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The Christian Home Children's Orphanage
1910 Census

Orphans and some staff workers at The Christian Home orphanage in Pott. Co., Council Bluffs, Iowa, extracted from the 1910 census.

The Christian Home was founded by The Rev. and Mrs. J. G. Lemen in 1882, receiving children between the ages of 2 and 15. By 1883, there were about six children being cared for, but by 1886 that number grew to more than 40. By the time this 1910 census was taken, the home housed around 50 to 100 children at any given time. In addition, in 1910, the home was operated by the son of Rev. Lemen, H. R. Lemen and his wife who occupied a home near the orphanage. Florence Stephan, a niece of Rev. Lemen, took over operation in 1920. The facility is still in operation today, although it operates under the name of Children's Square U.S.A., continuing to do the good works started by the Lemen family.

Note: Data was extracted from the 02 May 1910 census, Pottawattamie County, Kane Township, Sheet 13A, E. D. 134, pages 104 through 106. Although children were housed in dorms grouped by age, the census list has been merged here so that you can better determine family connections.

Name Sex Age Born Other
Allen Lewis M. m 11 mo. Kansas  
Allen Tressie f 2 yr. Kansas  
Allen Viola f 4 yr. Kansas  
Allen Velma f 5 yr. Kansas  
Aylesworth Marie f 1 yr. 6 mo. Iowa  
Bateman Jim m 6 yr. Nebraska  
Bateman Loyd m 9 yr. Nebraska  
Bateman Will m 16 yr. Nebraska  
Bateman Gertrude f 5 yr. Nebraska  
Bateman Rina f 5 yr. Nebraska  
Baughman Iva f 16 yr. Missouri  
Baumgartner Geo. m 3 mo. Iowa  
Behrends Arnetta f 2 yr. Nebraska  
Benedict Emela W. f 7 yr. Iowa  
Benedict Mable C. f 9 yr. Iowa  
Bennett Hazel f 6 yr. Wisconsin  
Bennett Varco m 14 yr. Iowa  
Bennett Neum m 5 yr. 8 mo. Iowa  
Bennett Alice f 8 yr. Iowa  
Bennett Edna f 11 yr. Wisconsin  
Bennett Lydia f 16 yr. Iowa  
Bentz Norman m 10 yr. Nebraska  
Bingman James M. m 9 yr. Arkansas  
Bingman Alice f 8 yr. Arkansas  
Boner R. Warner m 4 yr. 1 mo. Nebraska  
Bromwill Bertha f 4 yr. 7 mo. Missouri  
Brown Lettia f 4 yr. Iowa  
Brown Helen f 6 yr. Iowa  
Brown Joseph m 13 yr. Iowa  
Brown Wm. m 9 yr. 4 mo. Iowa  
Brown Frank T. m 8 yr. 1 mo. Wisconsin  
Brown Charles Edwin m 1 yr. Iowa  
Brown Willard m 7 yr. 8 mo. Iowa  
Brown Kandace f 10 yr. Iowa  
Brown Mary f 11 yr. Iowa  
Brown Ester f 14 yr. Wisconsin  
Brown Ruth f 44 yr. Iowa cook
Brubaker Chas. m 3 yr. Iowa  
Brubaker June F. f 1 yr. 9 mo. Iowa  
Brubaker Ester f 7 yr. Iowa  
Brubaker Harold m 9 yr. Iowa  
Cameron Mary f 6 yr. 1 mo. Nebraska  
Cherry Frances m 2 mo. Missouri  
Cherry Verna E. f 24 yr. U.S.  
Conway James V. m 13 yr. Illinois  
Conway William E. m 9 yr. Illinois  
Cowles Stella f 12 yr. 8 mo. Iowa  
Cox Reginald m 4 mo. Missouri  
Cramer baby f 1 yr. 6 mo. Nebraska  
Cross Charles m 8 yr. 2 mo. Iowa  
Cross Nellie f 11 yr. Iowa  
Davis Archie m 8 yr. Missouri  
Davis Emma f 23 yr. Missouri  
Denny Marrie f 30 yr. Indiana matron
Denny William N. m 76 yr. Indiana widower, boarder
Ealy Pearl f 12 yr. Kansas  
Elliott Clara f 30 yr. Nebraska  
Ellsworth Lester H. m 8 yr. Iowa  
Ellsworth Virgin f 9 yr. Iowa  
Ellsworth Leo Olney m 7 yr. 3 mo. Iowa  
Ellsworth Ela B. f 12 yr. Iowa  
Farley Joseph L. m 7 mo. Iowa  
Fogelson Lizzie f 26 yr. Washington  
Fox Glenn Chester m 7 yr. 9 mo. Iowa  
Fox Mildred Fay f 14 yr. 9 mo. Iowa  
Fox Goldie M. f 16 yr. Iowa  
Fox Marela S. f 10 yr. Iowa  
Fox Minnie A. f 18 yr. Iowa  
Frair Ruth f 17 yr. Nebraska  
Francis Anna f 12 yr. Nebraska  
Francis Nellie M. f 10 yr. Nebraska  
Francis Sarah E. f 8 yr. Nebraska  
Franklin Louise f 1 yr. 3 mo. Iowa  
Garrett Clark D. m 20 yr. Iowa  
Geist Lee m 13 yr. Iowa  
Geist Mable f 14 yr. Iowa  
Goltry Ira H. m 1 yr. 4 mo. Iowa  
Goltry Josie M. f 9 yr. Iowa  
Goltry Mary E. f 5 yr. Iowa  
Goltry Jean Maurice m 7 yr. Iowa  
Green Paul m 7 yr. 10 mo. Connecticut  
Green Silas m 8 yr. 10 mo. Connecticut  
Gustin Esther f 30 yr. Iowa  
Hagerman L. K. f 43 yr. Illinois widow, nurse
Hall Catherine f 21 yr. Missouri  
Hall Maudie J. f 9 yr. Missouri  
Hall Leoshia f 12 yr. Missouri  
Hall Myrtle f 18 yr. Missouri  
Harmer Carl m 1 mo. Nebraska  
Hatton Adra f 11 yr. Iowa  
Hayes Rhoda E. f 19 yr. Iowa  
Hayns Raymond m 6 yr. Oklahoma  
Heye Kate f 19 yr. W. Va.  
Heye May f 21 yr. W. Va.  
Hitchcock Henry m 35 yr. Iowa night watch
Hodges Robt. V. m 9 yr. Arkansas  
Holmes Louise f 2 mo. Iowa  
Hook Jessie f 15 yr. Kansas  
Howard Martha J. f 13 yr. California  
Humphries Mrs. Lenora f 21 yr. Ohio cook
Jersey May f 20 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Johnson Samuel m 4 mo. Nebraska  
Kallen Louis f 1 mo. Iowa  
Kallen Olga f 4 yr. Iowa  
Kallen Minnie f 2 yr. Iowa  
Kallen Bessie f 51 yr. Sweden imm. 1893
Kallen Fred m 13 yr. Iowa  
Kennedy Guyluss m 20 yr. Illinois  
Ketterman Alles f 4 yr. Illinois  
Ketterman Miles Chester m 6 yr. 9 mo. Illinois  
Ketterman Bessie Elizabeth f 15 yr. 1 mo. Illinois  
Ketterman Earl Nicholas m 12 yr. 4 mo. Illinois  
Ketterman Mildred f 12 yr. Illinois  
Kitchen Rebecca f 11 yr. Mississippi  
Kitchen Annie f 19 yr. Mississippi  
Kollin Albert m 7 yr. Iowa  
Kollin Helen f 10 yr. 5 mo. Iowa  
Kuntz Andrew m 4 yr. Iowa  
Kuntz Edward m 12 yr. Iowa  
Kuntz Roy m 8 yr. Iowa  
Kuntz Edith f 11 yr. Iowa  
Kuntz Bessie f 16 yr. Iowa  
Laub Hesther f 32 yr. Nebraska  
Law Coyle f 16 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Lee Mary E. f 79 yr. Illinois  
Lewis Alice L. f 16 yr. Iowa  
Lyons Arthur m 7 yr. Nebraska  
Lyons Elwood m 11 yr. Nebraska  
Lyons Ora M. f 14 yr. Nebraska  
Madden Harold m 1 mo. Iowa  
Marley Ernest m 10 yr. Iowa  
Marley Joseph m 12 yr. Iowa  
Marley Henry m 4 yr. 10 mo. Iowa  
Marley Fred m 7 yr. 4 mo. Iowa  
Marley Sarah f 7 yr. Iowa  
Martin Dell B. m 11 yr. Iowa  
Martin Frank J. m 10 yr. Iowa  
Martin ? Milton m 7 yr. 10 mo. Iowa  
Martin Bertie Eddie m 10 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Martin Lucile M. f 7 yr. Iowa  
McDonald Emmett m 11 yr. Missouri  
McGee Edna M. f 6 yr. Iowa  
McGee Jesse m 10 yr. Iowa  
McGee Will m 9 yr. Iowa  
McGee Zella f 8 yr. Iowa  
McHenry Anna f 26 yr. Illinois  
McMannis Jennie f 11 yr. Missouri  
Metsker Bessie f 15 yr. Illinois  
Metsker Edna M. f 13 yr. Illinois  
Miller Harold B. m 4 yr. Iowa  
Miller Russell D. m 2 yr. Iowa  
Miller James Lavits m 9 yr. 2 mo. Nebraska  
Miller Frank Doson m 6 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Miller David Webster m 18 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Mitchell Elsie E. f 5 yr. Wyoming  
Mitchell Roy J. m 8 yr. Wyoming  
Mitchell Ray W. m 10 yr. Wyoming  
Nagelhout Roelof m 11 yr. Iowa  
Nagelhout Gertie f 12 yr. Iowa  
Nagelhout Nancy f 11 yr. Iowa  
Nelson Mary f 32 yr. Iowa  
Norgard ? Julian m 13 yr. 11 mo. N. Dakota  
O'Hara Reed m 11 yr. Kansas  
Osborn Ivy f 26 yr. Iowa matron
Patterson Olive f 21 yr. Nebraska  
Pence Marcie J. f 9 yr. Iowa  
Pence Mary E. f 11 yr. Iowa  
Phillips Jno. W. m 2 yr. Nebraska  
Phillips Lydia M. f 3 yr. Nebraska  
Phillips Catherine E. f 9 yr. Nebraska  
Phillips George E. m 7 yr. 7 mo. Nebraska  
Phillips Ida M. f 10 yr. Nebraska  
Phillips Francis f 9 yr. Nebraska  
Pierson Lawney N. m 4 yr. 3 mo. Iowa  
Pierson Vance m 5 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Pierson Raymond m 8 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Pierson Susie C. f 9 yr. Iowa  
Pooley Veronica f 5 mo. Iowa  
Powell Carl J. m 17 yr. 9 mo. Iowa  
Powell Blanch G. f 19 yr. Iowa  
Powell Isal J. f 15 yr. Iowa  
Pratt Lawrence m 2 yr. Iowa  
Rafferty Lizzie f 15 yr. Pennsyl.  
Reed Viola f 13 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Reynolds Loyd A. m 9 yr. Nebraska  
Reynolds Lula L. f 16 yr. Nebraska  
Rhyno Lydia f 10 yr. Colorado  
Rhyno Jennie f 8 yr. Colorado  
Robinson Leslie L. m 9 yr. Iowa  
Roush Ray M. m 13 yr. Iowa  
Roush Harold m 10 yr. Iowa  
Russell O. A. f 35 yr. Colorado widow
Russell Will m 11 yr. Kansas  
Sharer Rex m 5 mo. Iowa  
Solomon Theresia f 4 yr. Iowa  
Solomon Electa f 3 yr. Iowa  
Solomon Charles D. m 7 yr. 2 mo. Iowa  
Solomon Mrs. ? D f 36 yr. Illinois matron
Solomon True D. m 10 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Solomon Magell f 9 yr. Iowa  
Spangle Goldie f 2 yr. Iowa  
Staats Freda f 15 yr. Nebraska  
Starley George m 10 yr. Iowa  
Stephan Florence D. f 34 yr. Indiana matron
Stockham Forrest D. m 11 yr. Iowa  
Stockham Ward Templeton m 8 yr. 4 mo. Iowa  
Stockham Willard Wyke m 5 yr. 6 mo. Iowa  
Stucker Clara f 26 yr. Illinois matron
Swanson Edwin m 17 yr. Illinois  
Swanson Lillie f 15 yr. Illinois  
Swanson Netta f 11 yr. Illinois  
Tarbell Cora V. f 53 yr. Nebraska  
Tournier Walter Arthur m 9 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Tournier Florence f 11 yr. Iowa  
Tournier Gladys R. f 7 yr. Iowa  
Uterbach Raymond m 10 yr. Nebraska  
Vert Leroy m 14 yr. Missouri  
Vogair Roy m 10 yr. 7 mo. Iowa  
Vogan Nettie f 5 yr. Iowa  
Vogau Archie m 9 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Wakeling Mary A. f 79 yr. Wisconsin widow
Walker Daniel m 7 yr. 11 mo. S. Dakota  
Walker Berniece f 8 yr. S. Dakota  
Walker Hazel A. f 11 yr. S. Dakota  
Walker Irene f 13 yr. Arkansas  
Wallace William m 5 yr. Nebraska  
Wallace Lola f 6 yr. Nebraska  
Wallace Olive f 8 yr. Nebraska  
Wallace Caroline f 9 yr. Nebraska  
Walter Clarence m 9 yr. 11 mo. Iowa  
Walter Harry m 8 yr. 1 mo. Iowa  
Weddington Frances f 9 yr. Illinois  
Wilson Josephine f 60 yr. Missouri  
Winegardner Anna f 38 yr. Missouri matron

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