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Lincoln Township


Farmer, P. O. Walnut, born in Waukesha County Wis., November 4. 1851, son of JohnB. and Maria (Chilson) Chipman, both born in Genesee County, N. Y.; he, in 1812, is still living; she died March 4, 1865, and was the mother of three children, viz., Lysander, Louisa and Carrie. Subject received a common school education, attending school from the age of six years until he was fifteen, when he commenced life as a farmer, and married in Tama County, this State, November 27, 1872, Sarah Craig, born in Westmoreland County, Penn., April 19, 1852, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Wilie) Craig, both born in Westmoreland County, Penn., he in 1808, and she in 1815. Mr. and Mrs. Chipman have three children, viz., Vernon L., Emma L. and Cora M. Subject is a Republican; has filled the offices of School Director and Assessor, and at the age of sixteen he started business on his own account, working for his father and other parties; when eighteen years of age, he moved to Tama County, Iowa, farming for himself and others; in 1875, he moved to this township, where he purchased eighty acres of land, afterwards adding 160 acres to it, and now has one of the finest farms in the township.

DERMYRE, Christian

Farmer, P. O. Lewis, born in Erie County, N. Y., September 26, 1830, son of Frederick and Magdalene (Bower) Dermyre, both born in Germany, he, a ftirmer, died in January, 1S75; she, born in 1802, died February, 1873. They were the parents of Philip, Frederick, Daniel, Christian, Petro, Samuel, Frank, Magdalene, Susan, Christina and Elizabeth. Subject received a common school education; commenced life as a farmer, and married in Erie County, N. Y., October, 1854, Christina Schwingde, born in Buffalo, N. Y., October 5, 1836, daughter of Frederick and Christina (Smith) Schwingde. The following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Dermyer, Frederick, born July 12, 1859, died February 8, 1862; Sarah, born August 13, 1861, died September 30, 1862; George L., born July 1, 1865; Emma L., born October 10, 1868; Susan, born June 19, 1871; Caroline L., born September 12, 1873; Ezra F., born January 11, 1876; Daniel D., born September 16, 1878, and Franklin, died September 25, 1881. Subject  is a Republican, a member of the Evangelical Society; and when twenty-four years old he started life on his own account, purchasing sixty-four acres of land in his native town; he farmed it for about six years, when he rented his farm and went to Illinois, where he purchased eighty acres of land in Lee County, enlarging this farm by buying 120 acres more, and living upon it until 1876, when he sold and moved into this township; owns 400 acres of as fine land as there is in the township.

FRANK, John A.

Farmer, P. O. Walnut, born in Switzerland December 18, 1845, son of Joseph and Ursula (Plaz) Frank, both born in Switzerland; he, a farmer, died October 6, 1873; she is still living, and is the mother of five children, viz., Marin, Joseph, John A., Ursula and Margaret. Subject received a common school education; commenced life as a farmer, and was married in La Fayette County, Wis., in September, 1870, to Elizabeth Hart, born in Allegheny County, Penn., February 6, 1842, daughter of Augustus and Kate Hart. Mr. and Mrs. Frank have two children, viz., Joseph, born April 20, 1872; Jessie, born August 1, 1876. Subject is a Catholic, a Republican; is School Director; has been Township Trustee and Road Supervisor, and emigrated from Switzerland in 1866, landing in Washington, D. C., where he lived for two years, being engaged in the brewing and confectionery business; went to Wisconsin; worlced on the farm as a hired hand for two years, when he, with another party, leased 160 acres of land, and worked it for two years with joint tenant, when he leased 250 acres, and worked it alone for three years; then moved to this township, where he purchased 240 acres, and has since added 230 acres.

JACK, Henry B.

Farmer, P. O. Walnut, born in Licking County, Ohio, April 14, 1834, son of John and Delilah (Dean) Jack; he, a farmer, born in Pennsylvania November 7, 1797, died April 28, 1880; she, born in Maryland March 31, 1788, was the mother of ten children, viz., Perry, Mary A., Cynthia, Emily, James, Delilah, Charles H., Hugh, John W., and Henry B, our subject, who received a common school education in Licking County, Ohio; commencing at the age of seven, he continued to attend school more or less until he was twenty; commenced life as a farmer, and married, in Moundsville, Mo., June 7, 1870, Ella E. Kellogg, born in Litchfield, N. Y., December 21, 1845, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah S. Kellogg; he, born in Paris, N. Y., August 23, 1797; she, born in Westfield, Mass.. November 22, 1804. Mr. and Mrs. Jacks have had seven children, viz., an infant son, born December 5, 1871, died December 11, 1871; John N , born May 30, 1873, died April 3, 1878; Henry H., born May 26, 1875; Sadie D., born May 24, 1877; Lillie E., born January 22, 1879; Charles B., born September 17, 1880; Viola E., born April 25, 1882. Subject is a Republican; a farmer all his life; holds the office of District Township Secretary; enlisted in Company C, Twenty-second Iowa Volunteer Infantry, on August 2, 1862, for three years. When he was thirty-three years old, he left home, purchased 180 acres of land in Jasper County, this State, but previous to this, and when he was eighteen years old, he worked for his father for wages; worked his Jasper County farm until 1874, when he sold out and moved to this township, where he purchased eighty acres of wild prairie land, which he broke up and improved; sold out in 1866; purchased 160 acres in Section 16; sold out in 1877; has since lived on a leased farm, and is one of the first settlers in this township.


Farmer, P. O. Walnut, born in Knox County, Tenn., February 16, 1834, son of John and Nancy (Dail) McDannel; he. a farmer, born in Knox County, Tenn; she, born in Greene County, Tenn., died in Knox County, Tenn., in 1839. They had five children, viz., James, Allen, Polly Ann, Sarah E. and Nancy. Subject is a self-taught man, never having attended a school; commenced life as a farmer, and married in Jasper County, this State, December 14, 1854, Sarah Murphy, born in Knox County, Tenn., March 26, 1838, daughter of William and Sarah Murphy, both natives of Ireland. Subject enlisted, in 1863, in Company L, Ninth Iowa Cavalry, for three years, or during the war, and was a wagonmaster. He is a Methodist, a Democrat; and when quite young his father, who was a planter, lost his property, and in 1852, subject was thrown upon his own resources; emigrated to Iowa, working on farms until he saved enough money to buy forty acres of land in Jasper County, this State; improved it; sold out and purchased forty-five acres in same eounty; sold out in 1871; moved to what was then known as Knox Township, but is now Lincoln, in this
county, where he bought eighty acres of land, living upon it for a short time; he sold out and purchased 144 acres of land in northeast quarter of Section 3, Range 38, Lincoln Township where he now lives. Although not having an opportunity of attending school, he does everything in his power to promote education, and agitated the school quescion in the eastern division of his township. Mr. and Mrs. McDannel have had fourteen children, viz,, William F.. born January 21, 1856; George W,, born January 12, 1857; Viola, born March 6, 1858; Montgomery, born in 1862; Robert A., born November, 1862, died November, 1864; Morrell C, born December 1, 1866; Jessie, born April 3, 1868; Dennis M., born November 24, 1870; Evylin, born December 16, 1869, died January 16, 1870; Walter A,, born September 21, 1872, died January 28, 1874; Jennie N., born January 28, 1874; one who was never named; Sarah, born January 1, 1877, and Grace M., born March 16, 1879.

POPE, Lemuel I.

Farmer and mechanic, P. O. Lewis, born in Shelby County, Ind., September 18, 1825, son of Harvey and Mary (Drake) Pope; he, a farmer and mechanic, born in Connecticut, died in the fall of 1851 or 1852; she, born in Ohio, died in the winter of 1854 or 1855. They had eight children, viz., Henry Jefferson, Lemuel I., Harvey D., Hannah K., Mary H., William W., Milton and Lottie. Subject received a common school education, attending school when he was about ten years old; he afterward went to a commercial school in Cincinnati; commenced life as a farmer, and married, in Cincinnati, June, 1851, Elizabeth Stone, born in Michigan August 3, 1831, daughter of Edward and Ann Stone, both born in England. Mr. and Mrs. Pope have ten children, viz., Lollie, Emma, Jerome, Millard, Alonzo, Forest, Ella, Ulysses, James and Joseph. Subject is a Hard-Shell Baptist, an Independent in politics; is a descendant of Lord Williams; started in life with nothing but his strong arms
and equally strong will; left home when twenty-one years old; engaged in the mercantile business in his native State for two years, afterward going to Cincinnati, Ohio, as salesman for a wholesale grocery store there, remaining two years in the position, when he returned to his father's farm, working there for one year, and on other farms for about three years, when he moved to Illinois, where he rented a farm for a year, when he moved to Missouri, taking a homestead of eighty acres, living there for six years, when he sold out and moved to Marion County, this State, where he worked different farms; also engaged in coal mining, and at the expiration of eight years, he moved to Wright Township, this county, and the next spring, moved into this township, purchasing 400 acres of land.


Farmer, P. O. Walnut, born in Albany County, N. Y., May 14, 1824, son of Bartholomew and Sally (Saulter) Youman; he, a farmer, born in Greene County. N. Y., died about the year 1862; she, born in New York State, died in 1874, and was the mother of nine children, viz., Samuel, Hannah, Betsy, John, Elias, Stephen, David, Jesse and Ambrose. Subject received a common school education; commenced life as a farmer, and married in Brunswick, Ohio, September 19, 1848, Sarah A. Barber, born in New York State April 28. 1831, daughter of Henry and Rebecca Barber, both natives of New York. Mr. and Mrs. Youman are the parents of the following children, viz., Orrin, born May 1, 1851; Mary E., born May 1, 1853; Adelina, December 12, 1861; Clement, March 12, 1868. Subject is a Democrat, and was Township Clerk in 1880.

From History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, published by O. L. Baskin & Co.