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County Poor Farm Census - 1930

Hardin Township, North of White Pole Road.
Enumerated 25 April 1930, sheet 8, by Roy Lammert, enumerator.

NAME                             AGE/OTHER      BORN                FATHER BORN         MOTHER BORN  OCCUP.

Hewitt, James E. manager 53, widower MO VA VA
Taylor, John H. lodger 59, single PA PA PA
Henderson, Mary lodger 68, m. Denmark Denmark Denmark
Lane, C.A. 72, wd. IN IN IL
Shelton, Eliza inmate 34 IA MO MO
Hendry, Lizzie inmate 64, wd. IA IA IA
Dudley, Eliza inmate 73, wd. OH IN IN
Shoghiert, Margaret inmate 82, wd. NY IN IN
Tilson, Georgia inmate 74, wd. VT NY NY
Sherrer, Kate inmate 54 VT VT VT
Heywood, Margaret inmate 80, wd. IN OH OH
Sulinan, Flora inmate 47, wd. OH IN IL
Parker, Peter inmate 78, wd. Sweden Sweden Sweden
Voriss, C.P. inmate 82, wd. IN IN IN
Griffin, L.P. inmate 65, wd. IL IL IL
Telach, Dan inmate 69 IN IN IN
Shaw, Peter inmate 76 Germany Germany Germany
Graybill, B.Y. inmate 85, wd. N. Ireland N. Ireland N. Ireland
Woods, Jack inmate 79, wd. OH OH OH
O'Leary, Jack inmate 60 IN IN IN
McCampbell, George inmate 60 Irish Free State Irish Free State Irish Free State
Ray, Lee inmate 45 OH OH OH
Smothers, Dan inmate 70, wd. IA IA OH
Avery, A.E. inmate 84 Germany IA IA
Albertson, Soren inmate 57 PA IA IA
Bott, Henry inmate 68, wd. Denmark Denmark Denmark
Bryant, Clarence inmate 50 OH OH OH
Crawford, J.R. inmate 72, wd. IN IN IN
Scott, Charlie inmate 50 IL IL IL
McAfee, Dan inmate 67 IA IL IL
White, Joe inmate 73 Irish Free State Irish Free State Irish Free State
Loobey, James inmate 79 MI MI MI
Burr, Herman inmate 83 Irish Free State Irish Free State Irish Free State
Woodfork, Sam inmate 70 Germany Germany Germany
Ryan, Tom inmate 70 NE NE NE
Hibbs, Frank inmate 59, wd. Irish Free State Irish Free State Irish Free State
Waterman, Frank inmate 73, wd. MO MO MO
Leslie, Eric inmate 80 KS KS KS
Webber, Charlie inmate 83 IN IN IN
Ronk, Joe R. inmate 91, wd. Germany Germany Germany
Surguer, Joe M. inmate 70, wd. GA GA GA
Smith, Dan inmate 70 VA VA VA
Newman, William inmate 74, wd. IN IN IN
Whalgren, Ole inmate 74 Germany Germany Germany
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