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1920 US Federal Census
Juvenile Detention Home
Council Bluffs, Kane Twp.

Census of the Juvenile Detention Home, Pierce Street, Council Bluffs. Enumerated 8 January 1920.

This was one of several homes in the city for "wayward" children.
Not all children were "juvenile offenders," however, as many were
sent to such a home if their parents couldn't care for or feed them
or the children were not attending school or were orphaned.

Johnson, Caroline 48 f Canada/English Superintendent England England
Choate, Pauline 16 f Iowa inmate United States Iowa
Batchelor, Mamie 16 f Iowa inmate Ohio Ohio
Vencil, Helen 15 f Iowa inmate Bohemia Bohemia
Barlett, Gladys 14 f Nebraska inmate Nebraska Nebraska
Kinney, Eva 13 f Iowa inmate Iowa Iowa
O'Dell, Hazel 14 f Nebraska inmate Iowa Iowa
Moon, Edith 16 f Iowa inmate unknown unknown
Harden, Helen 14 f Iowa inmate unknown unknown
Fisher, June 23 f Iowa inmate/stenographer Iowa Iowa
Cash, Frank 13 m Iowa inmate unknown unknown
Vencil, Anton 11 m Iowa inmate Bohemia Bohemia
Vencil, James 13 m Iowa inmate Bohemia Bohemia
Vencil, Joe 4 y 8 m m Iowa inmate Bohemia Bohemia
McKinney, Lavaughn 16 f Iowa inmate unknown unknown

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