Molly Smith
Besore, Walter McKay 10 Jan 1874 OH 02 Oct 1929 Council Bluffs Dale McKenzie Besore Son of Jacob Besore and Jemima Sherrick
Best, Gordon Newall 05 Mar 1896 MN     Ann McConnell Jennings Son of Gordon Robert Best and Margaret Brown
Brown, Alexander Clifford 12 Jul 1874 IA     Helen Elizabeth Wallace Brown Son of Alexander C. Brown and Hanna A. Roberts
Brown, Arthur Clarence 10 Sep 1892 IA     Carina Druming Brown Son of Oscar H. Brown and Mary A. Sherlock
Burton, Benjamin Otto 26 Oct 1878 IA     Minnie A. Seward Burton Son of John Wesley Burton and Abigail Freeman
Caughlan, Gerald Vaughn 29 Aug 1886 NE     Ellen Corcoran Caughlan Son of Charles Richard Caughlan and MaryTheressa Canty
Chamberlain, L. E. unknown unknown 27 Feb 1914 Council Bluffs    
Cogley, John Philip 22 Mar 1899 IA     Helen Gauld Sprague Cogley Son of Edward F. Cogley and Elizabeth G. Stambach
Collins, Robert Marshall 08 Feb 1907 IA     Ruhammah Moore Collins Son of Albert Roy Collins and Lida Schmelzer
Dean, Abbott Meston 19 Jul 1900 IA 9 May 1977 Council Bluffs Elizabeth Baker Dean Son of Dr. Frank Wilson Dean and Sarah Ann Meston
Dean, Frank Wilson 09 Feb 1863 East India 3 JUL 1955 Council Bluffs Sarah Ann Meston Dean Son of Rev. S.C. Dean and Augusta Elizabeth Abbott
DeWitt, Charles Herman Jr. 30 Jun 1886 IA     Julia S. Johnson DeWitt Son of Dr. Charles Herman DeWitt and Eleanor Shields
Edwards, Charles 06 Nov 1902 IA     Kathleen O'Hara Edwards Son of Thaddeus V. Edwards and Katherine Hughes
French, Valient Dee 01 Jul 1890 MO     Florence Sutton French Son of Dr. John A. French and Katherine Lewis
Giles, G. C. 10 Jan 1870 Canada     Myrtle Kerr Giles Son of Dr. J. G. Giles and Caroline Teskey
Hanchett, McMicken 22 May 1882 IA     Alice Mark Hanchett Son of Alfred P. Hanchett and Grace McMicken
Hay, William E. 12 Feb 1904 NE     Marjorie Stocks Hay Son of James C. Hay and Catherine Thacher
Hayes, David Datus xx xxx 1841 NY 19 May 1911 Council Bluffs Martha Hayes Daughter Hattie Hayes was a music teacher
Hennessy, Maurice Charles 19 Apr 1891 IA     Ruth Marie Banks Hennessy Son of Richard J. Hennessy and Ellen Maher
Hill, Christine S. (Ericksen) 02 Apr 1875 IL     Dr. Chalmers Alexander Hill Daughter of Erick P. Ericksen and Christine Pedersen
Hombach, Walter Peter 02 Apr 1892 IA     Helen L. Allavie Hombach Son of Dr. William P. Hombach and Anna Steinger
Howard, Lloyd Garrison 02 May 1897 IA     Lucy Armon Cox Howard Son of John Nathan Howard and Mary Isabel Alcorn
Huntley, Charles Claybourne 06 Dec 1904 MO     Helen Victoria Tally Huntley Son of Charles C. Huntley and Sue Lee London
Jackson, Daniel xx xxx 1846 KY 13 May 1912 Council Bluffs Alta Jackson  
Jennings, Henry B. 29 Sep 1860 IN 06 Sep 1929 Council Bluffs Hattie Jennings  
Jensen, Arnold Larson 06 Aug 1898 IA     Eva Barger Jensen Son of Andrew C. Jensen and Mary Anderson
Johnson, Aldis Adelbert 16 Jun 1880 PA     Mary Ann Simons Johnson Son of Austin Johnson and Cornelia Post
Lacey, Thomas B. xx xxx 1853 CT 25 May 1907 Council Bluffs Mollie O. Atkins Lacey Son of Thomas Lacey and Rachel Hoble
Limbert, Edwin Manning 26 Apr 1910 Canada     Elaine Cunningham Limbert Son of Dr. Milton Henry Limbert and Josephine Manning
Macrae, Donald 03 Oct 1839 Scotland 14 Aug 1907 Council Bluffs Charlotte Douchette Macrae See Donald Macrae 1891 bio
Maiden, Sydner Dale 30 Jun 1888 IA     Edna Allen Maiden Son of George Alexander Maiden and Elizabeth Tynor
Mathiasen, Henning William 17 Jul 1908 NE     Rita Rose Dougherty Mathiasen Son of Henning F. Mathiasen and Elizabeth Wickham
McColm, Cyrus B. xx xxx 1854 OH 28 Apr 1929 Council Bluffs Nancy E. McColm  
Moore, Morris 11 Sep 1874 IA     Cora Backus Moore Son of Dr. E. B. Moore and Sarah Waters
Moorehead, Harold Bassett 26 Oct 1887 IA     Myrtle Harris Moorehead Son of William C. Moorehead and Mae Bassett
Ricard, George A. xx xxx 1877 SD xx xxx 1918 Council Bluffs   Operated Ricard Sanitarium on Morningside Ave 1910
Robertson, Andrew Alexander 06 Apr 1878 IA     Claudia Ward Robertson Son of Dr. James C. Robertson and Helen S. Houck
Seybert, Frank T. 13 May 1859 PA 27 Jun 1929 Council Bluffs Clara Seybert Father of Dr. Seybert was born Germany
Snyder, Susan McGlaughlin xx xxx 1860 PA 06 Jul 1915 Council Bluffs Dr. M. B. Snyder The doctors Snyder were from Pennsylvania
Sprink, John F. xx xxx 1878 IA 02 Jul 1911 Council Bluffs unmarried sister, Hellen Sprink, operated a millinery store
Stech, Joseph Lawrence 20 Dec 1897 NE     Gertrude Agnes Campbell Son of Michael Stech and Catherine Petru
Stephens, Robert Henry 12 Aug 1880 IA     Margaret E. Ward Stephens Son of Robert Chapman Stephens and Susanna M. Smith
Tinley, Mary Louise, MD 21 Jun 1869   24 Jul 1953     Practicing at Jenny Ed Hospital. Submitted by Tim McGee.
Tinley, Mathew Adrian, MD 05 Mar 1876       Lucy W. Lt. General & candidate for VP in 1932. Submitted by Tim McGee.
Thompson, Kenneth Levi 06 Feb 1892 NE     Ida Koch Thompson Son of John H. Thompson and Mamie Landis
Tobey, Samuel D. xx xxx 1837 RI 08 Jul 1917 Council Bluffs Agusta J. Tobey  
Treynor, Jack Vernon 21 Sep 1897 IA 6 Feb 1966   Alice Cavin Treynor Son of Dr. Vernon Lawrence Treynor and Susan Clark
Tweedy, John Taylor xx xxx 1855 unknown 19 Jun 1919 Council Bluffs    
Verpoorten, M. H. xx xxx 1848 Holland 02 Jun 1916 Council Bluffs Marie Verpoorten  
Von Lackum, Peter xx xxx 1848 unknown 06 Mar 1919 Council Bluffs    
Weber, Frank Nicholas 30 Oct 1895 IN     Blanche C. Hughes Weber Son of F.S. Weber and Ellen Byrnes
Webster, Bazil M. xx xxx 1848 OH 06 Mar 1919 Council Bluffs Kittie B. Webster 1870 physician in Fremont Co., IA
Werndorff, Karl Robert 29 Sep 1877 Moravia     Mary Etta Gonsz Werndorff Son of Adolph Werndorff and Antonio Von Janitzek
Wolfe, Arthur E. 23 Feb 1880 IA     Ione Norton Wolfe Son of A.L. Wolfe and Lenora Eacrett
Wyland, Asa Oran 11 Nov 1866 IA     Ellen Childs Wyland Son of Isaac Wyland and Julia Miltenberger, early settlers of Shelby Co., IA
Source: 1910 census records, 1891 Biographical History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and Illinois State Board of Health Official Register of Legally Qualified Physicians pub. 1903.
Contributed by Mona Sarratt Knight unless noted otherwise.