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County Poor Farm Census - 1920

Hardin Township, North of White Pole Road.
Enumerated 08 January 1920, S.D. 9, E.D. 199.

NAME                             AGE/OTHER      BORN       FATHER BORN    MOTHER BORN    OCCUP.  

Hewitt, James E. head 43, widower MO VA MO Foreman
Hewitt, Edwin Jr. son 14 IA MO Germany none
Lynch, Mary matron 49, widow LA LA LA housekpr
Lynch, Leonard boarder 12 KS LA LA none
Coleman, Mattie servant 51, widow IA IN IN cook
Taylor, J.H. servant 48, single U.S. U.S. laborer
Every, A.E. inmate 76 U.S. U.S.
Barton, Mrs. C.A. inmate 54 U.S. U.S.
Bevans, Charlie inmate 88 U.S. U.S.
Carlson, Nels inmate 78 Denmark Denmark
Duncan, M. inmate 76 U.S. U.S.
Duncan, Mrs. M. inmate 77 U.S. U.S.
Eileson, Mrs. G. inmate 63 U.S. U.S.
Fuhy, Mrs. B. inmate 70 U.S.
Graybill, B.Y. inmate 75 U.S.
Dillon, Lizzie inmate 68 U.S.
Gaswonger, John inmate 73 U.S.
Gilchrist, U. inmate 52 U.S.
Galloway, Tom inmate 41 U.S.
Herrington, H.A. inmate 61 unknown
James, A. inmate 69 unknown
Lester, Lewis inmate 72 unknown
McGrath, Patrick inmate 85 unknown
McSorley, Edward inmate 72 unknown
McCampbell, Geo. inmate 45 unknown
McCloister, Mrs. M. inmate 71 unknown
Meyer, Pete inmate 70 unknown
Newman, Wm. inmate 64 unknown
Danniels, F. inmate 65 unknown
Parmer, Mrs. M. inmate 70 unknown
Price, Mrs. Mary inmate 80 unknown
Steinhoffle, August inmate 70 unknown
Scott, Charlie inmate 26 unknown
Shierrs, Miss K. inmate 41 unknown
Sealey, Mrs. inmate 60 unknown
Thiers, Wm. inmate 65 unknown
Rickman, C.H. inmate 60 unknown
Ray, Lee inmate 37 unknown
Swinger, John inmate 69 unknown
Flamont, John inmate 75 unknown
Higendonn, Henry inmate 76 unknown
Schroder, Chris inmate 73 unknown
Smith, Mrs. inmate 51 unknown
Rock, L.A. inmate 48 unknown
Soloman, L. inmate 52 unknown
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