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Federated Fathers' Club
Council Bluffs
Organized July 8th, 1914

Stymest Stevenson, President
A. B. Adams, First Vice President
V. M. Johnson, Second Vice President
J. J. Harty, Secretary
Thomas McMillen, Treasurer

                               Message from Founder Stymest Stevenson

Stymest Stevenson
Little did I dream when formulating the Fathers' Club idea that such great
interest would be shown in so short a time. The first pebble thrown on the
calm sea of facts regarding the present day fatherhood has created wave
after wave until the whole United States seems to have come within the
circle of its influence, and it bids fair to become more popular than the
movies. New York, St. Louis, Des Moines, Sioux City, Omaha and Council
Bluffs newspapers and magazines have devoted columns to the idea; also have
innumerable papers in smaller places commented upon it. Fraternal
publications have recognized the fraternity of fatherhood.

It is deemed advisable that with this first issue of the Federated Fathers'
Club Program for the years 1914-1915 space be given to the birth and object
of the Club as a help and guide to the recently organized clubs and those
to be.

On the night of May 12, 1913, about thirty fathers of the Madison Avenue
School District met in the school house and organized the first Fathers'
Club with this sentiment:

"The object of the FATHERS' CLUB is
to bring the fathers in closer touch
with the children, the schools, the
teachers and board of education in an
endeavor to bring about the very best
results for the betterment of the
children. Membership is limited to
males, 21 years of age or over."

They adopted as their slogan, "Make the Indifferent Different," and
decided emphatically to be non-partisan and non-sectarian, and
unanimously declared for a campaign of education of the fathers, for
we realized that far too many fathers are mechanically performing their
appointed tasks while the real father interest and love is not in
evidence, and that when men remain in the lowlands of self-interest or
abide in the swamps of self-indulgence, their views of fatherhood are
necessarily limited. They adopted a broad and instructive program for
the year, which was carried out in its entirety with the best local
talent, which included first the common, every-day citizen, editors,
professors, senators, attorneys, doctors, ministers, judges, business
men and mechanics at the meetings held once a month in the school house.

Organizing a Fathers' Club is no different than any other similar club.
A meeting is called by interested persons and the regular parliamentary
usages observed. A simple constitution and by-laws adopted, broad in
their scope, a firm determination to obtain accurate knowledge of
conditions with the idea of betterment to be gained through careful
comparison and intelligent research. The Fathers' Club idea is first of
all to get right with yourself then to co-operate - not antagonize.

Membership dues should be as small as is practicable.

Expenses should be nominal, for, with the Fathers' Club idea, each member
searches himself for the knowledge, and the program should be carried out
by local talent, preparing themself for the task, for -

I learned it in the meadowpath,
I learned it on the mountain stairs -
The best things any mortal hath
Are those which every mortal shares."

Cordially ours,

Madison Avenue School - 1913

Fathers' Clubs in Council Bluffs
In Rotation as Organized
Madison Avenue School
Organized May 12, 1913. Meets first Wednesday.
- Stymest Stevenson, President, 715 Hazel St.; phone 1956.
- Rho Slawson, Vice President, 45 Charles St.; phone Black 1178.
- A. J. Samuelson, Secretary, 811 Commercial St.; phone L-3550.
- George Irwin, Treasurer, 114 Iowa Avenue.

Avenue E School
Organized November 7, 1913. Meets second Friday.
- J. F. Shroyer, President, 17th and Avenue N; phone Black 3014.
- John J. Scherer, Vice President, 17th and Avenue K; phone 4160.
- J. J. Harty, Secretary-Treasurer, 1315 Avenue B; phone A-3837.

Avenue B School
Organized November 21, 1913. Meets last Friday.
- B. S. Asquith, President, 2008 Avenue C; phone Red 4285.
- A. B. Adams, Vice President, 2545 Avenue B; phone 2580.
- W. E. Walton, Secretary, 2405 Avenue A; phone A-3999.
- D. H. Hardman, Treasurer, 2410 Avenue A; phone Red 2315.

Oak Street School
Organized March 24, 1914. Meets second and fourth Friday.
- J. P. Christensen, President, 1224 E. Washington Ave.; phone Red 2225.
- G. G. Baird, Vice President, 1030 E. Broadway; phone Black 1834.
- William Ury, Secretary-Treasurer, 500 Fleming Ave.; phone Black 3226.

Pierce Street School
Organized April 21, 1914. Meets third Tuesday night.
- W. S. Baird, President, 515 E. Broadway; phone F-1232.
- W. B. Currie, Vice President, 310 Franklin Ave.; phone 4105.
- V. M. Johnson, Secretary, 234 Lincoln Ave.; phone B-1132.
- Carl R. Brandt, Treasurer, 113 Frank St.; phone Black 4132.

Eighth Avenue School
Organized April 24, 1914. Meets second Wednesday.
- Organized April 24,1914. Meets second Wednesday.
- S. G. Culver, President, 1724 6th Avenue; phone Red 2351.
- N. R. Kenady, Vice President, 1723 Eighth Ave.; phone Black 1297.
- Thomas McMillen, Secretary-Treasurer, 1700 Ninth Ave.; phone A-729.

Washington Avenue School

Organized April 28, 1914. Meets third Tuesday.
- W. R. Orchard, President, 524 Oakland Ave.; phone Black 2304.
- O. J. McManus, Vice President, Ridge Lawn; phone L-2349.
- E. P. Schoentgen, Secretary-Treasurer, 107 Glen Ave.; phone 1108.

Third Street School
Orgznized May 18, 1914. Meets--
- J. F. McCampbell, President, 210 13th Ave.; phone Black 1792.
- A. W. Black, Vice President, 1221 S. 6th St.; phone 538
- D. P. Hutchison, Secretary-Treasurer, 903 High St.; phone F-3922.

Second Avenue School
Organized May 26, 1914. Meets--
- J. C. Culton, President, 2318 2nd Ave.; phone Black 2210.
- C. E. Johnson, Vice President, 2308 3d Ave.; phone F-1233.
- Clint Schull, Secretary-Treasurer, 2304 3d Ave.; phone Black 1537.

Thirty-Second Street School
Organized May 27, 1914. Meets--
- Andy Knudsen, Jr., President, 3202 Avenue F.; phone Black 2061.
- Olaf Hakenson, Vice President, 3002 Avenue J.; phone 1851.
- J. F. Moscrop, Secretary-Treasurer, 3318 W. Broadway; phone 236.

Eighth Street School
Organized June 24, 1914. Meets second Wednesday each month.
- Thomas Nelson, President, 924 Avenue G; phone L-3855.
= Hans Hansen, Vice President, 915 Avenue H; phone Black 2223.
- B. C. Broyles, Secretary-Treasurer, 817 Avenue G; phone Red 3642.

Harrison Street School
Organized June 25, 1914. Meets second Monday night each month.
- T. J. Smith, President, 328 Hyde Ave.; phone L-3025.
- Frank McManigill, Vice President, 834 Fillmore Ave.; phone Red 1776.
- George Housoton, Secretary-Treasurer, 332 Hyde Ave.; phone F-1531.

Twentieth Avenue School
Organized June 29, 1914. Meets--
- john H. Schonberg, President, 2010 S. 10th St.
- John E. Cummings, Vice President, 1724 S. 10th St.; phone 757.
- Axel H. Hemmingsen, Secretary-Treasurer, 2919 S. 10th St.; phone 757.

Bloomer School
Organized August 2, 1914. Meets--
- Clifford Powell, President, 122 S. 7th St.; phone 1790.
- B. B. Hadley, Vice President, 218 Turley Ave.; phone B-637.
- J. C. Watson, Secretary-Treasurer, Y. M. C. A. Assn.; phone 489.